South Africa - Johannesburg #2
Part 48

Don't treat Fingers like a dad? Where the fuck did he get that idea from? "Hey, I'm glad that you're not my dad, otherwise we couldn't relax like this. Huh?" Then I eyed his smooth, defined chest again. "I'm fucking impressed by the way you've shaped up, though. You were good before, but it looks like you've been doing body building or something. Got all the right bumps in all the right places."

"It's been good for me, Steve... working out. I can't be allowing Mark to be the only hunk in this house. Or you. And you can keep saying all those things because it's good for my ego."

"Yeah, well," I laughed as I saw the bulge in his pants, "you're ego's responding! Hahahahaha!"

But right away his ears went bright red cos I'd mentioned the cockstand in his pants. So I figured I'd better disappear for a while to let him chill a little. I went inside the house to get a joint, which we shared outside while the steaks were doing their thing, sizzling and spitting on the fire. What a wonderful sound. What a wonderful sight. What a wonderful aroma. Food, food, food. And what a wonderful night!

After a few drags of the joint, we started telling jokes and giggling at the most stupid things like a couple of idiot schoolboys. But it was just so damn cool to be relaxed and enjoying each other's company.

"Hey, you wanna see an elephant? Cody told me about this guy in class at school who did it, and it cracked everybody up." Then I turned the insides of my pockets out, and pulled out my cock. "Two ears and a trunk. Pretty cool, huh?"

We decided to eat the steaks outside by the pool cos the night was so beautiful. Bright sparkling stars for miles and miles against a matt black sky. "Hi, Cody."


"He's gotta be up there somewhere, and I figure he's watching us. Did you know that it was Code who nicknamed you Fingers? Mark used to tell him about you over the phone - bringing coffee into Mark's room in the mornings and giving him a bit of a massage. So Cody started calling you Fingers."

"Did he give you a nickname? Or Mark?"

"Not really. Wingnut calls Mark Conan... like in the Barbarian. But Cody never nicknamed me or Mark. Used to refer to us sometimes as boygods, though."

"Was he a boygod?"

"More than that. He was the most special friend anyone could ever hope to have."

Fingers and I shared a bottle of Merlot during the meal, which was totally delish, then I helped him clean up in the kitchen.

"OK, that's done. Now I'll take a shower."

"I'll shower with you," I offered. "Y'know... wash your back, and you can wash mine... that's if you think it's cool."

"I'm fine, if it's OK with you."

Well, that kinda surprised me a little. Fingers had obviously become less self-conscious as the night had progressed.

I'd forgotten what a huge cock that dude had as we entered the shower. And he still got a fucking strong hardon as well!

I took the soap and rubbed it on a cloth, then gently washed his back as the hot, steamy water cascaded down both our shining bodies. When I moved my hand up between his legs, I heard him take a quick breath as the soapy cloth touched his balls. Cool! That was the reaction I'd been hoping for. So I wrapped the cloth around his hard cock and gently stroked its veiny steel length. With my other hand, I cleaned his ass crack, letting my soapy finger probe his tight hole as deeply as possible. Meantime, his well-conditioned body felt firm and sexy as I made sure every wet and shiny inch of it was washed.

When it was his turn to wash me, I put more soap on the cloth and handed it to him. By this time, he was definitely relaxed about the whole situation; made patently obvious by the way he was caressing my bod with that foaming cloth.

I was the first to exit the shower. I toweled myself, then toweled him.

"You're treating me like a god, Steve."

"That's cos you are."

Once dried, we walked through to the bedroom, where I asked him if he wanted a massage. I'd already seen some vitamin E cream in his bathroom, and took it with me. It was one of those creams that dried after a few minutes, and just left your skin feeling totally fucking soft.

"I think I should give you a massage first, Steve."

OK, so who the fuck was I to argue? Without a moment's hesitation, I laid on my stomach on the bed. Yeah, we were both naked, with pretty interesting semis. :) I closed my eyes as he gently ran his magic fingers over my bod.

When his hands reached the insides of my legs, my cock woke up seriously. Woohoo! But I must have dozed off for a few minutes while he was seemingly enjoying giving my bod the hands-on treatment. When I finally opened my eyes, he was sitting next to me, wearing flannel shorts and just staring at me.


"Thought I'd let you sleep. You look like such an innocent."

"Innocent? Me? That's a fucking joke. So why are you dressed?"

"Just shorts."

"Guess I owe you a massage now, huh?"

"If you're too tired, then it's OK," he replied while blushing. That was something I couldn't really fathom. Why the fuck did he blush? It wasn't like I was nervous or anything... and I really did like the guy, big time.

"Nope, I'm fine," I smiled.

"I stood, with my semi almost waving in his face, and told him to take off his shorts, then to lay down on his stomach.

I started massaging his neck, and worked my way slowly around his powerful shoulders and arms, gently kneading his spine, and working my fingers towards his lats. Fingers has bubble buns, which were pretty impressive. They dimpled when he tensed them, and that was often. :) Every now and then I'd let my hand glide over their silky smoothness and they felt fucking fine.

