Part 147

Next day at school, I happened to be standing next to Jason at the urinal. "You still jacking that thing?"

"You talk about jacking like it was brushing your teeth."

"More fun, though," I laughed. "And I notice you don't have a hairy hand. You ever wonder what it's like to be jacked by another guy?" Jason ignored my question while he flicked the last of his piss from his semi, so I asked him again.

"Is there nothing sacred to you?" he complained as he walked to the basin to wash his hands.

"What's so sacred about jacking?" I squirted the last of my piss before I put my dick away, then buttoned my fly as joined him at the basin.

"It's personal, OK? Yeah, I know you convinced me to feel easier about it, and I do it, but it's not the kinda thing I wanna talk about."

"Why not?"

He pulled on the white, continuous towel, and dried his hands. "Daniel, lemme ask you this. Have you ever thought about what it looks like when you're jacking? How fucking ridiculous it is? Like you're some deranged monkey who doesn't know any better?"

"Feels good, though," I grinned as I toweled my hands.

"Do you believe in God?"

"Not sure. Why?"

"'Cause if you do, you must know that He's looking."

"Hey, if you give a dog a bone, what the fuck do you expect him to do with it?"

"That a totally dumb analogy."

"Maybe it is... hey, I'm not God, so I don't qualify. Anyway, is that what you think? That God is watching you while you jack off?"


"OK, so God has got like pay TV with six billion channels, and He watches all that stuff? Or maybe some kinda spy-cam thingy? Was He watching us pissing just then? Gimme a fucking break, dude. It's not God who's watching you, it's your gran... or other people who've fucked with your brain, and given you a major case of the guilts. Anyway, you didn't answer my question."

"You're right. I didn't."

Later that afternoon, after school, I took Kyle for a walk, and called by Jason's house. Gran answered the door. She wasn't too thrilled about my interrupting his homework, but allowed him to walk with Kyle and me for a while. Well, we walked while Kyle sprinted from tree to tree, reading all the invisible messages, and getting his unfathomable canine buzz.

"You're right about Gran," he admitted after a long silence. "I kinda feel as if she's watching me while I jack off."

"Oh? And what did she say about it?"

"Nothing, of course."

"So she thinks it's cool?"

It took a moment or two for Jason to absorb my point, then start to giggle. "You're right," he said at last, still laughing. "She would've freaked if she'd really seen me. So that means she hasn't."

"So why have you got the guilts?"

"You tell me."

"Your head is screwed, man. You put your hand around your dick and you think you've got some invisible audience gawking at you, all oohing and aahhing. Am I right?"

He picked up a twig, then threw it in the direction of Kyle, who ignored it in favor of sniffing another irresistible tree trunk. "Yeah... I guess."

"So are you gonna answer my question now?"

"What do you think about when you're jacking?"

"Bunches of stuff."


"Depends on whether or not I'm the one who's doing the jacking."

"What's it like?"

"To be jacked by somebody else? Fucking awesome. Totally cool. Anyway, you should know, dude... I jacked you at Freddie's place when you spooged all over my pizza."

"That was totally different, man. There were a whole bunch of guys watching, and I was freaking like crazy. Especially when you ate it! Fucking hell! And, anyway, I still don't see how it can be so different when another guy does it to you. I mean, same dick, different fist. Right?"

"You wanna try it? I mean like without a whole bunch of guys watching?"

"Maybe... some day."

"You ever fantasize about it?"

This time, Kyle leapt into the air, caught the twig in mid flight, then returned it to Jason. "Sometimes."

"Were you really freaking when I jacked you at Freddie's place?"

"Are you kidding? Big time." Jason stook the saliva-drenched stick from Kyle, then threw it as far as he could. "How come dogs chase sticks?"

"'Cause that's the way they are, and I guess Kyle gets a buzz outa bringing it back to you. It's like he's done you a fav."

"Is that what you think when you jack another dude? Like you're doing him a fav?"

"I'll call you after dinner to see if it's OK to visit. You think your Gran will freak?"

"She kinda likes you, even though she makes out like she doesn't."

"Maybe she's got the hots for me."

"Yeah, right."

It was about 8:30pm when I arrived back at Jason's place. As usual, Gran insisted on my removing my blades before I entered the house. Then I made my way past the art deco rooms to my bud's room where he was shirtless, and working out with his weights.

"Check out the new mag," he said as he continued his bicep curls.

I sat on the side of his mattress, and studied the muscle mag that was laying open on top of the bed. The first thing I noticed was a pic of some dude who looked like he was gonna pop outa his skin, and had veins the size of large spaghetti. "You wanna look like this?"

