South Africa - Johannesburg #2
Part 50

Thanks, buddy? Huh? What the fuck? Last time I was in Joburg, he'd threatened to break my legs if my hand had gone anywhere near his cock. And now he was thanking me? Thanking me for blowing him? What had happened to Mark? What had changed his attitude? "Why did you let me do that?" I asked.

"You were begging," he smiled... smiling that special, totally confident Mark smile that Cody had loved and appreciated so much. "We both knew it was bound to happen sometime. We had a mutual friend who taught us that it was OK. You surprised?"

"Pretty much. Last time I was here everything in your boxers was way outa bounds. You're like a fucking god, Mark. I've always wanted you. Those days when you used to come around to my place to make a buy, I used to jack off after you'd left, thinking about... well... thinking about the kinda thing that happened tonight."

"You're sounding like Cody. But that's cool. You want another smoke?"

He didn't wait for me to answer. Instead, he got up from the table right away and went through to the bedroom, probably aware that I was watching his perfect muscular back as he walked. Those wide shoulders, tapering down to his narrow waist. And those two perfect fucking orbs on strong legs. Yo! Fact was, he lit up the kitchen like some hero out of an erotic sci fi movie. He was almost too fucking awesome to be true.

"Shouldn't we go outside?" I asked as he returned.

"I'll light some incense."

So he sat down, then lit the joint, which we passed between us a couple of times before he asked me what I was thinking.

"That now I'd like to kiss you and make love to you."

"Fingers will be home soon."

"He can join us."

"Fuck you! He'd love that!"

Damn! My mention of Fingers put paid to the evening because Mark seemed to have suddenly realized what had been happening between us, and had come back down to earth with a thud. He grabbed his boxers off the floor, and put them on.

Sensing that Mark's mood had changed, I decided to shower. We must've been in dreamland by the time Fingers arrived home later that night.

The days seemed to fly by too fucking quickly after that. Mark was behaving very differently towards me following what had happened that night by the pool. He was much more friendly, and treated me like a real bud. But the friendliness wasn't so apparent in the garage during our sparring matches. Once that dude had a pair of gloves on he was as hard as fucking nails, hitting me with all his power whenever he got the chance, which I had to admit was becoming less and less frequent as I took on board all the pugilistic advice he was giving me.

The big highlight for me at Joburg happened two nights before I was due to return home to Cape Town. Mark had spent another night at his girlfriend's place.

"Listen, Steve, I feel guilty about leaving you here at home."

"It's cool, bro. I don't wanna cramp your style. Besides, you've already given me heaps of your time. Go get laid and enjoy it."

In actual fact, I was hoping Mark would go out for another night, anyway. Why? Cos it would be just me and Fingers and a chicken casserole... and two bare chests. I'd asked him to work shirtless in the kitchen, just as I did.

Every opportunity I got, I would rub my hand over his smooth, firm stomach, which caused him to laugh cos it tickled. "Tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle!" I'd go behind him and kiss him in the nape of his neck. It gave me a huge fucking buzz cos I knew that I was driving him up the fucking wall. The cool thing about Fingers was that he would react favorably to everything I did. He constantly made me feel special.

After supper, I helped him with the dishes and tidying the kitchen, which was something I never had to do at home. We had a housekeeper and staff. But I was enjoying being useful, and could see the value in mutual give and take.

"No dessert?"

"I've got some ice cream in the fridge. Want some?"

"Chocolate sauce?"

"In the cupboard."

"Then fuck the ice cream."

I was remembering the time Cody had covered me in chocolate sauce for my 17th birthday, then licked it all off. Hey, why not give Fingers something to remember me by?

I pushed him up against the kitchen table, and made him lie down on his back. When he was in position, I pulled his pants off. Right away, I noticed that his briefs were soaked in pre-cum, and his monster cock was fighting for air. I placed my mouth over the saturated cotton, and let my tongue play with the outline of his cockhead. He reacted by sighing and gasping at all the right times, which made me feel good.

"Just stay right there," I ordered, then frantically searched the cupboard before eventually finding the chocolate sauce. It felt strange to have Fingers totally under my spell... a guy more than twice my age. He hadn't moved so much as an inch by the time I'd returned. I immediately pulled down his briefs, which caused his hard cock to make a loud slapping sound as it bounced against his gut.

He raised himself up on his elbows, but never said a word, as I squeezed the tube and let the oozing chocolate cover the length of his hardon.

"I'm about to have dessert," I laughed.

His cock looked like a chocolate sculpture... dark brown and shiny. And as I spread it around, the sauce mixed with his oozing pre-cum.

When I was satisfied that he was suitably covered, I put my face to his crotch and began to lick the chocolate off the area between his balls and his ass crack. The hair there was caked in chocolatey goodness. :) I swallowed his huge balls, one at a time, until they were clean. Pretty groovy Easter eggs. Then my tongue worked its way up his long, thick shaft, causing his cock to bounce like crazy each time I licked off the chocolate. Meantime, my own cock was stretched and tight, and I was massaging it with one hand as my mouth worked overtime on Finger's throbber.

It wasn't all that long ago that I'd looked like I'd been in a battle with a meringue pie. This time I looked like I'd been in a battle with a chocolate cake. Hahahaha! But by the time I'd finished cleaning all the sweet brown dessert off Finger's goodies, I was as horny as a rattlesnake.

"I want you to fuck me," I said to him. "Just stay there."

I went to the den with my hard cock bouncing in all directions as I walked, then got two condoms out of my bag, plus the analube. By the time I'd returned to the kitchen, Fingers was stroking his cock.

