South Africa
Part 16

Bruce smiled his caring and loving smile into my sleepy eyes and asked if I was hungry.

"I guess, huh."

We both dressed in thin cheesecloth wraps, which hung from our hips, and only just covered our asses. Or was that our assets hahahahaha! Sorry, Gary. Just don't make any mistakes on that Braille keyboard. My literary reputation is at stake here. I didn't mind the cheesecloth wraps, though. Bruce never hid the fact that he loved my body, and obviously wanted to ogle as much as he could while he had me there at his house.

He made us some pasta with salad, which was really delicious and satisfying, then I had to drink another of his medicinal mixtures.

"It's good for you, bro. You're gonna shit all of that stuff out of your system."

I helped him clean up the dishes, then the two of us went back to the gym. I laid on my stomach on a massage table, while he got a bottle of vitamin E oil, then massaged my shoulder and back muscles. Bruce could give a massage as good as Cody did, and Cody was fucking brilliant in that department. It felt really wicked.

"Hey, Stevie Wonder, you know that I love you, right?"

"You've made that fucking obvious," I laughed.

"Think you're doing the right thing? Stopping [selling drugs], I mean. They might not leave you alone. Just don't want to see you get the same treatment I got."

"I think they'll leave me alone," I said as his oiled fingers magically soothed my muscles. "I'm not sure why, but I think they'll leave me alone."

The teen stud massaged the oil deep into my ass crack and around my crotch. My semi was shiny cos of the way he was putting oil onto it. Hey, my whole body was shiny with oil! The cool thing about the vitamin E was that it wasn't greasy. It just made my skin feel so fucking great!

If Bruce's cock slept at all it was only for a helluva short time. He almost had a permanent cockstand, which looked really good. "Dicks are cool," I remembered Cody saying.

After a while, I turned over onto my back so that he could massage my abs, causing me to contract them, which was exactly what he wanted. He got a great deal of satisfaction from gawking at my bod. So did Code. Every now and again, we'd kiss, and I just felt so grateful that he was there for me. I didn't mind what he did to me cos I owed him big time. If Bruce hadn't taken over my [selling] turf, I would've gotten a lot more than just the treatment I'd already received [from the thugs].

"Hey," I said after some minutes, "you want me to massage you?"

Bruce jumped onto the table. He didn't need a second invite. His body felt good and fit under my fingers. The quad muscles of his legs were always showing, even when his legs were relaxed. That wasn't surprising really cos he ran and cycled a helluva lot. He also had great calves.

When he rolled over onto his back, I took his cockhead into my mouth, and let my tongue lazily stroll around it, just touching the tender spot, which caused him to almost bite his lip cos he was screwing his face up, and getting so damn worked up.

Then he sat upright, and arranged his legs so that I was standing between them. Our two oiled shiny bodies intertwined, and we kissed... tenderly yet passionately.

"You wanna smoke a joint now?" he asked after our lips had peeled apart.

Hey, I was desperate for one, so I agreed. Hahahaha! Then he told me that I wasn't allowed to smoke in my present condition. I needed a helluva lot more vitamin supplement.

"Hey, Steve, let's go outside naked."

He gave me this fucking red satin G string that had no back strap... just a V front with elastic designed to grip you around your nads. Hahahaha! Made me as horny as fucking hell, and I even got an erection for a short while before it fucked out on me.

Bruce wore a black one, and the two of us sat by the side of the pool, just enjoying each other's company, and talking about school. His convo got around to guys that he fancied fucking, which had me in hysterics. There was even a teacher - the rugby football coach - who Bruce said he would fuck sideways. It felt so good to laugh. My stomach ached. But I was appreciating the pain, which, in fact, made me laugh all the more.

Meantime, our convo was getting Bruce worked up, and I couldn't help noticing his cockhead peeping through the G string. "Yoohoo!" it would have said if it had been able to speak.

"You wanna fight?" Bruce grinned with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

We wrestled on top of the pool wall to see who was gonna be first to tumble into the water. But the fucker managed to get around me. Then he lifted me, and squeezed the fucking air out of me. I made a grab for the elastic of his G string, but it broke and fell off him. Damn! Then he tossed me into the pool. *SPLASH!*

Bruce dove in after me, and it wasn't long before I noticed that the surface of the water around us had a sheen from the vitamin E oil. No biggie. We treaded water, and kissed. Then wrestled some more. But my stamina was way down, and I got tired pretty quickly despite all the vitamin B I'd taken.

As we'd walked back into the house, he put an arm around my waist. Less than a minute later, I was laying on his bed.

"Hey, you know this isn't like I'm going to be your lover, hey."

"Fuck, I know that, Steve. You're just a good fuck. That's all I need, and to be able to touch you all over. So who needs a lover? I just hope you stay sick forever so I can look after you."

Bruce made me lay on my stomach so he could go to work on my ass crack again. He had a love thing with my ass, and buried his whole damn face in there so his tongue could probe away at my inner sanctum all it liked. After his tongue had begun to ache from so much probing, he laid on his stomach so that I could tongue him. And why not? He had a really nice buffed butt. Delicious.

I still had my face buried between his smooth, muscular ass cheeks when I heard him say, "I want you to try something. Just once."


"It's about your fucking cock... it can't stay awake. I've got some stuff here... but it's a needle."

A needle? Whoa! Memories, memories. "What the fuck is it?"

"It just gives your cock a wakeup call, and lasts a few hours. Kinda like Viagra, but not as violent."

