Part 165

I'd never soaped a girl's bod before, or run my lathered hands over a pair of awesome tits. I was surprised at how firm and sexy they were as I lifted them, and squeezed them, and felt their nipples caressing my palms.

"I've never soaped a boy before."

"I'm not a boy."

"Well, whatever. Anyway, your chest feels wild. So strong."

"Yours, too. Wild, that is."

"Do boys… uh, guys always get hard... like now?"

"Hey, Rachel, lemme tell you a little secret… I've gotta get my boxers specially tailored." I ran my wet, slippery hands down the curve of the small of her back, then over her smooth, round buns, and pulled her close to me. "Your ass is the dope."

"Your boner's between my legs."

"Probably looking for something. Hey, you wanna do something rad?"

"This isn't rad?"

"The water's made a puddle on the lawn, and we're all soaped up. You feel like slippin' and slidin' a little? Like a couple of horny wrestlers?"

She wasn't quite sure what to say, so I pressed my lips to hers, then gently forced her onto the grass where she laid on her back. Natural impulse immediately took over, pursuading her to open her legs as I eased my lower bod between them.

"Do you have a condom?"

"Hey, check me out. I don't even have a damn pocket."

"I'm a virgin."

"Me, too. I mean I've never fucked a girl before."

"Oh? So who have you fucked?"

"That's not what I meant. Jeez, Rachel, my cock is screaming like hell for your pussy! I've gotta fuck you… I've just gotta. Honest."

"I've just had my period."

"Is your pussy screaming for my cock?"

"Oooh, yeeesss, Daniel. I can't believe the way I'm feeling… with your weight on top of me… so strong and masculine and muscular… and wet, and shiny, and slippery… and beautiful… Oh, Jeez, you have such a beautiful face."

"Guys don't have beautiful faces, Rachel. Anyway, fuck this. Maybe Pop's got a condom."

"What the hell would he want with a condom?"

"You're right. Damn! Maybe I can pull my cock out before I offload."

"Too risky. If anything happened, like I got pregnant, my folks would freak."

"How can you think about shit like that at a time like this? I don't think I've ever been so damn horny."

"Want me to blow you?"

"What do you want me to do?"

"I dunno. Whatever."

After we'd arranged ourselves in a 69 position in the puddle of soapy water, she took my throbber into her warm mouth. Hell, what was I gonna do with that? I thought as I got a close-up view of her oyster. Ew! No way was I gonna stick my face in there… so, instead, I poked a finger in and wiggled it around a bit.

Pretty soon, though, I'd lost all interest in fingering her pussy as the incredible sensations of Rachel's tongue lashing my sensitive knob brought my load closer to eruption.

"Stick your finger in," I groaned, without explaining where I'd meant her digit to go. But she obviously got the message when I raised my leg, and I felt my ass muscles squeeze her finger as I jetted my first wad of thick, sticky boy juice down her gulping throat.

"Hey, Pop! Guess what? I almost fucked Rachel!" I said excitedly as I ran into his comp room.

"You're dripping wet."

"We just showered under the hose."

"You're dripping water all over the place."

"It'll evaporate, Pop. Don't stress. Did you hear what I said?"

"Yes… it'll evaporate."

"No! About Rachel?"

"She got away?"

"No! She blew me. But before that, I wanted to fuck her. Whoa! And how I wanted to fuck her! Do you realize what that means, Pop?"

"You wanna grab a towel while you tell me?"

"Jeez, Pop. What's the matter with you? OK. Back in a sec." I raced down the hall to the bathroom, grabbed a towel, then returned. "You wanna dry me?"


"That's what I thought you'd say, Pop. You're a wuss. Anyway, have you figured out what I told you?"

"You wanted to fuck Rachel, but she gave you a blow job instead."

"It's not that simple, Pop. I was laying on top of her in the pool of water… oh, fuck! I forgot to turn off the hose. Back in a sec." The lawn had almost turned into a fucking lake by the time I got there. A moment later, I was back in the comp room. "Anyway…"

"I think I've just realized the significance of what you've been telling me."


"You're delighted by the fact that your body was responding to that of a female's in the appropriate way."

"Jeez, I hope you don't use lamo lang like that in your stories, Pop. No disrepect. But don't you see? I wanted to fuck her! And the only reason she didn't wanna was 'cause she's a virgin, and I didn't have… by the way, do you have a condom in the house?"

"Of course, I do. I remember buying a pack."


"Nineteen seventy something or other."

"That's what we figured. Anyway, that means I'm not gay! Correct?"

"Earlier, you were telling me that you weren't concerned with labelling your sexuality."