"You OK?"

"I don't want to do this, Steve."

What? He didn't wanna do it? "Why not?"

"Because it's not me, Steve. After that last time, when you were here in Joburg, I realized how wrong I was to let you go that far with me. It's just not right, and it's really not me."

"Yeah, fuck. You want me to do it, and you know it, bro. Come on for fuck sake! I wanna feel the pain of your monster cock exploding inside me!"

"Steve! Just stop for a second. OK? I don't know what you're trying to prove here. Look at me! I'm laying on my own kitchen table - naked! And I've just had chocolate licked off my cock and balls! You think this happens every day? And now you want me to fuck you?"

He must've noticed that I was rapidly descending into a total downer as he rolled off the table and stood behind me with his hands on my shoulders. He had obviously read the fucking embarrassment written all over my face at how this whole thing was turning out. So he continued his little speech. "Don't get me wrong, buddy, please. I think you're beautiful, and this - what happened just now - is more than I could've wished for in my entire life. But all I really wanted was to just feel you, and to be able to touch you, and for you to be my friend. I can't honestly expect you to let me fuck you - and I wouldn't be OK with that. You're 18 for Christ sake." Then he wrapped his arms around me, and placed his hands on my stomach. His hard cock was pressed against my butt, and I could feel his slippery wet pre-cum against my skin.

"So now I'm a kid? Is that what this is all about? You think that you're too old for this?"

"No, Steve. It's not that. It's just that I want us to be friends, and to be able to do things that we are both comfortable with."

Then his hand grabbed my cock, which had gone soft cos of the embarrassment of the moment. But his touch soon sorted out that problem. It was stiff again in seconds. And I could feel his warm, humid breath against my neck as he gently kissed me there.

"I don't want either of us to feel controlled. OK?" he continued. "I want to be able to enjoy you. And to be honest, I love it when you make me feel like I'm 18 again." And with that he went to the fridge and got us each a beer. Then we went to his bedroom, where I laid on my back and let him touch me all over as he sat beside me. After that, I pushed him down on the bed next to me, and followed his lead, letting my fingers explore the smoothness and sexiness of his toned body.

His cock was still rock-hard as I cradled his heavy, juice-laden nuts in my hand, then went down on him. He drew a quick breath as my lips closed around his huge, swollen cockhead, which slowly entered the warm wetness of my mouth. I let my tongue caress that smooth hard muscle of his as his breathing became faster and faster; louder and louder. His legs began to stiffen, and I could feel his cock jumping rapidly as the rush of cum was about to begin its inevitable journey.

At that moment, I enveloped his cockhead completely with my mouth. A second later, he let out a scream like he was being attacked by a million sex-crazed Steves hahahahaha! Then I felt the rush of his man juice hit the back of my throat. It was like a tap had been turned open at full blast. There was so much juice, it forced its way between my lips and his cock. There was no fucking way that I could have swallowed that torrent quickly enough. His jizz had an almost sour taste, but I still enjoyed it.

After his eruptions had finally subsided, a huge wad of cum remained in my mouth. So I scrambled up to be alongside him, face to face, then put my mouth over his. That caught him by surprise! Woohoo! I opened my mouth and let his juice spill from mine into his. Then our tongues danced the cum tango as we kissed for ages. Eventually, my body was straddling his so that I was right on top of him. His juice was a slimy mess between our faces, while my cock was so hard it was painful.

"I want you to blow me," I said as he stroked it. "You OK with that?"

Fingers never answered me. Instead, he rolled me onto my back, then I felt his nervous mouth around my cock and balls. His tongue was licking me like a cat cleaning itself. So I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the thrill of my nads disappearing into his mouth. Problem was he was putting pressure on them, which made my cock even fucking harder... if that was possible.

As he swallowed my balls, he stroked my length. One hand was cruising up and down my stretched, flat stomach, while the other played with my skin-splitter.

Then I felt his mouth envelope my cockhead. Instinctively, my hands reached for his head, and held onto it as he blew me. The sensation felt totally fucking unreal. I had to see it! Whoa! So I let go his head, and raised my upper bod onto my elbows. From there, I watched his stretched lips riding up and down the length of my thick, pulsating boner. Every time I felt like cumming, I willed it away. It was one of those few times that I was able to stop myself from cumming so that I could prolong the total fucking pleasure of someone blowing me. Cody used to do that. I could almost suck him for a half hour before he would shoot his load, which by then had all the power of an out-of-control fire hydrant, sending his body into a series of wild spasms.

"I'm gonna cum!" I moaned to Fingers as I felt the unstoppable onset of the rush, and the muscles of my stomach suddenly contract.

I threw my arms behind my head, and pulled in my abs... stretching my whole body out flat. Fingers had moved his face away from my exploding cock, but his hand was jerking my shaft at a helluva rate as my juice flew in all directions, sending missiles of hot cum splattering all over my chest, and all the way down my stomach.

"Oh, my fuck! That feels soooo good!"

After I'd fired my final volley, his mouth covered my cock and cleaned it. My boner stayed stiff, while his tongue performed its incredibly sensitive and exquisite magic, causing me to curl my toes, and turn my hands into fists. And while that was happening, his hand was cruising my cum-soaked skin, smoothing my juice all over me.

We didn't bother to clean ourselves. We fell asleep, cuddling and kissing each other. At times during the night, I would feel his hand caressing my cock, which was on auto and would always get instantly hard at his touch. There was one time that he was jacking himself as he held my cock with his spare hand. I could have told him that I was awake but I didn't. He was behaving like a naughty boy doing something in secret, so I let him have his fun. :)

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