South Africa
Part 88

While I was cracking up at the way Kyle had casually referred to juicing pizzas, he was eyeballing my chest and stomach. "Your whole sixpack went into a spasm. And there's these little muscles on the side of your stomach, and they run up alongside your pecs that were like blossoming."

"Blossoming?" That made me crack up even more.

"You can laugh... but I could do with some right now."



"Actually, Kyle, it's getting late. We should turn in."

"Cool. I want you naked, though," he demanded as we both stood. "I wanna remember everything about you."

Despite the pizza thing being hilarious, I'd managed to get a huge boner during the convo. Kyle had one, too, but I guessed his had been the result of gawking at me.

We climbed into the single bed, and right away he grabbed me and kissed me with his open mouth. I felt his electric hand slide down my chest and stomach 'til it reached my rock-hard cock, which he stroked lightly. Then his fingers ran back and forth along the length of my boner, pausing at the base to fondle my balls.

I was copying his every move, and thinking about how amazing the empathy was... two guys understanding and appreciating each other's bodies in a way that no girl ever could.

Suddenly, Kyle rolled me onto my back, and began to kiss my nipples.

"Hey! That's so fucking unfair!" I complained.


"You always get to go first."

I pushed Kyle onto his back, and placed my lips around the closest nipple as he fingered my thick, black hair. Then I alternated between tonguing and sucking each of his ripe, brown berries before exploring the rest of his bod with kisses and licks. And all the while, his hands were caressing my shoulders and back.

This was as much about love as it was about sex. It was about being tender and caring. It was about being romantic. None the less, I was still totally fucking nervous about the whole damn thing.

When I eventually reached his boner, which was dripping pre-cum, I placed the tip of my tongue on its swollen head. "Jeez!" he groaned as he arched his back. "Oh, fuck, Mark! This feels fantastic! You're fantastic!"

I placed a hand under his full, round nads, then started to kiss his hard and hot boner. I could feel the intensity of the heat against my lips. Then, as my mouth closed around the head of his cock, I heard his trembling voice again. "Hope it tastes OK. Fuck, I love this!"

I used one hand to stroke the base of his thick, hard shaft as I face-fucked his upper three inches. I could feel my lips riding over the high ridge of his cut knob, while my tongue lashed at anything in its path. Every so often, his leg muscles would tense, and his toes would curl. I figured he was trying not to cum so that it would last as long as possible. Meantime, he kept playing with my hair to relax me.

Finally, he yelled, "I'm gonna cum, Mark! Aaaagggghhhhh!"

For a split second I was tempted to keep his dick in my mouth, but I chickened out, and pulled my head away. Then I piston whipped his pulsating throbber, and watched a huge wad of juice explode into the air before it landed on his chest. More giant wads followed. I found myself being hypnotized by them.

After my bud's body had ceased to convulse, I moved my face toward his dick. Then I felt a tap on my head, which caused me to look at Kyle.

"You don't need to do that."

"Shut the fuck up, OK. Who's in charge here?"

I could hear him laughing as I began to clean his boner, with practically the whole damn thing in my mouth. Then I spotted a large pool of juice in his belly button. I gathered up the sticky blob with my tongue, and swallowed it. Hmmm. Interesting, but I guessed it was an aquired taste.

"I can't believe you decorated pizza with that stuff," I smiled as I faced him. "Cum and pepperoni. Yuck!"

"It's good," he laughed. "I'm tellin' ya."


Kyle sat up, stacked my pillows against the bedhead, and asked me to lay back in a half-sitting position. "I want you to watch. You've got such a beautiful cock, I want you to see what happens."

"You're being serious, right?"

"Yeah, well... you know... small things amuse small minds and all that."

"Fuck you! Small things? That's not what Carol says."

Actually, my cock was pretty big and thick even when it was soft. And hard? Whoa! Anyway, Kyle placed his fist around the base, and admired it for a few moments.

"It's a beaut," he smiled without taking his eyes off it. "But then your whole damn body is. Check this out." He used a finger to demonstrate his point. "These lines that start here at your hips, and go down to here... they're like arrows that say, "Here, Kyle. Here's your lunch."" Then he looked up at me and grinned.

"You're so fulla shit," I laughed.

"You're beautiful." And he meant it.

Kyle moved forward so that he was straddling my lower torso. In the process, he'd shifted my dick so that it was resting against his butt. What was he gonna do? Slip it into his ass crack? What the fuck was I gonna do if he did? But he didn't. Instead, he rested his open hands on my pecs. His dick was still leaking juice, which spilled onto my stomach.

Then he slid backwards so that he could kiss and suck my nipples. He mirrored everything I'd done to him, using his lips, tongue, and hands to explore every inch of my bod. It was totally amazing to watch him make love to me. He was treating me like I was the most important person in the world. And, at that moment, I was.

I watched him slide his ass further down so that he could kiss and lick my nads, then let his mouth explore the length of my boner. He was right about my being able to see all of this happen before my very eyes. It was fucking unbelievable.

Then, when my boner disappeared between his moist ruby reds, and his face was almost touching my pubes, I began to arch my back, and writhe with the exquisite pleasure of his busy tongue. I could hear myself trying to catch my breath.

And just when I thought I was gonna offload, he'd stop sucking me to kiss my belly button or my pecs. He loved my pecs. Fucking hell, there wasn't an inch of me that he didn't love.

But I was in for a big surprise. Kyle moved one hand around to my butt, and I felt his finger enter my rosebud, which automatically squeezed. It caused me to gasp, and my whole body to tense.

"Just relax, buddy," he whispered. "I'm gonna take you somewhere really special."

