South Africa
Part 2

During the next day or two, the main topic of conversation amongst the guys on the swim team was about the strip show. I was totally pissed that I wasn't invited to compete -- maybe the assholes thought I might win! That'd get their fucking knickers in a nice old knot.

I decided to approach Ross to ask him why he was continually treating me like shark shit.

"You know the answer to that, Mark. Kyle's a good buddy of mine. We've known each other since we were little kids."

"Hell, man, it was supposed to be a joke! It just got outa hand, that's all. I didn't expect Kyle to nail me in the quad for it."

"Lemme tell you something, Mark. You're lucky that it was Kyle you picked on. He's not the kinda guy to hold a grudge -- and he kinda likes you. He's told me to cool my attitude, so I guess I'll do it for him. You can be in the strip show if you wanna."

"He likes me?" I'd been trying to make up for what I'd done to Kyle, but this bit of news came as a total surprise. "K, thanks. Thanks a stack. Hey, have you spoken to your girlfriend about it?"

"Sure. She thinks it's a cool idea. She said she wants to boast to her friends about my dick" he laughed. "She even said that the other girls can touch it if they wanna."

"She sounds way cool. Mine's always giving me grief. Is Kyle gonna strip?"

"He's kinda nervous about it, but I think I've talked him into it."

That night over dinner, mom asked me how it was going on the team and if I'd made any friends yet. "Yeah, some of the guys are totally cool. They've invited me to a big party. They're working on a venue. There's gonna be a whole stack of kids there."

"Excellent! It'll do you a lot of good to mix. God knows, you've worried me sick about being so damn anti-social lately." She swallowed a mouthful of food before continuing. "Who invited you?"

"Ross, the team captain. But he was kinda talked into it."

"By whom?"

"A kid named Kyle."

"Is he your friend?"

"He's OK, I guess. Mom? Can we quit the third degree? I'm getting along OK with the guys. Let's leave it at that."

After doing the dishes, I went to my room, took off my shirt and checked out my bod in the mirror. "An eight, huh?" Well, I thought I was more like a nine, but I guess Ross did have a bit more definition.

I stripped, then put on my Speedos. "I need music!" I grabbed a CD and chose something with a fast beat. As I gyrated in front of the mirror, I began to get pretty horny thinking about doing this in front of a bunch of girls. Would they be cheering and screaming? Sure they would. I was fucking hot! Woohoo!

I peeled the Speedos down a little until my pubes spilled over the top. A huge bulge was pressed hard against the flimsy nylon. "Check this out, girls." I imagined walking amongst the crowd. Chicks were falling at my bare feet and pressing their lips to my Speedo-clad boner, which was laying sideways and almost reaching my hip.

Then, from some unexpected place in my brain, Kyle's face appeared out of the crowd. He was kneeling before me, and gazing up at my green eyes. "I wanna suck you," I heard him say. I raised my eyes and saw the crowd with their arms raised above their heads, all clapping and yelling encouragement. "We wanna see Kyle suck you," they chanted over and over.

By the time I'd refocused on Kyle, the spiky-haired dude had pulled my Speedos down and was sending his thick, moist lips back and forth along my shaft.

"Whoa!" I shook my head and gazed at my reflection. "Where the fuck did that idea come from?" I was going crazy! Kyle would never do that! But what if he did? I decided to resurrect my fantasy and jack off in front of the mirror. The chanting crowd came back to my imagination. Kyle was kneeling before me. My thick, hard, teen throbber was sliding between his full, red lips, and his tongue was wrapped around my swollen knob.

Just before I blew, I took my fist away from my boner and placed my hands on my thighs, pretending that they were Kyle's. I watched as my exploding cock sprayed boy juice all over the mirror, and thought about it sliding down Kyle's throat. The crowd went ballistic as Kyle swallowed and smiled up at me.

A few days later, I was in the showers after swim prac. Kyle was showering alongside me, and I couldn't help thinking about the fantasy I'd had the other night. I got this helluva boner but there was nothing I could do to stop the damn thing, not that I was too worried about it. For all Kyle knew, I could've been thinking about my girlfriend or whatever.

"Hey, Mark! Are you happy to see me?" he laughed, gawking at my throbber.

"Touche!" I said as I threw the soap at him. "Anyway, dude, this boner's got a date with a cunt this arvie, so don't get your hopes up." Actually, I was pretty proud of my pussy eater. It was one helluva cut cock that kinda hung away from my crotch in a lazy arc even when it wasn't hard.

It was obvious, though, that Kyle really did like me, and I was pretty chuffed about that, not that I wanted him to know too much about what was going on inside my head. I still had reservations about getting too close to other dudes. Meantime, I'd met a friend of Kyles -- Steve. Now, he was one helluva guy, and I liked his style a lot. He seemed to be a bit of a rebel with his long, blonde hair and groovy attitude, and I could tell that he also liked me. He was a keen surfer. And Ross? Well, he was becoming friendlier by the minute, so I was finally getting along pretty well with most of the guys. Yeah, miracles did happen.

The strip show had been organized for the following Saturday night. We were all gonna stay over at some girl's place. Her folks had a small farm some ways outa town, and they were gonna be away for the weekend. Cool! All the guys agreed that it was gonna be a fucking rave party, held in a big barn with music and the whole damn works. The girls were organizing prizes for the strippers but they wouldn't say what they were -- they wanted it to be a surprise.

