Part 135

By about 3pm, and after several cold showers under the garden hose, the yard was looking pretty civilized. I figured Ned wouldn't mind if I helped myself to another light beer from the fridge, so I grabbed one before making my way to the front room.

As I peeked around the open doorway, I saw Ned asleep on a tan-colored couch, which was up against the far wall. Woohoo! This was my chance to read more of his story, I thought, and walked over to the computer where I sat on his ergonomic stool.


When I answered the phone, I recognized Martin's voice immediately. "Hey, Johnno! You doing anything right now?"


"I thought you might wanna rock over to my place for a few."

"I've really gotta hit the books, man."

"Hey! I promise, it'll only be for a half hour or so. Besides, I'm as horny as a fucking rhino. I'm here alone, dude, and I'm naked. You get the picture?"

It was next to impossible to resist Martin when he'd made up his mind about something. And, I had to admit, the thought of him naked had made me totally fucking horny, as well.

I'd known Martin for about two years… met him when he was fourteen, and not much more than a grommet. Now, he was about six foot, and built like an Adonis. He had long, blonde hair down to his muscular, tanned shoulders, and a god-face that had turned every head in town at one time or another, both guys' and chicks'... especially at the beach, where he had a reputation as one of the best surfers around the hood.

I followed Martin's firm, dimpled buns, and strong legs through the house to his room, where every wall was decorated with a stack of cool surfing posters. When we arrived, he turned to face me, then knelt on the floor in front of me.

"Hey, just remember… I can't stay too long, bro."

He didn't answer. He didn't need to. Hell, he knew that I was in his lair, and completely at the mercy of his insatiable lust. Instead, he placed his hands on my hips, and put his mouth around the bulge in my boardies. Meantime, I pulled my t over my head, and tossed it on the bed. Then, ever so slowly, he dug his thumbs into the sides of my shorts, and began to pull them down. "You wearing your Speedos underneath?"

"Nope. Thought I'd save time." I never wore Speedos under my boardies, anyway. That would've been totally uncool, and he knew that already. He just enjoyed teasing the fuck outa me.

He slid the top of my shorts down the length of my six and a half inches, forcing my cock downward until it was clear of the boardies. Then it sprang up, slapping my gut, and flicking pre-cum over Martin's face.

"Hey, Johnno! I've got a surprise!" He leaned across to his bedside cabinet, and grabbed a tube of something.


"Chocolate bodypaint, dude. You won't believe how fucking wicked this stuff is."

He squeezed a bit onto my knob, then used the fingers of his free hand to smooth it over. He repeated the process until my whole boner was covered with a thin layer of chocolate. After that, he smoothed more of the stuff over my balls.

Looking down the length of my torso at his handsome face just below my patch of black pubes was totally rad! Whoa! It gave a whole new meaning to being eaten! I continued to watched in awe while his chin and sexy mouth became smeared with more and more chocolate as he cleaned my bouncing throbber and nads with his lips and tongue. My only concern was that I figured I was a certainty to blow a truckload of boy juice at any second, but, by some miracle, I managed to contain it.

"Hey! That was just too fucking wild! Woohoo! Lemme do you now." I laid on my back on the bed, with my head propped up by a couple of pillows, then he straddled my chest. The sight of his wicked jewels dangling in all their erotic glory just inches from my face was something I could never tire of, even though I'd seen it a hundred times before. And the sheer smell of him -- warm, spicy and sexy -- was enough to hypnotize my brain.

After I'd returned the favor, and licked all the sweet, creamy chocolate off the smooth, white skin of his cock and perfect ball sac, I grabbed his nads, and pulled them down. That forced his thick, solid throbber away from his well-defined abs, and closer to my mouth, and his pink, bulbous knob to emerge clear of his short foreskin.

I'd blown Martin a stack of times since we'd known each other, so I'd become expert at driving him totally wild with my lips and tongue. Sure enough, my technique soon had him twisting, writhing and screaming with the most incredibly erotic pleasure, while his fingers played with my hair.

Just before his load exploded like some kinda human volcano, he arched his back, and drew my face to his blonde crotch. I was almost choking as his feral throbber bucked and kicked with each jet of sticky, delicious juice that filled my mouth before being forced down my busy throat.

