South Africa
Part 46

I stood up from the bench while Kyle, who was behind me, reached around and slowly pulled my boxers down. I watched him stretch the elastic over my boner, which jumped as soon as it was released into the cool, night air. Then I lifted one leg at a time so that my bud could complete the task.

I felt Kyle's hands on my buns, but I was in no mood to resist. His hands gradually moved around to my crotch, where he placed his thumbs over the top of the base of my shaft, and used his fingers to gather my balls. And all the while, I could feel the warmth of his body pressed against my back. All I could really think of was how pleasurable it was to have him so near to me, and being so affectionate. Then I sat down on the bench, with him still behind me.

"Lean back so that your head rests on my legs."

I did as he asked, then watched his hands slowly and sensually explore my pecs and abs. If ever I needed proof that he was besotted by my bod, that was it. He was examining every ripple, every bugle, every curve as if he needed to reassure himself that this moment was real, and that I was actually allowing him to touch me in a way that only a lover could.

On the other hand, there was a part of my brain that was questioning what was happening. It wasn't all that long ago that a situation like this would've been unthinkable… impossible… even shameful. Yet, there I was, allowing it to happen, and actually enjoying it.



"Want another drink?"

"Yeah, sure." The tone of his voice couldn't disguise the fact that he was totally pissed off, but I needed a moment to think about what was going on.

"Want to pour them?"


While he was gone, I gazed into the blackness of the sky, and wondered about space, and how tiny the world was in comparison to it. Did it really matter that my bud and I were enjoying each other like this? Did anything that happened on Earth matter to whatever was out there? Was my conscience the result of influences that were wrong? Like my father belting the shit outa me when I was little? And causing me to become defensive? Insular? Suspicious? Sour? Aggressive?

I looked down at my boner, and took it into my hand. "Maybe I should be more like you," I said to myself. "You don't have any hangups. You just do what you do."

"What was that?" Kyle asked as he handed me my drink.

"Just thinking aloud." I sat up, took the drink, then placed it on the table. "Why the fuck am I naked, and you've still got your damn boxers on?" I didn't wait for an answer… I grabbed his boxers, pulled them down his legs, then threw them on top of mine. "That's better." I stood up, and told him that I'd be back in a sec.

After taking another joint from my clothes, and lighting it, I returned to the courtyard where Kyle was sitting at the table. I sat opposite, and grinned at him. "Want some?"


"Fuck," I giggled. "If only the girls could see us now."

"They'd be instantly wet."

While I contemplated his answer, I took a long drag, then held the smoke in my lungs for a few moments before exhaling a huge cloud of blue-gray. "Hungry?"

The look on his face said it all. He'd often mentioned that he wanted to blow me, and I'd usually shrugged it off as a joke, or didn't quite know how to handle it. This time, though, it was Kyle who was uncertain, so, rather than speak his mind, he opted for a safe, "You?"

"Fuck, I've got the most incredible munchies."

"Yeah, well," he said with a hint of disappointment, "if you're gonna make something, I'll have some, too."

"Feel like some bacon and egg zonks?"

"Sounds great."

He followed me inside to the kitchen where I fried some bacon and eggs, then put them on two slices of buttered bread, with tomato, lettuce and onion. Meantime, I'd mixed a sauce of mayo, herbs, pickles, and other ingredients, which I poured over the top of the zonks, then topped them with a second slice of bread.

We were back at the courtyard table, sitting on the same side, when Kyle took his first bite. "Mmmm! These are fucking good!"

"Cool." And they were fucking good. I was actually a pretty good cook, 'cause mom often had to do stuff, and left me to prepare meals. My domestic talents weren't something I'd normally talk about 'cause it seemed kinda wussy, given my tough guy image. Fact was, though, I was a pretty dab hand in the kitchen.

After we'd eaten, I turned around facing away from Kyle, then laid back on his chest, as I had before. I had one foot on the bench, and the other dangling over the side. As expected, his arms enveloped me, and his hands rested on my abs. At the time, it seemed so natural for me to reach down, and take his arm in my hand.

"This is fucking cool… and unreal." He didn't answer me. He didn't need to. The two of us were in our own little world, which suited us just fine.

We stayed like that for ages, occasionally sipping our drinks but not saying very much. We were in a private, intimate world where words were almost redundant. It was the companionship, and the closeness, that mattered. And the fact that we were both naked seemed to create a special atmosphere, as though any inhibitions or feelings of guilt had been tossed aside with our boxers.

There's no way that this story would be complete without Kyle's version of events after Mark fell asleep, so I've taken the liberty of including Kyle's description, as told by him. Mr B

After we'd finished our drinks, Mark dozed off, still leaning against my chest. I could feel the weight of his body becoming heavier as he sank deeper into slumber. But even in sleep, his body was awesome, and my view of it, stretched out before me in all its tanned and perfectly defined magnificence, was totally fucking wicked. Woohoo!

