South Africa
Part 39

Hi Gary. Been doing quite a bit of surfing the last two days. Been down to Long Beach. Wingnut hasn't been around because of his prep for the cycle tour, and also he's been doing quite a bit of squad swimming.

I still look like a gargoyle, but my face is looking better than it was. It's still sensitive, though.

Haven't really done much besides that. This has been a quiet week, and I've been doing a lot of thinking about where I'm at and where I'm headed. Fucking hell, I don't know where I'm headed, but I know I'm headed for Johannesburg in a few weeks time.

I've got to get my hand on the airfare to get up there. Fingers said he would fork it out, but I don't think I want to do that. It's the same as the guys offering me stuff in the emails. I can't fucking handle that kind of pressure. I could ask Mark if he could [advance me the money]... make it like a payment for helping him [with the yacht] when I get up there. But, fuck, I'll be doing nothing really [to earn that money], and I don't want to make it sound like I'm begging.

There's a lady friend of mine that I used to go out with for a while. She's coming to Cape Town sometime in the next week or two, and she said that she'll give me the money [for the air fare] in return for a night out with her. So stop fucking raising your eyebrows [Gary]! I used to go out with her for a while, and she treated me like a fucking king.

"You mean a king who did a lot of fucking."

Shuddup and listen! She always spent a load [of money] on me anyway. Cody never liked the relationship cos she's over 40, and he said I was just being a male whore. Hey, if her husband couldn't sort her out when she was married I will. The one thing I know I'm good at is showing a woman a good time.

The other option is to take on a job with someone else. Fuck! A businessman on a visit could earn me up to 5 grand [500-600 USD] for a night, and then they really only want to play with you and fucking ogle. But the woman's OK. I know her. She loves me. Why not, huh? And she is fucking outrageous in bed.

Of course, the other option is to take over Bruce's route and make a fucking fortune, but we both know that that is not an option. And, no, I can't ask my folks [for the money].

The Argus Cycle Tour is on Sunday and I'm going to stand up on the road to watch out for Wingnut. He won't be around this weekend because of the race.

Yesterday, Bruce asked me if I wanted to go over to his place cos the two of us could be alone together. That was like the highlight of the week for me. He was dressed in cargo shorts and a loose T. There was nobody at home so I suggested that the two of us go naked. What the fuck. Bruce never needs a second invite for me to be starkers around him, and it was obvious that both of us were fucking horny when we were undressed.

I love his legs. He's got such well developed thighs, and they're solid and sensitive. When I had him on his back on the bed, and was laying on my side next to him, I ran my fingers up his thighs and it made him go all crazy. His cock reacted from the excitement by lifting up from his stomach. Then I wrapped my thumb and finger around the base of his cock, with my hand resting on his nads, and gently sucked him in.

After that, I got him to turn sideways so that his back was leaning over the side of the bed, causing his ab muscles to totally stretch, and flatten. It's these sessions with Bruce that I totally fucking rave out on.

"Can't understand why. :-/"

I think it's because he's so sensitive, and his body reacts to everything. The feel of his cockhead as I roll my tongue around it is difficult to describe. Erotic I guess is a good way. I let my tongue tickle the ridge of his cockhead, and he goes into shock. :)

After a while, he got up as I knelt forward on the bed, with my head down on the covers and my legs apart. Then I was sent to seventh heaven while his tongue and finger explored my ass crack. He didn't need to ask me if I wanted him to go into me cos he knew that already.

I rolled a condom onto his pulsating cock, and then knelt foward again. I felt my ass crack stretch as his cockhead went in. I was tight, so it was painful. He got about half his cock in, and had to start forcing his hips foward. Aaaggghhh! I told him to stop and wait! It was fucking sore, and I needed time to get my ass muscles to relax. When I was ready - kind of - he slowly pushed his cock in further. Then he pulled back a bit, and I had to tell him to stop again. I don't know why I was so tight. It felt fucking uncomfortable and sore, especially when he pulled back.

Eventually, he gently pulled out, then got the analube from his closet drawer, and fingered it into my crack. When he entered me again, it was better but his cock still felt thick.

He leaned over me and put his hand around my stomach, then started to stroke me into an erection while he continued to gently fuck me. Actually, it was feeling better as we went along.

When he sensed that he was about to cum, he pulled me up so that I was sitting on his cock, and held me tight against his chest as he offloaded. His breathing was totally hectic!

We stayed like that as he stroked me, which felt fucking great cos he was still inside me. I sprayed my cum all over his bedcovers, but that didn't faze him. Even after I'd stopped, and my cock started to soften, we remained in that position. But then he began to get hard again.


That's MY fucking line, Gary! Shut the fuck up and pay attention! My ass was feeling the pain by then, and I wanted him to pull out, but he was ready for his second fuck, so I leaned forward and gritted my teeth while he fucked me again. I was looking at my lazy dick hanging between my legs, and watching a thick string of cum dangling there, and wondered if it would disconnect and land on the bed, but it didn't. I was gritting my teeth seriously by then cos my ring was on fire and felt raw, and Bruce still hadn't reached his climax. I could feel the full length of his cock inside me. Whoa! It seemed [to take] ages before I felt him begin to speed up [his thrusting], and his breathing get all hectic again. Then he finally pushed hard, and I felt his balls up against mine as he tried to force even more of his throbber inside of me. I could feel his cock offloading as it expanded and contracted in my ass crack, while his fingers dug into the skin of my waist.

