Part 157

Within about an hour, all the guys had arrived, including Frank. I hadn't seen the little fucker for a while, so Jo and Freddie thought they'd bring him along. I was surprised to see Dick, though. "How come you're not on your pizza run?"

"Got one of the guys to cover for me. Hey, we haven't had a party like this for fucking ages. No way I was gonna miss it."

Everybody brought some food and drink, so there was enough to feed a whole damn army… sausages, steaks, chops, you name it, plus a stack of soda and beer. Meantime, I had a quiet word with some of the more rad guys like Dick, Jo and Freddie. "We don't wanna upset Jason, Greg or Nick. OK? So play it cool."

"What if one of them gets horny?"

"Hey, just play it by ear. K? If something happens, let them be the guys who started it."

Pretty soon, the pool was packed with almost a dozen naked teens and one dog. Most of us had boners or semis from all the physical contact, but I was pleased to see that Jason, Greg and Nick weren't fazed, and were goofing off just as much as everyone else. Cool! I thought. This is the way it oughta be.

It wasn't easy to ignore all the totally wicked bods, though. From time to time, Dick would haul himself outa the water and stand at the edge of the pool, dripping wet, looking like a shiny, wet Greek god before jumping in again. Frank was totally edible, too, with his hairless crotch and pits, and silky smooth skin. He was the youngest, and got a big kick outa brown-eyeing somebody before being chased around the lawn, giggling his tits off until he was dive tackled. Fucking hell! Everywhere I looked, there was an Adonis… ten of them… diving, splashing, wrestling, posing, laughing, and generally having a wicked time. Awesome!

As patches of orange and purple began to appear in the early evening sky, I figured it was time to start cooking dinner. Paul and Greg were helping me with the barbecue when Jason walked over to join us, wearing an ear-to-ear grin.

"You've got stellar friends, Daniel. I'm having the best time ever."

"No complaints?"

"I guess I was a bit nervous at first, but everybody's totally cool. Need a hand with anything?"

"Yeah, you can jack over the salad."

"Jeez, Daniel! You never stop!"

"Chill, bro. Just joking. You wanna butter the bread rolls?"

Once the appetizing aroma of the cooking sausages, steaks and chops began to waft across the pool, it was almost instantly deserted of brown bodies, including a furry black and white one, and I was suddenly surrounded by a circle of rumbling bellies and eager eyes. I'd put aside a couple of sausages and a piece of steak to cool before tipping them into Kyle's bowl. "There ya go, boy… human food for you, too! The rest of you guys can help yourselves. Just grab what you want as I cook it." Whoa! A plague of hands descended on the table, and everything disappeared in seconds, so I placed more fresh meat on the griller. While I waited for it to cook, I phoned Pop.

"No, Daniel, I haven't changed my mind. I'd feel totally out of place."

"But there's nothing happening. Honest! We're just skinny dipping and goofing off is all. You eaten yet? We're having a barbecue. There's plenty of food. C'mon, Pop. I wanna introduce you to the guys."

I heard a sigh on the other end of the line, then, "OK. But just for five minutes. I'll be there in half an hour."

"Cool. I'll have your dinner waiting for you. Laters!" I turned the steaks and sausages to cook on the other side, then made an announcement. "Hey, guys! Listen up! We've got another visitor coming." I went on to tell everybody about Pop's yard, and the pool, and that I'd organized with Freddie to put a couple of weekends aside so that Muscle Teen could finish the job. "So that means we'll have a place to party anytime we wanna, without worrying about our folks being there. Cool, huh? Pop'll be here soon, so you can all meet him."

"Naked?" Nick asked.

"Yeah. I work naked at his place. He's like my folks… nude is cool."

"Well, if nude is cool, why do we need his place?"

"Hey, you know what folks are like, man. Being nude is cool, but it's not like there are no restrictions."

"So this Pop dude is gonna let us go wild?"

"Not exactly. Anyway, you can ask him when he gets here."

"Has he hit on you?" Frank piped.

"Nope. He's cool. I tease the fuck outa the dude, though," I laughed. "But Pop's the dope. That's why I wanted you to meet him."

"Sounds suss to me," Nick said. "I don’t trust adults, especially old dudes who live on their own."

The convo continued for about half an hour, with most of the guys expressing the same opinion as Nick's. They were all pretty certain that I'd been conned by a pedo. Then the front doorbell rang. "Back in a sec, guys. You can make up your own minds about Pop after you meet him."

"You're starkers!" A startled Pop said at the door.

"We all are. Hey, you look pretty cool in jeans and a shirt. Bit of a change from the black towel."

"I'll wait here until you guys get dressed."

"Chill, Pop. Nudity is natural, so don't fret. You wanna get nude?"

"Me? Absolutely not! This was a mistake, Daniel. A big mistake! I'd better go."

"No, Pop. Don't go. You've come this far." I grabbed his arm, ushered him inside, then closed the door. "Just relax, Pop. Come and meet the guys."

As I walked Pop down the hall, he was leaning backwards, as though his feet were taking him somewhere he really didn't wanna go. A few seconds later, we were standing at the back door. "Guys! Meet Pop!" I led Pop to the barbecue where I heaped some food onto a plate while he was shaking hands with my buds. "Ketchup?"

"Scotch. Several pints... would be fine."

"Chill, Pop. Eat your dinner. I cooked it myself."

