South Africa
Part 24

February 12

Hi Gary. Spent a lot of time on working school assignments this weekend. On Friday night, I went to a local club and connected with a few people that I know - had a few beers and played some pool. Jason's bro Craig was there with the same friend of his that I met on the beach [when I got hammered]. Don't know if Craig saw me cos I kept a low profile.

I phoned Wingnut before I went clubbing. But he said he'd already promised to meet with Sean and Jason and their girlfriends to go to the movies. Then they were going to a house party. I also phoned Steph, hoping that maybe she might even come up [to the club with me] and have a few beers or whatever.

"Just leave Wingnut alone, Steve."

"What's your problem, Steph?"

"You're 18 and he's 14, that's the fucking problem."

"Why is that suddenly an issue? Why wasn't it an issue with Code?"

"Because you're a fucking evil son of a bitch, and will never be like Cody."

"Are you going to hate me forever?"

"And longer."

"Cheers, Steph."

"If you touch him - any which way - if I even find out that he had his shirt off in front of you - I will get money and pay for a ticket for Mark to come down here."

"And what then, Steph?"

"You know what Mark will do."

"Fuck off, Steph."

Then I slammed the phone down. I was literally shaking cos I was so pissed off.

When I got home about 1am [after being at the club], I sat by the pool and smoked a joint. I spoke to you and the Codeman. Must've heard me. Told Cody about all the shit you're giving me. :) He told me to watch out for the devious old fossil.

Got naked and checked out my battered bod in the mirror, and realized I had to put everything back where it was. I've lost so much fucking weight! The bruises are starting to disappear now, though. Thought I might've picked up some extras on my gut cos of Friday [with Bruce], but there's nothing. My sixpack has gone for lunch somewhere, but at least my gut is still flat. My eyes are a bit sunken, with dark rings around them.

I meant what I said, Gary... about sometime I might not have time or whatever to write, especially if I start getting busy surfing and hanging with Wingnut. That's if Steph would just butt out for the moment. She fucking knows I'll be careful with her now so I don't upset the grommet.

I was still wide awake at around 2 or so, so I phoned a friend I knew who was into me [at one stage]. I arranged to meet her at her house, and I slept with her for the night.

The weekend was really hot. Yeah, right. When I got home from that chick's house, I slept most of the day, then took a walk on the beach quite late in the evening to do some thinking - and to remember the Codeman.

Phoned Bruce but he was on a mission. Told me to connect with Krish, who's Bruce's hunk Indian boyfriend. Thought about it, but then ducked that idea. Thought about phoning Wingnut, but cocked that idea as well. So I went back to the club. Got myself slaughtered and fell asleep in a corner there, and had to be woken up [by one of the club staff] to piss off. Made a connection for some weed, and smoked a joint with some guys before going home.

Sunday, after I'd woken up, I spent most of the time locked in my room, working on school work, then went down [to the beach] for a late surf session. It was really great out. Found a spot on the backline that was uncrowded, and just chilled out.

I went to bed early. I think the booze and weed had caught up with me. So there's the story, Gary. No word from Wingnut, so maybe Steph's gotten to him or something. I don't know.

Tell Spencer I said hi. I don't want to get into a whole email scene, but it's cool that he sent a message. So, another week. Can't be more fucked up than the last one. So there is a totally fucked up boring weekend. Cheers.

Your friend and the Codeman's


"So you had a boring weekend. Well, it wasn't the result of lack of activity, just the lack of mental stimulation. Anyway, it's normal for teens to be easily bored, which is one of the reasons why they're suseptible to drugs, music that would further deafen a deaf man, and clothes that make "statements". Teens are impatient. They want to live life to the full. They can't see themselves at 20 or 25 or 30. Everything has to happen NOW. I've always been like that. I became an instant radio announcer. An instant copywriter. An instant story teller. Anything that took longer than a day to learn was just too fucking long. That's why I write short stories. I couldn't handle writing a novel. Too big. But when I think about all the stuff I've written over the past four or five years, and see it all still there on the MrB site, I think WOW! I've written several novels! I've finally learned to be patient - well, fairly patient. It's the same with the guitar. It'll probably take years to be even moderately competent. But that's OK. I'm in no hurry. I've learned how to build brick walls with just one brick at a time."

February 13

Hi Gary. Just thought that maybe with your connections with Neville that you could arrange for Cody to get this. [Valentine]

Hi Gary. Tuesday afternoon. Monday I went and trained with Bruce at his place. He trains like three times a week, and it's better to train with him than try to motivate myself at home. He's got more [gym equipment] and a better kit anyway. Besides, he gave me a blowjob while I was on the lat machine, and I wasn't allowed to let go [of the handles]. :)

He was saying that his boyfriend Krish is already working on his tits because he gets so fucking jealous. They had one helluva argument after our session last Friday morning. Fuck him anyway. BRING HIM ON hahahahaha! Might go [to Bruce's] again this afternoon if I can get my shit in order. The surf's been shit, so I haven't been this week.

