South Africa
Part 9

I guessed Fingers wasn't quite ready to take the big plunge - literally - at this stage. He'd already gone further with me than he'd ever gone with a guy before in his entire life. He looked me in the face, then reminded me that Mark would be home soon. "You'd better go shower while I make us some breakfast."

"Hey, I think this has been pretty special. Thanks."

"No, Steve. I must thank you. I'm old enough to be your father, but you've treated me like an equal."

"Hey, you're a year older than my dad, but your brain is fucking years younger if you know what I mean."

We kissed again in the pool, then showered.

We were sitting at the breakfast table when Mark arrived, beaming from ear to ear. I was dressed only in boxers 'cause I needed another clean overall.

"Hope you guys have been behaving."

"Hey, Mark," I grinned. "Yeah, you're out bonking Candy while I'm home watching fucking TV."

"Yeah, right. Hope you left my fucking stash alone."

Fingers just smiled at our typical teen convo, and carried on eating, but he was observing me all the while. Mark went to his room before joining us for breakfast. He didn't say anything about what his evening had been like, but it was obvious to me - judging by his happy disposition - that he'd had a pretty good time.

By the time midday had rolled around, I was feeling really fucking tired 'cause of the heat in the barn, and my total lack of sleep. I'd been thinking a lot about the previous night, and how much I liked Fingers. He was one of those guys who always had a lot of people around him for one reason or another, but was also very lonely. A lot like me, I guessed, especially since Cody had gone. I wondered what Cody would have thought about what happened between me and Fingers. Maybe he would have disapproved. He hated my getting involved with that middle-aged woman a while back. He accused me of being her male whore. My relationship with that woman had sparked a lot more fights between me and Cody, actually. But our fighting stopped when Mark came on the scene, and eventually befriended Code.

I never saw Fingers for most of that day, which surprised me. I thought he'd be all over me like a rash, but was also thankful that he wasn't. I really didn't need Mark chewing my ears off, trying to get info. Anyway, Mark was too busy all day to even talk to me for a minute or two. That pissed me off 'cause I wanted to know all the nitty gritty, filthy little details about his 'fucksess' with Candy. :) Hahahaha! Yeah, right. Can you imagine me having the nerve to ask him about that? He would've clobbered me.

Fingers had a date with his girlfriend that night, so I figured that would give me a chance to talk one to one to Mark. But I was feeling fucking apprehensive about what his reaction would be to my ugly confession.

After we'd Beetled back to the house, Fingers had already gone. That was a relief 'cause I didn't want him ogling me in front of Mark. Not that he wasn't doing that anyway, but my feelings towards Fingers had changed, and there was a chance that Mark would have picked up the vibe.

Mark was telling me about what a good day he'd had on the yacht, so he was pretty chirpy. He lit a fire out by the barbecue area, and prepared some meat for cooking. While we waited, we sat around the pool. I was wearing boardies, while he had on a pair of cargo shorts. It was one of those magic African evenings - a huge open sky with the colors of the setting sun reflecting off long stretches of thin cloud high in the atmosphere. Stratosphere? Wherever.

We downed a beer each, then Mark gave me a joint, and lit one for himself. "So what did you get up to last night?" he asked.

"Hey, not much, hey."

"Fingers didn't try to rape you or anything?" he laughed.

"Why? He try that with you?"

"Christ, bro! My very first night here! I almost put a fist through his head. He did the same to me as he did to you [when he massaged you], but when his hands went beyond my waistband, I let him have it [my fist]. But you're just a fucking slut," he laughed, "so it's OK."

"What's the move with you and Candy? You guys are pretty tight."

Mark took a drag of his joint, then studied the cloud of billowing smoke that drifted from his lips. "She's the finest woman on this earth. Treats me like a king, and she's an expert at the art of making love."

"Woohoo! Tell me more! Tell me more!"

"Fucking pervert."

It was then that I discovered just how strong Mark was. He quickly put one arm under my leg, then grabbed my arm, and threw me into the fucking pool! Those black guys weren't kidding when they said he was as stong as a buffalo. He was laughing his fucking tits off 'cause I'd had my joint in my mouth, and the water had turned it into just a piece of floating fucking weed. The water was great, though, so I just hung by my elbows on the edge of the pool and watched him light another joint for me.

"Do you normally go out with her on Fridays or something?"

"She didn't want a blonde bimbo hanging around, so she's given me the night off."

"Yeah... she didn't want you to see her checking out my bod, and my young boy god looks."

"I guess she must've gawked at you... but she prefers men."


Then Mark put the joking aside, and became more solemn. "Sorry I haven't spent much time with you since you've been here. Seriously. But you've seen how hectic it is here."

"I've had a blast being here. And Fingers isn't that bad."

Hmmm. That got his attention quick smart. "Oh?"

"I mean just being here away from Cape Town is what I needed. I needed to see you, too."

"What about?"

"Since Cody's been gone I've been a fucking wreck. I've spent most of the time tripping, and I just need a fucking break. I also wanted to say I'm sorry to your face."

