South Africa
Part 10

Next morning at the gym, I was wearing my new boxers instead of briefs like I usually did. As I'd expected, Kyle noticed. "Since when have you been wearing boxers?"

"These are from Carol. The schemer figures that the pouch helps to show off my jewels when I'm wearing jeans or whatever. So what the fuck? They're pretty snug…"

"You're telling me!"



"So if she gets off on me showing off my tool to the whole fucking world then that's also cool."

"She must dig you quite a bit, huh?"

"Fuck, Kyle, don't get a steady girl! She gets so fucking jealous, she drives me crazy. I don't dare look at another chick. But she gives me boxers to show off my stuff to the whole fucking world. Go figure! If I ever break up with her then that's it. No more perms. I'm gonna play the field with a pocket full of condoms."

As we showered, I reeled off a bunch of one-liners and kept Kyle laughing like crazy. He was a totally cool dude to be with -- sorta like we were old friends, even though we'd known each other for just a few months.

"I wish I could remember your damn jokes, but they seem to disappear outa my head."

"That's 'cause you can't stop gawking at my cock." I was expecting him to deny my accusation, but he didn't. Oh, well, if he wanted to gawk at the fucking thing, it was OK with me. He wasn't the first, and he wouldn't be the last. Actually, I wanted to ask him about the kinda things that Carol noticed about me. For example, the only body hair I had, apart from what was on my head, was a bunch of pubes around my dick. The rest of my bod was as smooth as a baby's butt. Hell, Carol even said that my asshole was cute 'cause it was totally hairless.

"How come you shave under your arms?"

"'Cause of boxing. Why? You think it looks wussy or something?"

"No. Actually, it looks kinda neat."

"What else have you noticed?"

"Nothing much."

"Liar." I grinned. "Anyway, you'd better be looking your coolest tonight, dude. You're gonna meet your blind date."

Well, the first thing I noticed when he arrived at my house was the smell of Brut. "You use the whole fucking bottle?"

"That bad, huh?"

"No, but it must've been when you first sprayed it on," I laughed. Actually, he looked pretty neat. He was wearing a white tank over his black jeans, a Billabong jersey and black sneakers. "You're out to kill, huh?"

"Don't you talk!"

I was wearing Skater cargo pants with the side pockets, and an unbuttoned shirt over a white tank. "You think I look pretty cool?" I asked as we walked to my girlfriend's house.

"I've seen you look better."

"Like when?"

"Anyway, my dad came into my room when he smelt the Brut and he saw the condom on my bedside table. So he tells me that it isn't a license to drill every hole I see. I was blushing like crazy as I took the condom back and put it in my pocket. "It's just in case, dad." Then I got the whole bit about him when he was screwing around as a teen, and that I should be careful 'cause I might get the wrong girl pregnant or something. He said I was a pretty good looking kid, and that my bod was pretty cool, too."

"When did I look better?"


"You said you've seen me look better."

"I did?"


"Can't remember. But, anyway, my dad was cool and I gave mom a hug before I left for your house."

"Was it in the showers at the gym?"

"No, I hugged her in the kitchen. Then my dad wanted a hug, too."

"Your dad?"

"Yeah, kinda uncool, huh?"

"I don't think so. I wish I had a dad as cool as yours."

"Well, mom's got this rule. Before any of us leaves the house, even just to go down to the shop, we hug each other 'cause it might be the last time we see each other."

"Cool rule, man. The whole fucking world should have that rule. Anyway, when did I look better?"

"Is that Carol's house?"

"Yeah." Well, I wasn't gonna get an answer to my question at that point, so I figured I'd have to remember to ask it later -- even though I was pretty sure I knew the answer. Carol and her best friend Steph were there to meet us at the door, and we soon discovered that her folks were out. Both girls were dressed in tight jeans, with short tops that exposed their navels. They led us to the living room where the four of us sat around and chilled over a few beers -- the clubs didn't really come alive until after 11pm, anyway.

Steph was the quiet, shy type in front of strangers, and Kyle was obviously feeling a little awkward, so I had to keep talking to the dude to make him feel at home. Blind dates were the kind of situations that needed to be nurtured, but I was pretty sure that Kyle and Steph would hit it off eventually.

The first club we hit was the Corner House where we had a few beers. Well, they did. I was into Tequila. By about 1am, the joint was maxed out, so we split and headed for the Purple Turtle. Crowds had never been my scene, so I reached a point where I couldn't handle my claustrophobia a moment longer. "Hey, bud, do you mind if Carol and I split for a little while and meet you back here?"

"Cool. Steph and I are getting to know each other. See ya when you get back."

