South Africa
Part 82

Life has its very special moments, and writing this chapter was one of those moments for me. MrB

"Wait! Wait just a sec!"

I thought Kyle might've changed his mind about where we were headed, but no. He pushed me down so that I was laying on my back, then he lowered his face to my black, bikini briefs.

"Did you wear these 'specially for me?"


I watched Kyle suck my pre-cum through the wet cotton, then his full, red lips as they enveloped my cockhead. Oh, jeez! Automatically, my hands grabbed his head, and my fingers dug into his scalp.

"Oh, fuck, Kyle! Wait!"

I lifted my butt off the floor so that he could remove my briefs. My cock was rock-hard, and standing up away from my stomach. I was expecting him to blow me when he suddenly threw a leg over my stomach, and sat on my abs, facing me.

"Do me a favor," he smiled.


"Let's the two of us try not to be so serious. This isn't a death sentence."

"Stay like that."


"'Cause I wanna look up at you, and try to fathom what makes you fucking tick."

Always the joker, Kyle answered by saying, "My pendulum," then pushed his boner down to my gut so that it bounced back and slapped against his.

"I wish I was more like you," I laughed.

"What? You wanna taste mine, too? Hey! You're welcome... anytime!"

Well, I had to admit that I'd thought about it from time to time, like when I was jacking off, but, later, in the cold, hard light of day, I'd reject the idea as being foreign to my sexuality. I was straight. But here, in the den, with both of us naked and horny... Nah. There was no way I could do it. "Yeah, right. And you'll laugh your fucking tits off."

"Promise I won't."

"Hmmm... not so sure I'm gonna like the taste."

His hands were resting on my pecs, and his fingers were playing with my nipples as he gazed down at me. "Better than pussy... promise." Meantime, I could feel the head of my dick rubbing against his ass crack. "How long can we make this last?" he asked.

"No wonder your boss thinks you're a good salesman."

"I'm ready to shoot 'cause you make me so damn horny."

"Move up closer so I can taste that ugly thing."

Kyle crawled forward so that my boner was pressed against his stomach, while his was just inches from my face. It was big. Fucking big! And its swollen, cut head was glistening with pre-cum. Should I or shouldn't I? Hell, Carol had blown me a zillion times, and she was still alive. Couldn't be that bad, I reasoned.

I grabbed hold of his thick, solid shaft, and pulled his throbber down to my lips. My tongue emerged... slowly, tentatively... until its tip touched his knob. His whole body convulsed.

"It's not crusty... promise."

"Thanks a stack. That's all I needed to know." I raised my head so that my hair was brushing against his stomach, then took the head of his cock into my mouth. But not for long. "Your dick feels like a fucking vibrator in my mouth! Can't you shut off the batteries or something?"

Kyle responded by giggling. Then he slid back down so that our faces were level, and laid on his side next to me. "I'm in no hurry for this to end," he said softly as he proceeded to explore my chest and abs with his hand. Every now and then, he'd give my boner a tug just to make sure it was still hard.

For a spiky-haired, cheeky fucker, there was a wonderful tenderness about Kyle... a warmth that seemed to be readily and willingly absorbed by my body, as well as my soul. But he still scared the shit outa me.

"You don't have to do that," he said as he ran his fingers around my raised nipple.


"Put my dick in your mouth."

"I know that. But right now, I'd do just about anything with you."

"You gonna swallow?"

"You know I won't."

"Can I?"

"Why ask?"

"You wanna 69? Me on the bottom?"

"I've gotta tell you, Kyle, I'm shaking, scared, and nervous."

"I know," he grinned as if to say that he was, too. "Cool, huh?"

I straddled him so that my hangers were hovering above his face. His hands grabbed my buns, and pulled my ass closer to him. Then I felt his lips close around one of my nads before sucking the other. I was shaking like a leaf, but the electric thrill of the sensations I was experiencing were just too fucking awesome to ignore.

For a few moments, I studied his throbber. What the hell. I'd come this far. I took the head of his dick into my mouth, then slid my lips down his thick, hard shaft. By then, he'd raised my hips, and forced my boner down. I felt the warmth and wetness of his mouth, while his tongue was doing the most incredible things to me.

It was weird, but also totally complementary. Two guys sucking each other's cocks. Well, not just any two guys. Two guys who loved each other.

But there was no way I could continue sucking when I felt my balls tighten, and the rush about to begin its awesome journey. I tried to lift my ass to get my cock outa his mouth, but Kyle had a firm grip on my hips, and pulled my ass back down. My boner must've been half way to his tonsils. I heard him gag. There was nothing I could do but offload a truckload of juice into his mouth.

"Oh! Jesus Christ, Kyle! Oh, my fuck! Aaaaagggghhhhh!!!!

And still my load kept coming. My whole body was convulsing. The sensation of his tongue lashing my ultra-sensitive cockhead as it continued to explode was indescribably intense. Almost like pain. It was as though his tongue was coaxing every last drop of jizz from my aching balls. And it did. Just as I thought I'd shot my final wad, there would be another, and another.