"Yeah… but… well, y'know… it's cool to know that stuff happened when Rachel and me…"

"Rachel and I."

"…Rachel and I were doing stuff. How come you're not excited, Pop?"

"I'm pleased for you."

"Yeah, right. You look like you've got fucking indigestion. Hey, were you watching?"




"Pop? You're turning crimson again."

"Daniel, I'm very pleased that you've found another aspect to your personality on your road to self-discovery. What else do you want me to say?"

"There's something bothering you."

"At my age, I have every right to be grumpy whenever it suits me."

"But I'm here. Check me out! I'm the one who ungrumpifies you, right? You like me. You like having me around. You like to gawk at me. So don't gimme any shit about being grumpy. Tell me what's bothering you. Is it 'cause I left the hose on and flooded your lawn?"


"So what is it?"

"You wouldn't understand."

"Try me. Hey, I'll make us some coffee. You wanna talk in the kitchen?"

Neither of us said a word while we waited for the jug to boil, nor afterwards as I spooned the coffee and sugar into the cups. Something was bothering Pop big time, and the only thing I could figure was that it must've had something to do with Rachel. Maybe he was pissed at me 'cause I'd fooled around with his next-door neighbor.

I placed the two steaming cups on the table, then sat opposite Pop.


"No prob. So are you gonna tell me what's up or what?" I watched my old bud take a sip of coffee before he spoke.

"Just when you think you know somebody, you discover you don't."

"So who don't you know?"

"When I first met you… and I know that it wasn't all that long ago… I had this crazy idea that, at last, I had a… well, a friend who knew me… somebody who thought I was OK despite my eccentricities. You behaved in a way that was shocking, but…"

"Don’t stop now, Pop," I demanded after a long pause. "But what?"

"Well, by being shocking, you swept away the cobwebs. You gave me an unexpected spring clean. You dazzled me. You made me realize that people like you really do exist... and not just in my imagination. And now…"

"For fuck sake, Pop, stop drifting off. And now what?"

"Well, it was as though I'd found a true soul mate, albeit much younger than I, but someone who made sense of all the crazy stuff in my head, if you know what I mean."

"Hey, Pop, will you get to the fucking point? I'm gonna be as old as you are by the time you tell me."

"This afternoon with Rachel."

"What about it?"

"Your natural instinct."

"What about it?"

"I think it's a good thing."

"Pop, I might be a fucking teen, but I'm not dumb. That's not what you meant to say. What are you trying to tell me?"

"You're moving away. Distancing yourself. I thought you were… well, that you were all my characters rolled into one. And now you're… different."

"Different? What the fuck are you talking about, Pop? I'm no different now than what I was when I came here this morning… oh, I get it. Hey, Pop, I haven't changed. I'm still the same dude. You want me to piss in your sink? Hey, check this out, man." I rose from my chair and brown-eyed Pop. "See? Same dude, same rosebud," I laughed, then sat down again. "Just 'cause a bunch of feelings got stirred up when I was with Rachel doesn't mean I'm not Daniel any more. Those feelings must've been there before, only I didn't know about them. Know what I mean?"

"I didn't know about them either."

"OK, so you thought… you thought I was like totally gay or whatever. Is that it? And now it's like I'm deserting you? Pop? Is that what you're trying to say? What about all your speeches? Y'know, like sexuality is no biggie and all that shit? Was that just a whole bunch of yadda, yadda, yadda?"

"I've never had a friend like you before."

"Hey, guess what, you crazy old dude? I've never had a friend like you before either. I can come around here and talk about all kinds of shit, and do all kinds of shit… well… I thought I could. So what's the story? If I pork some chick, does that mean I'm no longer welcome here? I thought you'd be totally cool about what happened today. You're always telling me that I'm important to you, and that you care about me. And now you're telling me… whatever. What are you telling me?"

"I'm just worried about losing you."

"Jeez, Pop! Am I gonna be as dumb as you when I'm older? What's all this bullshit about losing me? You want another coffee?"

"Yes, please."

"With a drop of brandy?"

"The whole bottle."

"Jeez, if you weren't so funny," I laughed, "you'd be pathetic. Sorry, Pop, but you've gotta get your fucking act together. Like now!" I stood, and browneyed Pop again. "How many points?"

"For what?"

"What you're gawking at."

"I'm not looking."

"Yeah, right, Pop. How many points?"

"Ten for that, and another ten for you. You're absolutely outrageous, Daniel." Then I heard him chuckle. "A blessing in disguise."

When I turned around, Pop was beaming. "You OK now?"


"White and one, with a dash of brandy, coming up."

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 Daniel's Diary Part 166