"For what?"

I took a deep breath, and tried hard to steel myself for what I was about to admit. "Well, I've done some pretty evil fucking things... and one of them was getting you fucked up."

"Yeah, right. You'd be in hospital."

"Not me. I just arranged it."

"That weed's gone to your head, boyo. Which time? I've been fucked up so many times already."

"You and Carol and Cody and Steph went out clubbing. You were met by some guys outside who climbed into you. Worked you over a bit. OK... a lot."

Mark went totally quiet, then walked to the fire where he turned over the sizzling meat. I exited the pool, then stood opposite him on the other side of the barbecue.

"You've got some balls, Steve... telling me that. I don't believe you, anyway. You would've been too fucking chicken in case I found out. Why would you do that anyway?"

"I was jealous of the friendship you had with Cody, and worried about what it was doing to Cody and me. I hated you back then."

"So why didn't you come and do the job yourself?"

"You know why."

"Yeah... 'cause your a fucking spineless loser and user. You fucking used everyone around you."

"Shut the fuck up. Please. I came here to say I was sorry."

"Why the guilts, huh? Why now? And why did you come up here? I know why. There's a pile of shit in Cape Town that you don't wanna face. So you thought you'd chicken it out to Joburg."

"You don't understand shit."

"Oh, I do. I do understand you, you little fuckweed. Don't tell me I don't understand. If Cody was such a good friend, why did you fuck his girlfriend, huh? You were never his friend. You were his fucking user. You hated him 'cause he didn't buy your fucking smack, you cunt."

My fist caught Mark totally unawares on the jaw, and his head snapped back. When he glared at me his lip was bleeding, and his eyes were on fire. "Come and hit me again," he snarled.

"I'm sorry, Mark. Please."

Thwack, thwack. Once in my mouth. The second in my gut that sent me crumbling to the ground, fucking doubled up on my knees. The pain was fucking incredible, and I began to cough and cry even though I tried desperately not to. Luckily, I saw his foot coming, and managed to roll away before he caved my fucking ribs in. I stood up, then held him in a tight bear hug. But he was awesomely strong. "Mark! Stop it for fuck sake! This is going all fucking wrong!"

He broke away from my grasp, and hit me again in the stomach, then left me coughing and choking on the ground. He went to the fire and downed his beer, standing there, glaring at me until I began to cough up blood. That caused him to become all fucking concerned, so he came over to see if I was OK... or maybe to gloat 'cause I was crying from the fucking pain. But maybe he was reacting to what I'd said. He offered me his hand, and pulled me to my feet.

"You'd better go and clean yourself up."

"I'm OK."

For about half an hour, we hardly said a word to each other. We ate, then he asked me if I wanted another beer. When he left to fetch it from the house, I dove into the pool to clean my face, and wash some of the dirt off my body.

"I'll give you some credit," he said as he offered me a beer. "You've got fucking bull's balls for coming here to tell me what you did."

"I'm just trying to straighten things out with a whole lotta people, that's all. You were the first one that I thought of. And yes, I am in shit 'cause I told my supplier that I'm not dealing anymore."

"Not sure I believe you, but that's pretty hectic if it's true."

"Only for a while. It'll cool off eventually [the heat from the supplier]. This trip's been worth it, though. Given me some time to think about things."

"I didn't mean what I said about Cody. I know he thought the fucking world of you. Pity you wasted all that."

"I didn't wanna get in your way [with Code]. He thought that [the world] of everybody. I haven't been handling not having him around. It's taking too long to get over it."

"We never will, y'know. He got under our skin and into our hearts. You don't get over someone like Code. Too many memories. I don't want to ever forget him, though. I will owe him for the rest of my life."

"Think we'll ever meet someone like him again?"

"The Codeman? Not in this lifetime. Unless we meet an alien or something."

"Imagine him being here right now. He would have been running around with a fucking erection bouncing all over the place, and laughing. He was always laughing. And calling us wussies for keeping our shorts on."

Then Mark did a fucking fantastic, as well as surprising, thing. He dropped his cargoes to the grass, and was wearing nothing underneath. He raised his beer in the air, and said, "To the Codeman." I dropped my boardies, and followed his example. "To the Codeman."

In Cody's honor, we stayed naked for the rest of the night. Every now and then, we would get an erection. Then it would slacken to a semi, but never completely deflate.

Mark started a debate about cut versus uncut - he was cut like Code was - and which was the more sensitive, and who could satisfy a girl more. "I can go for longer," I grinned.

By midnight, we were laying on our backs on the grass, studying the heavens. Mark had switched off all the lights, and we were trying to spot satellites in the perfectly clear African night sky.

"He's up there right now laughing his fucking tits off," Mark said.

I looked across at Mark's handsome profile. "You really believe that?"

"Yeah, I do. I really think he watches over all of us every single day."

"I'd like to believe that," I said as I focused again on the twinkling stars.

"I do."

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