South Africa
Part 97

When Mark finally returned, I was kinda relieved to discover that Shane had already arrived at Carol's by the time Mark had gotten there. The three of them had rapped and had a few beers, and that was it. No sex. I tried not to appear happy about it, but, hey, the more time Mark had to spend with me the better I liked it. Hehehehe. Hahahaha. Hohohohoho!

"Hey, Kyle? Wanna come for a walk?"

"Yeah, sure. Where?"


It was cold, so we were both wearing thickly-padded jackets over our ts and jeans. And as we walked, it occurred to me that we were dressed alike. That was the kinda effect this awesome, handsome dude had on me. I not only wanted to be with him, but also a part of him... kinda attached in every way possible.

"So what are your plans, Kyle?" he asked as we ambled along the beach with our hands in the warm pockets of our jackets.

"What plans?"

"College plans, studying plans, future plans, plans plans."

"Shit, I don't know. Seriously, I don't know anymore. I'll have enough money for a year in college next year, but then what? Anyway, I'm not sure what I want anymore."

"So the famous Dirk Pitt is changing direction?"

"Something like that."

"What about crewing on a few boats -- yachts? There are always guys looking for extra hands."

"Oh, yeah... what a great future," I said with more than a hint of sarcasm.

"I'm being serious. As it is now, you're heading fucking nowhere in that shop. You think that's what you wanna do all your life?"

"Fuck no!"

"It's just an idea, but there's always stuff going on and guys looking for crews. You love the sea, bro. I don't know what you wanna do, but it's a door, Kyle. Quite a good one, too."

"That what you wanna do?"

"I think so," he smiled as if to encourage me. "It's the first time that I might actually have a goal... to get a skipper license and sail all over the place. Some guys are forever delivering yachts from one place to another for the owners."

"I'll think about it."

"OK, but make sure you do think about it. I think it's something you'll dig doing. You don't mind hard work -- 'cause it is. But it's fun as well, and you'll always be on the sea." After a slight pause, he looked me in the eye. "Kyle?"


"There's a bit of money to be made. Quite a bit."

We spoke for a long time as we continued along the beach, with its chilly air and pounding waves; each one rushing up the sand, testing terra firma, then rejecting it in favor of the bosom of mother ocean. The way waves always rushed back to the sea had always fascinated me.

And the more Mark told me about his new life, the more hyped I was becoming, mainly 'cause of his enthusiasm for the whole yachting trip. His plan was to eventually sail new boats from the yards to their owners around the world. "And I also wanna get into racing, Kyle. That'd be just so damn exciting!"

The more I listened, the more sense he was making 'cause I really didn't know what I wanted anymore. But being on the sea, or near it, was definitely right up there as far as my priorities were concerned.

It was the very last day of my eighteenth year. The evening of Saturday, June 30, 2001. Mark and I decided just the two of us would go to Dunes in Cape Town. Suited me. I wanted all the time with him alone that I could get.

Dunes was a tiny place in a long street, and totally wall to wall with people. Forget about doing a jig on the dance floor. About the best you could manage was to tap your feet or slap your thigh. But for Mark and me, the vibe was for just the two of us to hang out and talk, and we really did talk. We stood on the balcony, watching the street scene below, and the action outside the other clubs... car horns hooting, and small argie bargies [don't ask me - probably arguments - mrb] starting and stopping. One guy got planted over the hood of his car.

"Are you listening to me, Kyle?"


"You've gotta promise me that you'll think about what I've said. I'm worried about you."


"'Cause you're suddenly not focused, and that's not the Kyle I know. You're slowly getting into a rut with what you're doing, and what you're doing is not what you'll wanna be doing later."

We hitched a ride home, and got in at about 3am. Amazingly, we weren't trashed. It'd been a totally cool evening, just talking and drinking... but not drinking too much.

Within a minute of closing the door to my room, Mark had stripped down to his boxers. I asked him if he was gonna shower.

"Nah, it'll wake up your folks."

"Not a prob. You can if you want."

"It's cool, Kyle. Stop hassling."

I undressed down to my boxers, and threw my clothes in a heap on my desk. Then, from behind, I felt his arms around me, and his hands slide around to my stomach. I put my hands on his.

"Oh, yeah? And this?"

"Wellllll... I've just remembered that my very best friend is having a birthday today."

"Thanks, man."

His breath was warm against my neck, and I could feel the firmness of his muscular chest pressing against my shoulders. Suddenly, I was wrapped in a safe cocoon with someone I cared a lot for. And it felt fucking awesome.

But that was short lived 'cause he made me turn around and face his big, cheesy grin.

"You look like the world is gonna end, Kyle," he laughed, showing his cute dimples.

It was then that I realized I must've had a helluva serious look on my face, so I smiled at him. "Only when you leave again," I said, referring to his previous remark.

"But then we'll meet again. Simple."

Maybe he was right. Maybe it was simple. Maybe I should just follow him wherever he led me. Seemed like a pretty good idea at the time... and a lot less hassle than thinking for myself.

