South Africa
Part 69

I'd come to accept that Kyle was full of surprises, but none had been more unexpected than the one he gave me in the gym one morning. There I was, King of the Ring, Mr Gloves, The Champion, sitting on my ass after Kyle had scored a bullseye right in my gut, just below my navel.

"Hey," I complained as I got to my feet, "keep the gloves up a bit, huh?"

"Sorry. I'll try."

"And stop gloating or I'll wipe that fucking grin off your face."

Later that day, we'd just written an evil science paper for the mock exams. The teacher who'd set that paper must've been on something. All the guys were bitching about it, but the teacher argued that the paper was designed to be as difficult as possible, so that we'd be prepared for the finals. Fuck. If that's what we could expect, we'd be dead in the water.

For a couple of weeks, my dad had been phoning from Johannesburg. The convos weren't long, or very deep, but they were friendly... encouraging, even. It'd been a helluva long time since I'd seen him. I was only seven when he split. Anyway, we'd agreed that I would fly to Johannesburg during the spring vacation, and get together.

"I phoned Nick last night."


"Nick... the guy at the coffee shop up the Garden Route. Remember? Last hols?"

"Yeah... the guy with the motor bike."

"Anyway, you and Steve are going away for the hols... and Steph's going away with her folks... so I phoned Nick."

"You going up there?"

"I asked Nick if it'd be OK if I visited for a couple of days. He went ballistic. I spoke to my folks about it, but my dad didn't want me to hitch all the way on my own, so he's gonna drive me about half way, then Nick will take over."

"On the bike?"

"Yeah. Mom's not too happy about me being on the back of the bike for three hours, though."

"She's not the only one."

"You mean Steph?"

"I mean me. You take care of yourself, buddy."

"And you accuse me of worrying about you? Anyway, you're a Harley freak. You love bikes."

"Yeah, but Nick's is not a Harley, and I won't be the one who's riding it. Just take care. OK?"

"How's it going with your dad?"

"I'm pretty nervous about going to Joburg. I mean, speaking to him on the phone is one thing, but the thought of living with him and his wife and their kids for a while is kinda scary. My dad phones every second day now, so he's pretty serious."

"Hey, don't worry about it, you're gonna knock his socks off. He's gonna be so damn proud of you."



On Tuesday arvie after school, I invited Kyle... correction, Kyle invited himself into my house, then into my bedroom. I'd undressed down to my boxers, then paused to stretch.

"Hold it!"

"What the fuck now?"

"Hold that stretch... with your arms raised."

Within a second, he was standing behind me. His hands explored my abs, then travelled up to my pecs.

"Fuck, Kyle, I knew there had to be a reason." But, hey, I was getting used to the way he admired my bod. And it was kinda cool to have him make a fuss of me. It wasn't just my bod he was massaging. He had a way of sending my ego through the roof.

"Well, you're enjoying it, anyway... I can tell by the bulge in your boxers."

"Piss off, Kyle," I laughed. "And YES, it feels good, dammit."

My bud moved closer to me, until his chest was pressed against my back, and he was holding me tightly. "Carol is so fucking lucky," he sighed as my meaty pecs filled his hands.

"So am I."

I stood there, with my arms still raised, while his hands gradually worked their way down past my navel, and into the waistband of my boxers. His fingers found the swollen, moist head of my boner. Instinct took over. I lowered my arms, grabbed his forearms, and forced his hands deeper inside my boxers. This was me? I was doing this?

"One day, I wanna blow your socks off," he whispered into my ear.

"In your dreams."

"Yeah, well... friends can dream, can't they?"

"Hey, if you keep feeling my dick like that, I'm gonna offload into my boxers."

I moved away from Kyle, went to my bed, grabbed my jeans, and put them on. We'd reached a point where I was certain that he was gonna go further than I was prepared to go. Blow me? Jesus.

It was after midnight Saturday morning. Carol had gone out with her folks, so I'd been at a loose end for the night. And Kyle? He was probably... hmmm.

Steph answered the door. She was dressed in a night gown, obviously thrown on at the last minute. "Hey, Mark."

"I know it's late, but..."

"Hey, Kyle's here. C'mon in."

As I entered the bedroom, there was my bud, sprawled out on on the mattress. When he saw me, he pulled the covers over his dick, and gave me his silly, trademark grin.

"Kyle? Shy? Never." I giggled. "Hi."

"Hey, how's it going, bro?"