After I'd explored his whole bod, right down to his feet, I straddled him and gently rested my weight on his back with my hot cock nestling between his warm buns. I gotta tellya, G, it felt pretty damn bitching! Then I kissed him in the nape of his neck, but he never said a word. He just laid there and allowed me to do whatever I fucking wanted.

While I kissed him, I let my cock slide up and down between his ass cheeks. It felt so damn horny, I lost control of myself and exploded a truckload of my juice across his buns and his back. The only thing separating my stomach and his back was a layer of slippery cum.


"How does someone have that much spunk inside their balls?"

"You're lucky. Most people say I'm fulla shit."

He laughed at my response, and it felt good to have the firm muscles of his body gyrating beneath mine. "Hey, stay where you are while I go get some tissues." I also got a wash cloth, then cleaned up his back and my stomach. "Hey, if you wanna get to bed, it's cool," I suggested. "I know you've got work tomorrow."

And what's what he did. It was OK, though. I mean, here I was on holiday - well, almost - and he had work to do in the morning. I was gonna blow him but he just didn't seem to be in the mood for any of it. Maybe he was embarrassed by the way I was behaving or something.

I ended up watching the video of Shrek, which I found in the den. It must've been about 2am before I crawled under the covers to sleep.

As the first light of day filtered through the curtains, I was woken by Fingers with a cup of steaming coffee. He was dressed in his shorts and a T. I noticed straight away how much he looked like a teen cos of the way his T draped over his pecs, and hung loose over his flat gut.

"So," I asked after I'd taken a sip of coffee, "you given up the morning stomach rub or something?"

He laughed, then patted my bare stomach in a friendly manner. I was aware that my pecs and abs were looking pretty good, and of the fact that he must've been kinda impressed. GAWK! At the time, Mark hadn't arrived home yet cos his bed was still made up and neat.

"Wanna go for a swim?" I asked.

"The water is like ice!"

"So you're a forty-something wussy boy then? Getting too old to handle the pace?"

I was wearing my Speedos, while he swam in his shorts. As soon as he was in the water, I couldn't resist grabbing him to wrestle, and gave him no choice but to respond. We were laughing and goofing off, which took his whole mood up a point. Hey, I had to admit that I was enjoying the feeling of his hands when they rubbed my abs and pecs with every chance he got. The droplets of water were clinging to my skin cos of the massage oil from the previous night, and even I had to admit that the way my shiny skin threw shadows in all the right places looked fucking AOK.

While we toweled ourselves, I let my Speedos fall to the lawn, and my cock responded as he stared at it pointing up at a 60 degree angle.

I'd met a lotta guys in my time who couldn't keep their eyes and hands off my bod. But Fingers was different. He respected me. Sure, he admired my bod, but it wasn't the admiration of a lecher. It was the admiration of a true friend, and I was really enjoying his attention. He made me feel truly special.

Fingers and I were eating toast spread with delicious avocado and a sprinkling of ground pepper when Mark eventually rocked up, looking like he'd had a totally great evening with his girlfriend. Beaming from ear to ear, which was always a telltale sign.

Then I spent the rest of the day going through some of Fingers' old music. You would've been right at home, G. Moody Blues, Def Leppard [fuck! What were those guys on?], Bread [fucking cool music] and, yes, loads of Pink Floyd.

Fingers went out for the evening with his girlfriend, and was almost apologizing to me cos he had to go. Hey, she was the main thing in his life and I wasn't gonna fuck that up for him. Besides, it also gave me and Mark a chance to be together and just talk. Well, it wasn't just talk. He went into this really deep convo about being worried about my [drug] habit, and where I was heading. It wasn't all serious, though. We had a good few belly laughs along the way, coming up with jokes, or having weird thoughts about the Codeman. Cody came into our convo quite a bit, but that was to be expected cos I would never have met Mark if it weren't for him.

As we were talking and laughing, I told him to hang for a moment while I went inside the house to get us a beer each. When I'd returned to the side of the pool, I stood behind Mark and put my hands on his bare shoulders. Surprisingly, he never budged.

"I fucking worry about you, Steve."

"Hey, don't stress it, bro," I said as my thumbs kneaded his shoulder blades, while my fingers rested on the muscles from his neck to his shoulders. "Half the fucking world is worried enough about me already. Fucking hell, even my dad is starting to speak to me now."

"Yeah, your dad talks to you with his fists. But that seems to be the only talk you understand nowadays."

"So tell me you didn't enjoy hitting me in the garage just a bit."

"No shit. I enjoyed hitting you a lot," he laughed, and I felt his powerful muscles rippling under my fingers.

"That's what Cody loved about you... that fucking annoying laugh of yours."

"Hahahaha! Fuck you, bro." But my fingers must've been doing a pretty wicked job cos he added, "Damn, that feels good."

"So lay down so that I can give you a decent rub down."

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