South Africa
Part 45

'I guess,' wasn't the kinda response I was hoping for. Didn't sound like he was all that enthusiastic, so I decided to push my luck a bit further. "You want to get out of your boxers? I'll get out of mine. Just in case you're wondering, Wingnut, I'm playing follow the leader here."

He giggled at that, then we both took off our boxers. My heart was pounding. His hard, perfectly shaped cock was mine to gawk at close up for the first time. He's even more beautiful when he's naked. His nads are heavy, and I know what they're full of. :)

"I know why Candy likes you to kiss her. You're a fucking brilliant kisser."

"Yeah... I swallowed my spit first, but it didn't help."

"I want this to last the whole night."

I began to kiss him again, and he immediately responded by wrapping his hand around my cock. His fist was tight, and he must've been experimenting with my foreskin cos I could feel it sliding up and down - getting stretched, then sliding back up again over my cockhead.

I took his nads in my hand, and moved them around firmly, but not too much cos I didn't want to hurt him. I let his balls move around in their sacs as my fingers massaged them. Two perfect hard eggs.

I forced myself not to cum, and moved his hand away from my cock whenever I felt myself getting too close to offloading. Then I played with his nipples, and poked my finger inside his belly button. He began to mimick my actions.

I could feel the warm air from his nostrils against my face, and I was sure he could also feel mine as we both breathed furiously.

Wingnut's cock is like a steel pipe - it's so hard! It jerked in my hand with every stroke. Then I felt the warm, strong jets of his juice on my skin as his body went into a muscle spasm. He was trying to stifle a long groan of pleasure. His cum was splattering all over my stomach and chest, and it felt great.

He'd stopped kissing by then, and his eyes had closed. His teeth were clenched as he desperately tried to stop the wave [of juice] but he'd let it go beyond the point of no return at that stage.

When he recovered, he placed his head on my chest...

"I can't stand any more of this!"

"Shuddup, Gary, and keep typing. He must've been watching his hand sliding up and down my length. And the totally cool thing was that the cum on my chest didn't worry him one little bit.

"I'm cumming, bud!"

He lifted his head, and his hand worked even more furiously as I arched my back. Then my cock exploded in fucking huge sprays of my juice. I just moaned out loud cos I wanted him to know that awesome things were happening to me. I was soooo fucking chuffed that my engine was working, and that my jizz was shooting out like from a power hose.

Then the grommet went quiet, which worried me a bit. "What are you thinking?"

"I haven't done this with a big guy in a long time."



We didn't talk for quite a while after that, and we both must've dozed off. When I woke up, he was fast asleep. I moved him so that I could put the covers over him. Then I went to the kitchen where I got myself some coffee. As I was making it, what had happened between Wingnut and me was running through my mind over and over again.

By the time I'd climbed back into bed with him, and laid next to him, my erection had returned. :) Wingnut sleeps on his back, so I gently explored his meaty pecs and his flat stomach. His cock reacted to my touch, but he carried on sleeping.

I must've dozed off eventually, and we both woke up about the same time. He took a shower while I tidied up the room a bit. Thought about putting my sheet in the laundry, but decided to leave it.

In the kitchen, I made some toast, which we had with cereal and juice for breakfast. Then we headed for the beach and a surf. It was pretty awesome.

Later, we split and I got back home. And, well, here I am. There were so many thoughts going through my head, I can't remember all of them cos I couldn't keep my fucking eyes off of the spunky little dude. It's been a totally wicked weekend, and now I'm off to Mark and Fingers. Got a tube of Analube from Bruce cos I might just need it. :)

Not sure if I'm gonna get on [the net] again before I leave for Johannesburg. If I can't then don't freak. I'm sending this early this morning cos this afternoon I've got stuff to do. My folks didn't know about the trip [to Joburg] so I had to explain that Mark was paying for it [yeah, right]. My mom said it would do me some good to get away for a while. My dad didn't say too much about it. My mom gave me 500 bucks to spend. Not sure if my dad knew about that.

Going surfing again this afternoon after school, then tomorrow [I'm] getting sorted out for the trip. Hopefully, I can get back to you with some good vibes about Joburg. :) I'm fucking amped to see both of them again.

Behave yourself, OK? And tell the guys on FunTB that I was sorry about just disappearing the other night, but my comp just kind of said cheers and disconnected. So now you can move your ass and get the other guys' stories done. Who knows? When I get back I might start reading my story if I'm up to that.

Your friend and the Codeman's


> Hi Gary. Saturday. Last night Bruce and me went to play pool.

G'day Steve,

Thanks for squeezing in an email before Joburg. :) I'm not sure if you'll read this in Cape Town or Joburg, but I'll write it anyway. It arrived last night my time while I was updating MrB. But then I had to cook dinner, and after that I was too buggered to reply. So here I am at 5am Tuesday after having just downloaded a WWII Spitfire painted pink. :) Actually, somebody should remake the Battle of Britain movie with pink Spitfires and pilots in fishnet stockings and stilletos. I'll attach the pic of the pink Spitfire and tell everybody that you'll be flying to Joburg in it. :) Hmmm, that's three smilies so far and I've barely started writing this reply!

