South Africa
Part 26

This chapter was a joy to write. :o) And the next one will be even better. Things are lookin' up. MrB

Saturday morning [after being pummeled by Craig] I felt really tender, and we [the chick and I] stayed in bed until about 11:00. Then I gave her a goodbye fuck for looking after me.

"I'm also looking after you, Steve."

Shuddup, Gary.

When I got home, the housekeeper gave me a message to phone Wingnut cos he'd called about three times already. Woohoo!

"I heard from Jason that you picked a fight with his brother [Craig], and got beaten up again," he said.

"I didn't start the fight, Wingnut."

"Beat you bad?"

"I'll live. Wassup?"

"Nothin'. Just wanted to checkout if you were OK. Just that Jason pissed me off with his whole attitude, bragging [boasting] about his brother and how you got nailed. Craig can be a prick sometimes."

"Are we gonna connect sometime?"

"It's just hard now, though."

"Cos of your buds?"

"Kinda. They don't dig you, and it's hard to just listen to them talking crap the whole time, and [me] not saying anything [in your defence]."

"Thanks a stack, bro."

"I'm just being honest."

"I'd like us to get together sometime, though. Even just to chat or maybe get a burger or something."

"Could be OK. Howzit going with the other stuff [drugs]?"

"At the moment, I'm pretty clean. Still hanging for something, but it's OK. Smoke a joint sometimes."

"Me too." Then there was a slight pause."Hey!"

"Hey, what?"

"There's going to be a school swim comp coming up. Why don't you come and check it out. You can shout for me."

"Hahahahaha! That sounds pretty wild. Sure you want me there?"

"Yeah... put a sack over your face so nobody recognizes you. Craig is gonna be there, though, so I dunno if you wanna do that [come to the comp]."

"Let me know when. I'll keep low. Maybe stand under the bleachers and check it out through the legs."

The gommet giggled, then added, "Now you're sounding like Steve."

"Hey, I just wanna check out my hot bud in his Speedos. Any chance we can get together sometime? I'd really like to speak to you."

"Hit out for a surf? Don't worry about the other guys. I'll make a plan."

"Why not early tomorrow morning?"

I spent most of Saturday trying to sort out shit in my room, and fuck! I was just bored. If I were Cody, I would've had a wank, then slept for a while, but I don't wank nearly enough. Maybe once a day, unless there's something spesh going on. SHUDDUP, GARY. I also used to get an erection at any time, but now I've actually gotta think about it before the fucker stands up for me. I think the coolest thing is getting an erection just cos you've got a cock. It's those surprise ones that really bust to be taken in hand.

So what did I do Saturday night? Phoned another friend I know, and the two of us connected to down a few beers. We just hung out at his place, listening to music and playing PS games. He's one of those skinny dudes that's hung like a horse. Never seen him naked, but fucking hell, I swear if that guy gets an erection he'll faint cos all the blood would flow to his cock. He can't hide the thing anyway. Hahahaha. He wears boxers, and you can see this huge fucking member through his pants. Then he tries to hide it in his briefs, but the fucking bulge is too big. I told him to plug it up his ass to hide it hahahahaha!

Sunday morning. Cold, and the strong SE wind is fucking pumping the surf into shit. So I just sat on the beach, watching this miserable slop. Didn't think Wingnut would even bother to show, and I wouldn't have blamed him with the way it [the surf] was. But! He did! Wettie and board. Hahahaha. He said that he'd wondered if I would be down [here].

"I was thinking the same thing about you."

"This really is sooo not fucking cool," he complained as he studied the chop, then dropped his board on the sand to sit beside me.

"It's cool that you hit out [to the beach], though."

"No prob. I thought we could still kinda paddle around... but now I dunno. It's shit."

"You still boxing at school?"

"Not boxing. Just training with them. Fuck that! Those guys get hit in the face too much, and I'm way too fucking pretty to have my face damaged." And with that, we both cracked up. That little - not so little - dude had a wicked sense of humor.

"I bought a [boxing] bag and gloves. Thought you could maybe come and give me a hand, and show me a few things. Also just for training."


"Hey, whenever. You tell me."

"Maybe after school a couplea arvies."

"Hey, when you found me laying [in my puke and shit] like that in my bed... the last time... in that mess... you must've been fucking freaking out. I'm sorry."

"Don't really wanna talk about that."

"It's a long story that I need to tell you, though. I need you just to know what's been happening."

Wingnut listened while I told him almost everything that had happened, from the time I arrived back from Johannesburg to now. You [Gary] said that I should [confide in Wingnut when I sensed that the time was appropriate], and that seemed like the right time. If the surf had've been good, we would have been out surfing. So it was the perfect situation for me to open up. Just the two of us sitting on the beach with nothing better to do. Besides, I didn't want him to hit out home too quickly. Telling him [my story] was one way to keep him there with me... at least for a while. I didn't tell him about the stuff I still had in my closet, though, cos that would have freaked him out.

