South Africa
Part 9

At break, I saw Kyle talking to the team captain about being available for swim training that afternoon. Alan and his goons were fairly close by when one of them grabbed a fistful of his crotch and shouted, "Hey, Kyle? Want some nuts?" Kyle gave them the finger, but left it at that. I figured Iíd leave it at that, too. Iíd be the one to choose a time and place if the need to take action arose.

When Iíd gotten a chance to talk to my bud, I asked him if heíd like to go out somewhere with me and my girl. "I can organize a blind date if you want."

"Alan in a tutu, maybe? With pink shoes?" he cracked. "Anyway, Iíll let you know."

That night, I had another confrontation with my momís boyfriend. That was the surest fucking way to put me in a bad mood. And, once Iíd become moody, Iíd stay that way for a helluva long time. It was still obvious the next morning in the gym as I punched the shit outa the bag.

"Why are you aggro again, Mark?"

"Iím not in the mood for small talk, man. You can go if you wanna."

"Go? Hey, this is our arrangement! I thought you liked it when we trained together."

"I do. Iím just feeling fucked up this morning. OK?" I could see in his eyes that he was about to quiz me again, so I gave him a long, hard stare. "And donítÖ donít ask a lotta questions. OK? I canít tell you anything."

"Hey!" He danced about and shadow boxed. "Bet you canít hit a moving target."

"You serious? Iím in a fucked up mood and you wanna ring it with me?"

"Why not? Youíre not gonna hit me for shit," he grinned, which caused me to return his smile.

It was pretty difficult to stay mad when you were in the same room with a Cheshire cat. "Youíre on, dude. But if I get you, youíre gonna be in a lotta pain."

"Shuddup, and letís go."

As it happened, I got him into a corner and pummeled the crap outa him, but I withheld a lotta the power in my punches. It wouldíve been just too easy to trash the kid, and he didnít deserve it. For some reason, the fucker was appealing to the better side of my nature.

In the showers, Kyle decided it was time to have another shot at quizzing me. "You sure you donít wanna chat about whatís bugging you?"

"Yep, Iím sure."

"Well, hey, Iíve got a pair of ears that arenít too busy most times, so if you wanna give them some work to do, theyíre all yours."

"Itís my momís boyfriend." Neither of us had expected me to say that. It was some sort of spontaneous and involuntary reaction to Kyleís offer of help.


"Oh, shit. Itís nothing. Letís drop it."

"Well, Iím here if you need somebody to offload your prob."

"Yeah, whatever." Luckily for him, he read my vibe and chilled. It was bad enough having to put up with my momís asshole boyfriend at home without being reminded of him at school.

That night, I received a phone call from Alanís younger brother who warned me about a trap being set for Kyle. "Alanís totally pissed at my bud Wingnut for boasting about Kyle winning the boxing match. My bro backhanded Wingnut across the face, and says heís gonna give Kyle something to think about."

"He already has Ė he kneed him in the nuts the other day."

"He says thatís just for starters."

Next morning, I asked Kyle if he and I were swapping moods. I was feeling pretty good while my bud was trying to kill the punching bag. I knew why, of course. Wingnut had shown Kyle the cut on his face the previous night. But I decided to keep quiet about the information I had, and pretended to be curious without asking too many questions.

After we'd stepped into the ring, he was so steamed up he hammered the living fuck outa me -- or, at least, tried to. It was obvious to me that, in a match, Alan couldnít hold a candle to my fiery bud, but that wasnít the bullyís style. He preferred three against one.

At break, Kyle and I were sitting together when he saw Alan walk toward the change room. "Back in a sec, Mark. Iíve got something to do." I knew what was going to happen, and Iíd already arranged a counter plan. As soon as Kyle was outa sight, I put my strategy into action.

By the time Iíd arrived just outside the door of the change room, Iíd already seen some of Alanís friends enter. There mustíve been about three or four guys in there. "Take him out, Alan. Heís a little wussy boy," I heard one of them say.

"Hey, Kyle!" It was Alanís voice, cocky and menacing as usual. "One on one, now. Come and get me."

After some seconds, it became obvious that Kyle was in trouble, and that the bullyís goons had gotten in on the act. "So what are you gonna do now, fucker?" It was Alanís voice again. That was the signal for the swim captain to enter the room.

"Heís not going to do anything, and either are you or your friends."

"Fuck off, Ross."

"Well, itís not just me, dude." At that moment, the rest of the swim team entered the room, including Jumbo. Kyleís jaw had hit the floor. The two guys who were holding his arms freaked big time, released their hostage and took a few steps back. Their leader, meantime, was sporting a bleeding cut on his cheek Ė the same place where Kyle had smacked him during their recent boxing match.

"Itís not your fight, Ross," Alan protested with a quiver in his voice. Being outnumbered was a whole new ballgame for the asshole.