So who was gonna win? I didn't know but I was gonna give it my best shot. For the rest of the week, all the guys were parading around the pool like fucking peacocks boasting about how they were gonna wet all the girls' pussies and get free blow jobs. Like the other dudes, I'd act like some bodybuilder and pull my Speedos down. But, on the actual night, would we all be so courageous? It was easy to fool around in front of the guys, but what would it be like when the real thing happened? How would it feel to be dancing and stripping in front of a bunch of screaming girls? One thing was for sure, it was way too late to back out now.

"Will the party be supervised?"

"No, mom. It's a kids thing. I'll be OK, so don't worry. It's just dancing and music and stuff like that."

"Why don't you invite some of your friends home? They're always welcome, you know."

"I will, mom. Just not now. Maybe when I get to know them better."

Saturday night finally arrived and there was a stack of people at the party. Probably 15 of the guys from the swim team plus a bunch of other dudes that I didn't know. And girls! Shit, there were tons of them! It was just as well, too, 'cause they'd pooled all the money to buy the booze -- and there was no shortage of that! By the time my girlfriend and I had arrived, half the people were out of it. A strong-smelling, gray haze of smoke hung lazily in the noisy, barn air -- some from cigarettes but most from grass. The first thing I did was look for Kyle, then spotted him talking to Ross and a few of the guys.

"Hi, Kyle. Where's your girlfriend?"

"We kinda split a while back. I'm on the loose now," he shrugged, appearing a little self-conscious.

So we buggered around for a while drinking beer, chatting and trying to summon the nerve to perform our strip acts. The more I studied the girls at the party, the more convinced I became that they were gonna be a pretty wild audience -- they wanted hot, hard, sweaty, teen male meat -- and lots of it.

The girl who was organizing everything went to a microphone and ordered everybody to sit down. She went on and fucking on about how the whole event was gonna be scored and how lucky they were to have so many hunky guys around. "Shut the fuck up and get on with it!" I said, but not too loudly. Then she asked who wanted to be the first stripper. I heard Steve yell Kyle's name, but the kid shook his head. I didn't blame him. There was no way I wanted to be first, either.

A guy named Kevin volunteered to be first. Now that was a surprise 'cause I'd heard that he was a fairly shy kid. Must've been the booze giving him courage. Anyway, they started playing techno rave music and Kevin jumped up onto a raised platform that the girls had prepared as a stage. The guy had hardly begun his routine when the girls were already yelling, "get it off!", "get it off!". He was pretty good, too -- slowly taking off his t, shoes and jeans, and eventually strutting around in his Speedos. Inside the barn it was fucking hot, and Kevin was sweating like hell. Then the guy jumped off the stage and moved around amongst the girls who were touching him all over and getting incredibly excited. Whoa!

About half the guys had been on stage when the main cheese went to the microphone and announced a break, so everybody got stuck into the booze again.

Next up was Kyle. He looked a little out of it as he spun and jerked to the loud music and stripped down to his Speedos. Then he danced over to where Steve was sitting with his girlfriend. She put her hand on Kyle's Speedos and rubbed his boner. "Do you want some of it," he said, and she smiled at him. I was surprised that Steve didn't react at all. He was enjoying the show as much as anybody. Shit, if Kyle had said that to my girlfriend in front of the whole crowd, I would've flattened him. But there was something weird going on between Steve and Kyle. They hadn't talked much the whole night. Maybe Kyle was jealous of Steve's girlfriend or something. But why would he be? Yeah. Why would he be? I entertained the question in my mind for a few seconds but it was stifled by all the fucking noise that was going on.

Steve was next to perform. He was pretty zonked from smoking joints but he managed to put a decent act together. He didn't have to try too hard 'cause he had a totally wicked bod, tanned from surfing every day, and with muscles that were perfectly formed and defined. His long blonde hair was being flung from side to side as he threw his body around in a wild frenzy. I'd heard that the chicks who hung around the beach called him a god. They weren't far wrong.

I didn't really remember much about my own performance 'cause I was concentrating so much on looking as sexy as I possible. Every time I thrust my hips at the audience, I saw a sea of screaming faces. I didn't see Kyle's though. Maybe he was watching from up the back. Pity. I really wanted to see the expression on his face as I strutted around on the stage and pumped my muscles to the relentless beat of the techno.

The final performance was from Ross. Well, after watching him, there was no fucking way I was gonna win. He was just too fucking awesome for words, and the chicks were going totally ballistic. His muscly body was shiny with sweat as he taunted and teased the audience to an absolute fever pitch. Ross had bought a pair of silver Speedos especially for the occasion. I watched him dance through the cheering crowd until he reached his girlfriend. She looked around at everybody, then pulled down his Speedos and kissed the head of his cock. Jeez! The fucking joint erupted! Even the guys were going crazy! Unbelievable!

The main cheese took center stage again and announced the winners. Ross won hands down, which was no surprise. Steve was voted second best, and I figured he deserved it. I didn't know the guy who came third. And I was fourth.

"Did you have a nice time at the party, honey?"

"Yeah, mom. It was rad."

"Rad? Is that good?"

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