Slowly, his face moved closer to mine. I lowered my gaze from his eyes to his mouth, and saw his moist, red lips move as he said, "Happy birthday, Kyle." Then, as I remained wrapped in his strong arms, he parted his lips slightly, and gave me such a gentle kiss... soft and beautiful... tender and loving.

Automatically, I opened my mouth to allow his tongue in. He responded accordingly, and we kissed passionately. My fingers could feel the muscles in his shoulder blades ripple as he held me more tightly. There was no way I could have described adequately how it felt to be in his warm embrace. Mark was very masculine and powerful... not just physically, but also mentally. When you were in his arms, you belonged to him. You wanted to belong to him.

It was some minutes before he eventually moved away from me. I wasn't sure how we got there, but we both ended up on my bed. It was as though I was being led without thinking. But that was cool. I was happy to go wherever he wanted me to.

We continued kissing and hugging as my hand found its way under the waistband of his boxers. His boner was stone hard and hot; ready for action. Then he raised his butt, and helped me slide his boxers down his long, muscular legs, and eventually over his feet. And there he was in all his glorious nakedness. Woohoo!

After he'd assisted me with removing my boxers, we stroked each other for a while, then he pushed me onto my back. He wasn't gonna take no for an answer, and there was no fucking way he was gonna get one. I was in heaven.

"Close your eyes, Kyle."

He must've moved to switch off the lights, 'cause I heard the click. A few seconds later, I sensed his warm breath on my crotch. His wet tongue slid up the length of my boner, then down again. His fingers were playing with my nads while he continued to tongue my aching meat, and send a million thrills to every nerve in my tingling bod.

"Oh, fuck! Mark! That feels awesome!"

But my bud didn't say a word. Instead, as I kept my eyes closed, his tongue travelled up to my belly button, where it stayed for a while. I could feel my stomach muscles gyrating at his erotic touch. Next, he was licking my erect nipples as his hand glided up and down my legs, as well as my upper body.

Without warning, he threw one leg over my waist, and I grabbed the chance to caress it. His hard, hot boner was leaking pre-cum against my thigh. Again, without warning, he moved. My stomach was doing somersaults as my boner disappeared between his lips. Whoa! But a minute later, his face was busy again with my nipples, and his fingers were playing with my balls. He was driving me fucking crazy!

"Wait, Mark! Wait!"

I had to squeeze my muscles like hell to stop myself from cumming. As it was, my cock was dripping like a leaky faucet. No way did I want this to end now. I wanted it to last all night!

Mark rolled onto his back, and allowed me to give him the same treatment. Well, almost the same. I began by savoring the musky flavor of his armpits, and filling my lungs to the full with his masculine scent. Mmmm! Then my lips and tongue enjoyed the shape of his firm, brown nipples, followed by each smooth muscle of his sixpack. A little later, my tongue was lifting his juice-filled nads, one at a time.

I felt his body stretch, then I heard him catch his breath as my lips enveloped his thick, solid meat. Oh, how fucking good it was to have his swollen, sculpted knob inside my mouth at last! And the taste! Just as I remembered. Fucking delicious!

I was glad he hadn't showered. The smell of his crotch was sharp and spicy, which heightened the thrill of my excitement.

Once again, he caught his breath, then took hold of my head and lifted it away from his pulsating dick. I wrapped its rock-hard length inside my fist, and began to stroke it as fast as I could. At the same time, as if to make certain that I was gonna continue giving him pleasure, his hand was gripping my wrist, trapping it.

I deliberately placed my face just above his enlarged pisshole as he shot his load, and I could feel his warm, thick jizz exploding all over my skin. His whole body was convulsing... totally outa control... shuddering with each eruption of several jets of sticky juice. His breathing was agitated and rapid, causing his stomach to rise and fall at short intervals.

After I figured he'd fired his final wad, I went down on him again and gently cleaned his furniture with my lips and tongue. Then I used my fingers to lift his precious nectar off my face, and licked them clean.

Once I'd completed that enjoyable task, I was on my back again while Mark was blowing me. But this time I didn't hold back. As soon as I felt my load getting ready for its awesomely thrilling journey, I warned my bud.

"I'm gonna shoot, Mark! Oh, jeez!"

My bud reacted quickly by moving his face away from my throbber. No way was he gonna be in the way of this runaway rig. Meantime, his fist kept sliding up and down the length of my six and a half. Jab, jab, jab. Then I felt the irreversible rush as my entire being focused on my electrified crotch, and my balls hugged the base of my shaft in readiness for the eruption.

When it arrived, like a mini-volcano spewing its hot lava high into the air before settling all over my stomach and chest, Mark kept stroking me until my cock was so tender I had to force his hand away.

After I'd cleaned myself with a tissue, the two of us laid on the bed, exhausted. Mark had his back to me while my arm was draped over his side. My hand was playing with his chest and stomach. He felt warm and wonderful, with skin as smooth as satin. Total fucking Paradise.

"I'm gonna have to get on the spare mattress, Kyle."

"Just wait. Just a little while longer. Please."

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