Part 164

It took a fair bit of coaxing from me before Pop finally admitted the truth. "I didn't wanna look. But every time I tried to move away from the window… well… anyway, I feel guilty… like a peeping tom."

"Bullshit, Pop! I watched Paul, and he watched me. What were we supposed to do? Cover our eyes? So that makes us peeping toms, too. Right?"

"You talking about me again?" Paul asked as he entered the room. "Hey, I've gotta jet… got another job."

"K, I'll catch you later, bro. Thanks for coming."

"Anything you wanna do before I go?"


"You know."

Then the penny dropped. "Oh! Yeah, now that you mention it. Hey, Pop… you wanna watch me piss on Paul?"

"No. And don't do it here for crying out loud. Use the bathroom."

"Sure you don't wanna watch? Think of it as research."

"You're incorrigible. I'm staying right here."

"I'll leave the bathroom door open in case you change your mind," I laughed, and motioned Paul to follow me down the hall.

"Did Pop see what happened with Rachel?" my bud asked as he stepped into the shower, then sat on the tiled floor.

"Yeah... he's embarrassed." I looked over my shoulder, but didn't see anybody at the open door. "I guess he's not gonna watch me piss on you, and I can't wait. Open up, bro."

Ten minutes later, Paul had showered, dressed, and gone on his way. Pop was still tapping away at the keyboard as I grabbed a stool, and sat alongside him.

"What are you writing about?"

"Teens like you."



"How come you didn't watch? It was totally awesome. Paul opened his mouth, and my piss…"

"Daniel! Please!"

"I don't get it. If you write about it, then why can't I tell you about it?"

"Because writing about it is different. I'm not personally involved. I'm detached. It's the characters who are doing things, not me."

"OK, so I'm a character, and I'm telling you about it."

"You're also sitting next to me… naked! The characters in my stories can't see me, even though I can see them, at least in my head. So I don't have to deal with..."

"You're just freaking 'cause you might get horny if I tell you about my piss splashing all over Paul's face. You should've seen it, Pop… fucking wicked... bubbling outa his mouth… how come you're crossing your legs?"

"I always cross my legs."

"They weren't crossed a minute ago."

"Tell me something… why didn’t you take full advantage of Rachel when you had the opportunity?"

"You mean fuck her? I dunno. She just wanted to blow me, I guess."

"Have you fucked a girl before?"

"Nope. Well, once at an initiation thingy on a swim tour. But that doesn't count. She was a whore."

"Do you have a girl friend?"

"I have a friend who's a girl, Lindy, but we don't date or anything. Besides, she kinda hangs with my bro. So why the third degree, Pop? You trying to change the subject?"

"I'm just wondering if you've defined your sexuality."

"Like am I gay? What if I say yes, and next week I fuck Rachel? What then? Am I gay now, then bi next week? Was I straight before I met Paul?"

"Aren't you concerned about what you are, sexually?"

"Should I be?"

"Just asking. Call it research. Sometimes I do too much talking, and not enough listening… like over lunch on the lawn. I found myself running off at the mouth, giving you the benefit of my so-called wisdom. But, as they say, while you're talking, you're not listening."

"But we were listening. Anyway, we asked the questions."

"With your legs wide apart. Actually, I was probably talking too much in an attempt to take my mind off the obvious."

"I don't see why you're so damn hung up about gawking, Pop. Everybody gawks. So what did you think about Rachel blowing me and Paul? Pretty cool, huh?"

"It's amazing to see something like that in real life."

"You've never seen it before?"


"Well, you'd better be prepared for a whole bunch more of that stuff, Pop, as well as everything else you can imagine. Once the guys start work on your pool, your eyes are gonna be as big as fucking plates. Hey, we made a totally rad movie at Jo's and Freddie's place once… actually, we made a couple of movies. Awesome! I'll get hold of them and bring them around… for research, of course."

"Thanks, but no thanks. Your folks trust me to be a responsible adult, so I can't be seen to be leading you astray."

"You're not, Pop! I'm leading you astray!" I cracked. "Anyway, you need to be led astray. You're too fucking strung out… tighter than a fucking tennis racket. You've gotta learn to chill. I was listening to you when we were sitting on the lawn eating lunch, and it's like you're still carrying all that baggage from when you were a teen… all that guilt crap. You should've watched me piss on Paul."

"And what would Paul have thought?"

"Hey, Paul's totally cool. He's had more audiences than you've had hot dinners."

"Did those audiences include people my age?"

"No, but that's only 'cause we've never known a cool guy your age before. Anyway, it's like you said… a performer needs an audience… an appreciative audience. Right?"

"So you're gonna hand out free smelling salts?"

"You're so fulla shit, Pop," I cracked. "Anyway, that's the cool thing about you… you freak."

"Would you piss on me?"

"Huh? Noooo waaaaay, Pop. No fucking way!"

"Why not?"

"Whaddaya mean, why not? You're an adult. You're Pop, for fuck sake! It's different with Paul… he likes it. No, that's not what I meant. I meant that… well, we're kinda the same age and stuff."