My hand moved down to his boner, and I began to explore every hard inch of it. He'd been hard all night, which made me wonder if I should've asked him if I could blow him. But knowing Mark, he might've freaked, and I didn't wanna chance spoiling what we had. Then I slid my fingers down between his nads, and his inner thighs, and carefully fondled each perfect egg.

Despite loving every minute of being so close to him, and having the opportunity to explore his killer bod, I began to feel the bite of the cool night air, and woke him. "Hey, bud, let's get inside, huh?"

He slowly rose from the bench, then groggily made his way to his room, where he collapsed on his back onto the bed, and promptly fell asleep… out like a fucking light.

I laid beside him, and saw that his boner was beginning to soften, but there was a mass of pre-cum hanging from its beautifully shaped, cut head. I took it in my hand, and began to massage it until it was rock-hard again. Mark was in a deep sleep, so I decided to take the chance… I might never get another one.

I opened my mouth, and closed it over the head of his cock. There was an instant rush of electricity through my whole bod… partly due to having his boner in my mouth, and partly due to the fear of being busted. I'd already guessed that Mark would probably taste different to Steve, but this was awesome. I let his pre-cum collect on my tongue, then circled his smooth, swollen cockhead twice. I felt his throbber lift. That scared the shit outa me big time, 'cause I didn't want Mark to wake up and find me blowing him.

I gently shifted his bod so that I could pull the covers over him, then I climbed under the covers next to him. I moved as close to Mark as I could get, placed my arm across his chest, and put my hand on his warm, solid pec. Meantime, my boner was digging into his side.

And now back to Mark's version of the story. Mr B

"Hey!" I yelled as I slapped my bud's piss boner. "Wake up, you lazy fuck!"

"Wha…? Huh? Jeez!"

"I've made us some coffee," I announced as I sat on the side of the bed.

"You must've sorted yourself out already," he observed as he studied my soft cock laying across my nads.

"That's for me to know, and you to guess." I waited for Kyle to take a sip of coffee before I continued. "I really enjoyed last night."

"Corners always raves on a Friday."

"No, Kyle, I'm talking about afterwards. I really enjoyed that."

"Yeah, me too. It's weird how you have times that really feel special."

"You going surfing today?"

"Home first. Then chores… and I've got a neighbor's garden to do. Then surf."

"I'll check if Carol wants to come down, and maybe I'll body surf. Gotta do some washing and ironing, though… and some school work."

By the time Kyle had finished showering, and dressing, I was loading the washing machine. "See ya!"

As I went about my chores for the day, I kept thinking about last night, and how cool it was just being with Kyle while he touched me, and spoke to me. He had a soothing voice with a special talent for massaging my brain, and chasing away the demons.

Never in a million years, though, could I have imagined being that close to another guy, or feeling so relaxed and… needed? Yeah, needed. That was the word. Sure, he liked my bod, but it was more than that. Much more. It was like he'd said last night, "It's the feel of your skin… muscles… I dunno. I just enjoy it 'cause it's you."

"'Cause it's you" were the words that kept resonating in my mind. I was important to him. Extremely important. And he was the first male person who'd ever felt that way about me, and treated me like I was something precious, something to be appreciated and handled gently... almost as if I were fragile.

And there was something else about being with Kyle that wasn't like being with anybody else, not even Carol. There was a special camaraderie between us, a unique bond. We'd fight, we'd argue, we'd get totally fucking pissed off with each other, yet it would take a jackhammer to prise us apart. And being so close to him last night, being able to be myself totally, without compromise, was an incredible experience. I remembered laying back against his chest and remarking, "This is fucking cool… and unreal." Yeah, it was unreal, 'cause Kyle and I were two guys. Two guys! Fuck! What did that say about us? I had no answer to that question, and I didn't want one. I was as straight as a dye. I fucked Carol, and I'd fucked Steph before that when we were an item. There wasn't a gay bone in my body. I hated gays! So what was the story with Kyle and me? Fortunately, my homework soon took my mind off Kyle, and gave me something else to think about.

CCarol and I were surprised to see Kyle at the Downhill Extreme on Sunday. He was with Steph, Wingnut, and Steve. Anyway, I was glad to see him there 'cause the Downhill Extreme was a major event where skateboarders rocketed down a steep, winding road at the back of Table Mountain. Competitors would come off their boards at helluva speeds, and it was just so damn awesome to watch them all… a bit like Formula One, but with boards and bods instead of cars.

Afterwards, there was a party at La Med, but it was so damn crowded that we all decided to give it a miss, and split into three groups for the thumb ride home. Steve paired with Wingnut, Kyle went with Steph, and I was with Carol. It didn't take long to hitch a ride.

The next day at school, just about everybody was raving about the Downhill.

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