South Africa
Part 25

After I'd finished my homework, I decided to rock over to Kyle's house and ask him about when he was gonna sleep over. I was getting pretty excited about the idea, and couldn't wait to organize it. When Kyle answered the doorbell, he was dripping wet, but his boardies were dry.


"Chill, man. You saw me only a few hours ago." That was one of the neat things about that spiky-haired kid. He was always glad to see me -- well, almost always. "Hey, is it OK to come in?"

"Yeah, sure… er, hey, listen, the little dude from next door is in the pool."

"Wingnut?" I asked as I followed the mop of black hair through the house to his room.

"Yep, he helped me with some chores, then we had a swim."

"That sounds pretty cool."

"You wanna swim?"

"Yeah, but I'll need a pair of shorts or something."

Kyle offered me a pair of his gym shorts, which were OK around the waist, but a bit tight around the tops of my legs. They kinda accentuated my thigh muscles, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by my bud.

As we arrived at the back door, I saw that Wingnut was naked. "Is that why your boardies are dry?"

"Yeah. You worried?"


Wingnut was a lot like Kyle in that he couldn't give a shit about being naked -- the little grommet was just so damn natural -- well, he wasn't so little, and either was his cock. He didn't have a boner, but his semi was quite long and thick, which made it appear a bit too big for the rest of his bod. Also, like Kyle, he was openly friendly, although a little cheeky, and a lotta fun to be around. However, I didn't wanna ask Kyle about sleeping over while the grommet was there, so I decided to wait until my bud and I had a moment alone.

When it was time for Wingnut to return home, Kyle asked me if I wanted to stay for supper.

"You sure it's OK with your folks?" I wasn't used to that kinda generosity, and, although I appreciated it, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was intruding.

"Hey, my folks like you a lot. You wanna check with your mom?"

"I'm seventeen, dude, not seven."

During supper, Kyle's dad mentioned that his hi fi was acting strangely. "When I raise the volume, one of the speakers dies. Probably cost a fortune to fix."

"I'll check it out."

Later, after the meal, I found that one of the components in the hi fi was faulty. So, by swapping it around with a similar component, I managed to get it working properly. I didn't think it was such a big deal, but Kyle and his folks were treating me like I was a fucking genius or whatever.

"You're pretty good," Kyle remarked as we entered his room. "Where'd you learn about that kinda stuff?"

"I fix most things at home. No way we can afford to get tradespeople to do it. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't. Depends on the prob."

"That's pretty impressive! Scored big points with my dad."

"I like doing stuff for him. He helped me big time, and I'll never forget that. Hey, listen, about sleeping over."

Kyle inserted a CD into his player, and closed the drawer. "Yep."

"Maybe this weekend? Would it be OK with your folks?"

"I'll have to take my school stuff around and study at your place."

"It'll be Saturday night, 'cause Friday I'm staying at Carol's. Saturday my mom and dickhead are going away to Montagu Spa."

"Hey, that's a cool place!"

"Would be if dickhead wasn't going." How I hated that guy, and the things he did to me. But there was no way I wanted to talk about it… not even to Kyle.

"I'll check with my folks and let you know."

What? Hey, what the fuck? Was Kyle seizing the opportunity to tease me? Was I acting a little too enthusiastic? "Ask them now!" I insisted.

"OK. Hang a sec."

While Kyle was talking to his mom, I sat alone in his room wondering what the verdict would be. "Hey," I thought to myself, "this is no biggie." But it was. I really wanted Kyle to sleep over. It was important to me, much more important than I was willing to admit, even to myself.

Well, my heart sank when I heard Kyle's mom going ballistic. "You promised your father and I that you'd spend the weekend studying. You told us that you'd work extra hard this term."

Damn! With my mom and dickhead going away, this weekend was ideal for a sleepover. There might not be another opportunity for weeks. Maybe months! Then I heard Kyle's dad. His voice was soothing and controlled as he worked at convincing his wife that it would be OK for Kyle to sleep over. "The boy has promised that he'll study at Mark's house. Does it matter where he studies? Besides, they go to the same school and share the same classes. It makes sense for them to study together."

When Kyle returned to his room with the good news, he couldn't hide his pleasure. He was beaming big time, and I was totally amped. "That's fucking rad!" I said as I stood. "Check ya in the morning!"

On the walk home, I was feeling like a million bucks. I couldn't remember when I'd been happier. Woohoo! I skipped and bounced between the sidewalk trees and swung from the branches. I was behaving like an idiot, but I felt too fucking good to care.

It was a different story as I laid on my bed, though. I stared at the ceiling and wondered about the feelings I had for Kyle. I couldn't deny them -- they were far too obvious to deny. But what did they mean? They couldn't possibly have had anything to do with… Hey, I'd always hated faggots with a passion. Sure, I'd fantasized about Kyle's lips wrapped around my throbber. But that was different. A fantasy. Not reality. Maybe it had something to do with my real dad walking out on mom. I'd never experienced the kinda love Kyle had for his dad. Maybe guys needed to love another guy, but not in a fag way. I didn't know. It was all too confusing. But it was real. Yes, I did love Kyle. He was the best friend I'd ever had. Well, male friend. My feelings for him were totally different to those I had for Carol. With Kyle, I felt a kinda bond -- two guys who had a lot in common, a special companionship, a camaraderie, a oneness. I thought about the expression on his face when he'd answered the door that afternoon. He'd seen me only a few hours before at school, but it was like he couldn't get enough of me. He had a way of making me feel important and wanted. Maybe even needed. But there was more. There had to be more.