It's a pity you left the pool hall before you had a chance to see all of Craig's sycophants licking his ass and telling him how awesome he was. This is like some movie script. I don't know how much Mark can teach you about boxing in a week, but I hope it's enough. :) And I hope Craig's sycophants are gathered around when you flatten him. It's hard to understand that bully mentality. How come the guy can't see what a fuckwit he is? My last partner in business [and I swear I'll never have another one] was a bully. One day he pushed me too far and I let him have both barrels of my mouth and temper. His son [who was your age] was standing in the same room and watched his father go to water. His dad's eyes would always bulge when he was nervous. Like Craig, he was always surrounded by sycophants who thought I was the troublemaker. And now? They all think he's an idiot. They eventually saw what I'd known for ages. The same thing will happen to Craig cos he can't help wanting to constantly prove what a dickhead he is. Craig, like my ex-biz partner, is his own worst enemy.

Are you chickenshit? I think you're like me. You avoid trouble if you can, but there's a point when you snap. When I snap, I shake with rage and frighten the fuck out of whoever I'm glaring at. One time, about 15 years ago, a robber held a knife to my throat, then tied me to the staircase post. His buddy was tying my mate to the upstairs bed. When they started to stack my hi fi and VCR stuff in readiness to load it into my mate's car, I snapped and started yelling my lungs out. The guy stuffed a tie in my mouth, so I spat it out and yelled again. At the same time, I was struggling with the rope that was tied around my wrists. He smacked me across the face, and shoved the tie back in my mouth. So I spat it out again and kept yelling at him. His buddy freaked and headed for the door. Then the guy who hit me freaked, and followed his buddy. While they were trying to start my mate's car, I'd broken free of the rope, and was outside yelling at them. Neighbors came from everywhere. So the guys fled on foot. Later, my mate told me that he'd been upstairs, scared out of his wits cos he thought the robbers would kill me to shut me up. But that didn't occur to me at the time. I was mad as hell. :)

Who were the robbers? A couple of guys we'd met in a pub and invited back to my place.

Mind you, being mad doesn't always help. You were mad as hell at your dad when you were sparring, but you didn't have the boxing skill to prevent him from making a mess of you.

But back to Craig. You now have the advantage in that he thinks you're chickenshit, and an easy target. His defences will be down. He won't be expecting you to fight back. You'll need to choose your moment very carefully and very precisely. He's already demonstrated that he's a dirty fighter - a knee to the balls is his style. So let him be your teacher. He deserves no mercy, so don't give him any. Once you have the upper hand, keep it. Drag him to his feet and knock him down again. Then again and again until he's like a defenceless and bloodied rag doll. Meantime, everytime you hit the punching bag, visualize Craig's face. One day, it will be his face. :)

As for who's chickenshit and who isn't, ask yourself this: Would Craig have demanded the pool table from Mark or Cody? No. Why not? Cos he'd get his head bashed in. Correct? So who's chickenshit? Craig is the kinda chickenshit who only fights fights he's sure of winning. He's got a yellow streak a mile wide painted down his back, and that's the very reason why he's a bully.

And now to more scrumptious things. :) I loved your line "the whole ceremonial buttface scene" with Bruce hehehe. What a classic! Giving him a blow job while he was driving wasn't exactly the smartest thing you've ever done. Actually, that reminds me of a story doing the rounds a long time ago. Not sure if it's true or not, but when an ambulance arrived at the scene of a fatal car crash, they found the girl with the guy's dick in her mouth. The impact of the crash had caused her to bite it off. Hopefully, it had been removed before her relatives were asked to identify the body. :)

The other thing you did that wasn't too smart was fuck without using condoms. But you already know that. Cody hated condoms too. When Paul visited him for his 18th birthday, he asked Paul not to use a condom, but Paul insisted on using one. I've lost quite a few friends over the years to AIDS. Despite that, I don't have Daniel or his buds using condoms in the stories. I've been criticized by some readers for the absence of condoms in the stories, and promoting unsafe sex. But if I were writing stories about cops and robbers, would they all be firing blanks? "Fall down, asshole! You're supposed to be dead!" I'm sure most readers of MrB stories can tell the diff between reality and fantasy. Condoms are a fact of life, and I subscribe to their use in "real" life.

