South Africa
Part 34

Hi Gary. Tried it your way this weekend. And who knows? Maybe you could be on track.

On Friday, Wingnut arrived at my house late afternoon with his board and a small backpack. I'd previously arranged for Bruce to pick us up and take us to Long Beach for a surf. I did what you said and fucking raved about how stoked I was about Wingnut's swimming, and how fucking awesome he looked in his Speedos. Told him he should be doing some modeling or something. He was fucking stoked! :) So was Bruce!!!!! It was the first time that Bruce had actually seen what I was talking about when I called Wingnut a hunk.

The surf was really cool, but packed [with other surfers]. And we raved! A couple of the grommet's buds were there, but not Sean or Jason, so it fucking rocked. We surfed until late when Bruce started getting antsy cos he had to make a connection. This would be his last weekend on the [drug selling] job, so he had to get rid of his stash.

When we got back to my place, we were totally stuffed. Wingnut met my folks and they were OK. Nothing like Cody's folks, though. But at least they gave him a bit of a fucking smile.

I ordered a couple of pizzas, and we ate in my room while we watched videos. The two of us laid on my bed. Yeah... with clothes on :( and watched two Jim Carrey movies; Dumb and Dumber, and Ace Ventura. Wingnut loves Jim Carrey, and I just loved having Winger there with me.

A couple of times Wingnut would laugh so much, he'd elbow me in the ribs. I was watching him more than the movie. Well, watching the way his cargo shorts made a hill in the right place, and the way his flat stomach rippled when he laughed. Hey, even an elbow in the ribs is like a touch, right? :)

It was about midnight when we called it [a night] cos we were both pretty fucked from the surfing anyway. I told him again how stoked I was that he did so well in the swim comp. Gave me an excuse to give him a congrats hug. Hey, I'm also devious.

When it came time to turn in, I panicked about where he was going to sleep, and [asked myself] if he was going to dress up like a fucking Eskimo. He was wearing a pair of blue Taz satin boxers with pictures of Taz surfing, and the whole fucking crotch was ripped. Everytime be bent over, his fucking balls would slip through the tear like a couple of rocks being lowered by a crane. His two perfect nuts hang low and look fucking heavy as hell.

I collapsed laughing when I saw that. He went all red and said that his boxers had gotten ripped on a swim tour. They were a little too big for him, so a senior put them on, and when the senior sat down the whole crotch ripped apart. Hahahaha!

"Yeah, right! I fucking bet Candy tore that bit open to get to the real candy," I cracked.

"Fuck off," he giggled as he turned redder than a fucking beet.

"C'mon, she gets into your pants."

"Only if I like get her all up [excited]. She'll jack me sometimes, and then she's only blown me once. She freaked when the hose opened." It sounded so fucking cool to hear the grommet belly laugh at the sound of his own words. "She couldn't control it, and my spunk flew all over her clothes." By that stage, Wingnut was laughing so much he could hardly speak. I was also in hysterics just watching him and listening to him.

"I bet she can't keep her hands off you, bro. Hey, listen, I can sleep on the camping mat on the floor, and you can use my bed. Is that cool?"

He seemed kinda disappointed as he said, "I guess." And then, "But Cody and me used to sleep in the same bed, and that was OK. Why?"

"Cos I don't want you freaking if my hands end up where you don't want them."

"I could've slept at home if I wanted to be in bed alone. What's the point?"

"Are you going to be OK with that?"

"You're my bud, right? So why shouldn't it be OK?"

Now, c'mon, Gary. I didn't need another fucking invite. Right? I slipped on a pair of satin sleep shorts, which fitted snug around my butt, but gave my cock some breathing room. Then I climbed into bed next to him. To say that my cock reacted right away to the feel of his skin against my leg would be a fucking understatement. It was instant. Then he asked me if I was comfortable.

"Yep. You?"

"I'm cool. Remember when we used to sleep in Cody's room?"

"Yeah... I think about it a lot." Fucking hell, Gary, I was so nervous!

