South Africa
Part 54
Based on emails from May, 2002.

By the time I'd arrived back home from the weekend away with my folks, and the wedding of a family friend, I couldn't wait to tell Gary all about it. Woohoo! At the same time, I was worried about that fucking fossil. He was supposed to be taking a break, but his most recent mail said that he was "catching up" on stuff he hadn't had time to do before. "Hope you're finding some fucking time - not literally hahahaha - to just relax and stop this catching up stuff!"

Anyway, then I went on to tell him about what a fucking cool weekend I'd had. We'd driven to a small town inland, then to a farm just outside of the town, where the wedding was held. Every fucker and his mother's dog was there. The only downside of the whole thing was that my cousins were there, as well as my cousins from the east coast. Well, that was my initial reaction, but it turned out to be an upside as well cos I got to screw my older cousin's girlfriend. That'll teach him to be nasty to me, *sniff* *sniff*. No, I didn't plan on screwing her. It just kinda happened.

My little cousin was totally amped to meet me again. Well, he wasn't so little anymore. He'd grown into a fucking hunk of a teen. Figured it ran in the family. :) Blonde hair and all that good stuff.

My older cous had also become a fucking god, but fuck him anyway. When he arrived at the farm, he totally fucking ignored me, which was cool. My little cousin and I were talking when his bro called him away. Probably scared that I was gonna tamper with him or something. Hey, if I didn't, there were a hundred people at the wedding who were giving him the big eye to sort out their virginity problems hahahaha! Yeah, my little cous had become a major hottie.

And me? Glad you asked. I was wearing a tight white T and black jeans to show off. But of course!

The wedding was neat... held under a huge acacia tree, where we sat on bales of hay. Had to dress up into smart pants and a button-up shirt for the ceremony thing. Wore my light brown slacks and a black button-up shirt, which hugged me.

"Don't mention hugs!"

Shuddup, Gary, and just keep typing, dammit! Had my blonde hair gelled into place. Actually, my hair was pretty stylish.

After the ceremony, we had champagne - the real stuff, as well! Fucking hell, it was delish! Had about four glasses, and I was feeling pretty damn wicked. I mean like REALLY wicked! I was one of the only dudes there without a chick.

"You should've invited me."

I'll ignore that, Gary. But my cousin's bird was giving me the eye, so I struck up a convo with her at the reception. That's when button-up shirts come in real handy, cos she put her finger in between the buttons. Said she "wanted to feel my abs".

"Hey, you can run your finger a bit lower," I smiled. Hey, Gary, I promise I had no intention of humping this bitch. How could she leave her boyfriend and hunt me down like that? OK, so I know the answer to that question hahahahaha! Meantime, we were feeding each other drinks. She was trying fucking hard to get me drunk. I was enjoying her company, though. She was a pretty hot looker, and made me laugh a lot. Or was that the booze?

"Want to share this with me?" she asked after she'd pulled a joint from out of her cleavage, giving me a good gawk at her boobs in the process. Then my eyes followed the joint as she replaced it between her tits. That's when the shit started between me and my older cousin, who, as I discovered soon afterwards, had followed the bird and me as we walked around to the back of the stables.

"If you want to share the J with me, you should get it," she purred.

So I stuck my fingers down between her firm tits only to have two unexpected hands on my shoulders pulling me backwards. A second later, I was flat on my ass in the hay. THANK YOU HAY! I turned around to see that it was my cous who had forced me onto my butt.

"So, you're not into little boys anymore?" he snarled. His eyes were like hot coals, and his fists were up, ready for a fight.

"I never was [into little boys]," I snapped as I stood. "But you led the way."

Then he threw his right, but I managed to duck despite being partially drunk. My left fist shot up into his stomach, but connected with steel-hard abs. Oops! He was fucking rocked back on his feet by the force of my punch, though. Then his elbow came across to the side of my head, and it hurt like fuck. But I turned to face him again, and thought, "fuck it!" My fist connected with his ribs, but he tried to deflect my punch. Then I hit him right in the breadbox as he lost his cover. THANK YOU MARK! I FUCKING LOVE YOU, BRO!

The dude's legs buckled, and he dropped to his his knees, coughing. That's when I really thought I had the upper hand. Yes! Wrong! He pulled my legs out from under me, then jumped on me. We were rolling around in the hay, tearing each other's shirts to ribbons. At the same time, I couldn't help noticing his totally HOT fucking bod, but I wasn't in a position to admire it for more than a moment or two.

Mark had warned me about dropping my guard when I had the upper hand, but I'd totally forgotten his advice. Within a split second, my cous had gotten to his feet, and put his boot into my stomach. If he'd gotten me in the ribs, he would've fucking cracked or broken a few. Then the chick came to the rescue, and grabbed her boyfriend's arm. "Leave him alone!" she shrieked.

There was a whole bunch of shouting and cussing going on, but I wasn't absorbing much of it, exept the fact that he was warning me to stay away from his girlfriend. It all turned out OK for me, though, else it would have been me that she was grabbing by the arm and pulling me off him.

"Back off," she yelled at him. "I'm a big girl now! I can do what I like!"

Hahahahaha! I can still see that cunt's face as his girlfriend was leaning over me cooing. She unbuttoned what was left of my shirt to "see the damage". Then she ran her flat hand over my chest and abs.

