South Africa
Part 92

I was becoming pretty good friends with Graham, the new guy at the shop. He was an awesome surfer and skateboarder, so we had a lot in common. He was also fun to be with, always jacking around and laughing, especially in the shop when we weren't busy with customers. Meeting him for coffee in the mornings before work had also become a quite ritual, and helped me to deal with Mark's not being there.

"You going to the Red Bull Downhill Extreme this weekend?"

"Yeah... you?"

"Wouldn't miss it."

Another thing that was occupying a lotta my time was training with Wingnut for the school Swim Gala. I was actually enjoying being in the pool again, so much so that I was considering getting permanent membership of the local health club. A few of the guys from school as well some ex-seniors were members there, so I'd be feeling right at home. Prob was, the health club pool was always busy, so you had to book in advance. A better and cheaper alternative would be to use the school pool. Hmmm. I figured I'd have a chat with the coach about giving him a hand with the younger guys... just basic stuff. I wasn't all that great at stroke coaching, but, hey, I could lend a hand.

On the Friday night before the swim meet next day, Steph and I went to a movie, then straight home. I wanted to get an early night, which reminded me of my school days, and the early nights before swim comps. Mom had made a huge pasta dish... carbonara, with bacon, ham, mushrooms, and tagliatelle. Whoa! Tasted rad! I totally pigged out, then felt like a whale, which was cool 'cause I could've just floated across the damn pool.

If you're up to date with the Wingnut story, you'll have read about the swim meet in Wingnut Part 99. Just to recap, Wingnut won all his races, while Kyle managed to beat 'fuckwit' [Craig] in the 100m butterfly. Kyle was also on the relay team that beat the school team. MrB

Saturday, after the meet, Mark phoned me to find out how the swimming went. I couldn't spend much time with him, though, 'cause Steph, Wingnut, Candy, and I were going to the Community Chest Carnival at Maynardville. Mark was totally chuffed about my winning the 100m butterfly against Craig. He couldn't believe that I'd whipped the ass of the school's fastest swimmer, especially after the coach had told me during training that I'd need to make up three seconds.

There was a good vibe at the carnival, not to mention the beer halls all over the damn place, which probably explained why Craig was so friendly toward me. He was out of his fucking bracket when he put his arm around my shoulder and told me what an awesome swimmer I was. Then he told all his buds the same thing. They were all pretty trashed as well. But I was glad Craig felt that way 'cause I liked him, despite his inflated ego. Besides, he had a wicked bod. Woohoo!

We didn't arrive home too late... about 1am. First, we walked Candy and Wingnut to their places, then I went with Steph to hers. She was in a totally sexy mood when we got to her room. She made me stand while she undressed me, and kissed my bod all over. She sure knew how to make a guy feel ten feet tall. Eventually, her tongue played teasingly around my rod, which was a skin-splitter by the time she'd gotten down there. She explained that she wanted to reward me for winning the swim. Fine with me! We had awesome sex, so I figured I was definitely gonna improve on my swimming if the rewards were gonna be that great. Yikes!

Sunday, we went to the Red Bull Downhill Extreme, which featured competitors from many different countires. It was an absolutely wicked day. Hot as hell, though, with crowds like you wouldn't believe. Steve and Tammy were with us. They had definitely become a pair, those two, which was cool. I felt that Tammy was good for Steve... kept him on the straight and narrow. Until she'd arrived on the scene, he'd had more girls than hot dinners, and fuck knows what else. Steve was looking good, too. His body was becoming more solid -- not that it wasn't before -- he'd always been a helluva head-turner with his long, blonde hair and tanned, toned bod -- but he'd gained a bit of extra bulk. His arms were definitely stronger.

We saw some really cruel wipeouts as the skateboarders tried desperately to negotiate the steep downhill with its sharp bends. But that was all part of the excitement, and what the crowd had expected. The sides of the road had been stacked with bales of hay to prevent the guys from killing themselves.

After that, we went to La Med, but it was way too crazy and packed to the fucking rafters, so we decided to split, and head home. I was glad Steph had had such an awesome weekend, though, 'cause I'd often take her for granted, and forget how much she enjoyed the two of us being together.

When Mark phoned on Sunday night, it surprised the hell outa me 'cause he'd already phoned the previous night.

"Hey, cool! So what's up? Is this be kind to Kyle weekend?"

"I've been telling Candy about your swim yesterday. I'm so fucking proud of you, Kyle. I just wanted to tell you that."

"Thanks, man. You've just topped off a perfect weekend for me."

I told Mark about the carnival, and the Downhill Extreme. He really missed not being here for that. Then I told him about Steph's 'reward' on Saturday night.

