South Africa
Part 56
Based on emails from June, 2002.

I'd been reading Gary's version of the story I wrote about my second visit to Joburg, and he was doing a totally cool job. I told him so, and thanked him. I'd also been reading about that Luke dude, and I wasn't sure what to make of that. I was hoping Luke wasn't like I used to be. I really did.

The first "job" that was organized for me to meet an older guy was the first time I'd been paid to let a guy play with me. It was a problem cos my friendship with Cody was still new. Cody and I had made love at that stage, and I'd enjoyed it so much I thought it would be like that with everyone. OK, so I know better now, but I got off on the power trip it [with the older guy] gave me.

This guy wanted me so fucking bad that instead of just one hour, I stayed with him the whole night, and earned a fucking fortune in cash. It was too easy, and there was no fucking involved. He got off on sucking me, and I only did him once. The only side effect was that my cock was red raw by morning.

I made fucking sure I knew when that guy would be back in town, and the same thing happened again. Only this time I refused to put his cock in my mouth. But he still thought it was cool so long as he could touch me and get me to cum. He paid more than the previous time cos I told him if he didn't [pay more] he wouldn't see me again.

He never did see me again cos I fucking hated him, and I fucking hated him touching me. But Gary knew the whole fucking story. I could never have told Cody about those times. I suspected that he used to pick up on the vibe... that I was feeling fucking depressed about something. But he couldn't figure out what it was. So sometimes I would dump my depressions on him. Anyway, I was hoping that the same thing wasn't happening to Gary.

Went to the movies on Saturday with Julie, Wingnut and his girl, and saw Heist. It was so-so. Nothing to rave about. How come those guys could spend millions making a movie that left me with a bored look on my face? I thought Oceans II was a better movie.

After that, we went for some pizza and shakes. Yeah! Shakes! Can you fucking believe that?

Once we'd taken the girls home, Wingnut and I went to my place, and we watched Con Air, which was a cool movie. When it was over, we both climbed into my bed, wearing our boxers. Wingnut snuggled up behind me, and placed his hands on my warm abs. Yeah, my abs were improving. And we both just fell asleep.

That was the route I was taking with Wingnut now. If things were gonna get more erotic, then it needed to be a move from both of us and not just me. I needed him to trust me... and it was getting there. Sleeping in the same bed like that was just so fucking normal. It was like being in bed with Cody.

OK, so one time during the night I went for a piss. When I came back, I put my hand into the sleeping grommet's boxers and felt his cock go rock hard in my hand. That was it. I didn't jack him at all. I just held his beautiful boner for a few minutes.

Surfed on Saturday but it was fucked up. That afternoon, I studied. Saturday night, I went to Julie's hosue for about an hour, then came home and studied some more.

Sunday morning, I was sleeping in, unaware that the grommet had arrived. He jumped on my back while I was still in the land of zzzz's, and gave me one helluva fucking fist on my shoulder. I thought my fucking arm was gonna go lame. So I grabbed him, and the two of us wrestled. A minute or two later, my bed looked like it had been in a fucking twister.

"I just popped around to say hi cos I'm going out for the day with my folks."

"Thanks for letting me know, Winger."

Sunday night I watched the Grand Prix recorded broadcast just to relax. Actually, things were being really quiet for me - a guy who was used to lots of action and highs. I still had my moments when I'd feel like I needed a fix so fucking badly, but I forced myself to handle it. It drove me fucking insane, though, when those feelings came over me.

I'd been working on graphics for Cody's birthday, and mailed them to Gary on the Tuesday. I didn't think they were all that great. It was fucking weird cos I just couldn't do graphics like I used to when Cody would be standing behind me, looking over my shoulder, and telling me that this or that was a cockup. "You need to move this there and that over there!" he would insist as he pointed at the screen.

"Shut the fuck up, Cody! For fuck sake, I'm trying to work here!"

Next thing, his head would be on my shoulder, and his hands would be cruising down my stomach and into my pants. When that happened, it would be the end of the work and we would make some serious fucking love. Not just sex. With Cody it was never just sex. It was the most awesome love like there was nobody else on the planet. He'd stick his tongue in my ear, and he knew that drove me beserk.

I missed him so fucking much when I'd start to remember details of our times together.

"He was beautiful, Gary. In every fucking respect. I remember sometimes when I was giving him a BJ while he was laying on his back. I would stare up at his steep sloping stomach to his chest, and just watch it rise and fall with his breathing. The feeling of his rock-hard cock in my mouth, and the taste of it. I can still smell and taste him, and remember exactly the texture of his smooth tanned skin. I can remember what it felt like to have my fist around his hardon, and how powerful it felt."

I went into Cody's guestbook on the story site of him and TJ, and copied the entries to send to Gary. I thought he would dig to read them, and maybe write to one or two of those dudes.

Meantime, Dio wrote me about the new RSC site. BIG FUCKING DEAL cos I could only get into the FREE pics. But I wrote Dio and thanked him for letting me know, and he sent a freebie of Roma.

"Hey, Gary, I know that Cody is watching what's going on down here. Take care, huh."

Your friend and the Starman's



I felt like coming here and leaving a different kind of message this time, as I know feel that I know Cody a bit better. His stories where the first I ever read of this kind. There were times when I was living off of them, the characters in them became my friends and kept me alive. That was my sophomore and junior year in high school. I'm not sure when I first found Cody, but I do know that I wrote down the web address.
The people who I have met because of Cody, such as John, they have proved to be some of the nicest people, kind and supportive. I never actually talked with Cody, although I wrote him once. I thought of him as a friend, I still do.