All the time I was talking, I was looking at his beaut bod, and the perfect shape of his arrow through his wettie. It really is fucking perfect. Straight, with his cockhead a little bigger than the shaft, making it look like the head of an arrow, with its perfect cut head. His shoulders and biceps were clearly defined through the neoprene. It was like the wettie had been poured over him, and just moulded to his bod.

"So why didn't you just tell me all this in the beginning?" he asked after I'd finished telling my story.

"Cos you were already pissed off with me... after I'd been totally stupid that night [with you at my place]."

"Yeah, but the whole fucking time you've just let us all believe that you were still into the whole [drug] scene. Did Cody know you were selling stuff?"

"Think he would've still wanted to see me if he did?"

"Reckon not."

Wingnut quizzed me for a long time about the kind of stuff I was selling, who was buying it from me, and how much I got paid. It was like everything you've always wanted to know but were afraid to ask type of thing. We sat for ages just staring at the fucking slop in front of us. Glaring is probably the right expression. For a surfer, that slop was a total fucking insult. Eventually, we picked up our sticks and headed home.

"Want to hit out a bit later to my place?"

"I'll let you know if I'm gonna come around. I need some time to just think about a lotta things right now. Like what you just told me [about the shit you've been going through]. I need to think about what a total toss I've been [misjudging you the way I have]. And I also need to think about me and you."

"Wingnut, I'm not going to lie to you, and I know that someone's already said you're way too young to be my friend. But I fucking love you so much, and you're all I think about besides Cody. And yes, I do want you in bed, and to make love to you, but I'll be happy just to be near you, and to be your friend. I don't know what you're going to think about this, but I need you to know how I feel right now."

"I need to think about that, too. I'm a bit scared."

"Don't blame you, buddy. I'm sorry for what happened."

"It's not that. I'm fucking scared of becoming gay and then people finding out. That's why I always wanted to be like Cody. He had this scene where there was no gay or str8. We were just us. I'm not making sense, huh?"

"I know exactly what you're saying. I feel the same. I'm cool if you just want to hang out [with me]."

"I suppose we just handle it like eating elephants, huh? Just one bite at a time."

"Cool! Can I bite you already?"

Hahahaha! He fucking fisted me right on the soft spot of my shoulder muscle, and I almost dropped my fucking board.

I was hoping to hear from him later yesterday but I didn't. At least he knows how I feel now, though. I was on a total high, and spent a little while in the gym at home... and even swimming in the pool. How the fuck is that?"

"So, so."

Yeah, right. You're over the fucking moon for me, Gary. Admit it. :)

Monday. Got the mail you sent me from Spencer and Francois. I've never really thought of my dad having probs. Just being a prick. He doesn't fucking communicate, Gary. Both of them [my folks] stay away from my room, and don't ever come in to see what I'm doing or how my day has been. If my mom's in the kitchen or around the house somewhere, and I speak to her, she's so fucking cool. But my dad seems to avoid me all the time.

"About your dad. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I'd say that your dad thinks you hate his guts, and that there's no point in trying to mend the relationship. It's probably time for a heart to heart. At an appropriate moment, try something like: "Dad, I want to love you, and I want you to love me. I want you to be my dad, and I want to be your son." The word "want" is important there cos it's patently clear to both of you that love is missing from your relationship. If he doesn't have the nerve or whatever to make the approach, then it's up to you. You've got nothing to lose, and a dad to gain. Give it a shot sometime. :)"

I'm going to forward you a mail that was sent to Cody, and I need you to reply to this guy. Please. Cody had a way of helping guys with problems, and fuck knows I can't even help myself right now.

"I gave the job to Spencer. He was thrilled. Yeah, right hehehe. But he sent me a copy of what he'd written to the dude, and it was brilliant. Spencer underestimates himself. He's as cool as they come. Not quite the scallywag that you and Code are, but he's working on it. :)"

There was also another mail from a dude, and all it said was, "Cody, please reply. Please be there!" And I just fucking broke down. I'm learning more about Cody all the time. The way he used to help guys his own fucking age, and even older than him, just by what he said to them. He should be still around, Gary. There are so many people with problems out there, and Cody could still be helping them.

"He is still helping them, mate - through you and me - and through friends such as Spencer and Francois and Brian "The fossil-in-training Pest" and so many others. Make no mistake about that. Cody is alive and well."

About what Spencer had to say about me just coming out [and admitting to being gay or bi]. That is fucking insane to do over here [in South Africa]. Totally but totally fucking insane. His note was cool, though.

"As for being gay or bi in SA, I'll accept that. Cody felt the same way. So do Mark and Fingers. Reminds me of Oz in the 60s when I was growing up. These days, being gay in Oz doesn't even cause a ripple, except amongst the dickhead homophobes who are a small minority. Hell, we've even got openly gay politicians and police who march in the Gay Mardi Gras. But I respect your position in CT. I have to say that I'm not into the Mardi Gras or the gay scene. Doesn't do anything for me, and I'm just not interested. There's a lock on my closet door, by the way, so don't even think about peeking."

Now I'm going to actually - believe it or not - do some school work.

Your friend and the Codeman's


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