Part 150

G'day friends and readers. Well, here's another milestone... chapter 150. Throughout my life, people have often asked me if I'd like to write a book. Bleh! Too hard. And what the hell would I write about? Then the Captain inspired me to create Daniel. As it turns out, I've written the equivalent of several books, but I've developed a style whereby I treat writing like I live my life, one day at a time, and I don't freak about the 'big picture'. It's like the old proverb, "All journeys begin with one step." If you don't think about the length of the total journey, but rather focus on each step, the journey becomes easier to manage, let alone accomplish. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Thanks to the Captain for sticking a rocket up my ass, and thanks to my readers who have vindicated the Captain's belief in me.

Many of you have guessed that I've used Pop in these stories to analyze and examine the relationship I have with the Captain, even though the Captain and I are restricted to email, and are thousands of miles apart. I've always believed that it's possible to form meaningful intergenerational relationships, provided those relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. There are obvious barriers, of course. Daniel and Pop don't share much in common, and the relationship between them could never be the same as those Daniel has formed with his buds or his folks. Nevertheless, there are qualities Daniel and Pop can offer each other... qualities that are unique to their friendship, and which bind them in a very special way. The chapters featuring Pop and Daniel are probably the most difficult I've written because their relationship is a very sensitive issue, fraught with all kinds of dangers and traps. It's important, though, to keep Daniel's mischievous character intact while Pop tries desperately to deal with having his dignity and moral responsibilities tested to the limit. Anyway, it's fun. :o)  MrB

"Lemme ask you something before I go, Pop. How come you're different to most adults?"

"Lemme ask you something. How come you're different to most damn teens?"

"How would you know? You don't mix with people, let alone teens."

"I used to. If I had a dollar for every time I staggered home at three in the morning, I'd be rich."

"Hey, I gotta take a piss before I jet. Can I use your bathroom?"

"That would make an interesting change," he grinned.

At school the next day, Jason took me aside and asked me if I'd told any of the guys about my blowing him.

"Nope, none of the guys. Anyway, I don't know why you're so fucking paranoid about it. They'd all think it was cool... even Lindy."

"I don't get you at all, Daniel. Sex between people is supposed to be a private thingy."

"Yeah, right. Name one kid at this school, besides yourself, who doesn't boast about his conquests."

"That's just fucking schoolboy bullshit. I don't believe any of that crap. They just wanna impress their peers 'cause they don't wanna look like a geek."

"Do you realize what you just said?"

"That guys who don't have sex are geeks? Yeah, I guess that's what most dudes think."

"And you?"

"I don't know what to think anymore, dammit! You've confused the fuck outa me."

"OK, lemme put it this way. Do I boast about the sex I have?"

"Not really... but you don't mind admitting the stuff you do."

"So is that boasting?"

"I guess not. What are you trying to say?"

"I'm saying that sex is no biggie. If something exciting happened, like you won the lottery or saw a great movie or whatever, you'd tell everybody, right?"

"You're missing the fucking point, Daniel. Why do you think people wear clothes?"

"'Cause the rag trade needs the money? Yeah, right."

"They wear clothes 'cause they wanna keep their bodies private."

"Maybe most people have good reason to. Anyway, those dudes in your muscle mags don't keep much private."

"That's different... anyway they wear g-strings. Besides, what's the point of having a good bod if you can't show it?"

"Exactly. So I win the argument."

"You can be so fucking infuriating sometimes!"

"Yep, that's me!" I laughed. "We'd better join the guys or they'll think we're snubbing them."

"Just don't say anything about what happened. OK?"


On Friday afternoon after school, Paul and I were riding our BMXs home when my bud speared off to his house to grab a toothbrush and other stuff, and to check with his folks if it was OK to sleep over. We were back on the road within a few minutes, and had soon dropped our bikes on the front lawn.

"Hi, mom!"

"Hi, boys."

"Jeez, mom, we're not boys!"

"OK. Hi, teens."

"That sounds dumb."

Anyway, mom announced that she and Andy were going away for the weekend, and that we guys would have to take care of ourselves. "But I've made your favorite home-made pizza... it's in the fridge ready to bake in the oven. And there's plenty of meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables to keep you going. And milk."

"Bit early for a second honeymoon."

"It's just a weekend away, that's all. You have them all the time with your sleepovers and friends."

"How come adults don't sleep over?"

"Good question, and I don't know the answer. Maybe adults don't have anything to escape from... like parents," she smiled. "Which reminds me..."

"Yeah, mom. I'll take good care of the house. Is is OK if some of the guys call over?"

"Are you expecting anybody?"

"Not really, but you know how it is. Guys kinda drop in."

"What about Pop?"

"What about him? He prefers his own company. Besides, I'll see him tomorrow when I do his garden. Anyway, he says teens make too much damn noise."

"He's not wrong."

A moment later, Greg arrived home with his schoolbag slung over his shoulder, and was given the same news. Then both he and Paul phoned Freddie to see what jobs they had for the weekend with Muscle Teens. It didn't affect me, though, 'cause I had a permanent booking. Woohoo!

When Andy came into the kitchen, Greg asked him if would be OK if he slept over at Lindy's after they'd gone to the movies that evening.

"Oh? Will her folks be home?"

"Jeez, dad! Weren't you a teen once?"

"Yes, Andy," mom interrupted with a wry smile. "You've been pretty quiet about your teen years."

