South Africa
Part 41

Hi Gary. Saturday: I'm meeting with my lady friend tonight. Didn't think it would happen so fast, but she's made a plan to spend the weekend in Cape Town, and I'm staying over at her hotel tonight. She spent ages talking on the phone to me last night, and yeah, well, she was cool. I'll get enough money from her for the airfare [to Joburg]. She doesn't know what the money's for else she'd want me to connect with her in Joburg, and I don't really want to do that. She's a good fuck, but... I've got other plans. :)

The one plus is that I can be at the start of the cycle tour and watch the Winger start his race. Then I'll go through to the finish and wait for him there. My lady friend is happy to spend the time with me as well, so who knows where it could end up.

Today's been a bit of a nothing. Went to the beach early this morning to catch a wave, and that woke me up. Then spent an hour in the gym hitting the [boxing] bag. My folks are away for the weekend. My mom says they want to get away from the madness in the city while all the tourists are here for the cycle tour.

Logged on to the FunTB site and saw the thing about chat, so I downloaded it [the IRC program] and went on for about a minute a while ago, but had to disconnect cos I was waiting for a phone call. :)

Sunday night: Watched the Winger at the start and finish of the race today. It was fucking hot! An Aussie guy won the race. Wingnut's folks were at the finish [as spectators] as well. He was pretty well stuffed at the end, but after about a half hour he looked like he could do it all over again. He'd had a good ride through and was stoked that I was there [at the finish]. I phoned him a few minutes ago to ask him how he was doing. He'd had a sleep after he'd gotten home, and now he's busy catching up with homework.

I had a really awesome night last night. My lady friend and I went to a restaurant at the Waterfront, and had a good meal. Had to explain that I'd been in a fight at school, and that's how my face got damaged. C'mon, Gary, you didn't expect me to to bust my dad to her, did you? I told her that if she thought I looked bad, she should see the other guy hahahahaha!

From the restaurant, we walked across to the hotel that she was [staying] in. Also at the Waterfront. The two of us got into bathrobes, then ordered some drinks before we sat on the terrace overlooking the harbor. We were talking about all sorts of things, and it was [a] pretty relaxed [atmosphere]. I was totally having a good time.

For her age, she has the most smashing fucking bod, and she's beautiful as well as energetic. :) Over the years that I've known her, she's become a helluva good friend. When we did end up naked on the bed, we spent fucking ages exploring each other's bods. She knows all the places that make me totally fucking horny, and I know quite a few of hers.

I'd be totally bullshitting if I said that the sex wasn't special, cos it was. I've always enjoyed making love to her cos it's not just bang bang thank you ma'am stuff. If we did sleep it couldn't have been for more than a few minutes at a time. I can't remember how many times I entered her. One time we both dozed off while I was still inside.

We ordered room service as the sun was beginning to rise.

"Did the room service guy look like me?"

Shut the fuck up, Gary, and stop interrupting! And no, the room service person was a woman.

"Cool! So it worked!"

Anyway, we both sat starkers on the bed, and ate breakfast while we were joking and laughing, and really enjoying each other's company. She wanted me to get back to the way we used to be involved with each other in the earlier days, but I was honest with her and said that, right now, I needed to get a lot of stuff sorted out, and [getting back together] would really cramp my style. She just laughed and said that it was cool cos she would just hire me every time she was in town.

We walked around the waterfront, then watched the start of the cycle tour, before taking a taxi to the finish line. We were enjoying the whole vibe there while we waited for Wingnut to arrive. Naturally, Wingnut tried to charm my lady friend but he was too damn fucked after the race hahahahahaha!

I was worried about his folks, though, and what they would think [about my lady friend]. But when I think about it now, she looks like she's in her twenties anyway.

When we left Wingnut, we went back to the hotel and made some serious love again during the afternoon and early evening. She called a taxi to take me home, and, well, here I am. She gave me enough money for the airfare plus. Am I supposed to feel guilty about it? Nope. Cos both of us had a really awesome time together, and it's not like I gave her a receipt for tax deductions.

School tomorrow, and I know some of the dudes who saw me with my lady friend are going to quiz me. They all got fucking hard just looking at her. :)

Monday: A couple of guys wanted to know who she was, and was I fucking her. That's for me to know and for them to dream about. :)

Got some uphill from one of your readers about what I was planning with her [my lady friend] and the whole money thing. He was agreeing with Cody that I was [behaving] like a male slut. Actually, they can say what the fuck they like. People must stop expecting me to be Cody cos I'm not.

[The next part of Steve's email is off the record. It was about another project I'm involved in, quite separate from MrB].

I might make a plan to get on to that chat thing again tonight [which Steve did] and see what it's like. I can't see it being a regular thing, but it might be a vibe. Hopefully, I don't piss anybody off. :)

I thought about doing a [written] tribute to Cody a while ago, but all the words are so lame compared to what he was really like. It was like he shared something from inside himself with people, and how the fuck do you try to put that into words? Cheers, Gary.

Your friend and the Codeman's


> Hi Gary. Saturday. Im meeting my lady friend tonight.

