South Africa
Part 65

Kyle and I took our beers to a table at Wipe Out, and sat opposite each other. For a while, we sipped our drinks, and checked out the groups of guys playing pool. Then I decided it was time to speak my mind.

"I would never have seen the two of us as friends," I giggled as I shook my head. Kyle had obviously sensed that there was something I wanted -- maybe needed -- to talk about, so he sipped quietly on his beer, and allowed me to continue uninterrupted. "I used to see you hanging out with the guys, and I thought what an arrogant prick you were. Always loud, always laughing, always so fulla shit. Fuck, Kyle, you still are! Then I got this brainwave, 'cause you're such a short shit, and there was no way you were gonna challenge me. So I shouted 'faggot' across the quad just to burst your arrogant-ass bubble."

"Got to you, though, huh?"

"When you walked up to me, I had this thing about really putting you down, 'cause I was gonna send you flat on your ass. Then when you hit me, I knew you were dead meat. I would've done anything to hurt you, and I did. So why did you bother?"

"Bother what?"

"When I ended up in hospital," I said after swallowing a mouthful of beer, "I thought you'd be the first to party."

"Nah, I had to see you in hospital 'cause I knew you'd be naked under the sheets."

"Fuck off, Kyle. Jesus! I'm trying to be serious here."

"So am I."

"I'm gonna smack you," I warned.

"So you hated me 'cause I was always laughing?"

"It just pissed me off. So why did you visit me in hospital?"

"To make sure you were hurting bad."

"So you must've been pretty damn pleased then."

"No… I came to see if you were OK, 'cause I liked you."

"For hurting you?"

"Nope… 'cause you're the tough, macho, Rambo type that nobody fucks with, and it was a challenge for me."

We were both in the mood for the relaxed kinda convo that just flows effortlessly for hours, and we chatted for ages about all kinds of things… the girls, school, my mom and shitforbrains. I also told Kyle that my dad had phoned a couple of times since Father's Day.

"He wants me to visit him in Johannesburg for the September school hols."

Well, that little revelation sure put a strange expression on my bud's face. "You gonna go?"

"Probably. I've been thinking about it quite a bit. Hey, stop looking so fucking down. It's only for a week."

"I'm not down. It's cool that you're going."

"It's just that I've been thinking about him a bit, and I'd like to get a good relationship going with him. I really fucked up as a lightie, and he tried his best. Well, the best he knew how, anyway."

By the time we decided to hit the road, we'd had quite a few beers, but we weren't too trashed. Time had absolutely flown 'cause of the convo… probably the most meaningful chat the two of us had ever had together. In the past, Kyle had often referred to 'being close', and how I'd been afraid of that kinda commitment, especially to another guy. Well, that night, over a few beers, I began to realize just how truly close we were, and how much closer we were continuing to become.

"Hey, wanna sleep over at my place?"

"Will it be OK?" I asked, hoping it would be.

"My folks are out, and won't be home until the wee hours… and I'm scared of the dark."

"Fuck off, Kyle… you are so fulla shit!"

"So, will you?"

"I don't have my PJs with me."

"I've got some really cool invisible ones."

Kyle wasn't exactly one of Cape Town's leading gourmet chefs, so the best he could manage in the kitchen was some toast. But that was OK. It was cool to see the mop of spiky, black hair doing his best to please me.

Then we went outside, and sat by the pool. Kyle turned on the underwater lights, which created a moving, three-dimensional, canvas of liquid whites, silvers, blues, and pale greens.

"The water's like ice," I remarked as I scooped a little with my hand. "Wanna get wet?"

"You're kidding, right?"

"Nope. I'm kinda amped."

That did the trick. Kyle was swimming naked in the pool within seconds. His enthusiasm kinda took me by surprise, so I kinda hesitated before I dove in and joined him… also naked.

Kyle was in instant play mode as he grabbed me around the waist, and dragged me below the surface. Instinctively, I reached for his nuts, and gave them a squeeze. My battle strategy worked like a charm. Once he'd released his grip, I moved to the pool steps, where I sat, giggling my tits off.

"It's not funny!" he complained as he swam toward me, then reached for my balls without applying any pressure. "How does this feel?"

"If you hurt me, Kyle, you're dead."

"They're fucking huge… more than a handful… and they hang like a boxing spring-ball."

"Just remember what I said."

"Yeah, right," he grinned as he felt my semi hardening against his arm. His fingers slid up the hard muscle on the underside of my dick, which bounced a few times, then rested against my gut as I leaned back on my elbows. "Your bod is like something out of a teen hunk mag," he drooled. His focus was totally riveted to my stretched pecs and abs, glistening in the soft glow of the pool lights.

