August 29, 2002

Birthdays, as I've told Steve, have been something I've rarely paid much attention to. I celebrated my 21st with coffee in a coffee shop with the guys in my band after a gig. No biggie. And I can't remember having received any pressies for my twotie oneth. My 40th is memorable. It was an excuse for some buds to organize a party, but there was more emphasis on the party than my birthday.
Then, at 54, along came the Captain. Cody had a thing about birthdays, Christmases, and other special occasions, and he started making graphics for me. Suddenly, my birthdays, MrB anniversaries, etc, took on a whole new meaning. Hey, life took on a whole new meaning. I had the best friend in the world.

After Cody was killed, Steve knew that I would miss not only Cody's emails, but also his gifts to me. So Steve came to the rescue with all kinds of graphics for special occasions, the first being Christmas 2001. He even made a Valentine's graphic! And, as you know, he's been swamping me with cool stuff ever since, including the ultimate of all gifts; some of Cody's clothing, the bead necklace, and the wristy that Steve made for me.

I just tried to find Steve's own words about his not being a hero, and never having done anything that wasn't motivated by selfishness, but I've got so much of his stuff it would take forever to find it. Anyway, it's pretty obvious to all of us, including the surfergod himself, that he's one helluva dude with a big heart.

And just when I figure he's done about all he could for my birthday, along comes another graphic hehehe. He's designed it so that it can be used as wallpaper.

Along with the graphic, Steve sent me the convo that took place between him and Cody while they worked feverishly together until the early hours. Below that, you'll see the finished product. MrB

So last night I'm trying to doze off, and I feel my bed sag with the weight of a fat angel ass. And the room is like glowing. How the fuck am I supposed to get some shuteye like that, huh?

"Hey, Code."

"Hey, dipshit."

"Thought you weren't allowed to cuss."

"I'm not. But you make me so damn mad."

"What the fuck have I done now?"

"You sent Gary the damn graphic already. You were only supposed to send it this week!"

"Ah, c'mon, Cody, for fuck sake. I thought I was doing right to send him the story and the rest of the stuff."

"No! You screwed up big time, Steve! What does Gary have to look forward to now, huh? HUH?"

"OK, OK, don't fucking shout! So what am I supposed to do about it?"

"Make another one," the Codeman smiled the kinda smile that only the Codeman could.

"You've gotta be fucking kidding, right?"

"Wrong! Get your lazy ass outta bed, and let's do this thing."

"Oh, no," I complained. "No fucking way. If I'm gonna be doing a graphic I don't want you helping me. Remember how we used to fight and argue over those things?"

"Yeah, I remember. But, hey, what happened afterwards?"

"I'm fucking tired," I insisted as I pulled the pillow over my head, blocking out all light. "Go away and go haunt someone else. Go hassle Wingnut. Besides, you smell like a fucking duck with all those feathers." Then I felt a really hot hand crunching my nads. "Ouch! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! OK, OK, I'll do the graphic. Jeez, why me?"

"Cos you're a bad boy."

"I'm a good boy," I argued as I took the pillow from my face.

"Bad, bad, bad. Steven is a bad boy. Cos Steven screws up everything he touches. You've got like this Midas touch in reverse. Everything you touch turns to crap."

"How come your lips didn't move when you said that?"

"Cos you said it yourself. Now, let's get movin' on this thing."

As we sat at the computer, Cody insisted that we needed to have a pic of him in a certain position. "Like I'm on a pedestal, so G can kinda look up at me."

"So what? You're a god now?"

"Piss off. It's like I'm up there, and he's kinda looking up at me."

"You're not supposed to cuss. You're gonna have to say a thousand Hail Marys by the time you get back to... wherever it is."

I selected a pic and asked Cody if he approved of it.

"Hmmm. Not too crazy about the sixpack. Can you sort it out a bit? A bit more definition?"

"Why? Can't we just leave your jelly belly like it is? Hahahahahaha!" Then came the fist to my upper arm. "Ouch! Fuck! OK, OK. I'll fix the sixpack."

"I knew you'd agree. Hmmm. That's better. How about a second pic... a pic of a blonde dude?"


"Cos Gary digs blonde dudes, too. A little. Kinda. Maybe. Dumb ones like you, hehehe. JUST DO IT!"

"That OK?" I asked after I'd added a second pic. "But I just wanna make a duplicate background of that pic of you... sorta glowing."

"OK. But if I'm gonna glow, the blonde dude's gotta glow, too. OK, do it. I'm tired of arguin' with you."

"Hey, Code, can I blow you afterwards?"

"Nah. It's not allowed where I'm from now. Hey! About that background. How about a cool pic of two guys making out?"

It was three hours later by the time we'd finished the graphic. "Think Gary will dig that? Huh? Angel Hitler?"

"Nah. Adolph's not up there. The graphic looks totally cool. But I look kinda dumb... like an Egyptian hieroglyphic with 'tude."

"Good, cos that's what you're like," I grinned. "Hey, you gonna pay Gary a visit on Thursday?"

"I'll be checking him out."

"But I wrote the story about..."

"Yeah! YEAH! And you sent him the f.... story already!"

"Shoosh. You're gonna wake up the whole fucking world!"

"Hehehehe. Only you can hear me, Steve."

"So can I send this graphic tomorrow?"

"Today you mean. It's Monday already. Hey, what about a pec? He digs pecs."

"I thought we were done."

"He digs pecs," Cody insisted.

"Fucking hell! Do you behave like this 'up there' as well?"

"It's not allowed," he said before I added a pec to the graphic. And then, "Yeah, that's a cool one."

"Oh, shit!" I realized. "I've gotta get up early, and it's after 2-fucking-am already! Goodnight. You can sit here and jack off, or jack me off, but I'm going to sleep."

"You need to show angels some more respect, Steve."

"Piss off, Code."

Hey, Gary, I finished the graphic at about 2am, but I wasn't really tired. I'd kinda worked myself up while I was working on it. And I jacked off imagining the Codeman actually being there with me. :)

The graphic is something that you can put on MrB on Thursday. The guys and you can put it up on your screens as wallpaper for day. Hope it's OK.

Your friend and the Codeman's,

"Peace, Love, Respect."



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