"I used to get so mad," Wingnut laughed, "cos I hadta sleep on the mattress while you two were giving each other blowjobs."

"I wondered if you knew about that."

"I was a grommet, not a moron." He laughed again. "I used to dig pissing you guys off by like waking up and asking questions when you were busy. I remember Cody sometimes couldn't speak cos he was cumming."

"We tried to be quiet. Guess we weren't."

"Think I slept? I remember one time... one night that you guys must've been fucking when I heard Cody like cry out, like he was in pain. I was scared that night cos I didn't know what was happening."

"I didn't know that you knew about that, except when you came home from school one day and saw Cody and me doing it [fucking]. Did that hassle you?"

"It did then cos I didn't know how you could stick your dick into another guy's shithole."

"Hahahaha! You make it sound so fucking gross. We used to wear condoms."

"You gonna jack tonight?"

"I wasn't going to cos I'm not sure what you're thinking about me right now."

"Hey, it's cool if you wanna jack. Cody and me used to do that all the time... jacking and BJs. They were so fucking cool."

"You going to?"

"Not now. But you can if you wanna." So, this was the little grommet who used to visit Cody, and that I remember so well. In bed [with me] he was like the little dude that we loved so much. Not the domineering boxer.

"I guess I can leave it."

I can't remember the whole convo but that was the gist of it. Eventually, when I turned off the light, Wingnut piped up again. "Steve? Is it OK if I lay behind you?"

"That would be awesome."

I laid on my side, and he snuggled right up against my back. He didn't bother to keep his erection away, and I could feel it pressing against me. He put his arm over me, and his hand on my chest, so I took his hand in mine and got this totally warm feeling all over me. Are you paying attention, Gary?


I couldn't sleep for ages. I was just enjoying what was happening. His breath was warm, cradled in the nape of my neck, and his body was hot against mine. I used my spare hand to stroke my boner but I had to stop else I would have juiced the bed.

I woke up early, and felt his hand almost wrapped around my cock through my shorts. I wasn't sure if he was awake, thinking that I was maybe still sleeping. My cock bounced in his hand, which he slowly moved up to my stomach.

"Are you awake?" I whispered, but there was no response. So I gently moved his hand away from my stomach and got out of bed.

I went through to the kitchen, where I made two cups of coffee. It was still semi-darkness outside, and the house was quiet. By the time I'd returned to my room, Wingnut had kicked off the bed covers, and was sleeping on his stomach. Teen perfection. Even as relaxed as he was, the muscles running up his back looked tight.

I placed the steaming coffees on the bedside table, then sat on the mattress next to him. "Wingnut," I said as my hand found his shoulder and gently massaged it. "Hey, bud, here's some coffee."

His eyes opened, but remained almost closed because of the light from the bedside lamp. He turned onto his side, bent an elbow, and rested his head on his hand. The light threw shadows over his bod in all the right places. He had a tight piss erection, and the soft material of his boxers flowed erotically over it. Through his slit-eyes, he looked at me. "Thanks. Why are you up so early? It's still dark out."

"Thought you might want to swim."

"You gonna?" he asked before taking a sip of coffee, which he decided was a little too hot.

"It's still dark outside, so the water's cool," I reasoned. But what I really would have preferred to say was, "It's also dark so you can skinny dip if you want to." :))

When the Winger swung his legs over the side of the bed, I got a peek though the tear in his boxers at his nuts, which were hanging separately below his rock hard cock... like two golf balls waiting to be teed off. :) His ab muscles had become tight folds across his gut. And each time he lifted the coffee cup to his lips, his bicep would form a perfect tanned ball on his upper arm.

I grabbed two towels, and threw one at him. We walked down the path which led to the pool, feeling the brisk coolness of the early morning air. Wingnut was hugging himself with his arms wrapped around his chest. "Fuck, it's cold!" he shivered. Then he took his towel, threw it over his shoulders, and held it close to his bod.