Finally, I relaxed, and allowed my weight to settle on my bud. Oops! Kyle's boner! In the excitement, I'd forgotten about it. I wrapped my hand around it, and began to fist his shaft, not thinking about where his juice would go.

"Your hair!" he warned as he raised his hips. "Mind your head!"

Too late. A long, white strand of cum shot outa his pisshole and landed on my head somewhere. It was followed by more explosions as his boner pulsated and throbbed in my fist.

"Fuck that," I said as his bucking cock kept dancing in my hand. "I'll shower later. Oh, my fuck! That was so fucking intense! Painful fucking pleasure. Oh, jeez!"

By the time Kyle's cock had finished its feral performance, I was saturated in his juice. Then, for some inexplicable reason, I took his deflating boner in my mouth and cleaned it. And, as I did, it began to harden again. Kyle, meanwhile, had taken my cock into his mouth once more.

After what seemed like ages, but was really only a few minutes of trying to prolong one of the most incredible experiences of my life -- if not the most incredible -- I rolled off my bud, and sat beside him. Then I offered him my hand as we both stood.

"I'm gonna clean up," I said before heading for the bathroom. A minute later, we were both in the moonlit courtyard, still naked.

"Shitforbrain's private stash," I explained as I produced a joint from under a flower box.

After I'd lit the reefer, and taken a drag, I passed it to Kyle. Surprisingly, he puffed on it, then handed it back to me. I guessed he was so blown away by what had happened, he'd made an exception this time.

He moved around behind me, and pressed his semi against my buns. His hands were doing the entire, erotic tour... across my pecs, down to my stomach, up under my arms, down my lats to my hips, then to my crotch, where he caressed my nads and semi, which responded accordingly.

"It's like the moon is a million soft spotlights highlighting every contour of your bod." He kissed my neck, then whispered how much he loved me.

"You know that this won't last forever, Kyle."

"Shhhh! I know that, but let's not talk about it."

"You're fucking unbelievable... and I love you, Kyle."

"I know... and I know that it's not gonna last forever. But I want you to remember times like this forever."

"Times like what?" I joked. "Ooomph!"

Kyle had given me a smack in the breadbox, which caused me to laugh. I threw the j into a flowerbed, then turned to face him. After gazing dreamily into each other's eyes for a moment, our mouths met, and our hands were all over each other's bods as we kissed like we were the only two people in the world.

I reached down and grabbed his boner, then thrust my hips forward so that our two cocks were being squashed between us. Occasionally, we'd stop to study each other's faces... probably in an attempt to convince ourselves that this totally unreal situation actually existed. Then we'd kiss again, and allow our writhing bodies to enjoy the most wonderful, most rewarding intimacy. It was like being on an exhilarating bunji jump, where we hoped the elastic line would never become taut, and the ground would always be far, far away.

"What was that?" Kyle asked when he heard the car door shut.

"Oh, fuck! My mom!"

We dove into the house, grabbed our clothes, and blasted into my room. I was in a total panic as I pulled on my briefs, then jeans. Kyle was wobbling all over the place as he tried desperately to get into his pants.

"Fuck, Kyle! Get under the bed!"

While my bud was crawling under the bed like some disoriented crab startled out of its wits, I kicked the rest of his gear under as well, then sat on the mattress trying my best to appear calm. Yeah, right.

"Hi, Mark," shitforbrains said as he opened the bedroom door.

"Hi. You guys have a good time?"

"So, so. What are you up to? You're sweating like a pig."

"I was doing situps and stuff."

"You're unfit, boy... totally outa breath... it's all the shit you smoke."

"I take after you, then... don't I."

"Fuck you. Your mother wants some coffee."

"I'll be there in a sec."

After shitforbrains left, I asked Kyle if he was OK.

"Jesus! My breathing sounds like a fucking steam train! And my heart sounds like..."

"Shhhhhh!" I warned just before my mom arrived at the door.


"Hi, mom."

"You OK? You're totally out of breath."

"I'm fine. I was exercising. I'll come and make you some coffee in a sec."

"Great. I want to jump into a bath."

She gave me a kiss, then left the room.

"Kyle! Wait 'til I'm outa here, then climb out the window. Dress first, though! Jesus!"

[Kyle's comment: I heard Mark leave the room, and switch off the light. Fucking great. Now I had to check my stuff in the dark. I got dressed, ducked out the window, and jumped the wall. What a fucking way to end such a perfect evening! I was still breathing heavily from the fright we'd had when I stopped at a tree to take a piss.]

After I'd put the coffee on to percolate, I raced back to my room. No Kyle. I climbed out the window, jumped the wall, then saw him down the street a little ways. He looked as though he was about to take a leak. I caught him totally unawares as I dive-tackled him, and sent him crashing ass over tit onto the grass. He almost shat himself.

"Hey! Couldn't let you leave without saying goodbye," I grinned.

"Hey, it's cool. I know the situation."

"Just wanted to tell you that what happened tonight was totally fucking special... and that you're special. Hey, I've gotta jet."

"Love ya."

"Me, too, Kyle. Me, too."

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