"Cool, man. Just wanted to know if you and Steph felt like going for a beer or something. Carol's out with her folks."

"It's OK, Kyle," Steph offered. "I need an early night, anyway."

While I waited in the den for Kyle to get dressed, or whatever, I got the guilts about interrupting his night with Steph. On the other hand, he was my bud. My only bud. So... well... OK. I was being selfish.

"Hey, let's go."

"Sorry, Kyle, for walking in on you naked like that. But, hey, that's difficult with you 'cause you're always damn naked. Anyway, I decided that if I wasn't getting any tonight, then neither were you."

"Too late."

"Yeah... so I gathered. I'm sorry if I stuffed up your night a bit."

"Nah, Steph's cool. Anyway, I'm pretty damn chuffed that you hunted me down like that."

"Yeah, well... I was desperate. I must've been to hunt you down. Wanna come over to my place? Hey, can you sleep over? My mom and shitforbrains are away camping."

"Shit. I wish you'd asked me earlier at school. I'll need to go to my house first to see if my folks are still awake."

We jogged to Kyle's place, and were relieved to see that the lights were still on. Kyle's folks were laughing and joking, and obviously in a good mood, so they said it was OK if Kyle slept over.

On the way back to my place, we stopped at a tree to catch a piss.

"What are you looking at?" I asked as my torrent splashed against the trunk.

"Just thinking about a friend of mine."


"A guy in Australia. You don't know him."

"So how come my piss reminds you of some guy in Australia?"

"Don't ask."

Once we were inside my house, I ditched my jacket and t.

"Aren't you cold?"

"Fuck, no... not after running all the way to your place, then back here. Beer or coffee, Kyle?"

"Your skin's got a sweaty shine to it, and it's highlighting every little fucking ripple..."

"Jeez, you're a fucking worry. Beer or coffee?"

"Beer will be cool."

I tossed the can of beer in my bud's direction. "Catch! And get rid of your shirt and t so we can both be cold."

I watched my crazy friend lift his t over his head, then toss it over a chair. Once again, I was reminded of his modesty. He'd never thought of himself as a hunk, but he was. Maybe not as defined as I was, but a hunk nevertheless.

"Fuck off, you cunt," he grinned as I pressed my beer can against his gut.

"Cold, huh?" Then I went to the hi fi, where I selected Bon Jovi's "Blush" CD, and cranked it up. I was wearing blue jeans, which kinda had a snug fit around my waist, buns, and thighs. At least, that's what Carol had often observed. "And your dick makes a neat bulge," she would say. I was also wearing my wide, leather belt, with the Harley buckle.

"What the fuck are you staring at?" I asked.


"Yeah, right."

"It's just the way your back flares out from your narrow waist to your wide shoulders... and your muscular arms. And your silky skin. I could never get tired of admiring you."


"Is there another word for it? Anyway, I was just thinking about how lucky Carol is."

"Yeah, well... Steph's just as lucky. Don't do yourself in, Kyle. I've seen the girls doing neckbreaks when you're around."

"Yeah... that's 'cause I'm with you."

Fuck. This whole situation was getting a bit too close and personal. Sure, I'd engineered it. But I was still as fucking nervous and fidgety as all hell. I grabbed a joint, and lit it.

"You gonna smoke inside?"

"Yeah. They're away for the weekend." After taking a long drag, I offered the j to Kyle. "You wanna puff? Hey, don't look so guilty. Wingnut's not here. You want another beer?"

We were sitting side by side on the sofa. What the fuck was wrong with me? I was as nervous as a kitten, and I hadn't even noticed that my leg was bouncing up and down until Kyle put his hand on my knee.

"You stressed or something?"

"Nope," I lied.

"Fuck, you look it."

"Fuck, Kyle, I really enjoyed the other day... your hands all over me... and..."

"Hey, I've got a cool idea. Let's get naked in your room."

"Shit, Kyle... didn't mean to sound like I'm desperate."

"Chill out, bro. You think I don't enjoy being naked with you? Fucking hell."

So what did he have in mind? Whatever it was, I didn't wanna argue. For the first time since I'd known that spiky-haired dingaling, I allowed him to take complete charge, and lead me to my room. All the fantasies I'd had about us -- being together -- going further than we ever had before -- somehow I knew that tonight was the night. Rocking around to Steph's house at 1am to fetch him. That wasn't me. But it was me. I did it. And he was here. And he was leading me to my bedroom. Fucking hell. What was I afraid of? Him or me? I didn't know.

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