"One day."

"You're fucking joking, man. That's totally gross."

"It's art, man... body art."

"Art schmart. It's like having a dick that's too big to be useful."

"How come you always see dicks as the fucking common denominator?"

"OK, noses then. You wanna be Pinocchio? Haven't you heard about too much of a good thing?"

"Hey, Daniel, you see that dude? He's won more comps than you've had hot dinners, man. Look at me. Do I look like I could win a comp if I was up against that dude?"

"You would if I was the judge."

"You dunno what the fuck you're talking about, Daniel. I look like some kinda scrawny geek compared to that dude."

"And he looks like some kinda overgrown, muscle-bound geek compared to you. It's kinda the reverse of anorexia. You never know when to stop."

"OK," he smiled as he relaxed his arms, then tossed the weights onto the mattress. "There's no way I'm gonna convince you. You just don't understand bodybuilding, dude."

"I understand nature. And that dude's bod ain't natural... dude."

"Daniel," Jason said as he sat beside me, and became quite serious, "you've gotta realize something. There aren't any comps for Mr Average. If you wanna be noticed, you've gotta put on bulk."

"You think people don't notice you already?"

"Not the judges."

"Judges of what?" I pointed to the pic of the muscle man. "That? Jeez!"

"Hey, there's no point in arguing. We're both looking at the same thing, but we're not seeing the same thing."

"Anyway, that's not why I rocked around here," I smiled.

"Whoa! You're make me fucking nervous."

"Have you thought about it?"



"You wanna turn off the light?"

"Fuck no!" I put my hand on his crotch and felt the boner in his shorts. "Feel good?"

"I guess."

"Wanna take off your shorts?"

"I will if you will."

I stood, then got outa my t, baggies and boxers. "Wanna wrap your fist around my boner?"

"How come it feels different?" he asked, then took hold of my seven inches. "What's so different about my fist?"

"Hey, one way to find out, dude. Stand up and lemme show you."

As he stood, I knelt before him, then dragged his shorts down his muscular legs, followed by his Calvins. Right there before my brown eyes, and pointed straight at my face, was his magnificent throbber with its bulbous knob begging to be sucked. "You wanna step outa these?" He raised one foot at a time, and allowed me to throw his clothes on the bed.

I wrapped my fist around his hard, teen meat and began to slowly stroke it. "Does that feel different?"

"Yeah... a lot," he whispered as I transported him to another world.

"Hey, Jason? Would it be OK if...?" I decided that the question would be too difficult for him to answer, so I leaned forward, and placed my lips around the swollen head of his cock.

"Daniel? What the fuck...???"

"What's the prob?" I asked as he stepped back. His dick had fallen outa my mouth, then bounced a few times. It was already coated with my spit, and shiny.

"I don't believe you just did that!"

"You got a prob with it?"

"You said you were gonna jack me."

"So I changed my mind."

"But how...? I mean... Jesus! That's my fucking cock, Daniel! I piss outa that damn thing!"

"What did you say before about looking at the same thing but not seeing the same thing? Lemme tell you something, Jason. Your boner is begging to be sucked, and I wanna suck it."

"But what if I...? What if I...?"

"Just do whatever comes naturally, bro," I grinned, then wrapped my lips around the sculptured head of his cut cock. Just to make sure he didn't freak again, and try to back off, I reached around and grabbed hold of his firm, meaty buns, and held his aromatic crotch against my face. Surprisingly, he didn't put up a great deal of resistance as my tongue lashed his knob, and my lips worked the length of his rock-hard shaft. Ah ha! The fucker was under my spell! Woohoo!

At the same time, I sensed that he was torn between wanting me to blow him, and wanting to get the hell outa there. I didn't know where his hands were, but they certainly weren't touching me. So, while I continued to suck his thick, solid monster, I reached around 'til I found his arms, then slid my hands down his forearms 'til I found his hands, which were shaking big time. Again, he didn't resist as I placed them on my head. Then I grabbed his buns, and continued to pull him toward me.

Eventually, he began to chill, and run his fingers through my blonde hair. I could tell by the way he was holding my head that he was beginning to make love to it, instead of being afraid of it... or afraid of himself.

When he was about to shoot his load, he tried to pull away, but I held him close. Wad after wad of his salty, sticky boy juice exploded outa his pisshole and into my mouth as his throbber thrashed about like a cut snake. My Adam's apple was working over-fucking-time trying to force his delicious jizz past my tonsils. Yes!

When it was all over, he fell back on the bed, and placed the backs of his hands on his forehead. "Fucking hell," he sighed. "I don't believe it!" 

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