South Africa
Part 51

I'd undressed down to my boxers by the time Kyle's boner bounced into the room, closely followed by the rest of him. "You going to bed now?" I asked as he sat opposite me on the mattress.

"Maybe. I wanna see you naked, first."

"Not with the grommet here, Kyle."

"He's passed out."

"What if he wakes up?"

"He won't. But, hey, if you're not into it, that's cool. I'm just gonna jack off before I go to sleep anyway. Steph was playing with me so much tonight that I thought I was gonna get my end away, but…" Then he shrugged, and stared at the bulge in my boxers. "That a boner in there?"

"What the fuck do you expect? You come bouncing in here without a stitch on, and a roaring hardon, and start talking about Steph playing with you." I glanced at the kid sleeping on the spare mattress. "You sure he's passed out?"

Kyle didn't answer. Instead he moved closer to me and put his hand on the waistband of my boxers. He paused for a moment to test my reaction, but the cheeky smartass knew that he'd already taken me to a point where any resistance from me had ceased to be an option.

I lifted my ass so that he could remove my boxers, which had a huge and obvious wet spot on the front. Then I raised my legs so that he could drag my shorts over my feet, and toss them on the floor. The entire length of my cock was shiny from the pre-cum that had soaked my boxers.

Kyle's fist close around my boner, then rubbed the pre-cum up and down the shaft, and around the slippery head.

I swung my legs over the top of his so that I could reach his boner, but he stopped me. "I wanna do you first, so lean back on your elbows. OK?"

So what did expect me to do? Argue? Hell! I did as he asked and watched him gawking at my abs, which had contracted. It reminded me of the time in the gym when I'd asked him to drop the medicine ball on my stomach to improve the strength of my abs. Kyle was a real abs fan, and wasn't shy about ogling them.

The magic touch of his expert fist was so intensely pleasurable, I closed my eyes and luxuriated in the awesome sensations that centered around my crotch as he stroked me. Images of his lips kept flashing through my mind. I tried to think of Carol, but my brain wasn't taking any orders. Then I felt the rush about to begin. I stretched my legs, tensed my muscles, and gritted my teeth. Kyle's grip tightened as my exploding cock fought his fist. Images of his lips continued to invade my mind as his slippery fingers played with my incredibly sensitive knob. Whoa!

"It's a lie."

"What?" I asked as I opened my eyes.

"About guys only having a teaspoon of juice. Jeez, that first jet came out so damn fast it almost hit your face. And you sounded like you were in pain."

"I was trying not to make a noise. Anyway, that wasn't pain, bro. Believe me. It was fucking awesome." As I spoke, Kyle was studying a large blob of juice that was still attached to the head of my cock. For a moment, I thought… nah. No way. It was my mind playing tricks on me again. "You got a tissue?" He grabbed a couple from his bedside drawer, and helped me clean the cum off my bod and cock. I could've done it all myself, but I could tell that he wanted to become as involved as poss.

When it was my turn to jack him, I became nervous. This kinda thing was still foreign to me. There was still a side of me that balked at the idea of holding another guy's cock.

"You don't need to," he said. He must've noticed my body trembling.

"It's cool. I want to. So lean back." Then he rested on his elbows, and I noticed something. I ran my fingers over his stomach. "Hey, you get a sixpack when you lay like that."

I checked his face for a response, but he had his eyes closed. I figured my fingers must've been doing something pretty special, 'cause he looked like he was in another world. Then I wrapped my fist around his thick, hard meat, and began to stroke it. And the more I stroked it, the more at ease I became. There was a kinda power thing happening… as though I had hold of his entire being, and not just his boner. His immediate fate was literally in my hands. Well, one hand. Actually, Kyle's cock was a pretty cool looking fuck-tool… long, straight, and smooth, and with a head that was in perfect proportion to the rest of it. I laughed to myself at the thought of Steph and me comparing notes.

When my bud shot his load, he was like a human earthquake. Shaking and convulsing, and making weird noises like a whimpering dog. He was right about the teaspoon thing. His tanned stomach and chest were covered in a truckload of shiny, white juice. And he was still shaking like a leaf even after he'd emptied his nuts.

Once he'd finished cleaning himself, he climbed under the covers and asked me if I was gonna put my boxers on.

"Nah. Anyway, they're probably still wet. Can you believe that Wingnut slept through this whole damn thing?"

"Either that or he was pretending."

Yikes! I leaned forward to check the grommet's face. Yep, he was sound asleep. "Don't fucking frighten me like that!"

"Wingnut wouldn't have given a fuck. He doesn't have any hangups. Anyway, thanks bro."

"It's cool, Kyle. You, too, buddy."

So there I was, sleeping in the same bed as my bud. And we'd just jacked each other. And we were both still naked. Was that a problem? It didn't feel like a problem. Well, not then. There was a time when it would've been totally fucking unthinkable. So what happened? I turned my head and looked at the sleeping face on the pillow beside me. The spiky black-haired dude with the totally innocent expression. Yeah, right. Innocent, schminnocent.

Next morning, I showered and left before breakfast 'cause I had a whole bunch of chores to do around the house for my mom. She was the breadwinner, which seemed kinda strange to most folks, but it meant that I had to learn to cook, wash, clean, and repair things as they needed attention.

As I worked, I kept thinking about those images of Kyle's lips that insisted on invading my mind while he was jacking me… and the way he ogled my dick when it still had a blob of cum stuck to my pisshole. Nah. On several occasions, Kyle had joked about blowing me, but I was sure that he was just pulling my chain. He was a natural joker, and enjoyed freaking me out. I thought about how he'd swum between my legs while I was sitting on the edge of his pool. He really had me going there for a while, the teasing fucker, but all he wanted me to do was test the strength of my legs by lifting him outa the water. So there had to be something weird going on in my brain. Why was I having these totally ludicrous fantasies about his blowing me?