"And you haven't exactly given me a detailed description of yours, either," he grinned at mom.

"So does that mean it's OK, dad?"

"I guess so, so long as Lindy's folks know. And be careful! Do you have any...? I mean..."

"A rubber? Sure, dad. I carry a couple all the time. But Lindy and I haven't done it yet."

"Yet?" Andy smiled. "I guess that answers a lotta questions."

"Hey, it was your generation that got us to six billion, dad, not ours."

"And by the time yours has finished, there'll be standing room only!" Andy cracked us all up by pulling his shoulders in, as if he were standing in a crowded elevator.

Once mom, Andy and Greg had left the house, Paul and I were skinny dipping in the pool. The sun had almost set, but there was still plenty of light reflecting from the blue, white and red-streaked sky... and the air was still warm. That was one of the great things about living in Florida... the tropical weather.

I hauled myself outa the water, then stood at the edge of the timber decking, with my hands on my hips, facing Paul, who was using a leisurely breast stroke to swim toward me. He looked his usual cute self, with his jet black hair clinging to his scalp, and his electric blue eyes smiling.

"Are you gonna do what I think you're gonna do?"

"Wanna find out," I grinned. I waited until he was treading water just a few feet away from my toes before I let my torrent of piss fly through the air toward his open mouth. But, hey, that was pretty lamo, so I thrust my hips a few times and sent the yellow stream snaking wildly in all directions.

"Jeez, you can be an asshole sometimes," my bud complained as he used all his energy to chase my yellow prize.

"I wish Jason could see this," I laughed. "I'd kill to see the look on his face."

Finally, my bladder had emptied, and I shook the remaining drops from my cock before diving back in. After I'd surfaced, and flicked the water from my blonde hair, Paul was treading water beside me.

"You're not gonna invite Jason around, are you? It's cool with just you and me. Besides, I don't want him freaking about stuff."

"How do you know he'd freak?"

"Are you kidding? You've only gotta read his body language, man. He'd be totally uncool about the kinda stuff we do."

"So was I when I first met you. Hang! There's the phone. Back in sec." I was dripping wet as I grabbed the portable, then took it with me back to the pool. "Jason? Hey, dude, I recognized your voice. How ya doin'?"

"I just phoned Freddie. Gotta few jobs tomorrow... washing cars, weeding, cleaning... that kinda stuff. You doing anything right now?"

"Folks are away for the weekend... Greg's sleeping over at Lindy's... Paul's here. We're just fooling around in the pool."

"Oh. Well... uh, I was kinda wondering if I could rock over for a while."

"Hang." I covered the mouthpiece and told Paul that Jason wanted to come around. "He says he won't be long."

"OK," Paul grudgingly agreed.

"Yeah, cool. See you in a few minutes. Hey? You had dinner yet? We're having mom's home-made pizza."


Paul waited until I hung up before pouting, "Oh, so Jason's invited for dinner now?"

"Chill, dude. It's not like he's gonna stay the whole fucking night. Anyway, I'd better heat the oven, and get the pizza organized."

I was in the kitchen when I heard the front doorbell, then answered it. Oops! It wasn't Jason! I apologized for being naked to the two Jehovah's Witness ladies who were busy fanning their faces with copies of the Watch Tower, while trying desperately to keep their eyes away from my semi. Then I saw Jason rocking up the drive.

"Perhaps we'll call back another time," one of the ladies gasped as they both tried to flee, but got another surprise as they almost bumped into an unexpected Jason.

"Jeez, Daniel," Jason grinned as he entered the house. "Don't you have any fucking shame? Did you see the look on those ladies' faces?"

"Reminds me of yours, sometimes," I laughed. "Follow me, dude."

The temperature of the oven was ready to accept the pizza, so I slid it in, together with garlic bread wrapped in foil, then closed the oven door. "It'll be ready in about twenty minutes. Wanna skinny dip?"

"Hey, Daniel, before we go outside, I just wanna say that I've been thinking about the stuff you said... y'know."

"Yeah, I know. Listen, Jason. Believe it or not, I used to be like you until Paul and Freddie sorted me out."

"You used to freak?"

"Big time. Hey, I'll get Paul to tell you the story. That's if you can handle it. It's not exactly Mary Poppins, dude."

"Why don't you tell me?"

"'Cause I'd rather Paul tell you from his point of view. He doesn't lie as much as I do," I laughed. "Think you can handle it?"

Once we were all naked in the pool, it took quite a bit of subtle arm-twisting and prompting before Paul felt comfortable enough to relate to Jason the story of our meeting... as well as the j/o club thingy when we all jacked over Freddie, then pissed on the dude... the fight between me and Paul, then what happened when Freddie and Paul got even with me. Jason was speechless throughout the whole sordid tale. All he could do was shake his head in silent disbelief. Occasionally, he would glance at me as if he expected me to deny what Paul had just said, so I'd nod to verify Paul's accuracy, and the dude would shake his head even more.

By the time Paul had gotten to the point of the story where he and Freddie had taken turns to fuck my face, then pissed on me in the shower, I figured it was time to check the pizza. Jason seemed to have forgotten that he was still dripping wet and naked as he followed me into the kitchen.

"Is it true? All of it?"

"Yep," I said as I removed the pizza from the oven, then the garlic bread. "Whoa! This smells awesome!"

"You were homophobic?"


"So what made you change?"

"The same things that'll make you change," I grinned. "Let's eat!"

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