"You turned it into our fight when you were too fucking chickenshit to take Kyle on his own. He gave you a chance and you fucked up, dude."

"OK, big shot, what now?"

"You wanna take Kyle on? Like right now? Weíll make sure itís one on one."

"No," Alan said as he wiped the blood from his cheek.

"Then itís over. If you or any of your so-called friends get in Kyleís way, you deal with us. And thereís another thing."


"Leave the little guys alone Ė in or out of school Ė or the same thing will apply."

Back in the school grounds, Kyle was anxious to know why the whole team turned up just in the nick of time to save his neck. "Thanks. But how did you know what was happening?"

"Weíve all known since last night," I laughed.

"Say what?"

"Alanís little bro phoned me. Remember, Alan and I used to be buds on the boxing team. Anyway, he told me about Alan and his goons baiting you into the change rooms. They were gonna make sure you were carried outa there."

"You mean like it was all arranged?"

"Seems like it. Hey, you cut Alanís cheek. Tell me what happened."

"Well, Alan was zipping up when I went in there. "Kyle, buddy," he says, "feeling nutty?" He and his goon thought it was a pretty cool joke. "Youíre a fucking coward and a fucking bully," I said. I was pretty mad. "And I think we need to sort things out just between the two of us. And I want you to leave the little guys alone Ė they've got fuck all to to do with whatís going on." "Yeah, well they think youíre a big fucking hero," he says, "and one of them's got a big mouth." Anyway, Mark, I guess you know the rest."

"Iíve got a feeling I donít, but thatíll do."

"Tell me, why did Brian phone you? What sorta brother is that?"

"Well, he said that Alan beat up on a friend of his called Wingnut, and that Wingnut was also a friend of yours -- I couldnít understand the whole story, but you told me once about Wingnut, your grommet surfing buddy."

"And Jumbo?"

"Well, Jumbo said that he never wanted to end up in the ring with you after what he saw with you and Alan that time, and that youíre his team mate. Heís also seen the other side of Alan."

"Think itís over?"

"Oh, yeah. Alanís a bully, and bullies are chickenshit on their own. I know Ďcause I used to be one." That caused Kyle to crack Ė I guessed he was thinking about how we first met. "But thereís one helluva thing thatís happened here this morning."

"Whatís that?"

"The guys on the team are always looking after themselves Ė getting better times, and fighting for places on the competitions. This is the first time Iíve seen them like a real team, with a common goal."

"Anyway, thanks a stack for what you did. But Alan needs to thank you as well."

"What for?"

"I was gonna hit him so hard, he wouldíve gotten a speeding ticket in Johannesburg."

We both laughed at the mental image of that slimy blimp flying through the air before I remembered something. "Hey, listen, you still wanna go out with me and Carol? I think Steve and some chick will be coming. And Iíve organized a blind date for you. And, no, itís not Alan in a fucking tutu."

"Sounds cool, but Iíll have to check with my folks first."

"Hey, dude, youíre not a little kid any more."

"Have you been gawking at my cock again?"

"Fuck off."

"Anyway, thatís the way it is at my house. I always ask my folks if itís cool to go out, and if they say no, then itís no. Iíll be pissed if they say no, though, Ďcause Kyleís been a good boy!" he laughed.

There was something about that dudeís face and cheeky grin that kinda got to me. Even later that night, after supper, I found myself thinking about him. It was the way we could chill together and talk about stuff that I would never mention in anybody elseís company, not even my girlfriendís. So, I took a chance and phoned him. "Hey, Kyle, you wanna come around for a few?" He agreed, so I had to think about what I was gonna wear. I figured blue jeans Ė my fav tight ones Ė and a black t would do the trick. The t had a way of showing off my pecs by clinging their outline, then hanging down away from my flat sixpack Ė while the jeans were a tad small, which accentuated the bulge in the crotch.

Kyle could only spare half an hour, but it was enough for me to ask him about the kinda stuff we never talked about during our morning gym sessions Ė what he does in his spare time, the kinda music he likes, the books he reads, and such like. "Oh, that reminds me, did your folks say it was OK to go out on Friday night?"

"Yeah, they said it was cool for me to go razzling Ė well, they didnít say it quite like that," he smiled, "but Steveís not sure he can make it. I think heís got some larny do that his folks have organized. By the way, whatís my blind date look like?"

"Youíll find out soon enough, bro," I laughed. "I think youíll like her, though."

"Iíd better beetle Ė still got some homework to do." He stood and nodded in the direction of the girly poster on my wall, "you gonna jack off looking at her tonight?"


"You gonna think about me fucking her?"

After Iíd seen my bud to the door and said goodnight, I returned to my room. The cheeky asshole had sown a seed in my brain. I couldnít help looking at the poster and visualizing his cute ass bobbing up and down while his boner was pumping her pussy. Whoa! What a horny sight!

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