Part 148

It took quite a while before Jason realized the full extent of what had just taken place. He lifted his upper body, then rested on his elbows, causing his stomach to contract, and his wicked abs to become more prominent. Whoa!

"Daniel? What happened to my jizz?"

"I swallowed it."

"Jesus." He shook his head, then avoided my gaze. "Hey, I dunno how to put this, man, but... well, I mean what you did was totally fucking awesome, but..."

"You're wondering if I want you to blow me? Hey, you've come a long way in just a short while, dude. There's no need to rush it. Whatever you wanna do, or don't wanna do, is cool with me."

"Maybe I can jack you or something."

"Nah, I can tell that you're still fucking shell-shocked," I laughed. "Chill, and think about it. If you decide later that you wanna jack me, cool. Anyway, are you glad I blew you?"

"I think so. I'm not sure. It's just that I could never have imagined anything feeling so damn good. It's like it must've been a mistake or something. Like it could never happen again. Like some kinda weird dream."

"You weren't dreaming, dude. Anyway, do me a fav... keep working out, but don't ever look like those dudes in the mag."

"You really think I look better than those guys?"

"Don't just take my word for it, Jason. Ask Jo or Freddie or Dick or Paul... ask any of the guys. They'll all tell you the same thing. And what about Kyle? He thought your pics were the bomb."

"Maybe you're right about that reverse anorexia thing... like guys get so into bulk, they can't get enough."

"Yep. There's a point where things are just right... and all your things are just right," I smiled. "Anyway, thanks a bunch for the protein... I gotta jet."

"I still can't believe you blew me."

"Sleep on it dude. You'll probably wake in the morning wondering if it really happened. I'll remind you at school... when nobody else is around, that is."

There was a light on in Pop's front room, so I knocked on his door. I could hear the muffled sounds of cussing coming from the other side... something about being interrupted in the middle of the night. When the door opened, he was surprised to see me.

"Hi, Pop."

"It's 9:30."

"Do you always tell people the time when you open the door? Can I come in?" He stood aside and allowed me to blade down the hall to the kitchen where I turned on the light. "White with one sugar?"

"And a dash of brandy," came the voice. "A big dash!"

"The bottle's empty."

"Damn!" Pop grumbled as he came through the doorway. "And it's all your fault! There's beer in the fridge. I'll have one of those. You want one?"

"Cool." I switched off the power to the jug, then grabbed two beers. "Glass?"

"Nah... I'll drink from the can." The old dude with his mop of feral white hair sat on a chair by the table. "So what brings you around here?"

I popped both cans, then sat opposite Ned. "I just had the most awesome experience."

"You went a whole day without sex?"

I cracked totally, and almost choked on my first mouthful of beer. "Nah... I just blew a dude who kinda freaked at first, but thought it was pretty cool."

"Can't imagine why. Is that what you came here to tell me? And are you gonna drink both beers, or give me one?"

"You're grumpy tonight. What's the prob?"

"Being grumpy is the prerogative of people my age."

"Then I need to cheer you up. You wanna take off my blades?" I lifted one leg and placed it on the table.

"Your table manners are abysmal," he complained," not to mention non-existent," but began to untie the laces. When he'd removed my boot, he took a sniff.

"Smell bad?"

"No... not really."

"You like the way my feet smell?" I put my other leg on the table, and watched him remove the second boot. Pretty soon, I was barefoot, and wriggling my toes. "That feels better! Mind if I get naked?"

"Why are you doing this?"

"I like being naked."

"Admit it, Daniel, you get some kinda sadistic pleasure outa teasing me."

"Hey, I'm naked at home all the time! Nobody gives a shit. It's no biggie."

"OK, so I'll just sit here while you parade your incredibly horny bod all over the place and think nothing of it. Right? I'll be cool, calm and collected while... while..."

"While what?"

"Daniel, I'm not Andy, and I'm not Nancy, and I'm not Greg. I'm Ned... Pop."

"OK, so you want me to leave my clothes on?" I grinned.

"You're incorrigible."

"Does that mean I can take them off?" I watched him roll his green eyes, which I took to signal a 'yes', or at least an admission of defeat, so I rose from the chair, then ditched my t and shorts, and threw them on the floor. "I should bring my chest expander around here, and show you my exercises." I bent my arms, and flexed my biceps and pecs. "Whaddaya think?" Then I faced away from him, and let him check out my back muscles and lats. "I can touch my toes, too!" I bent down, and placed my flat hands on my feet, which meant that my buns would've been spread, giving him a cool view of my rosebud.

"Are you sure the brandy bottle is empty?"

"Yep," I laughed as I resumed my seat at the table, and took a swig of beer. "Why? You freaking out or something?"