The following day was a public holiday… and stinking hot. There was only one place to be… the beach! Woohoo! It seemed like the whole fucking town had the same idea. Fortunately, the water temperature was pretty cold, so most people were happy to relax on the sand and enjoy the sea breeze. Either that or Wingnut's performance. He wasn't wearing any Speedos under his boardies, so he was out there on his stick mooning everybody. How his boardies managed to stay above his dick was a complete mystery. Mind you, Steve and Kyle liked to wear their boardies low on their hips as well, but not to the same extent as the grommet. That little dude was an absolute scallywag, and didn't have a modest bone in his body.

Candy was there, too, sitting on the beach with some of her girlfriends, so I guessed that's why Wingnut was flaunting his pubes so much. Well, what little there was of them. They were still desperately trying to regrow after the swim tour initiation. It didn't seem to bother the girls, though. That little guy knew exactly how to get their juices flowing, pubes or no pubes.

For lunch, we all went for a burger and Coke at the local pub opposite the beach. Wingnut was too young to enter licensed premises, so he and Candy sat on the permimeter wall where a crowd of young chicks soon gathered to say hi. Candy didn't seem to mind the attention that Wingnut was getting from his admirers. In any case, she was getting more than her fair share from the other grommets. She was a cute little thing in her boardies and bikini top, which showed off her puppy-nose tits.

"Is that a fold in Wingnut's boardies, or is that a boner?" I asked Kyle.


"You sure? He doesn't seem to be embarrassed."

"Embarrassed? Wingnut? You must be kidding. I think he wants the girls to know that he doesn't have the average 12-year-old dick."

"Watch this," Steph announced as she rose from our table, then made her way to where Wingnut was sitting. He was too busy chatting to the groupies to notice her standing behind him. She put her finger in her mouth to wet it, then stuck it in the grommet's ear.

"It's called a 'wet willy'," Kyle explained just as Wingnut jumped in fright, and almost fell off the fence.

"I'm gonna get you in the surf, Steph," the little guy threatened. "But I guess you know that already."

"Promises, promises," Steph smiled.

Kyle, Steve, Carol and I were cracking up like crazy at the sight of the kid trying to dry his ear, and screwing his face as though he was in some kinda pain.

Meanwhile, Steve also had more than his fair share of groupies hanging around. He was looking like the quintessential surfer, as usual, with his wet, blonde fringe clinging to his forehead, and the rest of his straw-colored locks draped over his tanned, muscular shoulders. He was one helluva hot looker, a fact which not even other guys could fail to notice. There was something very sexy about the contrast between his sun-bleached hair and his bronzed skin. Not to mention his handsome 16-year-old face, and six-foot frame cloaked in well-defined muscle. He was a real head-turner. Big time.

And Kyle? Well, I guessed he had his fair share of fans, too, but he wasn't the type of guy to go out of his way to make a fuss. In fact, he was kinda shy in some ways. Even modest. He was content to be in the company of Steph and his buds. And I was more than happy to be one of them.

It was almost dark by the time we'd finished surfing for the day, and the roads were crammed with traffic. It had been a wicked day, though. Not so long ago, Carol and I would've spent our time together. But now we had a circle of friends. Totally cool friends who were a lotta fun to be with.

Next day, at school, we had the Swim Gala, where the juniors and seniors had been divided up into house teams. Wingnut and I were on the same team. We were competing against Kyle's team, which included Jumbo. Kyle was swimming in the 200m and 400m events, and managed to clobber Ross and me in the butterfly and backstroke. "Revenge is so damn sweet," he gloated after he'd won. But we totally screwed him in the freestyle. Left him behind like he was dead in the water. "What were you saying about revenge, Kyle?"

Wingnut was gonna be in deep shit when he got home, though. Because the grommet was on my team, he kept cheering me on, while dissing Kyle each time he was beaten. The kid had unashamedly abandoned his bud, and transferred his loyalty to his own house team for the day. The traitorous little shit. Anyway, it was cool 'cause he was on my side.

Apart from that, Wingnut was swimming like a damn fish in the 200m and 400m events. He was incredibly powerful during the final length, seemingly pulling extra strength from outa nowhere, and blitzing his rivals.

In the change room after the comp, Wingnut and I were acting like two old buddies just to get further up Kyle's nose.

"I think we need to change Kyle for a friend who can swim," the grommet chirped.

"You're right," I agreed. "It's the age, though."

"Actually, it's 'cause my dick's too big," Kyle responded. "It holds me back in the water. You guys with weenies are lucky when it comes to swimming."

Well, I decided to duck outa that convo, but Wingnut took the bait. "You're dick's too big?" He giggled falsely. "That little thing? I bet you've already finished cumming while Steph's still asking you when you're gonna put the damn thing in! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Yeah, and by the time you've offloaded your drips of water, your hand's fallen asleep."

Kyle's comment got everybody in the change room cracking up, which caused Wingnut to turn a bright shade of red. He was mad as a hornet, but he didn't dare say anything to the other guys. "It's pure mayo."

"Did Candy tell you that she's allergic to mayo?"

"Har-de-fucking-har. Anyway, you guys got your ass whipped, and you can't take it."

Then Jumbo stepped up to the grommet. The kid's eyes practically fell outa their sockets when he saw the black giant's monster cock hanging in a lazy arc away from his huge nads. "What's that you said?" Jumbo demanded.

"I just said that you guys were beaten fair and square," the kid replied in a nervous whisper.

"What was that you said about ass?"

"Nothing… I was just kidding."

"That's good… 'cause if you were serious, I'd shove my dick up your ass and cum outa your nose."

Everybody collapsed laughing. Except Wingnut, of course. He looked like he was gonna shit himself.

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