G'day surfergod :)

Glad you chose that nic. Sounds better than gargoyle. First off, I have to say that your description of your lady friend has changed my mind about her, and also made me think about a few things. I began to analyze why Cody was so anti her, and I think I understand why. She represented a world where he wasn't welcome. She was taking you away from his world. He felt the same about your "larny" friends as he called them - rich spoilt teens who also lived in a world he couldn't or didn't want to relate to. They were competition. Cody came from a modest background, into which he invited you. He fell victim to jealousy and possessiveness just as you have, and most of us do at some time. But you didn't help at the time by puffing out your chest and boasting about your love-making to a mature woman. You probably made him feel inadequate.

Anyway, she sounds like a very sophisticated lady to me, and if she wants to spend her money on a surfergod that's her prerogative. But most of all, she doesn't give me the impression that she's possessive, or that she wants you to be her permanent toy boy. She knows the limitations of the "relationship" and is quite happy with them. Sounds pretty cool to me. So it's a win win. You've enjoyed each other's company, and you've got your airfare to Joburg without resorting to anything sinister. I loved your line about a receipt for tax deductions hehe.

I'm pretty sure I know who criticized you in an email of being a "whore". But that's entirely understandable. He, along with the rest of us, worry about your situation cos you're still at a pretty fragile stage. Guys who have had experience with substance abuse or who have had close friends or relatives who've been addicts understand that you ain't out of the woods yet. So accept their concern as constructive, and a demonstration of their love for you. BTW, you're probably not reading your own story, but do me a fav and check out chapter 40. :) You'll be familiar with the first part cos I forwarded Chuck's email to you, but there's other stuff there I'd like you to read.

I'm sure all of us realize that you're not Cody; that you're Steve, with your own personality and character. But we also realize that Cody is alive within us all. None of us can separate ourselves from that part of Cody within us. It's there, and that's that. Anyway, whenever you've sent me graphics, such as the Christmas one and the Valentine's one, you said, "Cody would have done this". But who did it? YOU did it, you silly sausage.

It was cool that you made time - and convinced your lady friend to also make time - to be there for Wingnut at the cycle tour. Those things are extremely important to him. It's the old actions speak louder than words thingy. Hmmm. How fascinating are you? You can make love to a mature and sophisticated woman, you can make love to Bruce, you made wild passionate love to Cody, you've had a string of girlfriends over the years, you frightened the hell out of Fingers with your passion, and you've got the hots for Wingnut hehehe. Are we talking versatile here or are we talking versatile? And when you're not doing all that, you're figuring out creative new ways to jack off. Do you get the impression that you've got the busiest dick in Cape Town?

Actually, I think your image has skyrocketed in the eyes of your school buddies who saw you with your lady friend. Yeah, let their imaginations work overtime.

I've just heard from Brian "The Pest" about your being in FunTB chat, and being worried about Bruce quitting the drug selling business. If ever anyone needed proof of how despicable and cowardly the drug business is, your experience and now Bruce's delivers it. Anyway, let's be as positive as we can about this. You've survived with flying colors. You've shown that today's problems soon become yesterday's problems. I know you'll give him all the support you can. But, at the same time, don't get the guilts about his quitting. Blaming yourself won't help. It's a totally fucking useless exercise. Should I blame myself for all the pain and torment you suffered? No fucking way! I've got myself a hero. And pretty soon I'll have two.

Bruce has reached the point of no return. There's no going back, but there's certainly a lot of going forward, and ridding himself of the drug baron's shackles forever. Those shackles are just as real as iron ones. Only a fool would want to wear them for the rest of his life.

As for FunTB chat, I can see the "predators" stealing you away from me hehehe. But that's cool. You're reaching out and finding plenty of love and support out there, and that was the whole point of the exercise. Besides, I've gotta get back to finishing several other stories. I've been totally obsessed with writing your story in recent times, and with good reason I think. But it would be cool to keep in touch and update your story from time to time while I continue writing the others. I figured your week or two in Joburg with Mark and Fingers would give me an opportunity to catch up with Daniel, MotorMouth, etc. But I absolutely INSIST that you keep a detailed record of everything that happens in Joburg. :) You've got a legion of fans now who wanna be kept up to date. Pretty amazing, huh?

Cody mentioned that he and Mark swapped email. I'm not sure how. Maybe Fingers has a comp at home. You didn't mention one. Guess it could have been Mark's girlfriend's comp. Anyway, if you can get your sticky fingers on one while you're in Joburg that would be cool. Otherwise, take a pen and A BIG FUCKING NOTEBOOK!

[My responses to Steve's "off the record" stuff deleted].

As for your tribute to Code, hey, you've already got the opening para, which is always the hardest to write. Everything else flows from that. "I thought about doing a tribute to Cody a while ago but all the words are so lame compared to what he was really like. It was like he shared something from inside himself with people and how the fuck do you try to put that into words?" So take it from there. :) He would want you to. SO DO IT!

Speaking of a can of worms [in the off the record stuff], you've opened a biggie with your story. But they're all friendly worms hehehe. Don't be afraid, Steve. Fear is your worst enemy. Fear is the reason I've never surfed, and no doubt the reason why I admire surfers so much. Take a look around you. See what mankind has accomplished in terms of cities, space exploration, air travel, ships, and whatever else. All those things were achieved by conquering fear. That is the first step to success. Hey, I conquered my fear of writing the kind of stories I write. :)

Your friend and the Codeman's


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