South Africa
Part 11

Winter vacation was almost over, so I phoned Kyle to check whether or not he'd be at the gym as usual on Monday morning. "Yeppo, I'll be there." Since I'd been training with Kyle, it'd been a lot more fun, and I was glad to have him as a sparring partner. Before he came into the picture, I was happy to train by myself -- in fact, that's the way I preferred it. But that, irrepressible, spiky-haired kid had a way about him that broke down barriers and kinda forced you to like him. For a moody loner like myself, that was quite an achievement, even though I often gave him a hard time.

It was a totally cool session taking turns with the bag, then doing pushups and situps. I was pretty impressed with the way he'd keep up with me. At any moment, I was expecting him to say uncle, but he kept finding reserves of energy. If there was one thing that kid had plenty of, it was tenacity. Finally, we hit the showers.

"Hey, where did you disappear to on Saturday night with Carol?"

"There are rooms at the club. You pay ten bucks for a room and it's clean. They make sure of that. But you've got like half an hour to fuck, then split. They all think that Carol and I are like in our twenties."

"Doesn't sound like something outa Mills & Boon. Why the club? Why not at your place or hers?"

"'Cause I don't need a fucking audience."

"But, jeez, you guys don't even have time to… like have foreplay or anything."

For some strange reason, I found myself sharing personal stuff with him -- the sorta stuff I'd never discussed with another dude. "Yeah, well we do try. She blows me while I finger-fuck her first."

"You don't put your tongue in there?"

"Fuck! Kyle," I laughed. "Have you had a close up look at a girl's pussy? It's like the ugliest mother ever! I'd sooner blow a guy than lick that thing." Kyle bent his knees, grinned like a Cheshire cat and waved his throbber around. "And you can put that damn thing away. I'm not doing you!"

"Too bad. Anyway, all that talk gave me a boner. And if you ever need a cock to practice on, I'm all yours."

"Fuck off, Kyle. Hey," I said, changing the subject, "seems like you enjoyed going out with Stephanie."

"Yeah, she's pretty neat. Turned a few heads yesterday when she came down to the beach. My grommet buddy pulled his shorts down a bit further when he met her. He's lucky his cock didn't jump out."

"Just don't get too hung up on her, OK? She's not the type to stick with one guy."

"Does she screw around?"

"No, not that. She hates being attached. I went out with her before I met Carol and she drove me fucking crazy jealous before we decided to call it quits."

"She says she surfs."

"She's pretty hot as well, and I think that's her prob. Surfing comes before any steady guys."

"How come I haven't seen her around before?"

"She's from over east, came over with her folks a few months ago."

"You ever fuck her?"



"And what? Hey, find out for yourself, dude! Enough, already. Now I've got a fucking hardon as well."

"Want me to blow you?"

Jeez, what was it with this mad fucker? Was he for real or just joking? I'd never met a guy that was so fucking uninhibited. "Come near me and I'll break your nose, for sure." He didn't take me too seriously, obviously, 'cause he laughed like hell. For me, it wasn't so much a problem of him blowing me, but the risk of somebody walking into the showers. We'd be branded gay in a split second, which would make our lives at school sheer fucking hell.

"So where'd you go yesterday?"

"Carol and I went up the mountain. Took the back trail and hiked down to the botanical gardens."

"Kinda hard to imagine you doing that -- 'specially after seeing you dancing around the ring looking like you wanna murder somebody."

"Fuck off! What's wussy about enjoying nature? Anyway, after belting the crap outa you, I need to do something different," I grinned.

"Your eyes kinda sparkle when you smile," he observed before continuing. "Anyway, we went surfing as usual. We had a pretty rave session."

"Who's that lighty who surfs with you guys?"

"Wingnut. Why?"

"Steph mentioned him to Carol yesterday. I think he's gonna be your biggest problem. Steph thinks he's cute for a little guy. And from what she could see, he's got a huge cock."

"That's exactly what the cheeky little shit wanted her to notice," he cracked. "That's why he pulled his boardies down so low. He's an OK little dude, though -- a tough fucker for his age -- he's only eleven, although he insists that he's going on twelve."

"What's the diff?"

"A lot to him. He turns twelve pretty soon."

"Oops! I think Steph thinks he's like fourteen or something."

As we towelled, we chatted about the Winter Swim Champs due that week, and the dude from another school who'd been billeted to stay at my house. For me, it was like sleeping with the fucking enemy -- and the last dude who'd stayed over was a total slackass who didn't bother to clean up his own mess. The problem was, though, if you refused to have someone from a competing school stay with you, you were branded anti social, and accused of letting the team down. Basically, you didn't have a fucking choice.

