South Africa
Part 70

I was standing at the side of my bed, with my hands on my belt, in an attempt to offer some kinda token resistance. But Kyle simply took charge, grabbed my hands, and removed them from the buckle. There was something unusually powerful about him... something that couldn't be denied. He unbuckled the belt, then slid my jeans down my legs.

"Hmmm, white briefs. You know how much I love white briefs... guess you knew I was coming, huh?"

Kyle took my hands, which were shaking like a fucking leaf, and placed them on his jeans. I felt as though I was on some kinda auto-pilot as I unbuttoned the waist and fly.

As soon as his jeans were down around his ankles, he pushed me so that I fell backwards onto the bed.

"Hey, we're buds, right? So stop being so fucking nervous."

"Maybe I need another joint."

"Maybe you don't. Chill for fuck sake."

I closed my eyes, and felt his hands work their way from my calf muscles to the inside of my thighs. My abs were twitching as he crept closer to my crotch, then cupped my cock and balls in his hand. Next, his fingers caressed my stomach and chest.

"Hey, open your eyes."

I did as he asked, and placed one hand on his inner thigh before I gradually worked toward his crotch. But this whole situation was becoming way too scary. The moment his hand slid into my briefs, and wrapped itself around my hardening dick, I closed my eyes again.

A few seconds later, I felt my briefs being pulled down my legs, so I did likewise to his boxers. Then he took my hand, formed it into a fist, and placed it around his rock-hard boner.

"Now, the whole idea is to slide your hand up and down until some white, creamy stuff shoots out, and lands all over your pecs. AND OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES!"

Kyle was jacking me quite slowly, probably 'cause he wanted it to last for as long as possible. On the other hand, he was way too excited to hold his load back. "You're gonna get a handful of boy juice in a sec," he warned before letting out a cry of ecstasy, and moaning something about it being almost painful. His stomach muscles contracted, and several explosions of his jizz draped themselves over my skin.

That was his cue to fist my solid meat harder and faster. I closed my eyes again, and allowed my mind and body the freedom to wallow in the most exquisite pleasure. Then, as I felt my nads tighten against the base of my shaft, and the the electrically charged rush of cum begin its awesome journey, I lifted my pelvis, and let out a huge cry.

I could feel the first shot of juice land on my neck. The second made it almost as far. By the time it was over, and I'd opened my eyes, my chest and abs were drenched in the stuff... mine as well as Kyle's. Suddenly, I felt totally relaxed... in some kinda euphoric stupor. Exhausted. I didn't wanna move.

"Stay there. I'll fetch some tissues."

A few moments later, he was wiping the thick, sticky juice from my body, and studying my nads, which had resumed their normal, low-hanging position after a job well done.

"Want me to clean your dick as well?"

"Hey, fuck... go for it. I'm way too relaxed to stop you."

Before I knew what was happening, he had his mouth over my dick. "Kyle! What the fuck...???" He ignored me, and I watched in total disbelief as his tongue cleaned my cockhead, and lapped up the last blob of jizz that had clung to my pisshole. It was all too much to comprehend, so I rested my head on the pillow, and closed my eyes.

"There ya go," I heard him say, "all clean."

"Jesus, Kyle, I can't believe you did that."

"Did what? I didn't blow you or anything. Tasted different to what I expected, though. Kinda sweet."

"Oh, my fuck. That was totally, totally, fucking awesome."

"Yeah, I can see. You're hard again. Wanna taste mine?"

"In your dreams, pal."

"I feel like some coffee. Can I go make some?"

"Yeah... go for it."

"Want some?"

"I'll come with you."

The two of us walked through to the kitchen, totally starkers. And my dick was as hard as iron again. It was so strange to see my boner bouncing around, while his was kinda lazy, and draped over his balls. Hello? Me with a hardon, and Kyle soft? What the fuck was happening here? Some kinda role reversal thingy. Weird.

I took over the coffee-making 'cause my bud's gastronomical flair was limited to peanut butter sarmies, and I didn't trust him to make coffee the way I preferred it. Not burnt.

"Whaddaya mean burnt? How the fuck could I burn coffee?"

"You'd find a way."

As I stood there, facing the kitchen table, Kyle slipped behind me, held me tight, and sent his hands on a mission of erotic exploration.

"I wonder what's going through your head right now?" he mused as his fingers fondled my abs.

"Stop wondering, Kyle. I'm not thinking what I think you think I'm thinking."

"So what's going through your head, then?"

"Hey," I laughed, "you don't wanna fucking know."

"Try me."

"Well... I'm thinking what it would be like for you to really blow me... I mean, all the way. But I couldn't ask you to do that 'cause there's no fucking way that I'd suck you off. I just couldn't do it."

Kyle's hand moved down to my boner. "Hmmm, feels like you're about ready."

"For what?" Dumb question.

"Turn around and find out."

"You're not my fucking sex slave, Kyle. You don't need to do this."

"Hey, does it look like I'm being forced into anything here? Huh?"

So what was I gonna do? Say no? I'd fantasized about this moment for almost as long as I'd known this crazy dude. But fantasy was a helluva lot different to reality. Should I seize the moment?

I turned around, and faced him... then watched him kneel before me. My best bud. My confidant. My sparring partner. The joker. The walking grin. The lips. The moment had arrived. My throbber and his face were just inches apart.

This next section needs to be told by Kyle, from his point of view. And what a fucking view!

Mark leaned back against the table as I pulled his hard dick down until it was level with my face. Then I closed my mouth around it. Instantly, my whole body was alive with electricity as my tongue explored every fucking sensational taste. This was like such an important moment for me. At long last, Mark's rock-hard manhood was fucking my face. His patch of boy-scented pubes was right before my very eyes. My hands were gripping his muscular thighs. He was inside me. His solid monster was enjoying being somewhere wet and warm, and friendly.