"Fuck! You need to pull out! But do it slowly for fuck sake!"

He waited a short while for his cock to deflate a little, then he slowly slid out of me. I rolled onto my back, exhausted, and he pulled the condom off his semi. It was fucking full [of juice] as he held it above my face, then slowly let the contents flow into my mouth. It tasted fucking horny!

Then we kissed, and our tongues played with the cum that I hadn't swallowed. I felt his hand pulling and tugging at my cock. When it was hard he kept some of the cum in his mouth, then went down on me. He let the jizz drip down the length of my cock, then gave me an excellent blow job. Woohoo! Because he couldn't get all of my length into his mouth, he gripped the base of my cock, then took the rest of it between his lips. That dude is like a magician with his tongue. :) The feel of his tongue behaving like a snake around my cockhead was pretty damn awesome. He carried on [blowing me] as I offloaded, and I watched the jizz that he couldn't swallow escaping from his lips, and dribbling down my shaft.

By then we were both pretty well fucked. He parted my legs, and rested his bod between them, with his face on my chest. We dozed for a short while, then he gave my ass crack another tongue massage cos I was complaining that it was sore. After the tongue massage, he put some cream there to ease it. The pain disappeared after about an hour, which was cool. I'd hate to go to school looking like I'd been on a saddle for three days hahahahaha!

Bruce is cool. His skin is so damn nice. Soft and smooth. Especially his thighs. It's like they've been wrapped in cotton wool so the muscles are like super smooth and well developed there.

Before I went home, we took a shower together and that was pretty much erotic as well. Bruce likes to take my nads, one in each hand, then massage them with his fingers. Hey, I can handle that. :) Much better, though, when he takes them one at a time in his mouth.

Last night, I pretty much just studied [school work] for a while. Not too long cos my mind was blown away by the ep [episode] with Bruce and me, and I couldn't concentrate. Know what I mean?


Not sure what the plans are for tonight or this weekend. I'll be watching for the Winger on the road on Sunday [in the cycling].

Don't know so much about it taking two to tango. Have to wait and see how that develops. Still not having mad raving convos with my dad so....

That pic of that gnome/gargoyle thing... hahahaha! Looks like Stevie Boy. Cheers, Gary

Your friend and the Codeman's


> Hi Gary. Been doing quite a bit of surfing the last two days. Been down to Long Beach.

G'day Steve,

One day I'm gonna be at the beach, armed with my dig camera, and I'm gonna see a local version of you. Do you like comedy? :) Actually, I did meet a local version of you when I was 18 - Daryl. I wrote the story, but a lot of what happened in the Daryl story was what SHOULD have happened rather than what actually did. Hmmm. When I think about that, I realize that if I had been more adventurous sexually back then, I wouldn't be the guy I am now, and I feel kinda comfortable with who I am.

Wanna know something rad? I found out this morning that a guy I've known for some years - who helped me in the early days of Daniel's Diary - was [deleted's] lover for a long time. There are amazing parallels between you and [deleted]. Fortunately for you, you've chosen a different path to the one [deleted] chose, and we all know what happened to him. His lover is working on a series of sci fi books. And guess what? There's a character in the story based on the Codeman! :) He's thinking about creating a permanent "Cody" character throughout the whole series. How rad is that? Stay tooned!

Yep, we've discussed your "lady friend" before, and how Cody felt about your being her male whore. I think gigolo sounds better. :) Well, I can tell you that if I were her, I wouldn't be complaining. It's interesting how you rationalize that accepting money from her is cool, but not from anyone else. Are there any op shops in Cape Town that sell women's used clothing? I could whiz over there, throw on a frock and a bit of lippy, and... Hmmm. Guess not.

As for accepting money, I feel pretty much the same way you do - too much pride. But I made an exception when I was trying to get Daniel's Diary off the ground. I was flat broke, so I accepted donations of hand-me-down computers, money to pay for domain name registration, and that kinda thing. I guess I didn't feel that the gifts were charity cos they weren't for me per se; they were for the Daniel "cause". But I do understand how you feel about accepting money from Fingers. You would be compromised. On the other hand, you could borrow the money from him and pay it back in instalments over the next 500 years. :)

A businessman? 5 grand? Nah. He'd wanna end up being your sugar daddy, and I wouldn't blame him. But you don't want that. Cody used to get a lot of offers, too, but he insisted on being self-sufficient and independent. He didn't like the idea of owing anybody. I respected him for that.

I don't like the idea of you messing about with this woman, though - especially considering that she'll probably get you to snort something besides her pussy. Ew! But it seems that, of all your current options, she's the least of the evils. Visiting Mark is your numero uno priority. What you bring back from your visit to Joburg will stay with you for a long time, and be another milestone in your battle to realize your true self.