"Perhaps it would be better if I ate in the kitchen."

"I'm the host, and I make the rules." I pulled up a chair for Pop. "Sit here. I'm sure the guys wanna get to know you."

"So, you're all from Muscle Teen?" he smiled nervously, then cut a slice of sausage, which he shoveled into his mouth. "I've seen your group photo on the flyer. It's quite an enterprise you have. Very entrepreneurial. Are you all enjoying it?"

Everybody nodded, but it seemed to me that there was a psychological barrier between Pop and the guys that was preventing the flow of normal, natural convo. Then Frank piped up.

"How come we're naked and you're not?"

"Because you're young and I'm not." Pop turned his attention to me. "Are you sure you don't have anything stronger than beer?"

"Should it matter?" Frank continued.

"About my being naked? No, it shouldn't, I suppose. But, the fact is, it does. If you were the only skinny guy amongst a group of body builders, would it matter to you? If you were the only short person amongst a group of basketball players, would it matter to you?"

"Are you embarrassed?" Benny asked.

Pop managed a brief smile. "That's putting it mildly, son."


We all watched Pop carve a slice of steak, then chew it before answering. "Delicious, Daniel. Thanks. Why am I embarrassed? Well, I suppose it's because I'm an oddball. I have a profound admiration for the beauty of youth, male youth, which, to me, is quite overwhelming. I suspect that most adults aren't afflicted by my passion… that they see you, or people like you, through different eyes, perhaps even eyes that are blind to my interpretation of youthful beauty."


"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, as they say. Some people are passionate about chrysanthemums or azaleas, but if you were to put those people in a room full of footballers, the footballers would most likely think they were crazy."

"But we’re just a bunch of teens," Jason argued. "What's so special about us?"

"I think you know the answer to that question already," Pop smiled after swallowing more food.

"Pop's right," I interrupted. "Dick? Can you come here for a sec?"

"What for?"

"I just wanna demonstrate something." The six feet of awesome, tanned muscle rose from his seat, and stood next to me. "OK, guys, is this dude a blonde Adonis or what? Check out the pecs and abs, dudes. Check out that awesome fucking schlong. Woohoo! Anybody wanna argue with that? No? Cool. That's what I figured. You agree, Pop?" I waved my hand in front of Pop's bug eyes. "Pop? Hello? Anybody home? You agree?"

"Huh?" he asked as everybody cracked up. "Where's my damn scotch? Make it a triple."

"Hang," I laughed as I went to the kitchen, then returned with a bottle. "Johnny Walker OK?"

"Fine." Then he waited until I'd poured his drink before continuing. "Boys… is it OK if I call you 'boys'?"

"Call us guys, Pop."

"OK… guys. Let me say this. I'm at a distinct disadvantage here. What you have to offer is immediately obvious to the eye. What I have to offer takes longer to recognize. It seems that Daniel has taken the time to suss me out, though. Apparently, he's taken a bit of a shine to me. Am I right, Daniel?"

"Yep," I smiled.

"And I have to say that I'm very grateful for that, as well as honored. I'm also honored to be here amongst you, even though my blood pressure is threatening to cause my untimely demise. I don't wanna sound patronising or sycophantic or whatever, but it's quite a privilege for an old dude like me to be invited here, and for you guys to behave as you would if I weren't here… to be trusted enough to be accepted, not as one of you, but as one who understands you, and identifies with you. Don't let this old skin fool you. There's a teen underneath who hasn't forgotten what it's like to be a teen."

"Whaddaya say, guys?" I asked. "Are we gonna work on Pop's yard and pool?"

"Yeah!" everybody chorused. Well, almost everybody.

"What's all this honor and privilege shit?" a lone voice asked. Everybody turned, and saw that the question had come from Paul, which surprised the hell outa me.

"Are you speaking to me?" The old dude's green eyes narrowed as he fixed his steely gaze on my bud.

"Yeah," Paul replied, suddenly realizing that he was the focus of attention, and feeling a little awkward as a result. "If you identify with teens, like you say you do, then you’d know that teens don't trust anybody over thirty."

"Very true. And I'm well over thirty. You obviously have a problem with that."

"My folks or our teachers would never say it's a fucking honor or a privilege or whatever just to know us guys. That's just so fucking lamo, man. We're just regular teens, doing what teens do, and what teens do is never what older folks approve of."

"So adults and teens are natural enemies?"

"Yeah… you got it."

"OK, so if you were fighting a war, and the opposing side invited you to their camp in an attempt to make peace, and to make you feel welcome, wouldn't you feel honored and privileged?"

All eyes were on Paul as he struggled to deal with Pop's question. "Yeah," he shrugged. "I guess so."

"Cool. Well, I'd better be going. It's been a pleasure to meet you all. I'm sorry if I gawked occasionally."

"That's cool, Pop," I laughed. "We're all gawkers here. Gawking rules."

I saw Pop to the front door, where he paused. "I hope Paul chills, as you would say."

"Hey, Pop, don't worry about Paul. He was just saying what most of the guys were probably thinking, anyway. They don't know you like I do… but they will."

"Thanks for inviting me. It was quite an experience. And I have to admit that you have exquisite taste in friends. They're all… well, as you described Dick, Adonises. I've never seen so many magnificent bodies in the one place at the one time in all my life. In fact, I don't even know why I'm leaving!"

"Your blood pressure, Pop," I cracked.

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