Do you think you and I would have become friends if it weren't for Cody? We couldn't be more different in terms of our sex lives or other physical activities. Sex life? What's that? You're having totally wild sex with Bruce while I'm wondering how much oregano I should be putting in the bolognaise. But I suppose opposites do attract. I could sit on the beach admiring you styling, then you could come around to my place and I could cook you a sumptuous feast. Other than that, all I could offer you would be convo over several bottles of chardonnay. :)

If you were trying to get my jaw to drop to the floor with your description of the sex you had with Bruce, consider your effort successful. Your appetite for sex almost defies belief. Almost. :) As for being disconnected from FunTB chat, I'm sure the guys will be pretty chuffed that you're even interested in being a chatter. Spencer's a chatter now too. If you ever get to chat with Spencer, be nice. He's not used to rough characters like you hehehe. One of these days, you might stay a week at his beach house in San Francisco. It would be interesting to compare your account of the story with his hehehe. No, that deserves a hahahahahaha! I think Spencer is just as adventurous as you are sexually, but he doesn't like to talk about it in the kinda detail you do.

"Why? Cant remember if we did. I dont think so." That was Wingnut's response to your question about Cody ever having kissed him. Can't remember if we did? Hello? Jeez, I remember Cody telling me about it - it was his special gift to Wingnut for his last birthday. I could hardly believe my eyes as I read that:

hey - seeing that its your birthday pressie - can i kiss you?

yeah - i guess.

i put my mouth on his and at first he didnt want to open it but eventually my tongue slid into his mouth and the taste of him drove me fucking wild. his tongue started to respond to me and my hand slid up and down his chest abs and cock. his hand found my cock as well and he started to stroke me. he was getting into it and i could imagine him kissing [his girlfriend] like that. our bods were pressed tightly against each other. i kissed his nipples and licked his abs and his bellybutton. his whole body arched which made his abs rock hard. i then went down on his boner taking it all in. both of our bodies were shaking and i sucked his nads and went back down on his boner cos i could feel that he was close to shooting his load. i put my hand between his legs and forced them open and slowly found his rosebud with my finger. i slid it in gently and then he screamed and lost it. his juice shot out with such force that most of it shot out the side of my mouth. his bod was like a bucking bronco as he offloaded. as he relaxed i felt his hand start to stroke me in earnest. i wouldve liked him to suck me off but i thought that maybe id already gone too far and i moved away slightly to give his hand easier access. my cum shot across him leaving creamy trails across his stomach. i gasped cos i was so fuckin aroused by the time i shot my load.

we didnt speak for ages and then he piped up.

that was fucking awesome code.

yeah it was for me too.

we didnt bother to clean ourselves. we snuggled up to face each other and he put his leg over me and we fell asleep. we made love to each other again that night at about 4 in the morning. i say love because it was pretty intense what i did with wingnut that nite. it went way beyond jacking or just sucking each other off.

in the morning i left him sleeping while i made breakfast and then woke him up. he went to shower first and then we sat eating and spoke about surf. not a word was said about the night before. we spent the whole sunday together surfing which was really cool.

its wierd but our friendship is still the same - i thought that maybe something would change cos of that nite but it was similar to a steve and me type of thing.

Me again. So Wingnut couldn't remember whether he and Cody had kissed or not? Yeah, right hehehe. Anyway, you've blown me away again. That was love you and Wingnut made. Different to the way you were with Bruce, or with Code. It was gentler and sweeter - more innocent - probably cos he's younger. You treated him well, and you can be proud of that. Jeez, how things have changed since Wingnut's first and second sleepovers. It's bordering on a miracle. And it speaks volumes about you, Steve. Wingnut's been with the best, so there's no way he'd settle for anything less. You're one helluva dude, Steve. But, as you know, there are two of you fighting for supremacy - the "new" and "old" Steves. Guess which one Wingnut and I are rooting for?

I'm sooooo glad you told me everything in detail cos, by writing it, you've reinforced this new image of yourself to yourself. You're seeing yourself with new eyes. And you're liking what you see. So will Mark and Fingers. I'll bet my left and right nads that they notice a huge difference in you when they see you again. Wingnut, MrB readers, and I have witnessed your progress lately day by day, but Mark and Fingers haven't. They'll see an enormous diff when they lay eyes on you, and I think that's gonna boost your self-esteem by a huge margin. You're gonna be so proud you'll bust! It'll be a new and improved Steve who arrives back in Cape Town in a week from now - all polished and shiny, with a grin a mile wide.

Me? Behave myself? Yeah, right. What choice do I have? I leave the front and back doors open all day long every day but not a damn single rapist has shown up. Maybe I should put a sign out front.

Thanks for a remarkable email, Steve. Like Cody, you lead an extraordinary life with extraordinary friends. Know that every single MrB reader will be thinking of you for the next week, as well as Mark and Fingers. You've got quite a fan club out there, and it's because you've earned their respect and love. You've done the hard yards BIG TIME. You've exposed yourself warts and all to a lot of people. You risked being admonished, even hated. But what did you get? Love and respect. And why did you get it? Because people respect honesty and courage. You've got an oversupply of both.

How does the pedestal look now? :)

Your friend and the Codeman's


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