It was probably about 3am when we all met up again and decided to hitch a ride home. Not only was the night air freezing, but the traffic was pretty thin and it took ages to get a fucking ride. Not the coolest way to impress a date but what the fuck. We were too young to have our own cars.

We dropped the girls at Carol's house where I gave her some tonsil hockey outside the front door. A few minutes later, Kyle and I were walking back to my place. "Did you kiss her," I asked.

"Sure. She's pretty neat. We got to know each other on the dance floor…"

"Horizontally or vertically?"

"Asshole. Seriously, she said she's into surfing and that she likes to ride horses and stuff. We ended up talking and laughing like buddies, which was pretty neat. And, just now, she told me that she'd had a really good night."

"Still got your condom?"


"Hey, Kyle, you wanna sleep over in my room? It'll be cool."

"Fuck, yeah!"

Whoa! That was a pretty enthusiastic response! But I played it down. "Cool." It was then that we'd arrived at an intersection with a set of traffic lights.

"Hey, Mark, let's catch a piss under the lights."

He had to be joking, but I laughed. "You're fucking crazy! We'll be caught!"

"Yeah, well, OK… if you're too chicken."

"Fuck off!" I stood under the traffic lights alongside him as we both pissed for all the world to see -- if it could have. But even though there was nobody in sight, except us, it was a totally rad feeling to be pissing in a place that would normally be out of bounds for such "grossly offensive" activity. The thing that surprised me, though, was that our cocks began to get hard as we sprayed the asphalt. Anyway, it cracked me up big time. I was still giggling when we'd arrived at my front door and I was trying to get the fucking key in the lock. "Shhhh, quiet Kyle."


Once in my room, I undressed down to my briefs and crashed backwards onto the bed. Kyle was looking puzzled, as if he didn't know where he was supposed to sleep. "Hey, bro, you can undress and sleep at the end of my bed. We can sleep head to toe. Just one thing, though -- I can't sleep in these briefs." I reached down and slipped my briefs down my legs, then tossed them onto the floor. Judging by the bulge in Kyle's jeans, the sight of my muscular bod sprawled naked on the bed was getting him just a tad excited. "Hey, you can keep your boxers on, dude. It's cool. I promise not to touch you," I laughed. We were so shitfaced and tired, we were both sound asleep within seconds.

When I opened my eyes the next morning, I wondered what the fuck was laying alongside me. Then I remembered. I raised myself onto one elbow and studied the face at the other end of my bed. He was still out cold -- but his dick was well and truly alive according to the tent under the covers. I'd seen his boner in the gym showers, but never really close up -- like just inches away. Now was my opportunity. But what if he woke while I was peeking? I stuggled with the pros and cons of the argument for a minute, then decided what the hell -- if he woke up I'd just tell him I was curious. What was he gonna do? Call the fucking cops?

I lifted the covers off his sleeping bod until his boxers were in full view. Then came the tricky part -- to peel his briefs down his hips without disturbing him. And there it was in all its macho glory. His morning tummy-hugger. Whoa! Up close, it looked way, way cool. It's head was perfectly in proportion to the rest of what I estimated to be a touch more than six inches. Yeah, I figured Steph would be pretty pleased to get an eyeful -- or maybe a mouthful -- of that wicked piece of teen meat. Even I was tempted.

I was always horny in the mornings, and this one was no exception. As I studied Kyle's thick, smooth throbber dribbling pre-cum onto his abs, I began to stroke my own. There was something about the sight of another guy's hard dick -- especially one that was attached to a good looking guy like Kyle -- that was irresistibly erotic. Should I jack all over his jewels? Nah. How the fuck would I explain that if he woke up? It was one thing to be curious, but drowning his cock in my juice? I replaced his boxers and the covers, then headed out the door to the bathroom.

Over breakfast, mom wanted to know all about last night. Naturally, she got a severely edited version. "It was cool, mom."

"And how did Kyle and Steph get along?"


"I need you to do some shopping for me."

"I'd better go wake Kyle, first."

"I don't believe it! A whole sentence without the word 'cool' in it!"

It took about as long for Kyle to come around as it would have if I'd knocked him out in the fucking ring. "You OK, bro?"

"Fuck!" he groaned as his eyes slowly focused. "Feels like my head's a bass drum, and the drummer's going ballistic with the foot pedal."

"I gotta go shopping for mom."

"What are you doing later?"

"Probably go see Carol."

"We'll be at the beach if you wanna rock down."

"We'll see, Kyle. I'm not really into crowds."

"Did you jack off this morning? I didn't notice if you did."

"In the shower."

"Thinking about Carol?"

"Yeah," I lied.

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