"She's good for you, Kyle."

"Yeah... keeps me fit."

"That's not what the fuck I meant! She's good for you 'cause she keeps you balanced. I think Candy does the same for me."

"Good sex, huh?"

"I think I must call you "One Track" from now on. And by the way, she is an animal."

"So are you."

"So you can imagine."

"No... I'd rather you tell me."

"She gives me a big head."

"Good head?"


"How so?"

"She tells me it's the best sex she's ever had, and most of her boyfriends have been older than her."

"I think she likes that thick, sticky power pole of yours inside her. Maybe her other guys had weenies."

"You're disgusting... but you know that already."

"Yeah... cool, huh? Eat her out yet?"


"She blow you?"


"Want me to blow you?"

"Maybe I can send her to you for lessons."

"She that bad, huh?"

Mark responded by cracking up, then added, "That's not what I said."

"So what are you saying?"

"You've given me the best blow jobs I've ever had. Happy now? Huh? Huh? Huh? Aquaboy?"

"That's 'cause I can at least get half your monster in my mouth. How's fingers?"

"He's cool," he laughed. "Heavy sometimes, but cool."

"Tell him not to rest all his weight on you."

"Fuck you! Fuck you, Kyle! Jesus!"

"Hey... kidding. So he's still massaging you with coffee in the mornings?"

"No... he uses his fingers."

"Har-de-fucking-har. Wish it was me doing it every morning. But I know you'd let me get into your boxers."

"He said to me the other day that he was gonna wake me up by putting ice down my boxers."

"So you told him you'd break his arms."

"Nah... never said anything... he wouldn't dare try that."

"How's his girlfriend?"

"Up and down. Some days she speaks to me, and other days she treats me like shit. But, hey, she's gotta deal with it. Her boyfriend and I are good friends. That's it."

"He must be doing shit to make her go off like that, though."

"Yeah, well... the other night, Candy and I had an argument on the phone, so I went out for a walk, and stayed away for a few hours. He was out in his car looking for me. When I got home, he burst into tears 'cause he was worried that something had happened to me. He gave me this huge hug, and she was sitting right there, watching."


"Yeah, well... I feel for him, y'know. He treats me like a king here. And, yeah, maybe he feels more for me than he should, but I can't hurt him, either."

"He still talk about the two of you? Like in touching and shit?"

"Yeah... but he says those kinda things more in a joking manner now... like the ice in my boxers."

"Hey, if he's good looking, he can put ice in mine."

"Isn't that thing of yours small enough already? Ha, ha, ha, ha! Ho, ho, ho, ho! He, he, he, he!"


"Hey, I've gotta jet, Kyle. I just wanted to tell you how awesome I feel about you winning that race."

"Thanks for calling. When are you getting your cell phone?"

"Not sure."

"OK. Love ya."

"Me, too, bud. See ya."

"See ya."

How totally awesome was that? Phoning me just to say how proud he was of me! That was just so damn cool! It was interesting about fingers, too. This wasn't the same Mark. No fucking way. I remembered the convo we'd had when he was first offered the job in Joburg. He would have known if the guy was gay, he said. Yeah, right. And now? Now it didn't bother him. He knew that fingers was crazy about him, but he didn't wanna hurt him. Talk about mellowing almost overnight. And I'd given him the best blow jobs he'd ever had? Whoa! Come back to Cape Town, Mark! Like now! Dammit!

Table Mountain was still smoldering on Monday morning, sending light clouds of gray smoke drifting lazily across the sky. Meantime, all the guys at work were calling me Kyle Spitz after I'd told them about my win at the swim meet. And when I told my boss that I was gonna carry on swimming at school, he gave me a brand new pair of Speedos and swim goggles for nothing. "I need guys who do sport in the store, Kyle, 'cause they know what they're talking about when they speak to the customers."

Actually, I'd made quite a few friends of the guys who regularly came into the shop, especially the grommets 'cause they felt at ease with me, and knew they wouldn't be screwed over. Some of the older guys who worked in the shop didn't have much time for the grommets. But, hey, I'd had Wingnut training.

At lunchtime that day, I spent the whole hour in the net cafe typing the latest news, then sent it off to B instead of waiting 'til Friday. I figured he'd wanna know about my success at the swim meet, and that Mark was so damn proud of me.

"ill put joshuas link on my page as soon as i can get time to update everything. theres a stack of links that arent working but i just cant find the time to go thru all of them. that pic you put up [on your news page] is pretty cool - the one of you and that guy - hehehehehahahahahahah - only kidding. yep - pretty cool."

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