"Exactly, so I don't really belong. If I can't participate, for obvious reasons, then I shouldn't be gawking."

"But you can gawk without participating. Just 'cause you go to a movie doesn't mean you have to jump through the fucking screen." Pop returned his attention to the keyboard, but wasn't typing anything. "What's the prob?"

"The prob?" Pop smiled at me, and I noticed the way his wrinkles and laugh lines looked kinda neat when he did that. "I'm the quintessential walking, breathing prob, Daniel. You're right about the baggage that I'm still carrying from my teens. You're the most uncomplicated person I've ever met. You not only follow your natural instincts, but you have the courage to follow them. You're not weighed down by guilt. Your mind hasn't been manipulated by the do-gooders. You think for yourself, and make your own judgements."

"So you admit that you should've watched me piss on Paul?"

"Perhaps you're right, my young friend. Perhaps I should have. But it's not that easy to shake all the bullshit that was repeatedly pummeled into me when I was at my most vulnerable… when I was at my most impressionable. Come to think of it, there are a lot of people who have a lot to answer for. On the other hand, those who brainwashed me were themselves brainwashed. A vicious circle. The only real culprit is ignorance."

"K, lemme get this straight, 'cause you're talking a whole bunch of fucking gobbledygook here. Next time I piss on Paul, are you gonna watch?"


"Why the fuck not?"

"It's too late. My brain's been fucked, but yours hasn't."

"Well, I'll unfuck it for you."

"Thanks, Daniel," the old dude chuckled. "I appreciate your concern… I really do. And I wish you'd been around when I was your age… although you'd probably have freaked me even more then than you do now. If that's possible. Just let me say that I'm helluva glad to know you. You're a breath of fresh air; a revelation. If you ever do get married and have children, I think you're gonna be a pretty special dad."

"You mean if my kids are like gay or whatever?"

"Regardless of their sexuality. You have a natural ability to accept people for who and what they are. More importantly, you have a natural ability to accept yourself for who and what you are. In other words, you're tolerant of people, including yourself. And that's one of the things we sometimes forget… it's just as important to be tolerant of one's self as it is to be tolerant of others."

"So how come you're not tolerant of yourself? How come you're so fucking strung out?"

"I'm working on it… being tolerant of myself, that is. Rome wasn't built in a day, y'know."

"Well, I'm gonna have to piss on Paul when you least expect it, and that way you'll have to gawk."

"You're incorrigible."

"Yeah, but I'm wonderful. Well, I'd better get back to work," I said as I stood and stretched, causing my semi to dangle just a foot or so from Pop's face. I figured that would give him something to think about next time he jacked off. "There's not a lot to do, though. Hello? Pop? Yoo hoo!"


"I said there's not a lot to do."

"How on earth did Rachel… not a lot to do? Oh, well, you can go home if you wanna."

"You want me to?"

"No. You're welcome to stay for as long as you like."

While I worked in the yard, just pruning a few bushes, and tidying a bit of this and that, I thought about the diff between Pop and me. Nudity seemed so fucking natural to me, as did sex, even crazy sex. It wasn't something I'd been taught. It just happened. Well, admittedly, it'd gotten off to a pretty rocky start when Paul freaked me out in the beginning, and I'd given the j/o club at school a hard time. But once all that shit was outa the way, coolies.

After a few hours in the hot sun, I'd managed to work up a bit of a sweat. I was cooling off under the garden hose, which was draped over the branch of a tree, when I noticed Rachel peering over the fence.

"You've grown taller since I saw you earlier," I laughed. "Must've been the protein."

"I'm standing on a box."

"How come you split in such a hurry before?"

"I dunno. I thought maybe Ned would get mad if he knew."

"You ever done anything like that before?"


"You give wicked head."

"I've kinda fantasized about it, I guess. Some of the girls at school talk about it."



"You still hungry?"

"I'd better not. Ned might…"

"Don’t worry about Ned. He's busy. Can you jump the fence? Hey, and bring some soap!"

A minute later, a bar of soap flew over the fence, followed by Rachel's bare feet which landed on Pop's lawn. "You're all wet."

"You wanna get wet, too?"

I watched her take off her top, and reveal two totally killer tits… smallish, but firm, jutting straight out from her chest, and forming two perfect circles of young, sexy flesh. Her prominent nipples were erect and pink. A shallow, vertical groove separated her ab muscles… not quite a sixpack, but pretty damn near it. "I'd better leave my shorts on."


"Ned might see us."

"So what's he gonna see? A boy and girl under a hose? Hey, you don't know Pop. He's totally cool. Anyway, I'm already naked… not that you've noticed," I grinned, aware of my cock getting harder by the second.

Rachel stepped outa her shorts. Whoa! No panties! And there she was, totally naked, with a little V-shaped patch of pubes to focus on, and long, slender legs. It was then that I noticed how small and feminine her feet were. She stooped to pick up the soap, then joined me under the hose.

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 Daniel's Diary Part 165