"You know very well that I am... and you're getting an immense amount of cruel and despicable pleasure from teasing me!"

"Yeah... I gotta admit, it's cool to see your eyes pop, Pop. Ha, ha! Pop, pop! Get it? Hey! I almost forgot to ask you... did you jack off after I pissed in your sink the other night?"

"Daniel, what is this obsession you have with teasing people? Are you suffering from some kind of insecurity? Why do you constantly need to shore up your ego? Is it some kinda power thing that you crave?"

"Is that what you think I'm doing? Hey, I guess I'd better jet."

"You haven't finished your beer."

"Yes I have."

"Well have another."

"What are you saying? You want me to stay?"

"Daniel, let me explain something... if I can. When you tease me, you excite me, and you make it abundantly clear that you are an exceptionally good looking young man, with more sex appeal than all of Hollywood's stars put together. But while I derive a great deal of pleasure from looking..."


"... OK, gawking at you," he grinned, "... the pleasure has masochistic overtones, 'cause you make me feel incredibly inadequate at the same time."

"Inadequate? You? Jeez! Gimme a break, Pop! I'm just trying to be equal! Hey, I've read some of your stuff, and like you're the best writer, man. The coolest. I could never write like that, not in a fucking million years! So it's like I'm the one who's inadequate. You know why I tease you? 'Cause you're the man! The fucking man! If I can make you look like you've just been spat out by a tornado, then I'm doin' OK. You want another beer?"

"From out of the mouths of babes."


"Yeah, I'll have another beer."

I grabbed two more beers from the fridge, then stood in front of Pop while I pulled the ring-tabs. His eyes were riveted to my semi, which was hanging in a lazy arc away from my nads. "Anyway, there's a saying: if you've got it, flaunt it. And that's exactly what you're doing."

"I am?" His eyes didn't move one single millimeter from my semi, which made me laugh, and also caused my semi to bounce.

"Yeah, sure you are. You flaunt your words. You know there are guys out there reading your stuff who are jacking their boners red fucking raw. So you're as bad as I am, Pop."

"No amount of words could ever compete with that," he said softly as he gazed longingly at my dick, then suddenly realized he was in gawk mode before he raised his eyes to mine. "Thanks for the beer."

"It's your beer."

"Yeah, but if I'd gotten it outa the fridge for myself, it wouldn't be so special. Tell me something," he continued as I sat opposite him, "who's the person who's influenced you the most?"

"Kyle... my bud from Cape Town."

"And why is that?"

"He's totally fucking awesome."

"I doubt whether that remark will ever make the new millennium's book of famous quotes," he smiled.

"Well, he is totally fucking awesome," I insisted. "Then again, that's what he thinks about me."


"I dunno. Maybe 'cause I'm outrageous. He kinda likes dudes who are outrageous... y'know, kinda off the wall. And he influences people... fries their brains... then gets them to think his way," I laughed. "He's one helluva persuasive dude when he wants to be. He rocks."

"You have a lotta respect for him."

"Yep. Stacks. You should email him. He could give you some way cool ideas for stories."

"Maybe I will. Anyway, I'll be back in a sec. Gotta take a leak."

"Do it in the kitchen sink."

"Scallywag." Pop shook his head, rolled his eyes, then left the room. Meantime, the subject of Kyle had gotten me way damn hot so, while Pop was away, I stood, then fisted my rock-hard seven inches over his table. I'd only just sat down again when he entered the kitchen and resumed his place opposite me. He was about to say something, when my dollops of spooge caught his attention.

"What's that?"

"Fresh boy juice."


"Yeppo. You gonna clean it off?"


"What with?" I laughed.

"And you talk about adequacy! I could never do what you do!"

"And I could never do what you do. So we're even."

"I don't think so."

"Yes we are. If I did all this stuff in front of Paul or whoever, it'd be like ho hum. Well, maybe not quite ho hum. But I get a totally different reaction from you, and it's wicked cool. You crack me up big time."

"Glad to be of service."

"Hey, lighten up, Pop.What if I did all this crazy stuff and got no reaction? What if you didn't go all weird and wobbly when you put my blades on? What if...?

"Yes, Daniel, I get your point. I'm the fucking clown."

"What? You're the fucking clown? I just juiced your table. The other night I pissed in your sink. So who's the clown?"

Pop's laughter began as a chuckle, but soon grew to a loud, throaty guffaw. I thought he was gonna have a heart attack or something as he tried desperately not to fall off his chair. "You're right," he said at last. "You and I couldn't be more opposite, but at the same time we're complementary... in a strange sort of way."

"Are you always gonna freak when I do rad stuff? I mean, like are you gonna get used to it so you don't freak any more?"

"Get used to you? Ha! That'll be the day, you damn scallywag!"


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 Daniel's Diary Part 149