I also haven't heard from Wingnut. I've seen Sean, though. He is such a little cunt, and really getting under my skin. His only fucking motivation for phoning is to piss me off. You can guess by the convo why he [FUCKING THINKS] he's safe from me.

"You're a fucking shit stirrer, Sean. Why don't you just fuck off?"

"Why don't you come and make me? Or are you shitters for Jason's bro [Craig], huh?" he laughed. "You looked so fucking cool laying there on your ass [on the beach]. Wingnut said is was the best thing he's ever seen."

"I doubt that, bro. What's your fucking problem, huh?"

"No problem. Just making convo. Thought you might like someone to speak to cos the word is your friends have all ducked. Need some boxing lessons or something?" he laughed again. "Maybe Wingnut will give them to you. He fucked up a guy good and solid at his school the other day."


"About a week back. Wingnut is so fucking cool."

"Yeah? And I was called a bully?"

"Fuck 'bully', bro. This dude's a senior." More laughing. "How fucking ace is that? Jason should have got Wingnut to take you out rather [than Craig]. That would've been solid."

"When you guys are ready, you can come [get me] any fucking time."

"I'll make sure Wingnut gets your message."

"You know what I fucking meant. You're a fucking chicken shit."

"I'm shaking in my boots! Ooooo!"

"Cheers, Sean."

"No prob. Seeya on the tarmac." More laughing.

So what do you think, Gary? I would've thought that Wingnut would at least phone me or something after our cool meeting at Cody's. I can just picture him getting a fucked up message from Sean, and then not bothering to check with me [about it's authenticity]. Maybe it's Steph who's keeping him away as well.

I've been working on a picture of him to send you. The one that I was staring at when I couldn't sleep, and so pissed off with everyone. I've cut the top off his head, and put in a different background so he's not recognizable.

"Don't worry about my posting pics or sending them to anyone, Steve. I've got pics of a stack of guys who trust me well enough to know that I would never do that... Spencer, Jimothy, and others. Even a nudie of Francois! I'm not about abusing anyone's trust, and never will be."

It's a really cool pic, though. You already have some pics of Wingnut's face. :) He's fucking cute, huh?

"He's whatever you think he is, and whatever Cody thought he was. I've been writing his story for some years now, and I love the grommet to pieces. It's what's in his heart that matters most to me - same with you, Cody and Mark. Good looks are a bonus, but they don't maketh the man. By the same token, I'm a self-confessed gawker. :)"

My boxing bag and shit should be here today or tomorrow. It's going to cause a total fucking freakout with my dad. But I want to do that [boxing]. Cody changed a lot when he started boxing with Mark. Besides letting off steam, he also got quite fit.

On Tuesday, I woke up and said [to myself] that I'm not going to smoke today, but... :( I lit a j last night and mellowed by the pool. I was thinking about the trip that Code and I took to Jeffreys Bay. That must be one of the most awesome memories I have of him. Just the two of us hitched up there and back. Two hunky teen surfers walking along the road late at night with just our backpacks and boards. We were shat off trying to get rides because we had our boards with us. You know what Cody was like. There was a long stretch of road between Storms River and Jbay, and we just could not get a fucking ride. So Cody took off his shorts and skants, and dared me to do the same. We walked like that in the dark for about five kilometers. It must've been the night air that gave us woodies.

The first fucker that drove by stopped. It was the funniest thing - the two of us scrambling to get our shorts on before the fucker backed up. We left our briefs in our backpacks. The driver was a hoot, though. He described to us how he'd thought that we had mini shorts on according to his view from the back. But he caught sight of our dicks as he drove by, and couldn't fucking believe it hahahaha! So he stopped to give us a ride. He laughed all the fucking way. He gave us a lift right down to the parking area at Supers.

The surf cooked while we were there, and although the Billabong Comp was on, we still managed to get into Supers outside of the comp times. Cody was still smoking a few in those days, and we shared a couple of Js and some good laughs.

Wednesday afternoon, and time to send this mail. Have a cool Valentine's Day, Gary. I know you will miss him too.


Yours and Cody's


"Hey, I've never had a VDay before. This is a first. I know it's between you and Code, but you've allowed me to participate and share the love. Thanks a stack for including me. I know it's early in the morning here, but I drank a toast to Code [using my new Cody Glass, and looking at the Soul Buddies pic on my mantle] and wished him Happy Valentine's from you. :) What did Code see in you? I think you're beginning to see it yourself. Thanks again for making my one and only VDay very special. :)"

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