South Africa
Part 55

Kyle followed my boxer clad bod to the kitchen where I poured two glasses of juice, then we just talked about school and some of the teachers. Nothing special. But I was surprised that Kyle didn't introduce the subject of sex. He was making no secret of the fact that he had a roaring boner in his school pants. By the same token, I didn't mention it until I saw him to the front door.

"Are you gonna walk home like that?"

"Like what?"

"Hey, I'm not fucking blind."

"Oh, that?" he shrugged. "It's natural, so it's cool."

"See ya, bud."

"See ya!"

I watched the mop of spiky, black hair bounce down the road until he was outa sight, then I went back to the kitchen to wash the glasses. That crazy dude was just too good to be true, I thought. I could live to be a hundred and never meet another Kyle. Hey, one was more than enough already!

Next morning at school, I knew I was gonna get the third degree from Sherlock about my swollen cheek, but I was prepared. "I slipped on the shower floor and hit my cheek on the fucking door."

"So what are you so damn aggro about?"

Well, there were several answers to that question, so I chose the one that would give Kyle the least reason to probe even further into my consciousness. "The damn work party that I've gotta look after this arvie. It sucks ass."

"Want me to hang around?"

"Nah, fuck, you don't need to do that."

The thing that frustrated me most about shitforbrains was his protection… he was hiding behind my mom. He could bash the shit outa me, knowing that I would never say anything. So in five or ten years, provided mom was still crazy in love with the asshole, I'd still be in the same boat, even though I could've knocked his fucking block off. And mom? She just figured I got myself into a lotta fights. She'd look at me and shake her head. "When are you gonna settle down, Mark? When are you gonna learn that fists don't solve problems?" Yeah, Right. What could I have said?

Maybe I was the kinda guy who attracted violence, in or out of the ring. That's the way it seemed the following Friday night when we were all at Corners. We'd had a few drinks, but not all that many, when Steve hit the deck like a sack of potatoes after taking a few sips of a drink that his larnie [rich, spoiled brat] buds had bought for him. They'd obviously slipped him a mickey 'cause he was out cold. It was the first time any of us had seen anything like that, and we figured it must've been the drug used for date rape [Rohypnol] 'cause Steve was dead to the fucking world.

We sat Steve on a chair, and slapped him around a bit, trying to bring him to. It was then that I spotted one of the grinning larnies heading for the toilet. Guilt was written all over the fucker's face, so I followed him. My buds were too busy with Steve to notice what I was doing.

"Hey, dude," I said as I entered the bathroom, "what the fuck did you put in Steve's drink?"

The guy laughed, and told me to fuck off, so I gave him a bunch of fives right on the chin. As soon as he'd crumpled, I felt a blow to the back of my head, then I was on the floor. All I could do was cover my face to avoid the boots. There were maybe three or four guys laying into me like they wanted to kill me.

A few minutes later, after my attackers had fled, Kyle arrived on the scene. "Fuck! You look like you've been involved with an axe murderer! One of the larnies told me I should go fetch my friend."

My face and shirt were covered in blood, but the wound was fairly superficial. Most of the blood had come from my mouth. I picked myself up off the floor, and explained to Kyle what had happened while I cleaned myself at the wash basin. The shirt was history… drenched in blood… so I threw it away.

By the time we left the toilet, the larnies had split. Good for them. They wouldn't get a second chance. No fucking way. Meantime, Carol was going totally beserk, which pissed me off big time. Hey! It was after the fucking event already! She eventually calmed down, but Steph was continually on the verge of tears.

Anyway, the night had been ruined, so we decided to head home. One of the guys at the club offered us a lift to Carol's. Kyle tried to carry Steve by himself, but he was way too heavy… six foot of pure muscle… so Kyle and I carried our bud between us. When we got to Carol's, we put Steve to bed in the spare room.

"I've met up with the guys from Steve's school before," Kyle said as he was about to walk Steph home. "They're a bunch of fucking spoilt larnies who don't ever work for anything. They get money from their folks for whatever they damn want."

"I've got something I'd like to give them… and it won't cost them a fucking cent."

Kyle phoned me at Carol's in the morning to check on us. I told him that Steve had puked a few times during the night, but that he was OK, except for a huge headache."

"And you?"

"Hey, buddy, I'm OK. Fat lip is all, and bruised ribs. Plus a never-ending lecture from Carol. Besides, I get beaten up like that all the time in boxing, so it's no biggie. I'm used to it. You and Steph OK?"

"Yeah… I walked her home, but her folks were there, so I didn't stay over. Hey, I didn't even jack last night. A first for me, huh? But I couldn't stop thinking about all the the shit that went down, and what went wrong."

"Those larnies went wrong, dude. Fucking lamos. Hit from behind, then fuck off. That's their style. If you see them again, tell them for me that it ain't over… not by a damn long shot."