We swapped positions so that I could straddle his chest… and what a chest it was! Straight outa fucking pec heaven! And, once again, even though I'd seen it many times before, the sight of his wicked lips wrapping themselves around the cut head of my throbber was awesome in the extreme. Those lips belonged to a boy god... and it always blew me away to see them consuming my cock.

Martin was the kinda dude who liked to be dominated… at least, by me. So I took the sides of his head in my hands and began to fuck his face like there was no tomorrow. With each thrust of my hips, I would pull his face to my crotch until I felt my balls connect with his chin. He was gagging, of course, but, hey, pleasure had its price. Besides, he'd never complained before.

After I'd shot a bucket of thick, sticky boy juice down his throat, we hit the coolness of the pool in the warm, late afternoon sunshine. Martin was in one of his huggy, playful type moods, so we took turns to dive beneath the surface, and take each other's cock into our mouths... just kinda goofing off, giggling like crazy, and having fun.

At one stage, he swam up behind me, and buried his tongue between my ass cheeks. An instant reflex action caused my legs to part, so that he could get his tongue as far inside me as possible. Damn, it felt awesome! He'd already done that to me several times in the past, and I loved it big fucking time. But it wasn't the kinda fav I was in a hurry to return… although, I'd thought about it on a few occasions. I guessed I felt kinda guilty about not reciprocating, but rosebuds weren't really my scene. On the other hand, I wasn't gonna complain about mine being his.

Later, we showered together. If there was one thing that was absolutely guaranteed to get me totally hot, it was soaping Martin's bod, and running my hands over his wet, smooth skin. He wasn't a 10. He was a fucking 12. Every muscle was perfectly shaped and toned. And it wasn't just from all the surfing. He'd already been blessed with one of those bods that would've still looked totally damn wicked even if he were a couch potato. And, as a bonus, he had a face to fucking die for… the kind that could easily stop traffic, or even cause an accident. Anyway, it came as no surprise to either of us that we blew each other again in the shower.


Ned was still asleep on the couch, and I had a roaring boner! I was tempted to re-read some of the story, and jack off in front of the computer, but I was worried about being busted. How the fuck would I explain that to Ned? Hey, I wasn't supposed to be reading the stuff in the first fucking place!

I figured the safest place to jack off was in the bathroom… but that kinda lacked excitement, not to mention a challenge. I was the kinda dude who liked to jack off in 'forbidden' places, like I'd done so often at the pedestrian crossing.

I looked over at Ned again. The old dude was still sleeping soundly. Should I take the risk? The more I thought about it, the more excited I became. My stomach was alive with butterflies, and my fist had already closed itself around my shaft like it was on some kinda auto pilot. Anyway, I reasoned, if I blew my load all over his comp screen, it would be kinda like a Daniel blessing… yeah! A Daniel blessing! How fucking cool! And he would never need to know about it.

I scrolled back to the part where Martin and Johnno were smearing chocolate all over their jewels, then I began to stroke my rock-solid, seven inches. My piss hole was already dripping pre-cum big time, so it didn't take long before Ned's comp screen was being splattered with wad after wad of sticky boy juice that clung to the glass like blobs of soft, white glue.

Fuck! Tissues! I remembered having seen a box in the kitchen. I ran down the hall, grabbed a handful, and was back in a flash, cleaning my cum off the screen.


"Hi, Ned. I hope you don't mind if I use my spit to clean your comp. The screen was kinda dusty."

"You been here long?"

"Just arrived. Figured I'd take a break from the garden, and have a cold beer. Hope it's OK."

"No problem. Did you read anything?"

"Not a word," I lied.

"Good." He swung his legs over the side of the couch and sat up. "Probably bore the pants off you, anyway. Oh, my God! You're not wearing any!"

"You said I could work naked."

"So I did… so I did. Sorry, I'm still half asleep." He rubbed his face in his hands. "I need a coffee."

"I'll make it. How do you take it?"

"White and one."

While I was pouring the boiling water into the cup, I saw Ned walk past, and out into the backyard. After a moment or two, he returned to the kitchen as I was stirring his coffee.

