Part 158

It was about midnight by the time all the guys had gone home, and Paul and I were in my room.

"Greg looked pissed just now. What's the matter with him?"

"He wanted a blow job."

"So why didn't you give him one?"

"'Cause you're here."


"You know how he feels about that kinda stuff when other dudes are around."

Paul put his arms around me as we stood, and rested his chin on my shoulder. I responded by running my hands up and down the smooth, warm skin of his back. It was just so damn nice to have him that close to me… cheek to cheek, chest to chest, boner to boner. I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he spoke.

"I was talking to some of the guys tonight. They were pretty pissed that we couldn't party like we normally do."

"You mean 'cause of Greg, Nick and Jason?"

"Yeah. They said those guys spoiled everything. And now your bro's pissed off 'cause you won't blow him."

"You want me to?"

"I've been waiting all night to be alone with you, Daniel. But I guess I can wait another ten minutes."

"Nah. It shouldn't be like that. If Greg's desperate for a blow job, all he's gotta do is knock on the fucking door. And the guys were right. I shouldn't have invited Nick and Jason."

"So why did you?"

"I dunno. Maybe I was hoping they'd chill or whatever. What is it about some guys that they can't handle sex?"

"I guess they think it should be private. You wouldn't expect to see your mom and Andy doing it on the kitchen bench."

"Maybe they do when Greg and I aren't around," I laughed. "Actually, knowing mom, they probably do."

"That's what I mean… it's private."

"OK, so what's the diff between us guys partying, having a totally rad time, and being private? You know what I think it is? I think it's the diff between love and sex."

"What's the diff?"

"When we guys party, it's like a game. Y'know? We all blow each other, and fuck each other…"

"And piss."

"Yeah… that, too. So it's not like love where you wanna be alone with somebody. What we do is a game. Sex is rad fun, man. Hey, I'm telling you? Anyway, it's not like you wanna own some dude. And you know something else? I think it's a teen thing. I figure teens kinda run fucking riot for a while before they settle down. Are you gonna tell me that you don't have the hots for Dick? Or Benny? Or Jo? Or…"

"OK, I get your point."

"So I figure Greg should just tell me he wants a blow job, whether you're here or not. Hey, you've seen me blow a whole bunch of guys. It's no biggie. It's a blow job, not a fucking walk up the aisle."

"Have you told Greg that?"

"Nope. I just thought of it."

"So tell him."

"Think I should?"

"Makes sense to me. Besides, it'd be cool to watch you blow him. He's a totally hot looker. Fucking wicked. Hey, I just thought of something, too. The prob wasn't inviting Nick or Jason. The prob was that you didn't tell them about the stuff we normally get up to. Instead, you told the rest of us guys to chill while they were around. Next time you invite those dudes, let them know that they're gonna get an eyeful of fucking or sucking or whatever. If they don't like it, they don't come. Simple."

"Not so simple, dude. I don't wanna lose them as friends, and I want them to be friends with all of us."

"How can they be friends with us if we're not being ourselves?"

"You wanna come with me to Greg's room?"

"Hey, guys. 'Sup?" my bro asked after he'd answered my knock. He was still naked, and looking totally stellar with his long, black hair draped over his bronze shoulders. There was a look of apprehension in his dark, chocolate eyes, though.

"Got a minute?"

The three of us sat on the side of his bed while I explained all the stuff I'd told Paul.

"Daniel, why do you keep missing the fucking point? I'm straight."

"Will you quit with the straight bullshit? What's that gotta do with getting your fucking rocks off? Jeez! You've got two guys here who wanna give you a good time, and you're complaining? What the fuck's wrong with you, man?"

"Two guys is what's wrong with me."

"OK, we don't have tits, and we don't have pussies. But we've got mouths, lips and tongues... and we're willing. What more do you want?"

"You are one crazy guy," my bro sighed, shaking his head. "And I'm fucked if I know why I'm getting hard."

"I do," I grinned, then turned to Paul. "You wanna tongue my bro's tasty ass while I blow him? I can recommend it."


I knelt in front of Greg while Paul got behind him. Then, as I placed my hands on his narrow hips, I looked up at the killer bod towering above me, and said, "Hey, bro. Millions of guys would kill to be where you are right now. Just relax, man, and dig it. Get all that shit outa your brain. OK? Now, put one foot on the bed so Paul can do his thing."

Paul's tongue must've found its spicy target 'cause Greg's head tilted back slightly, and a look of absolute contentment spread across his cute, young face. Hey, we hadn't even begun yet! I was about to transport this fucker to seventh heaven.

I took a moment to allow my eyes to drink in the awesome vision before me… Greg's delicious teen meat, hard as a rock, with its piss hole staring at me, promising to deliver a truckload of thick, sticky juice.