When we'd arrived at the pool, he stood on the top step, dipped his toe into the water, and announced that the water was too damn cold. Yeah, well, I just couldn't resist taking him with me as I dove into the icy blue. A second later, he broke the surface like some startled missile, then swam like crazy toward the steps, but I pulled him back. He was laughing and cussing at the same time. "I'm gonna piss! Leave me [alone], dammit!"

I dove on top of him, and felt his warm liquid up against my leg as he lost control of his bladder. He giggled when I told him that he was pissing on my leg. Then the two of us wrestled. That little dude is really fucking strong for his age and size. No, Gary, I didn't make a move for his cock. But I could feel it banging against me a few times after he'd lost his hardon.

When we were both totally bushed [exhausted], we just floated around and enjoyed the icy water. I was the one to exit the pool first. My boxers were clinging to my good looking manhood as it draped over my nuts, which were dying for release.

"When you're wet, you're starting to look quite tight," Wingnut observed as he studied my bod. "All the training, I bet."

"Yeah, well," I shrugged, trying to be modest, "you drive me pretty hard [in the gym]. You look fucking good, too."

There was no way I could avoid gawking at his perfectly shaped teen beef as his boxers clung to it. I had no choice but to admire him. He was a spunky little fuck. Not scared of anything. Well, almost anything. He turned his back to me before he dropped his wet boxers, then wrapped a towel around his waist. Hahahaha! That didn't hide anything either. I faced him while I dropped my boxers, and I know he had a good peek at my goodies. :) Are you paying attention now, Gary?

"Not in the least."

Back in my room, he checked out my CDs and found Just Jinger, then inserted it into the player. I was the one who got Cody hooked on Just Jinger. Their music rocks. After I'd put on a pair of tracksuit pants and a T, I saw that Wingnut's eyes had begun to redden.

"It's been really cool having you here, Winger. I've had a total blast."

He just nodded his head and kept his focus on the CD cover, turning it over and over in his hands. Three guesses who he was thinking about - and the first two don't count. The cut [track] playing was a song called Shallow Waters. You mentioned it in the Mark story. Cody loved that song.

"It's cool you know," I said as I sat on the bed next to the grommet. "To remember him."

He wiped away a trail of snot that was running on to his top lip, then wiped his eyes with the heel of his palms. "I didn't know you had this CD. Cody's got it too. It's so hard. Sometimes it's cool, but sometimes I think of some things that make it so fucking hard." The poor little dude took a deep breath, and a sniffle.

"He thought the world of you, you know. He told everyone that you were his little bro. He loved you to bits."

"Does it get easier? To like remember him without feeling like shit?"

"I'd like to say yeah, but I still feel like that as well. I think it does [get easier] but it takes a long time. Want something to eat? Cereal or some eggs or something?"

"Eggs on toast would be cool."

"Then you'd better come and hold the fort while I destroy the kitchen."

Fucking hell, Gary, I'm useless in the kitchen. I put the pan on the stove and heated it up... and tried to break the egg on the edge of the pan. There was fucking egg everywhere. Wingnut looked at my face and burst out laughing. I didn't crack the second egg hard enough, so I put my thumb into the cracked shell and pushed it right inside the fucking egg and broke it in the shell. "You sure you want eggs?"

"Yeah, for sure," he said, trying to hold back the giggling. "I'm not gonna miss this show."

"OK. Scrambled eggs it is then."

I made some scrambled egg on toast, and we sat in the kitchen eating our breakfast. Poured some orange juice - at least I could do that without fucking it up.

When we'd finished eating, he went to my room to get his gear sorted out because he was going cycling with some guys. He's going to be in the Argus Cycle Tour next Sunday. He did it last year as well. That is like over 100k on a cycle, and that shows you how fit this fucking lightie is.

I cleaned up the kitchen, which looked like an egg bomb had landed. Then Wingnut was ready to leave by the time I'd returned to my room.

"Have a cool ride, bro. It's been fucking awesome... you being here."

"I've had a rad time too. Thanks."

So are you proud of me, Gary? That I didn't rape him or anything?

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