"Fine job you've done out there, Daniel. You've earned every cent." He took a sip of the coffee, smiled, then sat at the table. "Mmmm. Perfect. I don't know how I've managed all these years without you. And thanks for cleaning the screen. Your spit's worth bottling."

I sat opposite him at the table, and took a mouthful of my beer, which I'd neglected while I was reading his story, and jacking off. "Why won't you let me read your stuff?"

"It would only send you to sleep. Why do you think I was asleep?"

"How do you know? And did you write about me? The naked gardener?"

"Maybe tomorrow. Today, I finished off another story."

"What was it about?"

"Chocolate." He took another sip of coffee, then studied the cup as he replaced it in the saucer. "May I say something?"


"You have the most adorable face."

"Then how come you're looking at the cup?"

He raised his eyes to mine. "A cup can't get me into trouble."

"What kinda trouble?"

"Do you have the slightest idea how much… I mean, the way you look… the effect you have…?"

"I turn you on? Is that what you're trying to say?" I'd obviously hit a sensitive nerve, and his eyes went back to the cup, which he began to fiddle with. "Hey, I'm sorry, Ned. I didn't mean to embarrass you."

"You have every right to embarrass me, Daniel. I'm at a stage of life where I shouldn't be gawking at boys like you. I should know better."

"Better than what? Is that what happens? You get older and you can't tell cool from uncool any more? You're not supposed to gawk any more? Hey, when you look at me, it's not like you're hitting on me or anything. I don't feel threatened. Anyway, I kinda like being gawked at."

"I think we should call it a day, don't you? I'll get your money."

"Hey, Ned, chill for a sec. I lied before. I did read your story about the chocolate while you were asleep. And it wasn't my spit that I used to clean the screen."

"I need a scotch." After rising from the table, he grabbed the bottle of scotch from the top of the fridge, and handed it to me. "Here, you'd better pour it for me. My nerves are shot."

After returning from the kitchen sink with his glass, which I placed on the table, I stood beside him while I poured his drink. Ned's bug eyes were level with my crotch, and totally focused on my six inch semi, which was hanging in a lazy arc away from my balls.

"I don't mean to stare," he stammered, "but…"

"Hey, it's OK. Stare all you wanna. Dicks are for staring at." I watched Ned drain the entire contents of the glass before he leaned back in his chair, sighed, and shook his head. "You want another scotch?" I asked.

"I think smelling salts would be more appropriate."

I refilled his glass, then sat opposite him. "Hey, Ned, maybe I can learn something here. How come you've got the guilts?"

There was a long pause while he avoided my gaze, and gathered his thoughts with obvious difficulty. "I've always had the guilts. And, now that I'm… well, as old as I am, I just don't think it's right for me to… well..."

"Jeez! Am I gonna be like you one day? Am I gonna freak everytime I see a nude teen's bod, and lower my head in fucking shame? Is that what I've got to look forward to? Is it?"

There was no answer.

"Hey, listen up. And fucking look at me while I'm talking, dammit! I read your story about Martin and Johnno… you weren't talking about a couple of squeaky clean virgins there, man. That was one helluva fucking hot story. Woohoo! Why do you think I jacked all over your screen?"

There was still no answer as he played with his glass.

"Hey, can I ask you something? Do you still jack off?" Well, this time he didn't need to answer. His face was glowing beet red. which totally cracked me up. "OK, so you do. At least I can look forward to that much. So when you jack off, what do you think about?"

He raised his eyes to mine, and gave me a nervous, half-smile.

"You mean you think about guys like Martin and Johnno, or even me? Hey, that's way cool! I don't see any prob with that."

"My prob," he began slowly, "is that I never grew up. How many guys my age fantasize about the kinda things I fantasize about?"

"I dunno. One? One million? One billion? Does it matter? How many guys your age can write awesome stories like you do? Lemme ask you something else. Would you be happier if a bod like mine didn't turn you on?"



"Interesting question." He took another sip of scotch, swallowed, and gazed at me thoughtfully for a moment. "You've just made me realize something, Daniel. And I thank you sincerely for it."

"Cool! What did you realize?"

"Simply this: if my eyes were suddenly blind to your beauty, I'd have been robbed of one of life's most precious gifts."

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 Daniel's Diary Part 136