I was still feeling pretty amped the next morning. During swim prac, I was styling through the water is if I'd been given an extra dose of energy. It was weird. How could Kyle make me feel this good when Carol couldn't? Well, not in the same way. Yeah… weird.

Later, though, during second recess, I had an opportunity to be the real me -- the aggro dude who didn't take any shit. Alan and his goons were in the quad carrying on like the fuckwits they were. "Hey, Alan," I snarled as I approached him. "One more fucking wolf whistle during swim prac and you're gonna get your ugly nose broken."

"Oh, yeah? Says who?"

"You're lookin' at him. Hey, have you noticed something? I'm here alone, dude. No goons to back me up. Know why? 'Cause I don't need any. Now just remember what I said, asshole."

Alan mumbled something stupid, then motioned his goons to follow him as he walked away. Even with his back-up, he didn't have the nerve to mess with me. Well, apart from anything else, that little episode proved to me that I was still 100% man despite my feelings for Kyle.

Mom had asked me to do a whole bunch of stuff around the house, so I didn't get to see Kyle after school like I wanted to. But the following morning, after the swim team had left the showers, I asked Kyle to rub some Reparil Gel into my shoulders.

"I think I've got a touch of tenonitis."

"Are you sure it's not a pulled muscle? I could fix that for you."

"Fuck off, Kyle. Stick to the shoulders."

I stood there, with him behind me, and felt his fingers working their magic. "Kyle, you should become a sports masseur. That feels damn good." And it did. It was wicked. But not soley because of what was being done, but who was doing it. And, I had to admit to myself that it was sensual.

"Well, let me know if you've got any other stiff muscles that you want rubbed."

"Fucking hell, you're impossible! Just imagine if somebody had heard that!"

"You did."

"Yeah, but I can rub it myself… thanks."

"Rub what?"

"My fucking boner! What are you on?"

"Hey, I wasn't even thinking about your boner! How's your mind? Jeez, I've got enough trouble just rubbing my own."

His denial was obviously a lie, but I played along. "OK, so what were you thinking about, then?"

"Your back… or your legs."

"Well, you can do my back and my legs when you sleep over… that should put me to sleep."

"Is that an invitation?"

"To what?"

"I dunno. But since I've been rubbing your back, your dick's been growing."

"That's what dicks do. Or haven't you noticed?"

I had to admit one thing. There was no way I would've let any of the other guys in the team rub my back -- or anything else, for that matter. Maybe the coach, but that's all. And if it had've been the coach, a boner would have been the last thing to happen. But Kyle? Well, he was different. I'd gotten used to being naked with him in the showers after our sparring sessions in the mornings. Even his boner jokes didn't faze me too much anymore. He had a way about him that relaxed me. He had a special technique that took the hard edge off shit that would normally freak me. I guessed it had a lot to do with his face. It was kinda impish and cheeky, but handsome at the same time.

On the Friday, I decided to mention to mom that Kyle would be staying over on Saturday. "That's nice, dear. I don't know if you're aware of it, but you've changed quite a bit since becoming friends with that boy."

"Yeah, I guess he's kinda cool."

"I'm not sure what 'cool' means exactly, all I know is that you've mellowed."

I was tempted to tell mom that she should find a boyfriend like Kyle, but I didn't. There was already enough friction in the house as it was when dickhead was around, and mom would always take his side. It was like I reminded mom of my dad -- a bastard who fucked off and left her in the lurch. "You're just like your father," she'd yell when she was mad at me.

In the change rooms at school, Kyle had forgotten to bring his Speedos. "Hey, Mark, I don't s'pose you've got a spare pair?"

"Sure," I said as I reached into my bag. I always carried like three pair. "How about these?"

"Fucking cool!" His eyes lit up as he took the black Speedos, then tried them on. "Awesome! Stretch lycra… and narrow sides. Wicked! A bit tight, though. I'm gonna get a headache wearing these."

Kyle wasn't as narrow around the waist as I was -- and he'd often complain that his abs weren't as well defined as mine or Steve's, or even Wingnut's, for that matter. It bothered him more than it bothered me. I thought he looked pretty cool. Besides, it was Kyle's personality that was the major draw card, but he wasn't as aware of that aspect of himself as his friends were. "Pity you can't come clubbing with us tonight."

"Hey, I'm lucky my folks are gonna let me sleep over at your place tomorrow night. Anyway, I told Steph she could go with you guys if she wanted, but she doesn't wanna be watching you guys grouching while I'm at home wanking. So she might rock over tonight, and we'll probably go for pizza or something."

"Did you tell her you were gonna sleep over tomorrow night?"


"She say anything?"

"Yep. She told me to bring boxing gloves and Bandaids."

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