Part 160

Hi Pop,

This is Paul, Daniel's bud. You met me tonight at the barbecue. Anyway, I took some pics of Daniel and attached them to this email… nothing porno, so don't freak. It's him working out and stuff… lotsa pecs and abs hehehe. Enjoy!

L8r Paul


"What kinda email is that?"

"What's wrong with it?"

"You didn't say much."

"I don't fucking know the dude! Whaddaya want me to say? That I'm gonna fuck you?"

"You got it wrong, bro. I'm the one who's gonna fuck you."

After Paul had sent the email, I asked him to get down on all fours on the bed. When he was ready, I positioned myself behind his delicious, tanned bod, and ran my hands over his smooth, rounded globes, spreading them to reveal more of his sexy, pink and brown ass hole.

"You've got a totally wicked ass, bro."

"I'll have to take your word for it."

"Hang." I grabbed a small, hand mirror from the bedside table, and held it about a foot away from Paul's butt. "There ya go. Can you see it?"

"Yeah. Doesn't turn me on, though."

"That's 'cause it's your butt, dumbfuck. You're not supposed to get turned on by your own bod." I replaced the mirror on the table, and resumed smoothing my open hands over the curves of his firm buns. Awesome! Then I put my face between his cheeks, and sent my tongue as far inside him as I could get it. Mmmm. The dope! It was a totally wicked sensation to feel his ass muscles begin to relax as I probed deeper and deeper into the soft, spongy flesh that was about to accommodate my rock-hard seven.

"I wish your tongue was longer," he moaned.

After giggling my tits off for a minute, I spat on my fingers and inserted one, then two. He was ready. "Lay on your side, Paul, and raise one leg." He obeyed as I laid on my side behind him, then used my hand to position the head of my throbber against his rosebud. "Turn your face to mine." Again, he obeyed, and our mouths met as I began to slowly slide my solid teen meat into his willing hole. The heat from our joined bodies was already causing both of us to sweat, and my skin to slide against his.

When my cock was all the way in, and our tongues were dancing inside each other's hot, wet mouths, I ran my hand over his chest and felt the fullness of his pecs, and the hardness of his swollen, fleshy nipples. Right then, there was nowhere else in the world I'd rather have been.

Gradually, I increased the speed of my pelvic rhythm until Paul's bod was being pushed forward with each of my savage thrusts. And with each thrust, the intensity of our kissing became more passionate. Nostrils flared, and expelled hot, steamy air as our lips were being bent outa shape, and our teeth clashed. Muffled noises filled our ears… animal noises that had nowhere to go except through our noses 'cause our mouths were pressed hard against each other.

And all the while, the sweet scent of Paul's jet-black hair drifted lazily into my lungs, as well as my brain. I was intoxicated by the eroticism of his sensual aroma.

The thrill of my bud's tight ass grabbing my shaft like a clenched fist as I pumped was totally fucking ace. Whoa! That, combined with our kissing, my hand exploring the smoothness of his muscular chest, and our sweating bodies sliding against each other, soon took me to the brink of orgasm.

"Mmmmmfffffffff!!!!!" was the only sound I could manage. Paul's busy tongue was probing my mouth as my boner exploded its first wad of electrically-charged boy juice. My legs stiffened. My toes stretched and curled. My crotch was alive with indescribable sensations. My hand grabbed one of his pecs, and squeezed the fuck out of it. I rammed my balls against his ass as the second wad fired. Then the third. Fourth. Fifth. I was pumping like crazy, shuddering, whimpering, and holding his head and chest with all my strength. Then…


Even though I'd spent my load, we kept kissing while my boner stayed inside him. We remained like that for several minutes, basking in the warm afterglow of the most incredible sex, and enjoying the closeness that only lovers understood. Lovers? Yeah. I guessed I had to admit it.

"That was just so fucking awesome," Paul sighed after our lips had peeled apart. And that's the way we fell asleep.

In the morning, I woke to see the early sun sending pale, silver shafts of light streaming through the curtains. I was laying on my side, facing away from the wall, with Paul behind me. His piss boner was pressed against my ass, and his arm was draped over my shoulder. I took hold of his hand, which was fondling my pec while his fingers played with my nipple.

"Morning, bro," he said softly, sending his warm breath into my ear. "You wanna lift your leg a little?"

"I'm still asleep."

"So how come you're talking?"

"I'm having a fucking nightmare."

"Am I in it?"


"What am I doing?"

"You're gonna rape me."

"Sounds cool. Anyway, I'm busting to offload, so raise your fucking leg. And don't argue."

"How come you're so fucking macho all of a sudden?"

"'Cause my boner is between your wicked ass cheeks, and I'm as horny as hell. C'mon, Daniel. Lift your fucking leg, for fuck sake!"

"What happened to your romantic side?"

"I'll get romantic later… after I fuck your lights out. Right now I just wanna get in there. Now will you stop crapping on?"

"I'll think about it," I mumbled sleepily, then felt Paul's wet fingers lubing my hole with spit. "You're pretty damn determined."

"You love it when I'm bossy, Daniel. Admit it."

When Paul's hard meat increased its pressure on my rosebud, my leg instantly assumed a mind of its own, and automatically rose into mid air as his throbber slowly entered me. "Yeah… I guess I do."