I followed orders, and relaxed my ass muscles. His finger took advantage, and found my prostate. "Oh, my fuck! Jesus H Christ!" This was a whole new sensation! Fucking incredible! All I could do was gasp and breathe heavily as his lips and tongue rode my rod, and his finger kept playing with my prostate. Never, ever, in my wildest dreams could I have anticipated such awesome sensations!

When I finally offloaded, I was making the most weird crying sounds, but I couldn't help it. The pleasure was the most intense that I'd ever experienced. And mixed with the crazy noises I was making, were Kyle's gulping and swallowing sounds as I continued to jet my juice down his throat.

For about a minute after I'd fired my last wad, Kyle carried on sucking, hoping to get some more of my juicy prize. But it was all gone. Every last drop. Fucking hell. And I was totally exhausted.

I remembered Kyle's head resting on my stomach just before I dozed off. It'd been a long, hard day -- make that a week of long, hard days, and nights -- and I was totally fucked. Then, when he lifted his head, I woke up.

We kissed and cuddled for a while before I fell asleep again. At some stage during the night, I woke to see my dick buried in Kyle's face once more, but I was too tired to respond, so I dozed off. That happened a few more times. I'd wake to see him kissing me all over, or tracing his fingers over my face and lips.

"Hey, buddy," I said after giving him a little kiss.


"Not sleeping?"

"No. I wanna remember everything about you."

"Cool." A second later, I'd returned to deep slumber.

In the morning, I woke to find myself entangled in a mass of arms and legs. He was asleep. After I'd extricated myself from Kyle's loving prison, I kissed him on the forehead, took a piss, put on my Speedos, and headed for the pool.

It must've been the noise of the splash I'd made as I dove in that woke him. A minute later, he was flying through the air, dressed in shorts.

"So you finally went to sleep?" I laughed as he surfaced, and flicked the water from his hair and face.

"Yeah," he grinned. "I had my fun last night... playing and touching everything... like a little Kyle about to get his hand smacked."

After showering, we made our way to the coffee shop for a quick breakfast. There wasn't much time 'cause I had a full day's work to do at the yacht company. My bus was leaving for Joburg at 7 that evening.

When I'd finished work for the day, and had said my goodbyes to the boss, his wife, and the friends I'd made, I collected Kyle from his shop, then we both went back to my flat to pack my things.

"How come Carol isn't here?"

"'Cause we've already said our goodbyes."

"How come you left me 'til last?"

"Good question."

After I'd packed all my stuff into my two sports bags, I faced my bud. "I'm not gonna kiss you in public, Kyle. Can I now?"

We kissed for a long time, tasting each other, loving each other, being at one with each other... soul to soul... heart to heart.

At the bus station, which seemed like some place where I was about to be blasted into unchartered space, Kyle remarked that I suddenly looked like a little kid with my bags slung over my shoulder, and my bedding wrapped and strapped.

It wasn't a time for talking. We hardly spoke a word as we waited for the announcement that the bus was boarding. Both our hearts were heavy with profound sadness that was bound to erupt if we'd dared to look at each other. So it was better to stare into emptiness, and remain silent.

But after the boarding announcement, we had no choice. I hugged Kyle harder than I ever had before. Tears flowed instantaneously. "If you don't get a cell phone," he sobbed, "I'm gonna come up there and hunt you down like a dog."

"Love you, Kyle. Thanks for everything. Keep smiling, huh."

"Yeah, right."

When we'd released our grip on each other, and tried in vain to dry our eyes, Kyle handed me something. "I want you to listen to this tape right away when the bus leaves. I made it for you."

"Thanks, buddy."

We waited 'til the last possible moment before I boarded the bus. I managed to get a window seat, looked at Kyle's sad face, and waved my hand. He returned my wave, and he was still waving as the bus pulled away. Suddenly, there was no more Kyle. He'd vanished. And as the bus moved on, I felt as though a major part of me had been torn from me. There was an overwhelming temptation to stop the bus, and run back, but I knew that was impossible. I was committed.

I took Kyle's tape, and inserted it into my Walkman. I recognized the song immediately... "Shallow Waters" by Just Jinger.

"I'm leaving tomorrow, and I don't know why
There's something that's not right with my soul
I have no goal... I have no goal

I'm leaving shallow waters
I'm leaving all my dreams of you
I can't go on... I want to run away

I think I'll go today... tomorrow

Well, it won't help me at all. It won't help me at all.
There's something that I told you, and you don't know
That it's true. Oh, that it's true now."

"And then the bus pulled away and I was in a world gone mad. When my dad arrived at 7:30, I was still sitting on the bench trying to control myself. My dad didn't need to say anyting... he knew how I was feeling. Paul... all over again."

"Thursday - no word from Mark, and I hated the whole fucking day. Thursday night, the call came through. Mark had been met by this other dude in Joburg, and he was quite chuffed with the setup there. Very strange, though, and Mark felt a bit lost."

"Hey, Kyle... it's not shallow waters. I'm not leaving anything of you behind. Love ya, buddy. And yes, it is a kinda runaway, but not from you. You know that."

"We didn't speak a helluva lot, but I felt better cos he'd contacted me. Now, once he gets his phone, I can get hold of him anytime."

A note from Mr B: I went through a zillion tissues when I wrote this chapter. But I'm convinced that love would be pretty ho-hum if it weren't for the tears. The tears teach us to really appreciate what we've got, and to treasure it. None of us has a crystal ball. None of us, including Cody and Mark, knows what's gonna happen down the track. All we do know is that those two guys have gone through hell to get to heaven, and that their shared experiences were worth the trouble, and will always be cherished. I'm sure you'll join me in wishing them well, no matter where their paths lead. Is this the end of the Mark story? I don't know, but I don't think it is. I can't see how those two guys could just drift apart so easily. There's gotta be more, and, when there is, I'll write about it. February 07, 2001.

Copyright 2001 All rights reserved. mrbstories


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