South Africa
Part 8

I felt Finger's abs tighten under the weight of my butt as he lifted his head closer to my throbber, which was oozing precum big time. Instinctively, I moved forward as his mouth opened, and let my bulging cockhead slide between his welcoming lips. Right away, his teeth fucking nabbed me, yow! and it was hell 'cause my uncut knob was raging tender by then. But I persisted, and while I was fucking his face, his hands were cruising up and down the smooth skin of my abs and chest. But his damn teeth wouldn't behave, so I soon had no choice but to pull out.

"How does that taste?" I asked as my spit-shiny boner bounced above his face.

"I can't believe this is happening, and I'm shit scared somebody's gonna find out."

"Not unless you or I tell."

"I never will."

I sat back on his stomach, took his hands, and wrapped them around my cock. He got the message right away, and began to jack me. Then I leaned further back so that my abs would stretch. The sight of my defined sixpack was too much for him to ignore, so he used one hand to caress the bumps of hard muscle, while his other hand slid up and down the length of my throbbing sausage.

I resisted cumming for as long as I could, but eventually the rush was impossible to hold back. My juice exploded in long white ribbons, which draped over his face. He got a bit of a fright at first, but it didn't freak him out too much. Hahaha! And for me it was just too damn cool to see the dude swimming in my fresh warm jizz.

"I'll get a towel to clean your face. Sorry, hey."

"You can clean it with your mouth if you want. Want me to clean your tool?"

I leaned forward again, and bent over him while his tongue worked its magic on cleaning my dripping cockhead. Whoa! It wasn't long before I was hard again.

I reached around behind me to check his monster, but it was just laying there like a lizard in the fucking sun. Then I stood, raced inside the house, and grabbed my towel from the shower. When I returned, I gave him the towel, and he wiped my cum off his face. What a waste of perfectly good Steve juice. That was Gary's line, not mine hahahaha!

"Feel like another smoke, Steve?"

"Why not, hey."

After walking into the house, he returned with another joint. He laid down beside me on the lawn, lit up, took a drag before offering it to me, then became very quiet as he gazed at the endless starry sky above us.

"Lighten up," I said finally, breaking the silence. "It's not the end of the world."

"I'm going to miss you when you go, Steve," he said softly and thoughtfully. "Tonight is very special for me." Then he burst out laughing. "Hey! What am I saying? It's been the best night of my whole damn life!"

"You're very cool," I remarked with total honesty, and I was rewarded by the sparkle in his eyes. "What's the prob?" I continued.

"It's only me... knowing that I will never experience another night like this... that I will never meet anyone like you again."

"You've got a girl, and you need to get yourself sorted out with her. She seems nice."

"She is, but it's not what I want."

"What's that?"

"You." Then he laughed again. "But I know that I'm too old for you, and that you're more into pussy as you say. I can't see myself getting married. But I also can't see myself living with a guy, really. Gay guys are not kindly looked upon."

"Is that how you see yourself? Gay?"

"Isn't that what you see?"

"I learnt something from a friend of mine [Cody]. Love and sex is something that is natural, and it doesn't matter what sex you are, or who it is you're having sex with, or are in love with. You can label yourself gay or whatever fucks your mind over, but it will only drive you pretty fucking fucked in the head if you do that."

"Your friend was too simplistic, I think. What we did just now was have gay sex."

"Is that what it was? I thought it was two friends sharing, and showing each other a really good time... like friends do."

"Am I your friend, Steve?"

"I've just had your cock in my mouth, bro," I smiled. "Let's go swim, huh?"

I slipped into the water, and he followed me. I waited 'til we were both treading water, and facing each other, then I wrapped my arms around him. Our lips met, and I pushed my tongue inside his mouth. He responded immediately, and I felt the pressure of his tongue as it explored my mouth.

He pulled my body closer to his, and his cock began to respond accordingly. For a few moments, we stopped kissing while he held me tight like he never wanted to let me go. Our hands found each other's buns, and I was surprised by how hard and tight his were. About then, I was getting eager to have his big thick monster inside me.

"Will you sleep with me tonight, Steve? Please?"

"When will Mark be home?"

"Not until tomorrow morning. We'll be up early, I promise." His eyes were fixed on mine. "My God, I'm in love with you."

"Not me. You're in love with my body, maybe. Or my looks or my age. But not me. You wouldn't like what you find beneath my exterior."

"Or maybe it's just this beautiful thing," he said as grabbed a handful of my cock, and stroked it a few times.

"Yeah," I laughed. "I'm sure that's what it is."

"So will you [sleep with me tonight]?"

"I'd love to, hey."

As we walked outa the pool, he was holding my hand, which I thought was kinda cute and touching. Then we paused to kiss again. He was holding me very tight, which made me feel safe and loved... something I hadn't felt in a few months. Code used to make me feel safe and loved. Well, maybe not so safe hahahaha!

"So what's cooking here, Gary? Was I doing something insane here? Fact is, as the night wore on, I was enjoying Fingers more and more. I didn't see any harm in it. By the same token, I also knew that Mark would have given me such a hard time if he'd known."

In the bedroom, Fingers asked me to lay down on the mattress, on my back with my hands behind my head. He stood at the foot of the bed.

"What the fuck are you doing now?"