"Do what?"

"Love it when you're bossy."

"Oh, fuck! Jeez, that feels so damn awesome," he groaned after his six inches had slid all the way in, and he'd grabbed a handful of my pec. "I could spend the rest of my life fucking you, Daniel."

"Like I don't get a say?"

"No. I'm being bossy. So just shuddup and enjoy it."

Suddenly, we both freaked at the sound of somebody knocking on the door. "Shhhh," I whispered. "Let him think we're still asleep." But the knocking came a second time.

"Daniel?" Then the door opened a few inches, and Greg's face appeared. "Jesus! Sorry, guys!" A moment later, the door slammed shut.

"Fuck! He saw us!"

"Chill, Daniel. It's not like he doesn't know what's going on."

"Yeah, but he's never seen it… I mean, not like this. Fucking hell!"

"Daniel, you're forgetting something. He fucked your ass that night in the tent. Remember?"

"Daniel?" came the voice from the other side of the door. "Is it OK if I come in?"

"Maybe later, bro"

Hmmm. Well, he wasn't gonna take no for an answer. Paul and I watched the door open wide enough for Greg's face to appear. "Sorry for freaking, bro. I just didn't expect to see… well, hey, I was kinda surprised. Can I come in?"

"You're already fucking half way in."

"Yeah," he grinned, and used his hand to brush his long, black hair from his eyes. "Hey, I could really use a blow job, man. But don't stop what you're doing on my account. I figured maybe…" He closed the door, then walked to the side of the bed. "I figured you might wanna blow me while Paul is fucking you. I've seen pics like that on the web. Fucking hot! You wanna?" The tent in my bro's white boxers, and the damp patch of pre-cum, made no secret of the fact that he was hanging big time for a blow.

"How come you're not mad at me?"

"You're the one who's always going on about how cool sex is… and that it doesn't matter so long as everybody's having a cool time. Besides, it'd be totally rad to see you getting fucked while you were sucking my boner. Woohoo! You wanna?" And with that, he pulled down his boxers and gave me an eyeful of his perfect teen meat, with its piss hole promising a truckload of delicious juice. "Daniel? Bro? You're not saying much."

"Yeah, right. I've got Paul's throbber half way to my fucking tonsils, and your one-eyed python staring at me. What the fuck am I supposed to say?"

"It's cool, then? You wanna blow me? Huh?"

Greg rested his knees on the side of the mattress as he guided his thick, hard cock between my lips, which was also the signal for Paul to resume fucking me. I'd noticed that his cock hadn't gone soft in spite of Greg's presence. Maybe Greg's uninvited intrusion had excited Paul even more. He'd never been fazed by an audience before. Hey, whatever. Fact was, I was being plugged at both ends, and I wasn't complaining.

As Greg's rock-hard meat kept pummeling my face without mercy, he would occasionally moan stuff like, "Fucking awesome!" which I figured had something to do with his gawking at Paul's throbber sliding in and out of my ass. He'd never seen that kinda thing before, so, to him, it must've been a bit like watching a porno, except that he was in it, and having his knob lashed by a real live tongue.

Finally, I felt Paul's cock grow stiffer, and offload a stack of warm boy juice inside me. He was practically ripping my tit off, and groaning like he was suffering from major muscle cramp. A moment later, Greg pulled my face to his neat bunch of black pubes, and sent wad after wad of his thick, salty jizz down my throat. Two hungry wolves tearing a lamb apart couldn’t have been more aggressive.

Later, in the shower with Paul, it was my turn to offload. I watched his cute face being stuffed with my pulsating seven inches. What a fucking turn on to see his stretched, red lips gliding backwards and forwards along the full length of my solid shaft. Woohoo! And every so often, he would take my long, hard rod outa his mouth just to check it out, and study its swollen knob, and squeeze it to open the pisshole, then smile up at me as if my dick was the most amazing and special thing on the whole damn planet.

"You're totally loopy, Paul. One minute you're getting off on being bossy, and now you're kneeling in front of me like I'm some kinda god."

"You are a god. But, hey, I get to boss a god around sometimes," he laughed, then filled his face to capacity with my cock again.

After I'd jetted a bucket of boy juice down my bud's throat, he sucked the last blob of jizz from my knob, then remained where he was, kneeling before me, holding my cock, and waiting for the inevitable. He had his mouth open in anticipation of the flood of piss, which would come as soon as my cock had softened sufficiently. I watched his face, and his awesome blue eyes fixed on my pisshole. How he could think of my piss as being something special was beyond me. But, hey, if he liked it, it was cool with me. Anyway, it made me feel good… important. And when the stream of piss finally exploded outa my cock, I watched it shoot into his mouth, then form a waterfall that cascaded down his chin, and onto his chest. From time to time, he maneuvered the stream so that it splashed over his face. Then he'd direct it back into his open mouth.

Once I'd squeezed the last few squirts of piss outa my cock, and watched them disappear between his lips, Paul rose to full height and smiled at me. "You're the best bud in the whole fucking world, Daniel. Bestest bud ever." Then he kissed me as the warm water from the shower tumbled down our wet, shiny, entwined bodies.

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