You could borrow the money from Brucey Babe, but borrowing from friends ruins friendships. Been there, done that. Speaking of Brucey Babe, your description of his porking you wasn't exactly the kinda thing you'd read about in a Barbara Cartland novel. I didn't quite know how to react. But it did remind me of a pic I have, and which I'll attach to this email.

But back to Mark. He's one amazing guy. He has the respect of people much older than he is, like Fingers and Mark's 30 year old girlfriend. He is also admired and respected by Cody's folks... not to mention Cody himself. When you're in Mark's care - which is a bit like the lion taming the trainer rather than the other way around - I feel a sense of safety about you. You once said that Mark was the only genuine person in the whole plot. Well, that's changing, but he is da man. I have so much admiration for that guy it's sickening hehehe.

I would LOVE to be in Mark's head when you parade around like a god. I know he thought Code's bod was pretty awesome, even though he hated to admit it. He once told Code that guys didn't turn him on, and that Code was the one and only exception. Hmmm. Well, I think their might be another exception. :) If what you tell me about your looks is only half true, I don't see how Mark could not feel attracted.

Actually, a lot of MrB readers are bi. Many of them are older guys with families who have lived all their lives in denial. I have to tell you that Francois was paranoid when he discovered that I'd published his email to you in the last chapter of the Steve story. There were things he mentioned that could identify him to someone who knew him well. It was late and I was tired when I published his mail. Next morning, I was gonna change some of the references he'd made about himself, but before I could he wrote me:

When I've seen 3 hours ago you'd published my entire mail on your site, I've been frightened by the consequences: I didn't think you've done that, only maybe any pieces. In this mail I've writen my life with the true names (François, Yan) and I was a famous french climber and a teacher. There are not hundred frenchmen who are in that case. Paranoid am I !!

In thinking to that more time, I thought the risk was very limited, and I could make front to the situation. How many frenchmen can read your site? And they've to be gay. What's the fuck? And I forget the problem.

Half an hour ago, I'd a call from a friend we used to climb together 20 years ago, and I'd not news of him for 5 years, and I was happy to speak with him.

After 10 mn of chat he says me in english "Do you know MrBstories site?". I was speechless during any seconds. And I answer a yes very low. And he had laughed at me during one minute at least, and as I was always speechless, he said me he was also bi and he was very happy to know I was...

I've found again a friend with your unintentional help, and in a word someone I may talk of my fantasies, someone who is very near me for many things: he lives at 2 hours of car, he is 56, he has a family, he used to climb always...

In less than half one hour, I've lost 10 years: I'm happy and the frightening has come away.. Am I too optimist? I don't think so. What if one Yan's friend read your site and think to me, and say to Yan? This guy would be gay, so I may live and talk to Yan: I think he is mature enough to support that, and truth is always the good way...after any time.

After all, you was right and I don't reproach nothing to you: I'd forwarded the mail to you for that without thinking, and in reading it again, I'm proud of what I've writen. I think that could help Steve and it's the only important thing: and I promise you to not go too far with him: neither escargot nor frog's legs, only oysters to suck hehehe

Thanks, Gary for your confidence in me, for your resume of my life and your compliments: but I'm not wise, it's too boring, and I prefer fun and fool.



Me again. Amazing, huh? I feel like asking you to design a graphic of Cody with wings and a bow and arrow - Cupid. I remember Francois some months ago when he was reticent about being too involved with the internet and chat. Now he's one of the main chatters on FunTB, and can't get enough of it. Then, along comes his old mountaineering friend, who confesses to being a MrB member hehehe. It's a wonderful thing, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if Cody was the scallywag who was behind this whole series of events. It truly vindicates the old saying, "All's well that ends well." Meantime, I've asked Francois to tell me if he doesn't want something published, but he's not worried or paranoid anymore. He's FREE!

Cool to know that you'll be watching Wingnut in the cycling event. Cody and his folks were there last year to cheer on the grommet. Cody actually got his own cycle out of mothballs and rode with Wingnut during early morning practice sessions. I think it's brilliant that you show an interest in Wingnut's activities. I'm sure he get's a huge buzz out of your being proud of him, and it's only a matter of time before he's as proud of you as you are of him. There'll be a lot of MrB/Steve/Wingnut fans dancing in the streets when that day arrives, and it's so close I can almost smell it. :)

Your dad? Hey, recent events, albeit dramatic, have been a giant leap forward. There's no going back to the bad old days now. Onward Christian soldiers! Y'know something, Steve? I have a feeling that it wasn't just your dad who belted the shit outa you in the gym. I think Cody was in his corner hehehehe. But just as you and Cody always made up after a fight, you and your dad are doing the same. And our scallywag friend - wherever he is now - knew that. Kinda falls into place, huh?

Well, mate, I hope your weekend was cool, and that you didn't get into TOO much trouble. You young whippersnappers are SUCH A WORRY! But I love ya. :)

Your friend and the Codeman's


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