The story of Wingnut, which from its writing, is very much about Cody, it lifted my spirits, it seemed to bring me back to life. It is almost a glimpse into his life...
The loss of Cody...

RIP Cody


Just a note to let you know you will be missed my good friend. I will never forget you. We will meet for real someday. Rest in Peace, enjoy your new green room Code. Jonah

Look forward to hangin' w/you on the next wave. Gonna miss you and your sense of life. Southern Gent.

I loved those stories. Kept me on the edge of my seat. And my hand down my pants. ;) 'teve

Dear Cody. Wherever you are, I hope that you get this message. I am 50 years old. My birthday was the day before I came upon your Cody and TJ Adventure Story site. That was your birthday gift to me. From there I found your Codys Pad personal page and that was even more of an adventure for me. After 50 years on this planet, it took a Martian to tell me that I was completely normal. I fell in love with you and your wonderful friends and your words and attitude to life. If there were ever a United Nations of the World then they would need you for President, because I have yet to know of anyone who could have done the job of uniting this planet as well as you could have. For the past few years you have been my invisible _Best Friend_ and I am going to miss you terribly. You have done more good in your few years than most people do in a lifetime of 80. You have left behind a legacy amongst the teens (and those much older) on this planet whether they are straight, bi, gay, male or female. You have given them a reason to believe in themselves and strive to love and be loved. With the tap of a keyboard you have spread so much goodness and love. I hope that your friends do not grieve your passing for too long before they rejoice in having known you.
I hope that you have found peace on your new planet.


i love your work it gets me so horny - Kent

G'day Captain - I've created a special site in your honor - one that your friends and folks can visit. One day I hope that it's full of heroes such as you and your buds are. LYT. Gary

i love you, you are missed so much... danny

cody, you are the greatest where ever you are. trev

May I say how sad but privileged I was to get this site - all the beautiful stories so real and compelling
My Thanks to Mr B - David

These Cody stories are the best stories I`ve ever read in my life. Where are you, and why haven`t you updated this site? Don`t you know you have a God given talent? You have to share, you must share!!! It was given to you to share. as you have... you`re a perfect writer!!! "All my love and respect!!!" Dave! aka, Flippersboy!

Dear Cody-
You honored me with your inclusion of my stories on your website. You honored me with emails and chats. You honored me by sharing a little of your life with me. You will always be with me in spirit as a wonderful and special teen who shared his love with the world. John from Teentales

Mr B has done such a great job of telling your story I feel like I knew you. God's blessing to you (as if you need it) and to your family and friends. We will miss you. Charlie

It was a great shock, my friend, to learn that you are no longer here with us. You lived life to its fullest-- if we can believe your stories, that is!
For those of us who are still here, Cody leaves a great legacy. Go for the gusto! Call up a friend and tell him or her that you love them... and then go show it.


G'day Captain - I never thought I'd be leaving a message on your guestbook under these circumstances. But since your passing, you and I have had a few chats, and I've seen your signs. So I know you're OK. I've told you a million times how special you are, so I guess I don't need to tell you again. A friend like you only comes along once in a lifetime, and I got lucky. I had you for four magic years, and I'll always be grateful for that. Cody's FAN-BFT, Gary - LYT

What happened to Cody? Been following his web pages for a long time. Please fill me in, thanks. Coug

Cody, you're one of a kind. Wish you didn't have to leave us so soon & unexpectedly, but we'll press on. Perhaps I'll get a chance to meet you when it's my turn. You're in my prayers, bud. Take care... Chuck

where u b, cant find news, love danny

Hello Cody! I got to say your continuious hard work on this site pays off the site is great. Let me introduce myself to you, i am 21yr guy from Canada. Please drop me an email when you get the chance, i would like to get talking with you, if you know a chat program or chat site that you use to chat with friends please tell me about it so that i can join in on the chat and we can get to know each other, and with luck become friends, i like talking to people from all over the world. If you have any questions i will answer them the best way i can. my regards to you and all your friends. reply back soon. Andrew

Fun stories to read,I found Mr B earlier on. Thanks a stack,best regards
Jim D

Just this an "old" site? Are new stories ever added??? Maybe there is another site that continues where this one left off. Just wondering. Brent

I thought the Caring for Cody stories were great and would like to see their adventures continue...... James

I have to say that i have loved what i have read of the Cody and Tj stories so far and i cant wait to get through reading the rest of them...
Keep up the great work - Rick

i just finished reading your stories and found them fantastic, especially the one about taking care of Cody. It was really touching and motivating.
Best of luck and please continue writing. Let me know if you have more stories I can read.

Regards, Andre

hi i am gay and i really enjoy your stories. Mike

just wanted to say how much i love your stories (haven't read them all) i'm on chapter 10 of "caring for Cody"
i guess i like them because i was a loved boy and i just got out of a relationship with a guy that was 17 when it started and is now 18 but alas he is bi as i am and it was time for him to move on, so i have had many of the experiences you write about. i'm also a truck driver and do a lot of traveling so i guess i'll keep my i out my Cody may be around the next again thanks for making your stories available for me\us to read. :)

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