Then he slid beneath the surface, only to reappear a moment later, rising between my legs, with his wet, black hair clinging to his forehead and scalp. My dick was roaring by this time, and I could feel my nads tightening against my crotch like a couple of acorns.

"Looks like you're moving to blow me."

"You crazy? Then you'll beat me up. I just wanna feel your bod."

"Only if I can do the same."

The look of utter surprise on my bud's face was totally fucking priceless. By the same token, I couldn't believe I'd actually mouthed those words. They just kinda escaped from my lips without any conscious thought.

Once I'd slipped back into the water, Kyle moved behind me. His hands cruised around the contours of my chest, feeling the definition of my pecs -- every bulge, every curve, every groove, as well as each nipple -- then they worked their way down to my tight, flat abs, and fingered the lines that defined each muscle of my sixpack.

Before his hands could fondle the obvious, I swam around him, allowing his fingers to travel along my thighs as I passed. We were like two lazy, shiny dolphins, causing gentle ripples to scatter and dance across the surface of the water as we moved around each other.

I felt Kyle's body shudder when I touched his chest, then ran my hands down to his stomach, and finally down to his patch of pubes. Should I go further? Hell, why not? His boner was a real skin-splitter… hard as a damn rock. But, I treated it gently, using the tips of my fingers to explore its sensitivity, and to enjoy the way my touch was affecting my bud.

For what seemed like ages, we kept swimming around each other, allowing our fingers to drift along the entire lengths of our bodies. It was almost like some kinda highly erotic, water ballet. But the choreography wasn't planned. It was spontaneous.

A couple of times, we swam underwater at the deep end, just circling each other, and admiring each other's bods. Kyle had never been one to boast about his bod. He'd never thought of himself as a hunk, but he was. Well, he was in my opinion… as well as Steph's and Carol's. Maybe his bod wasn't as well defined as mine, but it sure as hell was one sexy piece of humanity.

Eventually, I swam to the wall, heaved myself outa the water, and sat on the edge, with my legs dangling in the pool. By this time, neither of us was aware of, or could care about, the chilly temperature.

"You've got a silly grin on your face," he smiled as he swam toward me, then came to a halt between my knees. "What's so funny?"

"I'm just thinking how crazy this is."


"It's just so crazy that it feels ordinary… I mean like natural… and special. Yet, a while ago, I could never have seen myself in this situation."


"Like… OK, can I say something daft without you reading my mind?"


"I sometimes wonder what it's like for a guy to be blown by another guy. And just now, while we were in the water, I was waiting for you to take a chance, and wondering what I would do about it if you had."

"So what would you do?"

"Because it's you? Probably nothing. Maybe I'd even get a kick out of it," I smiled.

"Ever thought about blowing a guy yourself?"

"Nope. Well, sort of. I guess I was just wondering why guys do that kinda thing to each other."

"'Cause guys know how they like it done… probably."

His arms were resting on the tops of my thighs while the lower part of his body dangled in the water. His hands were playing with my sixpack, and belly button. Once in a while, his fingers would caress the head of my hard cock, which, by now, was rosy red.

"I'm not sure I'd have the guts to blow a guy."

"In case the word got out, huh?"

"It's not that… I'm just not sure."

"Would you let me blow you?"

"Not right now. But, seriously… if I wanted a guy to blow me, then I guess it would be you." What the fuck was I saying? I was dying to see his lips wrapped around my bursting meat. But there was a problem. I'd dissed him so many times in the past about that kinda thing, that I was between a rock and a hard place. How could I suddenly change my mind? Anyway, it was up to him to take the chance, to seize the moment, and not up to me to appear as if I were seducing him. Hell, I'd been homophobic all my fucking life. Well, at least up until recently. What the fuck was happening to me? Who was this cheeky fucker between my legs, with his arms resting on my thighs just as casual as you like, and his pixie face not one foot from my boner?

"Wanna have a comp to see who's best?"

"Best at what?"

"Champion Jacker," he laughed, and shook a fist in the air.

"What the fuck are you on about now, you horny, fucking toad?" I chuckled.

"We play in the water, and see who can grab the other guy's dick, and jack him. If I cum first, then you win. If you cum first, then I'm the Champion Jacker!"

"I think I'm gonna take you on," I said as I slipped back into the pool. "Just 'cause you think I'm too scared, you little fuck."

For the next few minutes, we sent tall sprays of water scattering in all directions as we giggled, splashed, wrestled, and writhed in a tangle of arms and legs, each trying to grab the other's boner.

Well, it didn't take very long. Seconds after I'd gotten hold of Kyle's throbber in my fist, and had begun to jack it, long ribbons of his thick juice rose to the surface, bobbing around like wriggling, white worms. I was outa the water in a flash, and standing at the edge of the pool.


"I'm not swimming in your jizz!"

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