South Africa
Part 100
Based on emails from January, 2006.

Hi Gary,

Didnt want to spoil you with a whole mail storm after I sent the graphic. I know you need to get weaned into these things :) Mark is probably in Perth by now I guess so you can just climb into TT and go and visit. Nah, better not hey.

Mark has mellowed since starting this whole yachtie thing. He can still party. Fucking hell he proved that in Florida, but Cody left him with a sensitive side that really makes him totally fantastic. We had oral sex in his Florida flat. He was staying around a hood called Mission Bay which was really damn cool. Anyway we went out to dinner the first night I was there. He was so fucking stoked that I connected with him. We went out to dinner near Hollywood beach and then he showed me around the place. We spoke about Cape Town and Cody and laughed the whole damn night.

You need to try and picture how Mark has developed. He used to be tight sinewy bulging muscle but that has now rounded off into a fucking model's body with all the right stuff but just a bit mellower than when he was beating the crud out of me. He enjoys wearing hipster jeans and I wear the low riders. Hey they come off easier okay, just dont get a fucking hardon in them or youll die. But his hipsters just show off how fucking tuned his body is from his broad shoulders and developed arms to his narrow waist and his butt .... oh fuck, his butt. And the jeans shows off his ample package. His hair is kinda styled but still spikey if you get my drift and jet black to just touching his collar.

When we got back to his place I showered and sat on the couch that was gonna be my bed for my stay there. I just kept the towel around me and got a beer and watched some telly while he showered. Actually he started it by asking me why I cant control myself. Yeah well, just picture a tanned hunk god like Mark stepping into a room still wet from the shower with his hair pasted to his head and his flat sculptured stomach and the rivulets running down to his pubes. So I got an instant erection. Well not quite instant. It first lifted its head to have a better look and then stood to attention and saluted. Marks rising dick didnt escape my attention either before he sat down and tried the hide the thing. I did think about how he was hoping to hide that thing and I smile about it. I suspect that both of us wanted it to happen. It was like playing a tribute to a time and person in our past. I remember reading where Cody had written that Mark wouldve fucked up anyone who even looked at his cock never mind tried to touch it.

Surprisingly it was Mark who made the first move and lifted my hand the way a chick would and put it on the towel over his now rock hard cock. I moved my hand up and down gently just once and he closed his eyes and gasped at the sensation. "If you weren't such a macho pig, I could cure that swelling youve got." He laughed that full belly laugh that Cody loved so much and I cracked with him. It was one of those things where the more you laugh, the more your bud laughs, the more you laugh until your jaw, face and stomach are in so much pain that you can barely catch your breath.

It was then that I experienced what Cody did, on that mountain. I'm not sure why or what brought it on. Was Cody there with us? Rolling around the room holding his stomach and laughing out loud but we couldn't hear.

Mark's tongue gently parted my lips and I was fucking terrified. I know that might sound strange but then this wasnt the same Mark who had given me more backhanders than my dad. His tongue filled my mouth and I let mine and his intertwine each other. The taste was extraordinary. The towels were now a thing of the past and he rubbed his thick long cock up against my leg. Our breathing was heavy but I wanted to talk. I wanted to tell Mark what I was feeling but I didnt fucking know what I was feeling. What if someone walked into the apartment? What if we were caught? What if? What I was experiencing was Mark having full blown sex with me minus the actual intercourse. This is what his girlfriend experienced. This is what Cody experienced that night in his room.

My stomach was slippery from my precum and I so wanted him to take me in his mouth. I moved him slightly away and wanted to say something and he had his eyes closed and said, "Dont... dont say a fucking word." Every muscle in his stomach was defined as I guided him on to his back. I thought about giving him a Cody tongue washing but I know what we both wanted right then. I cupped his swollen balls in my hand and massaged them gently as I took his cockhead into my mouth. He made sounds like someone who had just been run in my a sword. I felt his hand close around my cock and he gently massaged my length as I swallowed his manhood. I can still do it G. I managed to get Codys length down my throat and it drove him crazy. Mark is just a bit too damn thick and long for me to do that.

I wanted this to last forever. I let my chest rub against his as I felt his cock jerk in my mouth. I wanted to fuck him so badly but I knew if I went near his rosebud he would beat the shit outta me and Ive been there done that, and got the Tshirt, and Ive gotta tell you that it hurts like hell. I exploded in his hand. I dont know where my jizz went but it mustve travelled. My cock stayed hard as he continued to massage my juice into its length and my crotch. Marks body danced and stretched as my hands and mouth did their work and then through clenched teeth he said "im gonna cum" and he exploded. Double thick and lots of it.