"I'm admiring a work of art. Suck your tummy in again so I can see your abs stretch."

I wasn't sure if I had an erection 'cause I was horny or 'cause I was enjoying the attention. Meantime, he had a semi, which was doing silly things.

His eyes were all over me, soaking up every inch of the blonde, tanned boy god, but he looked awkward. "Help me, Steve, for fuck sake! I don't know what I'm supposed to do!"

"OK, for starters," I smiled as I patted the mattress, "you lay down here next to me."

That did the trick. He dove on top of me, and made a grab for my balls. "I think I'll just lay here on top of you and enjoy it."

We both laughed as I pushed him off me, causing him to roll onto his back. I took his wrists, and forced his hands behind his head, then ordered him to suck in his gut so that I could see his sixpack. Cool! His stomach went nice and flat.

"Just be gentle with me. OK? I know you young guys like it rough." Then he began to giggle like a little kid.

I moved down to his crotch, spread his legs, then took his nads into my mouth. But only one at a time 'cause they were pretty damn big! They were covered in black hair. It was a bit like eating pussy.

I let my hands cruise over his stomach as I sucked his balls, so he tightened his abs as much as he could. He was in seventh heaven, and didn't say a word the whole time.

I asked him to roll over, lay on his stomach, and rest on his knees. When he was in position, I placed my flat hands on his buns, spread them, then let my tongue gently caress his ass crack. Woohoo! Must've felt pretty good 'cause his whole body was going into spasms of ecstasy.

While his cock was rapidly hardening, I became more adventurous, and let my tongue explore further and further into his most private parts, sending him totally fucking crazy.

After a while, he laid on his back. I positioned myself between his legs, and rested my head on his chest. His hands were holding my buns, and one of his fingers was exploring my hole. But even then, he wasn't sure what he should do next. This dude needed educating big time! So I kissed him again, and he wrapped his strong legs around my waist.

"Now you can't escape me. Ever! I love you, Steven."

I didn't answer him. How could I? What could I say?

He lifted me, and rolled me onto my back. Then he fondled my long blonde hair while he went about exploring me with his tongue - my armpits, my pecs, my abs, my navel. When he'd finished bathing me, he lifted my legs, then began to run his hands up and down the inside of my thighs.

"If you lift my legs up any further, you're gonna have to fuck me, bro." [I wished]

Hmmm. That must've freaked him, 'cause he said that he wanted some coffee. "You can come into the kitchen with me, and give me a helping hand."

Like two naughty boys, we walked into the kitchen totally starkers. While he was busy arranging the cups on the bench, I stood behind him and put my arms around him, resting my cheek on his back. Why wasn't he twenty years younger? Then my hand found his cock, and started to jack him. "This the helping hand you wanted?"

He laughed, and kissed me, before resuming the job of making the coffee, which we took back to his bed, then sat opposite each other, cross-legged on the mattress.

Fingers produced another joint, which we shared while we sipped our coffees. The joints had made me as mellow as all hell, but at least I was thinking straight.

"I think I'm going to have to tie you up and gag you, and keep you in my closet for lonely nights," he joked.

"It's a pity you don't have a guy lover. I think you'd make him very happy."

"What about you, Steve? I know I'm older, but I could make you very happy."

"So what happens when I wanna go out on a jol [pronouced "jawl" = "rave"] with my friends one night, and I don't want you around? How would that work? Or what happens when you get sick, and I can't do anything for you? What happens with your business, and you need to introduce me to people? Or do I just hide at home while you've got business to take care of? How do you explain me to your family?"

"I can come out to my family."

"No you can't." His eyes were sparkling and smiling again, which gave me the guilts. "Don't do that!" I ordered, "'cause then you make me feel like shit. You know what I've just said is true. But I think you're very special, and I'd like to see you again sometime. You make me feel good."

I put my hand on his leg, then gently massaged him. But in a flash of inspiration, I'd jumped off the bed. "Have you seen Mr C doing a strip?" I teased.

I grabbed a necktie that had been tossed over the back of a chair, and tied a bow around my cock. Then I placed my hands behind my head, and did a dance routine for him with my cock swaying to my nonsense humming.

I slowly and teasingly grabbed the end of the tie and let the slip-knot loose before it fell away. He was laughing at me, which made me feel a bit better. He was enjoying the fun as much as I was. Then I started doing body-building poses, and held my hands up, moving my fingers, beckoning him to approach me. "Wanna wrestle?"

He grinned, saying that I was asking to be hurt, but jumped at me anyway. The two of us writhed around on his carpet, wrestling each other. He eventually got his fucking legs around my waist and squeezed like shit. Ouch!

"OK, OK, OK, I give up!" I laughed despite the intense pain.

He collapsed on his back, cracking up big time, saying that he was the best. It was so cool to be goofing off like we were. I was having such a damn good time.

We never went to sleep at all that night. We made love a few more times and kissed a lot. Eventually, when we saw the first bit of light streaming through the curtains, we went outside, dove into the pool and played around. I was feeling happier than I'd been in a long time.

While facing him, I held on to his shoulders with one arm and wrapped my legs around his waist. I moved his cock into a position to aim at my crack, then I slid down so that his cockhead was cradled between my ass cheeks. He stayed like that for a while, probably wondering what the hell I was up to. Yeah, right. How fucking obvious could a guy get?

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