It was like a dream come true as I savored every little bit of his dick... its swollen head, sculptured to perfection... the shape, the contours, the roundness, the fullness, the heat, the flavor... the way his boner reacted with every movement of my tongue... bouncing, jerking, thumping.

Time after time, his hands would find the top of my head, then retreat to the table. He didn't know what the fuck to do with his hands. Well, he did. He wanted to follow his natural instinct, and hold what he was fucking. But he was afraid.

It took ages for him to cum, by which time my jaw was aching from all the sucking. Any misgivings he'd had about holding my head had been overturned by the animal in him. His fingers dug into my scalp as his delicious juice exploded from his knob, and splattered against the back of my throat. Wad after wad after wad. I was swallowing like hell to keep up with the torrent. Despite having offloaded only half an hour beforehand, those low hangers of his still had a truckload of jizz in them... 'had' being the operative word. It was all mine now... to taste, to savor, to swallow, to enjoy.

Even after the last drop of his juicy load had been sent on it mission of ecstasy, I remained where I was, kneeling before him, with his magnificent dick gradually getting lazy in my mouth. This had been the moment I'd been waiting for, and I didn't wanna waste one single millisecond of it. Not even the sound of his heavy breathing, which was a sure sign that I'd pleased him. Big time.

At last, I allowed his soft, spit-covered dick to tumble outa my mouth, and I stood. At the same time, he laid back on the table, and rubbed his face with his hands. His chest and stomach were still rising and falling rapidly as I sat on a chair beside him.

"Oh, my fuck," he sighed. "I never in my whole fucking life thought that another guy could make me feel so good."

"Hmmm," I observed as I playfully tickled his nads, "and there's still more juice left in there."

"Oh, grief, Kyle. Enough already! I couldn't handle another one like that. Jesus!"

While Mark reclined on the table, my eyes scanned every inch of that perfect muscle-hunk, and I couldn't help thinking about fucking him, and imagining my meat sliding in and out of his cute, hairless asshole. But, hey, I wasn't in the mood to get beaten to a pulp. On the other hand, my nostrils were being filled with the intoxicating aroma of his boy smell, which was sending me totally crazy with lust. But, I knew it was time to chill. I didn't wanna risk spoiling this most special moment of moments. Instead, I stood, and joked, "So I guess I'm gonna have to finish making the coffee. Jeez... some friend you are."

And now back to the story from Mark's point of view.

While my bud made the coffee [and I couldn't have cared less if he'd burnt it], I remained where I was, stretched out on the table, allowing him to gawk at every inch of my bod if he wanted to. Hell, he'd proved beyond any doubt that I was some kinda god as far as he was concerned. Hey, he blew me! He actually blew me! And he swallowed my juice! Every drop! Incredible! It was something I could never do, though... there was no way I could've reciprocated. I just couldn't imagine having his dick buried in my face. But, on the other hand, to have mine buried in his was like an affirmation of his... yeah... love for me. It was more than love, though. He was obsessed. I represented something very, very special to him. Maybe some kinda gift from Nature.

As we drank our coffee, we were both silent. No doubt, we were both still trying to come to grips with what had happened. I kept having visions of his full, moist lips gliding up and down my boner, and memories of his tongue lashing my knob as it exploded my load down his throat. Fucking awesome. Totally, totally incredible.

And Kyle? Well, I guessed that he was wondering how the fuck he'd gotten away with it... and why he wasn't wrapped in bandages, laying on a hospital bed.

After I'd showered, I climbed into my bed, and laid next to my most awesome bud.

"You mean I can sleep here all night?"

"Why not? Nobody's coming home."

Was it lust? Or infatuation? Or obsession? I wasn't sure. All I knew was that he'd fallen asleep with one leg and one arm wrapped around me, and his hand on my chest. It was almost as though he was a child, cuddling up to me, to be safe and secure. Was that love? Whatever it was, it felt totally cool. And, not only that, it also felt totally natural.

"Hey," I said to sleeping beauty as I held a cup of coffee in one hand, and had the other wrapped around his morning piss boner. "Here's something to wake you up."

When he spotted my hand on his dick, I quickly took it away. But the cheeky fucker grabbed it, and put it back.

"Keep it there. It feels totally wicked."

"You're fucking outrageous, Kyle. You're leading me astray. If Carol finds out..."

"She won't... and neither will Steph," he said as he raised himself on one elbow, and placed his coffee on the bedside table. "I'm sorry the night's over. I had a totally awesome time. Fuck, Mark, I've gotta lotta friends, but nobody like you... 'cept maybe for Paul."

"I guessed about you and Paul. It was so damn obvious, I would've needed to have been blind not to see it."

"Hey, if you're not in a hurry... You wanna lay back in bed? I wanna feel you all over."

Without warning, I jumped on him, planted my butt on his stomach, and began to tickle him. In a split second, he was a writhing, giggling, wriggling tangle of arms and legs, trying desperately to protect his tummy from my busy fingers.

"I know which part of me you wanna feel, you horny toad."

"Oh, fuck, Mark!" he pleaded. "Stop! Stop! I'm ticklish!"

"Really? Well, whaddaya know! Say please, Uncle Mark."

"Please, Uncle Mark... stop! Please! For fuck sake!" Then he noticed my boner, and grabbed it. "Now, that looks delicious."

I retaliated by grabbing a handful of his nuts, and squeezing. "Let go, Kyle. I've gotta get ready for work."


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