Part 168

Daniel Takes a New Direction
August 2000

Before you get your nickers in a knot, this is not the end of Daniel. For some time now, I've had difficulty remembering various details about Daniel's life and friends. I would get to a point where I'd be writing a chapter, then have to go back and research previous chapters to find out who said what, who did what, when, how, etc.

So, the Diary will be replaced by self-contained, short stories featuring Daniel in various situations with his friends, as well as new friends. It'll be much easier for me to keep track of Daniel's adventures if they have a beginning and an end. The first of the new series is  "Wedded Bliss, with Daniel and Paul".

The other advantage of writing short, self-contained stories is that Daniel's adventures won't be limited to his daily life in Tampa. He can be causing mischief and mayhem anywhere in the world, and getting himself into situations that would be unlikely at home.

In any case, Daniel will continue to be a part of our lives, getting himself into and out of trouble, learning about life, enjoying outrageous sex, having fun, and, most of all, making us think. MrB

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