South Africa
Part 36

Later that morning, after Kyle had gone home, I rocked over to his house with mixed emotions. Only hours beforehand, we'd jacked each other off, and slept together naked. And there I was bouncing down the street feeling both weird and happy at the same time, and on my way to see my best bud. Just being with him had become an unexpected but welcome addiction. He made me feel relaxed and joyful… emotions that were still pretty new to me.

I spent the rest of the morning with Kyle, Steve, Wingnut and Steph at the beach, where I body surfed while they rode their boards. But that was cool. I enjoyed bodysurfing, and it was a great way to cool off in the hot, summer sun. In the afternoon, I visited Carol.

The first day of the new school year was kinda strange 'cause I was more than just a student… I was a prefect. The prefect badge not only meant that I had a responsibility to keep the other students in line, but it also attracted attention… sometimes the kinda attention I could've done without.

"Hey, corporal!" Alan sneered. He'd been a senior the previous year, but his exam results weren't good enough to gain entrance into university, so he was repeating his final year of high school.

"Can't get enough punishment, huh? Watch your sleazy mouth, Alan, or I'll re-arrange it."

"Oh, yeah? You're a fucking prefect now, dude. That means no more fights."

"It means no more fights here at school, fuckwit. You gonna hang here 24 hours a day, every day?" Well, that remark had the desired affect, and he wandered off. Thankfully, he and I didn't share any classes. I couldn't have stood being in the same room with that fucking jerk.

I caught up with Kyle at break, and told him that I was beginning to wonder about this prefect bullshit. "For one thing, I get ground-monitoring duty to make sure the guys don't smoke or take drugs on school property, then there's prefects meetings, and now there's some leadership camp I've gotta go on. It sucks."

For the next few days, everybody's attention was focused on the fires around Cape Town. Lots of houses had been burnt to the ground, national parks were reduced to ash, and a lotta the vineyard country was destroyed. That didn't stop the prefects meeting, though. It pissed me so much, I phoned Kyle when I got home.

"Hey, I thought you might've waited for me at the pool, but you weren't there."

"Sorry, Mark. Surf was up."

"Well, it's no biggie." I lied. "I'll catch you tomorrow."

The other chore I'd been roped into was looking after the juniors swim training, which meant dealing with Wingnut, who could be an argumentative little bugger sometimes. One afternoon he was giving me lip about how many laps he'd swum, and I felt like knocking the grommet's block off. If I'd been the coach, maybe I would have.

By mid week, the bush fires had spread to Table Mountain, which upset Kyle quite a bit. He had a special affection for that mountain… he'd always referred to it as his mountain. He and I were among a group of teens who volunteered to help the firefighters and emergency people, but by the time we'd finished our homework, the volunteer squad had been oversubscribed.

Meantime, something had obviously been bugging Kyle for a few days, and it surfaced the next day in history class. The discussion was about affirmative action, and why it was necessary. Kyle disagreed with the argument in favor of affirmative action, and had managed to convince the whole class except for the teacher who lost his rag. Then my spiky-haired bud lost his. I could see that sparks were gonna fly big time, so I stood up to go to the boys' room and, as I passed by Kyle, warned him to cool it. I found out later that my comment had pissed him off even more. "Why did you tell me to cool it? I needed someone else in the fucking class to tell that teacher to fuck off and get a life in the real world."

Later, in English Lit, another teacher decided to head off any trouble by giving Kyle a piece of his mind before class had started. "If there's going to be a difference of opinion on the English language, Kyle, would you please keep it to yourself." Obviously, Kyle's outburst in history class must've been the topic of discussion during recess in the staff room.

Kyle was still looking like shit the next morning, so I took the opportunity to quiz him, even though I hated it when he quizzed me. "Maybe I need to take you to the gym, and beat the crap outa you."

"Yeah, sure, that would bring a smile to my swollen face."

Well, he wasn't gonna talk, so I dropped the convo. Hey, I'd been guilty of silence many a time. Later, he skipped a class. I figured he was in the comp lab again, writing his diary or whatever he did up there. If it helped him to come to terms with his probs, I guessed it was probably a good thing. At recess, though, I wasn't on ground duty, so I had another chance to chat to him.

"You wanna go hit the bag?"

"It's too hot."

"You're too strung out."

"I'm OK."

"Yeah, right. My mom's boyfriend is OK, and he's still a cunt."

"I'm cool."

"Listen, Kyle, what's up?"

"Nothing. Why?"

"You haven't been jacking around like you normally do, and you haven't mentioned dick once."

"Whose dick?"

Well, that cracked me up, and he laughed with me. "Seriously, though, you look lower than shark shit, buddy."

"I'm fine… just feeling down a bit for no reason. It happens."

"Hey, it happens to me! Not to Kyle!"

