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Part 102

August 26, 2007

Subject line: Better early than never

Hey Gary. Have an awesome birthday. Sorry I missed the last one and sorry for not writing. Have been good - in case youre wondering whether I was bad - well I guess it depends :) Just sorry for a load of things - not writing for one. Will one day. Promise. Hope you like the pic - I spent some time putting it together so youve been in my thoughts you grumpy old fart. Love you bud.


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G'day Steve,

I keep calling you Stuart cos there's a bloke like you in GRII. I spoke about you yesterday to a neighbor... the gloves, the sparring with your dad, the day you flattened Craig, and the tears welled as I spoke. I still get very emotional when I talk about you guys, and I suspect there will never be a day that I don't.

You did warn me once that you would stop writing when it suited you. That's okay. You're Steve, not somebody else. I'd rather you write when you feel motivated than have it be a chore. I prefer one diamond to a thousand zircons ya know.

Lemme see, you must be almost 24... practically pension time. Jace reminded me the other day that Wingnut was 20. And me, well the numbers cease to be meaningful when you're a sexegenarian. Yes, I do wonder occasionally how you're doing. Everyone who's read GR and GRII wonders the same thing, whether or not they knew or know you guys personally. However, the scales do tip in favor of everyone doing well. You love traveling, so it occurred to me that you've probably done a bit of globe trotting. I'll stick to Oz trotting. I imagine that Mark is still sailing the seven seas. And Wingnut? I can't remember him ever expressing any great ambitions so whatever he's up to these days is anyone's guess.

Thanks a stack for the graphic. I see you're still more into Dicks rather than Toms and Harrys, although they do get a look in. Yep, I can see that you put a lot of hours into that piece of work... it's a masterpiece! That's rather a sexist word, actually, because there's no such thing as a mistresspiece. If you ever feel so inclined, it's not too late to work on a new cover for GRII ya know. Hint, hint.

Meanwhile, I'll wait patiently for the day you're inspired to rattle that keyboard and bring me up to date with everything. Thanks again for keeping me in your thoughts... you're never out of mine. I'm sure you'll hear from Jace and others now that they know you're definitely on the recieving end.

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Just keep working on being the best Steve you can.

Your friend and the Codeman's,

Gary G.O.F. A.O.D

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