Before sending my lips along its solid shaft, I licked the swollen, bulbous knob and savored the flavor of his salty precum. Mmmm! I wanted more! Then I fondled his balls with one hand, while I used the other to rub his firm, muscular pecs, and investigate his hard nipples. A moment later, his whole six inches was buried deep within my face, and his springy, black bush was caressing my nose.

I wasn't sure if Greg's groans of ecstasy were the result of my lips and tongue working his hot cock, or Paul's tongue probing his rosebud, or both, but there was no way that my bro was gonna resist us now. He was at a place where the word 'no' simply wasn't an option.

I felt Greg's hand on my head, pulling my face closer to his warm, aromatic crotch. I figured his other hand must've been on Paul's head, pulling my bud's face closer to his spread buns in the hope that Paul's tongue could penetrate even further into his succulent hole. My bro was in heaven. No doubt about it.

A few minutes later, I felt Greg's throbber thump the roof of my mouth, then thrash about like a hooked marlin as it jetted wad after delicious wad of boy juice down my throat, which was working overtime trying to keep up with the damn torrent. His whole body was shuddering, and every muscle was taut. I could feel the tension in his pecs as he groaned and moaned with each explosion of jizz, and the indescribable pleasure that went with it.

Finally, his body sagged, and I sucked the remaining blob of cum from his pisshole. "It's all over, Paul," I cracked as I saw my bud's face still buried between Greg's ass cheeks. "You can stop now, dude."

"Who wants to stop?" came the muffled reply.

But Paul had no choice as Greg toppled onto the bed in an exhausted heap, with his still-hard meat hugging his belly, and his arms strewn behind his head. "Whoa! I guess I can't argue with that. Fucking hell! Awesome!"

"So there ya go, bro," I grinned. "Sex is sex, and it rocks big time. Honest, I don't see why you guys… you, Nick and Jason… get so fucking hung up about it."

Greg raised his upper body, then rested on his elbows. "Nick and Jason?"

"Yeah. Didn't you notice something tonight? Like the guys weren't doing any rad shit?"

"You mean like what happened just now?"

"Yeah. I told the other guys to cool it 'cause you guys would've fucking freaked like a bunch of nuns or whatever."

"You're right. We would've. But there's something you've gotta understand about guys like us, Daniel. Maybe it's cool for you to be doing all that rad stuff, but for us… well... it's a kinda admission thingy."

"That you're gay? Or bi? Or whatever?"

Greg blinked a few times, and appeared somewhat nervous. "I guess."

"I really don't understand all this label bullshit, Greg. Paul and I just gave you an awesome fucking time. Right?"


"So are you suddenly attracted to guys? I mean do you have like a sudden urge to paint your fucking nails, or smear on some lippy?"

"No," he laughed.

"So what's the biggie?"

"I'm not sure, bro. I guess most guys just have this fear thing… y'know… like same sex is kinda weird, like a major no-no. I mean, hey, I've spent all my life thinking I'm whoever, and now you've got me thinking maybe I'm not. It's like I'm in some kinda strange limbo, not being sure any more."

"Jason told me the other day that he wanted to go back to where he was safe. Is that where you wanna go?"

"How can I? How could I forget what it's like when you blow me? Or what Paul just did? Fucking hell, I could never forget those two tongues, man. Woohoo! Not in a million fucking years. So I don't have any place I can go back to. It's like I can't go back to being a ten year old kid. Y'know? It's like you've changed me forever."

"I've changed you?"

"I don't mean that it's your fault or anything, Daniel. It's like you've introduced me to a whole new experience. I mean, it could've been skydiving or bungee jumping or whatever. But once you've experienced it, you can't go back."

"So what do you think I should do about Nick and Jason? Some of the guys said that I shouldn't have invited them."

"I can't speak for them, Daniel. I don't know those guys all that well. Anyway, what are you trying to do? Convert them?"

"To what?"

"Being gay."

"Hey! That's not the fucking point, bro. I just want them to chill. Think about it. If Lindy had been here tonight, and I was hugging and kissing her, nobody would have given a shit. But if I hugged and kissed Paul…"

"Would you?"

"Shuddup, Paul, I'm trying to make a fucking point here."

"Yeah, I can see your point," Greg agreed. "But if you went to the mall and saw a couple of guys hugging and kissing, what would you do?"

"Freak, I guess."

"So you're a fucking hypocrite."

"I guess you're right. But that doesn't solve the prob. And the prob is that there's all these fucking rules about what's acceptable and what isn't. It sucks. And maybe if I'd seen guys hugging and kissing in public as often as I'd seen straights doing it, I wouldn't give a fuck."

"OK, bro. If you're such a fucking champion for the crusade, why don't you and Paul go to the mall tomorrow and hug and kiss? I'll come and watch."


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 Daniel's Diary Part 159