I began to perspire at the thought of the needle, and being injected with something. "You know what's going on with me now, Bruce. If that's gonna make me trip, then I don't want it."

"No, it's cool, Steve, really. I've used it myself when I've wanted to go on all night. No tripping. Promise. You know how I feel about that."

"OK," I agreed, then watched him go get the stuff. I started to get the fucking shakes when I saw the needle, and all of a sudden I was desperate for a fucking fix.

"Just lay back and relax."

I felt him lift my lazy cock, then winced at the hot sharp jab into the side of my shaft. After a few seconds, which seemed more like hours, he pulled the needle out, and told me just to relax. Yeah, right. I was a lather of sweat, and my heart was racing. But then, within about half a minute, I began to feel my cock coming to life. It just got harder and harder and fucking harder. Whoa! I didn't think I'd ever experienced an erection that hard! The veins along the top were popping, and the muscle underneath my cock was taut as a piano wire. The skin that held my foreskin to the position just below my cockhead was stretched to its limit, and my cock was glowing shiny, and looked uncut. It was the most incredible fucking feeling! Later, I discovered that the stuff he'd used was the same as the stuff they used in male clinics for erectile dysfunction. So how did he get hold of it?

"Contacts. I use it sometimes when I want to play some games with a bud, and we can't get it up for whatever reason. Your cock looks fucking awesome, bro."

He went down on me, and took my boner into his mouth. Fucking hell! I'd never felt anything like that before! As my brain received the signal that I was about to offload a ton of juice, I expected him to stop sucking me. But he didn't. My whole body spasmed as I shot my thick sticky load into his mouth. It was enormous! Enough to drown a fucking bull.

But there was more to come. He got a condom, and pulled it over my cock, then let some of my juice dribble from his mouth onto and over the condom. He took some of my juice onto his finger, and lubed his own ass crack.

During all this time, my erection never subsided. If anything, it was still fighting to stretch out of its taut skin.

Bruce laid across the side of his bed, like I had before, with his knees on the floor. A silent but very persuasive invitation. I got behind him, then slid into him quite comfortably. I had never been that horny in my life before - and that's saying something! - and I fucked that awesome ass forever. This was like the most fucking awesome experience. My cock just refused to lay down.

He eventually had to push me backwards cos his ass was fucked. Pun? Are you reading all this, Gary?




Poor fossil's probably having a seizure. Anyway, Bruce pulled the condom off my throbber, and began to blow me again. I can't even remember - at the time of writing this - if I shot a second load, but I could've fucked his face or his ass all night long if he'd let me.

Before we turned in, I had another concoction of vitamins, and we smoked a joint outside the house. I was on a total up about my cock, which was still pointed skywards. Woohoo!

Later, in bed, I slipped a condom onto his six inches, and he laid behind me. Whoa! This was a first! I'd often seen pics of this kinda thing on the net, and always wondered what it would be like [to have a hardon while I was being fucked]. He pushed his cock into my ass crack, then pushed right up against me while his hand was gently massaging my tool. It felt totally awesome having him inside me.

My erection lasted most of the night, and I fucked him again before we eventually fell asleep. When I woke some hours later, his cock was entering my ass once more.

"Sorry to wake you, bro, but I didn't want to waste this mother."

I had an erection as well, and wondered if it was still the same one as before. Turned out it wasn't. :) Next to the bed was another of his famous concoctions. I drank it because I was already feeling a fucking lot better after the previous vitamin boosts. My mind was totally clear, even though my bod was still battered.

We showered together, then had some breakfast of bacon and eggs, mushrooms, hash browns, fried tomato, toast, and orange juice. "Are you paying attention now, Gary?"

"You know I love cooking, Steve. Now get on with the fucking story."

Bruce wouldn't allow me to drink coffee. "Not yet, bud. It kills the Cs."

I borrowed a pair of Speedos. Typical of him. They were leopard skin lycra, and were a bit tight on me. I swam slowly for about half an hour while he was busy in his room, which smelt strongly of sweaty boys who'd had lots of wild sex - if you can imagine that, Gary. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Get on with the fucking story.

Bruce had a candle burning, which smelt cool. Some kind of wild berry aroma to get his room smelling normal again.

I went for my third dump since arriving at his place, and fucking hell it stank! It was like a toxic dump zone. It felt like every nasty thing that was inside me was coming out. And not always solid. Sorry, Gary, just thought I'd share that with you hahahahaha!

Bruce told me about some of the things he gets up to with guys, and wants me to get fit quickly so we could as well. Like tying guys up to his door opening, then doing what he likes with them for a couple of hours. He stops if the guys complain about it, but normally they're all into it. I remember tying Cody to his bed one afternoon, spreadeagled, and the two of us had a fucking party. :) Well, I did for sure.

Bruce dropped me off at home, and made me promise that I would spend another weekend with him some time.

When Steve was telling me all that stuff in his emails, I tended to ignore all the sexy bits in favor of trying to solve his problems. But now that I'm writing his story - albeit making corrections and formatting, etc - I'm now digesting [for want of a better word] all the horny bits, such as: "Bruce made me lie on my stomach so he could go to work on my ass crack again. He had a love thing with my ass, and buried his whole damn face in there so his tongue could probe my inner sanctum all it liked." Wooooohooooo!!!!! Jeez. Why aren't I writing stories about crocheting or stamp collecting? It'd be a helluva lot less stressful on my poor old ticker. Oh, well, a fossil's gotta do what a fossil's gotta do, and writing this story is what this particular fossil's gotta do. It's my duty. :o) MrB

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