Part 145

Paul followed me home on his BMX, but I beat the fucker again by a couple of seconds. Woohoo! A few moments later, were were in the kitchen, drinking milk straight from the carton, while mom looked on.

"Have you noticed that Greg pours his milk into a glass?"

"He's a wuss."

"He's a gentleman. He could teach you a few things."

"He already has," I laughed, and nearly choked on the milk.

In my room, Paul and I ditched our clothes so that we could skinny dip in the pool for a while.

"Are you still mad at me?" he asked as he threw his t onto the bed, and watched me ogle his smooth pecs and abs.

"Not so much at you… at least the girls could've waited 'til I'd finished my fucking show, dammit. Anyway, I don't think I'll do another one. If they don't appreciate me, fuck 'em."

"They do appreciate you, man! You made them so damn hot! Why do you think…?"

"Forget it, bro. Let's go swim."

Greg was already in the pool when we dove in, and so was Kyle, dog-paddling around like he wanted to be human. The only time he went back to dog mode was when he got outa the pool, and furiously shook the water from his black and white coat, like some kinda lawn sprinkler. No way any human could do that neat little trick! Whoa! And it was totally awesome to watch him begin at his shoulders, then gradually work down to his rump. How the fuck did he learn how to do that?

"So how come you guys are late home?" Greg asked after surfacing, with his long, black hair clinging to his scalp and brown shoulders.

"Daniel hung around to do a show for the girls."

"The peep hole? When are you gonna stop showing off, Daniel?"

"I already have. That was the last fucking performance."

"You serious?"

Before Paul could open his big mouth, I told him to keep the damn thing shut. Not that his silence would've made any diff. Lindy would probably tell Greg the whole damn story anyway… well, some of it, depending on whether or not she'd blown Paul.

"So what happened?" Greg continued. "Why the secrecy?" He heaved himself outa the pool, then stood on the decking, looking like a bronze statue of a boy-god, dripping wet, with his perfect skin shining in the orange glow of the setting sun. It was no wonder that he made me feel inadequate sometimes. That guy ruled, totally.

Then, to make it even worse, Paul heaved himself outa the pool and stood next to Greg. "Yeah! Why the secrecy?" he grinned, unable to resist teasing the fuck outa me. And there I was, treading water and looking at two of the most awesome dudes imaginable. The weird thing was, though, that Paul, despite his wicked looks, had never made me feel inferior. I figured it must've had something to do with stuff like his digging my piss, or wanting me to blow or fuck him. We were equals, whereas Greg and I weren't… at least, not sexually. Greg was a mystery… totally cool, but kinda distant and puzzling sometimes.

"You blab one word of this, Paul," I warned, "and you're dead fucking meat!"

"Oh?" Greg grinned, flashing his pearly whites. The dude was obviously curious, big time. "This sounds like one helluva juicy piece of goss. What happened? This I gotta know!"

"Nothing. The girls got distracted or something. Maybe one of the teachers walked in."

"While you were still doing your show?" he cracked. "Fucking hell! Imagine if the teacher had seen the peep hole! That would've been toooo fucking cool! Hey! You could've made the school rag's headlines!"

"You will, bro, if you don't watch your fucking mouth. Under funerals!"

"You'll have to catch me first!"

That was a red rag to a bull, and an impossible temptation to resist. But, by the time I'd exited the pool, Greg was half way across the yard, giggling his cheeky tits off, and taunting me to come get him. But every time I made a dash for him, he'd side-step and head off in another direction. Damn, he was fast!

After dinner, I was in my room doing homework when Greg knocked on my door. "Hey, bro, it's for you," he smiled as he handed me the portable phone. "It's Lindy. She wants to talk to you."

"Did she tell you what happened in the showers?"


"Fuck!" I took the phone from Greg and placed my hand over the mouthpiece. "What did she tell you exactly?"

"Ask her yourself."

"You gonna stay here?"

"You want me to leave? OK." he shrugged. "Check with me when you're done."

I waited 'til the door had closed before I put the phone to my ear. "Hi, Lindy."

"Hey, Daniel. That was some show you gave us today."

"Yeah… what you saw of it."

"I just wanted to tell you that… well, I guess we were all kinda getting pretty excited, and Paul was there, and…"

"Did you blow him?"


"Did you tell Greg?"

"No. That's why I wanted to talk to you. I don't think Greg should know. Did Paul tell you I blew him?"

"Nope. I figured you might've, but I wasn't sure. He said that you told him not to say anything."

"Are you mad at me?"

"About blowing Paul? No way, Lindy. You'd be crazy not to. Paul's the dope. I'm just pissed about prancing around like some geek, teasing an empty peep hole. Like how fucking lamo was that? Jeez!" All I could hear was muffled giggling on the other end of the phone. "Lindy? For fuck's sake, it's not fucking funny!"

"Sorry, Daniel. It's just that I can picture you on the other side of the wall doing all that stuff with nobody watching." Then she burst into hysterical laughter, which became kinda contagious, and I began to crack up as well.

"Promise me you won't tell Greg," she said once the hysterics had subsided. "About me blowing Paul, I mean."

"You think he'd freak?"

"I'm not sure. I mean, it's not like we're married or anything, but you know how guys are."

"Straight guys? Yeah. They freak pretty easily." It occurred to me that this was the perfect moment to tell Lindy that I'd blown Greg a stack, but I'd promised my bro that I would never tell anybody … well, hardly anybody. "Do you think Greg's totally loyal to you?"

"I've never asked him. Like I said, we're not married or anything. I don't expect him to treat me like we're the only two people on a desert island."

"Does he know that?"

"We never discuss it. I guess he just takes certain things for granted."