"You work out or something?" she asked as her fingers investigated all my tanned lumps and bumps. "You've got a model's build."

"I try."

"Seems like he didn't damage anything."

"You sure? Not even the other stuff?"

She undid the belt and the zip on my pants. I didn't have an erection, but my briefs still showed off a healthy length of beef, which was slowly coming to life as she slid my briefs down my legs, and gave my semi some air.

Then I helped her to remove her top and skirt, before pulling the joint out of her bra, which I also removed. HEY, COUSIN! I HOPE YOU'RE WATCHING!

She straddled me, and I pulled her panties down. Whoa! She had the most amazing fucking figure! Flat stomach, and nice perky tits.

She leaned over me as I kissed her tits and stomach. My finger gently caressed her warm, moist crotch, and the sensitive insides of her silky thighs. Then she rolled off me so that we were laying alongside each other. She lit the joint, which we shared, passing it from one to the other.

The air was icy cold, but it felt wicked. My cock was exploding, and she couldn't keep her hands off me, or any of my delicious bits.

"What delicious bits?"


"OK, OK, OK. I'll just keep typing."

Anyway, it felt like wild sex even before I was ready to enter her. We ate each other slowly, trying to make one squirm louder than the other. Hahahaha!

She had a condom, and rolled it over my length. Then she laid on her back and I rolled on top of her, and slowly entered her... enjoying my cousin's private heaven.

Once I got going, she wanted it hard and fast, and that's what she got. My staying power was great, so it was a long time before I couldn't hold back anymore, and filled the rubber with a truckload of my juice. I wasn't sure how many times she climaxed. I wasn't even sure if she faked any. Doubt it. Not with all that hard meat inside her.

She pulled off the condom, and lifted some of the cum on her finger, then tasted it. I stretched out on my back as she went down on me, and cleaned my semi with her mouth. Fuck! She knew what she was doing! Awesome!

When the two of us had rejoined the wedding party, I was wearing a T that I'd previously collected from my folks' cabin. I noticed that my cousin was getting more and more slaughtered at the bar, while I was still wallowing in seventh fucking heaven thinking about the sex I'd had with his girlfriend.

The chick never hung around me after that, though. She ended up getting into an argument with her boyfriend, then the two of them disappeared... probably for some more wild sex... if he was capable of it.

The lucky bitch. After getting an eyeful of his bod while we were tearing each other's shirts to pieces, I wanted him! He'd been getting so fucking slaughted by booze that I probably could have had my way with him. Pity she didn't leave him alone for just a little while longer. :)

Meantime, little cous was hovering around me while his older bro wasn't there to "protect" him, and we got into a serious chat about surfing. From what I gathered, he was a fucking rocking surfer dude. Surfed North Beach and Caves [like Art Matthews did] up in Durban. Told me about the beach crowds that were getting out of hand. He and I could've been bros. He was fucking good looking with a bod to wet a lotta panties.

"I don't wear panties."


"Yeah, yeah, yeah."

When the older folks had gone to bed, all the younger people had a party of their own. It was fucking wild! We all ended up at the stables, and that's where we slept for the night. I wasn't sure if I'd had sex again that night. Don't think so. It was all a bit of a blur.

Next morning, everyone was treated to a huge farm breakfast. Eggs, bacon, chops, sausages, toast, pancakes, juice, cereal, coffee, you name it. Woohoo! Got my cousin's girlfriend's email addy. Hey, she slipped it to me as well as her phone number while her boyfriend wasn't looking. :)

It turned out to be a wicked weekend. My little cousin and I are great buds now. OK, so his older bro is a real prick, but I knew that already. My older cous has got a wild girfriend, though, and I guess I'll fuck her again sometime.

Got an email from Francois. He says the guys are all asking for me in FunTB chat. Yeah, right. Like I've got that kinda time nowadays.

Hardly see Bruce around now cos he's trying to get his school work sorted out as well.

Wingnut phoned last night. Gave him the whole lowdown about my weekend away. He must've had a raging cockstand by the time I'd finished telling him all about it! Also told him about my little cousin and how hunky he was hahahahahaha!

"Yeah? I'll beat him up, and he won't look so hunky anymore!"

"I doubt it, bro. He looks pretty strong."

Oops! That wasn't a real smart thing to say to my ego-sensitive little grommet buddy. I could tell that he was pissed when he said, "I might see you during the week. Gotta go."

"I'm just kidding, Winger. Fuck! Don't get so damn hung up! You could beat him with one hand tied behind your back. Actually, you and he would be pretty good buds. He's an ace surfer as well."

"So when's he getting in to Cape Town? I can beat him up first, and then surf with him later."

"Hahahahaha! You're worse than me."

"Yeah, so you beat up his bro. I'll just like kinda balance the family hehehehehe."

OK, Gary. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. I need some time to get on to Dave's HotGuyz site. Lost the password, so I'll have to get it again. Don't hassle about it now, though. That's the prob with saving stuff on disk, and hiding it [from my snooping dad].

And whatever happened to that Egor dude? Cody gave me a bunch of pics of him, and we both thought he was fucking tight.

"Cute nose."

Yeah, that too. Jeez, you're a fucking worry, Gary. :)

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