After the initial explosion into my mouth I moved my mouth away to watch the fireworks. I savoured the taste of his cum that I had taken in my mouth. I watched his whole body heave as he breathed heavily. He moved his hand over his eyes and lay there, his stomach rising and falling as he caught his breath. I so badly wanted to talk about what had happened but I wasnt sure if Mark had regretted what had happened or what the fuck he was thinking. I slapped him on his stomach and asked if he wanted a beer. He just nodded and I got up and went to the kitchen, wrapping the towel around me.

When I came back he was sitting on the chair with the towel around his waist. By now both our cocks had gone night night. I didnt say a word to him and gave him his beer. Perspiration ran down both our bodies and I was very aware that Ive got a fucking good bod but he hardly gave it a second look. Oh well. I needed to ease the situation so I asked him about where he had been sailing in the area.

Once he got talking about sailing he was back to earth and what had happened disappeared into the memory bank for a wank later on a lonely night. It wasnt love ... it was a legacy left us by a friend ... that we could do something so extraordinary that went against every fibre of Marks being. It was like
he had been yearning for that to happen but once it had passed it was done and he had to move on.

It never happened again during my stay there. We ended up with two beautiful girls one evening. Mark was invited to go on an intercoastal cruise from Fort Lauderdale down to Miami and got me in on the invite. What can I say? The two of us werent short of providing some eye candy to the chicks and some of their boyfriends. There was one dude, a blonde out of heaven with a body to fucking match. I wanted to fuck that dude so badly but he had as many chicks around him as both of us had together. Not a word was ever said about the night I blew him but I know that there will be another
opportunity some time.

I wanted to write this when I did the graphic for you but I needed to put my brain around it and not make it sound like two punks getting it off. Id like to be in that kind of relationship with Wingnut but I think weve gone beyond ever being friends again. Hard to believe hes 18 already. Hes got serious testosterone probs though. Always looking for trouble. Sent me on my back at a club a long while ago and for what? I was trying to find out why Steph was ignoring me. Hes not the same kid that Cody knew even if he is screwing Codys girl.

Played around with the cover of Mens Health :) Just a gift.

Look after yourself Gary.

Your friend and the Codemans

G'day Steve,

Last night I dreamed you wrote, and whaddaya know?

TT in Perth? Yeah, right. I'll eventually get there but Mark will be on a pension by the time I do and TT will be held together by Bandaids and string.

It's a joy to read another person's perspective of Mark. For instance, Cody never described Mark's laugh as a 'belly laugh' so that's a newie for me. And the sinewy thing about his body - 'cut' was the way Paul described it - now I can visualize Mark during the M&C days more accurately. I was also
chuffed about: "We spoke about Cape Town and Cody and laughed the whole damn night." And "He laughed that full belly laugh that Cody loved so much and I cracked with him."

Seems the good times now dominate the bad times, and the irreplaceable memories remain to be shared forever. Cody would be stoked to know that his gift to you guys is alive and treasured.

I empathize with your feelings about Mark not giving your bod a second look. I have that problem as well hehe. On the poz side, I know that if peeps like me it's got nothing to do with my saggy tits. But, I'm not surprised by Mark's indifference. He said on the Mountain that "it takes a pair of tits and a nice chick ass to ring my bells." Whatever Mark sees in guys like you and Cody is very different from regular gay physical attraction, and I reckon that's a plus...for him and for you.

And Wingnut? Well, who knows. He may mellow in time as Mark has. Meanwhile, it won't profit you to be overly concerned. All of us need to learn our own lessons and arrive at our own conclusions, often the hard way. The advice regularly given to parents of 'problem' teens is: 'just be there when they come home'.

Thanks for the graphic. I know you have a lotta fun creating those things, and you do it exceptionally well. I'm sure you also enjoy the kudos you get from me and others who appreciate your efforts. Cody got a huge buzz outta making other people happy; that was his main philosophy and one of his great legacies.

Look after myself? I spent an hour or so under the surgeon's knife this morning. I've heard salesmen refer to 'stitching up a deal' but the doc gives that expression a whole new meaning. In any case, you focus on looking after YOURSELF. You got a lotta life ahead of you, young man, and just as importantly, the opportunity to make it count.

Your friend and the Codeman's


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