As usual after swim practice, I called around to see Carol on the way home. She was about the only person other than Kyle that I felt comfortable with, but she'd noticed that I'd mention my bud a lot in recent conversations. "Do I? I hadn't noticed. I guess it's 'cause we hang a lot together. He's pretty cool."

"Steph likes him a stack, too. She says she wants to go steady."

"Steph? Steady? You're kidding!"

"That's what she says. She told me that Kyle is different to other guys. He's not possessive -- probably the opposite. He's friendly enough, but there's a side to him that's kinda aloof."

"Well, he's not too fucking aloof with me. He embarrasses the fucking hell outa me sometimes."

"Like how?"

"Just guy stuff. Y'know, goofing off in the showers and stuff."

"You mean like gay?"

"He's just fooling around. He doesn't mean it."

"Well, it wouldn't surprise me if he was attracted to you -- I mean, like physically. You're not exactly ugly, y'know."

"Don't gimme that kinda crap, Carol!" I snapped. "He's not gay for fuck's sake!"

"He doesn't have to wear a fucking sandwich board advertising the fact! Anyway, he might be bi. And don't snap at me like that."

"Sorry. I didn't mean it."

"Listen, girls understand these things better than guys do. Like Steph and me. We're best friends, right? We touch and hug, and we talk about sex and stuff. We even admire each other's bodies. I guess in a way we love each other, but we're not lesos. How come guys get their fucking knickers in a knot about expressing their feelings? You think it's normal to clunk around in a fucking suit of armor whacking everybody over the head with your sword? What's there to prove? That you're invincible? If you ask me…"

"I didn't ask you."

"Well, I'm gonna tell you anyway. Guys are fucking petrified of their soft side, their feminine side."

"Feminine side? What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Your fucking feminine side! That's what I'm talking about! Are you gonna tell me you don't have one? Bullshit! Listen up, if you didn't have a feminine side, I wouldn't be going out with you. You'd be all fucking macho with no sensitivity. I'd be better off going steady with a fucking gorilla!"

"Listen, Carol, you're outa your depth. OK? You're not a guy."

"I don't jump through hoops, either, but I can train a dog to do it. To understand something doesn't mean you have to be that something."

"What are you? A fucking shrink?"

"I'm Carol. I'm your girlfriend. I'm making observations, and I'm discussing them with you. You wanna call the cops and have me arrested for harrassment?"

"I'll never fucking understand women."

"Why should you? You don't understand men either!"

Apart from Carol earbashing me about human behaviour, there was pressure coming from all directions. The swim training had been pretty hectic, the start of the heats was only one day away, I hated the idea of another guy sharing my room, and my mom's boyfriend was putting shit on me again. There was only one way to ease the tension: bash the fucking crap outa Kyle in the gym.

"Hey, what the fuck's gotten into you?"

"Why? Am I being too rough on you or something?"

"Fuck, Mark, it's like you're seriously trying to hurt me here."

"Yeah, well if you can't handle it, say so and we'll call it a day."

"Yeah, well maybe I'm not handling it. I dunno what's wrong with you, but don't take your mood out on me. OK?"

"Yeah, well if you wanna be a wussy boy, then cheers," I grunted as I walked away. We showered without saying a word. The atmosphere was so thick with my bad vibes, you could've cut it with a knife. After towelling and dressing, I was about to leave the gym.


"Hey, what?"

"What's going on?"


"'Cause you're pissed at something and I became your target this morning."

"Yeah, well maybe I am, and maybe I'm not. I just don't know. OK?"

"Hey, we're buddies, remember?"

"Yeah, cool. See you later, Kyle." The look of disappointment and frustration on his face as I left made me feel pretty guilty, but I was too pissed to bother explaining, let alone apologize. At first break, we sat together in the school yard but, again, nothing was said. Kyle had obviously gotten the message that I was in no mood to talk about my feelings. Carol's remarks from the previous day came back to haunt me, but I dismissed them before they could get a hold of my thoughts.

During second break, the guys from the other school arrived. There were about fifty of them. I saw the one who was being billeted at Kyle's house. He was one big mother -- tall, blonde and broad-shouldered. He had an air of superiority about him, to which I took an instant dislike. As for the dickhead who was billeted with me, the less said about him the better. That fucker was in for four days of hell.

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