"That's why you hit the bag, huh?"

"Yep… before I hit somebody else, just for the hell of it."

"OK… I blew up at Wingnut yesterday, and he's taking it totally personally. I must've sounded like his dad."

"You were blowing up at everyone yesterday. I can't believe you had that showdown in class."

"Yeah, well… I'm tired of teachers being dictators."

"So why did you take it out on Wingnut?"

"He's got this damn obsession about Steph blowing him." Then he told me the whole story about how the grommet was driving him fucking crazy with questions about Steph, what it was like being blown, and would he ask her if she'd blow him. I laughed so much at the whole damn thing, I could hardly speak, and my gut was sore.

"Come on, Kyle, the little dude's finally learning what his dick is for, and he needs you to help him out here." I paused for a moment to crack again. "Hey, for a little dude, he's pretty well hung, and he needs to do something else with it besides stir his tea."

Kyle wasn't seeing the funny side, and remained fairly serious. "He spoke to Steph himself."

"I bet she said yeah."

"I think she did."

"I knew it."


"Steph is a totally cool chick, but she used to drive me crazy jealous 'cause of the way she used to eye all the hunky, good looking guys. One time we were in bed together, and she told me about this 'gorgeous' dude she saw at the mall."


"Fuck off. Anyway, that basically ended our relationship. And you, Kyle, have got a tiny prob 'cause that little dude has got it all going for him. I've never seen a twelve year old with a bod like his… and he's got the looks, and he's got a cock that's got his buddies wondering what they did wrong."

"So what do you think?"

"Well, it's a tough one. I'm not sure I would allow Carol to do that… blow Wingnut, I mean. Anyway, that's not Carol. But I would just love to be a fly on the wall and watch the little dude in pain when he juices her, and his cock is all tender, and he thinks that there's something wrong with him. Hey, Kyle, it's your call, dude. Honestly, I'd let it happen. Yeah, even with Carol now that I think about it. Well, I guess it's more Steph's decision."

"She thinks I'm cool about it."

"Are you?"

"I think so… just 'cause it's him."

"Then chill before I belt you… or put you on the detention record."

Kyle had lightened up a bit after our little chat, so we both took a swim in the school pool. That, of course, gave him another opportunity to ogle my cock-filled Speedos. There was a time when that would've pissed me big time… even so, I had to admit that I was still a little shy. But, hey, Kyle was a one-off. He was a dude who somehow managed to get away with things that others couldn't… at least, he was as far as I was concerned. So, we played our little game... he gawked at me, and I pretended not to notice.

It was Friday afternoon, the end of our first week of school. Kyle wanted to watch the cricket on TV with his dad before he rocked over to my house, where he met up with Carol, me, Steph and Steve, who was with yet another girlfriend! It was about midnight by the time we'd arrived at Corners, and the place was humming something wicked.

After a few hours, Kyle was totally shitfaced, but hadn't had sufficient drinks to cause him to become so fucking legless. Steph was becoming increasingly mad at him. Sure, Kyle was in the mood to have a good time, but something was wrong. Very wrong.

"Hey, Steve!" I yelled above the music. "What the fuck did you put in Kyle's drink?"

"Nothing much," he laughed. "Just a little mickey to liven things up."

"You fucking asshole! He's supposed to be going home later. How the fuck is gonna do that under his own steam?" I was way mad at Steve, but more concerned about Kyle, so Steph, Carol and I took the wobbly, slurring dude to Carol's house where we fed him a ton of hot, black coffee.

"How do you feel now?"

"I'm so damn bloated," he groaned, "I feel like the fucking Michelin Man." Then he passed out.

It was about 6am before he was steady enough on his feet for me to walk him home. I wanted to make sure that he didn't catch any flak from his folks, and I was ready to cover for him. As it happened, they were cool… probably 'cause I was with him.

"We worry about him," his dad said at the front door, "but we'd worry a whole lot more if you weren't there with him. Thanks for seeing him home, Mark."

That was a kinda weird thing for his dad to say, I thought as I walked back to my house. Kyle and I were the same age, so it wasn't like I was his big bro or anything… but, in a way, I was. Over the months that I'd gotten to know him, I'd become kinda protective, as if there were times when he couldn't handle things, and I had to intervene. The thought caused me to chuckle. Me? Mark the macho dude with a permanent suit of armor? Feeling responsible for another guy, and looking after him? It was totally crazy. But, then, so was Kyle. And in a lotta ways, he was vulnerable 'cause of his naivete. He trusted people. He believed in them absolutely. He was a heart just waiting to be broken.

There were things going on behind Kyle's back that I knew about, but had chosen not to mention to him. With a bit of luck, they'd blow over, and no longer be of any consequence. That was the hope. The alternative was to tell him… and that would've crushed him big time.

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