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Part 52

G'day. This is Mr B. Well, here's the good news and the bad news. The good news is that Kyle invited Mark and Wingut to join him and his folks for a week's holiday up the "Garden Route" where they would all stay in a rented holiday cottage. The Captain has yet to write me about what happened on that trip, but I believe it had its moments. :o)

For a while, Kyle wasn't sure if his buds could join him, but Mark's mom gave him the money he needed to pay his own way, and Wingnut's folks did the same. Those three guys are quite a trio, and I'm sure you enjoy reading about their adventures as much as I enjoy writing about them. I love each one of those guys dearly. They're like family to me.

The bad news is that Wingnut lost his job about a month ago [March 23, 2000], at the point where the latest chapters finish. As you know, Wingnut took it upon himself to do the "crap detail" every afternoon after school... picking up Sox's land mines. Well, poor old Sox called it a day, and now there's no more crap detail.

I know about dogs, and how close you can get to them. In many instances, they make better friends than people do. Certainly, they have a monopoly on loyalty.

Fortunately, in Kyle's case, Sox departed this earth almost on the eve of Kyle's holiday with his buds, so he had a diversion, as well as a change of scenery, to help him cope with the loss of his lifelong friend. Sox came into Kyle's life when she was six weeks old, and Kyle was three years old.

At the bottom of this page, there's a link to the Sox Memorial Page where I've included Kyle's emails to me during the time that led up to Sox's death. It's pretty touching stuff, and I'm sure you'll shed a tear or two, as I have [and am doing right now]. The pic I've used on the following page is not of Sox, but a pic I found of a Staffordshire Terrier on the web. I would imagine that Sox was so named because of her white feet. Kyle can correct me on that one later.

The pic I've used on this page is one I love very much because it's truly representative of the bond between a boy and his dog. It's a lovely picture that perfectly illustrates a time in our lives when magic was a reality, and not just a dream… when all things were possible, and we were indestructible… when even the simplest of things could become the greatest of adventures. And our faithful friend would always be there to share them.

Goodbye, Sox. You will live in the heart of your master forever. And we will all miss your landmines.

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