"Would you freak if he weren't? Loyal, I mean."

"Are you saying he isn't?"

"You're answering a question with a question."

"I'm a girl. I'm allowed to."

"Hey, I'm not my damn bro's keeper. I dunno about everything he does. So answer my question."

"Well," then she paused for a while. "I guess I'd like to think that he wasn't spreading himself too thin. I mean, I guess I'd like to think that he liked me more than other girls. Do you think he does?"

"He likes you a whole bunch, I know that, for sure. But he's a guy… a guy with a dick."

"So I've noticed," she laughed. "It's like all guys are sex machines."

"You got a problem with that?"

"Not really. So what are you saying? That I should tell Greg about blowing Paul?"

"You've blown me."

"Do you think he'd freak?"

"Only one way to find out. You want me to talk to him?"

"Fuck! I dunno. But I guess you know him pretty well."

"Hey, how about I just kinda ease him into the convo, and kinda sus him out without saying too much?"

"You sure you know what you're doing?"

"No… but I figure you guys are heading for big trouble if you hide things from each other. Know what I mean?"

"I guess you're right. But lemme know if there's any drama. OK? I wanna be forewarned if you blow it."

"Trust me."

Greg was sitting at his desk doing his homework when I entered his room. "So what did Lindy tell you?" he asked.

"Same thing she told you."

"How do you know what she told me?"

"You finished your homework yet?"

"Just about. Geography. You gonna service my cock tonight?"

I sat on the side of his bed, then leaned back on my elbows. "You think Lindy does stuff with other guys?"

"She told you that?"


"So why are you asking?"

"Just wondering. I mean, like you guys aren't going steady or whatever."

"I know Lindy. She wouldn't do stuff with other guys… not while she was going with me, anyway." There was a lull in the convo while he completed his geography essay, then closed his books. He rose from his chair, and stretched his lithe, muscular bod so that his pecs were drawn up over his shoulders, and his stomach formed a shallow depression below his ribs. There was no way my eyes could avoid the sight of his delicious, golden boner stabbing the air. "See anything you like?" he grinned.

"You know when you were standing at the edge of the pool this afternoon, all wet and shiny? Damn, I don't think you have any fucking idea of how awesome you look."

"Yes, I do. You keep telling me, over and over and over. But you're the only one who does."

"Lindy doesn't?"

"Yeah, but not like you do. She doesn't think I'm some kinda god or whatever. Girls are different."

"Does she ever lick your ass?"

"Are you kidding? Jeez! Lindy? No fucking way! And before you ask the next question, the answer is no! Ew!"

"She obviously doesn't know that I blow you."

"Not unless she heard it from you. Hey! You didn't…?"

"Chill, bro. She doesn't know."

"Cool. Anyway, if you did tell her, she'd probably think you were some kinda weirdo."

"She sucks your cock."

"That's different, Daniel. She's a girl."

I got up off the bed, and headed for the door. "Check you in the morning."

"Hey! Aren't you gonna blow me?"

"Am I wearing a fucking dress?"

"Daniel! For fuck's sake!" Greg grabbed my arm as I was about to open the door. "What's gotten into you? One minute you're telling me that I'm a god, and the next you're getting your fucking knickers tied in a knot. Can we talk?"

"What's there to talk about? According to you, only girls suck cocks."

"That's not what I meant."

"So what did you mean?"

"Hang for a bit." He led me by the hand to the bed where we sat side by side while he studied my eyes. "Hey, bro, I dunno what I mean. Like this whole damn thing is so damn confusing, sometimes. I dunno if this sounds right, but when you blow me, it's not like a guy is blowing me. Y'know? It's like Daniel is blowing me. And there's a big diff. Know what I mean?"


"You're not just any guy. You're Daniel. You love me. And you think I've got a bod to fucking die for." We both had to laugh at his last remark. "So it's like I'm special to you. And I know that when you blow me, it's not like you're doing me some kinda fav. It's like you get a buzz, too. So it's mutual. Right?"

"What's it like to see your cock in my face?"

"At first, it was kinda weird, 'cause it's not what a guy expects to see."

"A straight guy?"

"Yeah… I guess. And it freaked me out for a while... 'cause I was like, hey! that should be a girl's face down there. It was like you were being submissive. A wuss."

"Am I?"

"You? A wuss? C'mon, Daniel," he cracked. "You? A wuss? No fucking way, man! You're as macho as the next dude… even more so. But you've gotta try to see it from where I'm coming from. Anyway, I'm over all that shit now. Blowing you doesn't faze me anymore."

"Would it faze Lindy if she knew?"

"You gonna tell her?"

"No. But I think you should."

"Daniel? Have you lost your fucking marbles?"

"You know something, Greg? I don't think she'd bat an eyelid."

"Has she blown you?"

"Is the Pope a catholic?"

Greg rose from the bed, paced the floor a few times, then stood before me with his delicious, bouncing semi just a foot or so from my face. Woohoo! "Lemme get this straight, Daniel. And look at me while I'm talking to you, dammit! You're saying that Lindy wouldn't give a fuck if she knew that you were blowing me?"

"Why should she? It's no biggie."


"Like guys blow other guys. Like it's no fucking biggie."

"OK, so I just waltz up to Lindy and say, "Hi, Lindy. Lovely day. And by the way, Daniel sucks my cock?""


"Yeah, right. Easy for you to say."

"You obviously don't know Lindy as well as I do. She's a totally cool chick."

"Are all gay guys like you?"


"Sorry, I didn’t mean that."

"I know."

"I just get confused about… well, guys doing gay stuff when they're not gay… at least, not stereotypical."

"You've got a lot to learn, bro. Now, what were you saying about your dick needing to be serviced?

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