"If I see them first, you'll have nothing left to fight."

"See ya, bud."

"Pizza tonight?"

"We'll be there."

"Cool. See ya."

Things were pretty much back to normal at the pizza restaurant, except for my fat lip, which Kyle had the presence of mind to describe as "looking like it had been inflated by a bicycle pump". Kyle was there with Steph, I was with Carol, and the grommet twins were there, Wingnut and Candy. They spotted a school buddy of theirs at another table, and disappeared for a while, probably to discuss my lip. Wingnut had learnt not to ask questions to my face, no matter what condition it was in, or how curious he was. He must've been busting to know why my face had been rearranged, but, hey, the little fucker could always ask Kyle.

The rest of the evening was totally laidback. After pizza, we all walked along the beach, arm in arm. It was wicked.

"Can you imagine not living here?" Kyle asked. "I mean, near the ocean? It's just so damn cool… like our own private playground."

"It's like two different places," Steph commented. "One during the day, with the sunshine and all the people, then another at night with the stars and the moon. Even the waves look different at night."

"That's the phosphorous. It's present in the seawater, and it glows."

"Like the stuff they use in matches?" Wingnut asked.

"Yep. Kinda spooky, huh?"

"Not really. It's kinda romantic," Carol smiled.

Well, Carol's comment must've given Candy some ideas. When we decided to walk back home, Candy's place was our first stop on the way. The rest of us stood around waiting for Wingnut to finish his game of tonsil hockey with his girl when we noticed Candy's hand diving into the grommet's cargoes. Woohoo! Meantime, his hands were pretty damn busy with Candy's cute little tits. It seemed to take for-fucking-ever for the two prepubescent lovers to dislodge so that we could continue our walk home.

"Seems like you're getting there," Kyle grinned at Wingnut.

"You guys shouldn't have been looking."

"Yeah, right… like you don't look at a plane crash."

After Carol and I had gotten into bed, she didn't want me to fuck her. "I just want you to be inside me, and hug me."


"'Cause I want us to belong to each other… to be joined like we are now… just to be together. I worry about you and your short fuse. You're always getting into trouble."

"Those dudes at Corners asked for it."

"Maybe. But you also went looking for it."

"Gotta take care of my buds."

"You've changed so much since Kyle made friends with you."

"And since I met you. Anyway, I was the one who made friends with Kyle. He thought I was some fucking lamo when we first met. Now it's like we're joined at the damn hip."

"Don't fuck me… not yet."

"I'm not fucking you… I'm just laughing."

"Do you love Kyle?"

"He's cool."

"Typical male answer. Non-committal."

"What the fuck am I supposed to say? That I wanna marry him? Jesus. Anyway, what if I asked the same question of you? Do you love Steph?"

"Of course I do! And she loves me. What's the biggie?"

"There's no biggie, I guess."

"So do you love Kyle?"

"We're like bros, I guess."

"Jeez, Mark! Why can't you just admit it?"

"There's nothing to fucking admit, Carol. Now, will you stop with the fucking third degree? You're as bad as he is. Questions, questions, questions. On and on and fucking on."

"Anyway, I know that you love him."


"Body language. OK, so your body lang is kinda subtle, but a girl knows about these things."

"Girls are too fucking obsessed with love. How do you know it's love? Why couldn't it be just a guy thing… friendship? But you're not a guy, so you wouldn't understand."

"Oh, no? Steph and I have talked about it… about you and Kyle."

"And what brilliant deduction have you arrived at? That we fuck the shit outa each other or something?"

"Do you know why God created Eve? 'Cause He forgot to give Adam any fucking brains, that's why! Why are guys so damn dumb?"

"God's a guy."

"Like hell He is. I mean, She is. Anyway, I didn't mean that you and Kyle have sex together… although it wouldn't surprise me. I was just talking about feelings, Mark. Feelings! Y'know? Stuff from the heart? If you guys don't love each other, then I'm a fucking baboon."

"And what am I?"

"Awesome," she smiled.

"You really think so?"

"I know so. And I'll bet Kyle thinks the same. Correct?"

"I guess he does."

"And what do you think of him?"

"He's OK."

"Jesus, Mark! Don't you ever open up? What the hell's wrong with thinking that your best friend is awesome?"

"I didn't say he was awesome."

"But that's what you think. I know you do. Before Kyle came along, you didn't have a best friend. You hung with a bunch of lamos. Correct?"

"Carol, it's just you and me here. OK? Look around the room. Do you see Kyle? Actually, it's a fucking wonder you don't. He's like my fucking shadow. Anyway, let's forget about Kyle for a while. OK? I wanna fuck your lights out."

"Make love to me, Mark. Make love to me. I need you to make love to me. Please make love to me."

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