South Africa
Part 58
Based on emails from June, 2002.

After I'd sent Gary the graphic for MrB's 3rd anniversary - with Cody the Angel sucking the Devil's cock hahahaha [only I could've dreamed that one up] I was heavily into studying for the last few days of exams before our winter break. Americans called it a vacation. But I'd rather say "gimme a break" than "gimme a vacation". Like a bank robber sticks a gun in a teller's face and says he's gonna shoot him unless he hands over all the money, and the teller says, "gimme a vacation."

Anyway, during the school break, Wingnut was off on a rugger tour. He was pretty up about it. That little dude loved his rugger. I remembered Gary telling me how Winger used to come home from a school match; shirt out, one sock up, one down, covered in mud, and being really proud of himself. He couldn't wait to show Cody his battle scars. Yeah, that's how the grommet was... rough and tumble, and proud to be all boy.

Meantime, I was feeling guilty cos I'd smoked a joint with Winger on Friday night. He had two in his pocket, and we shared one. I'd previously read in the Kyle/Wingnut story about Cody getting pretty pissed at him for smoking weed. And that's mainly what gave me the guilts. Cody would have been pissed at me too.

Both Wingnut and me went totally out of it cos I hadn't smoked in fucking weeks.

"Don't even think about saying what you're thinking, Gary, cos I know already. Didn't wanna tellya during the weekend cos I didn't need you to be pissed off with me right then."

Julie and I played some pool, and it was a really nice evening. She didn't want a late night cos she'd also been working her backside off with school studies. She was on her first year [of varsity] and finding it hard.

Outside the pool hall, Wingnut was with his grommet buddies doing their "hanging out" scene, talking the older guys inside into buying them beers, then sneaking it out to them. Wingnut had obviously had way too many beers by the time Julie and I caught up with him, and she was NOT impressed! He was trying his macho thing with her, and she thought he was too big for his boots.

"Not too big for his undies, though."



Stay outta this. Anyway, I told Julie to just lighten up with the Winger, and explained that Cody and I had always treated him like he was one of us... one of the big guys.

"I don't need a kid coming on to me, Steve."

"Just take it as a compliment from him. OK? You thought he was cool before."

"Before he got tanked."

After I'd seen Julie home, Wingnut and I walked back towards my house, and I told him what Julie had said.

"Hey, if she wants to be a bitch then let her. She's just pissed cos I won't let her into my pants." At that point, Wingnut grabbed his crotch and pushed his hips forward in a fucking movement.

"Stop being a jerk, Winger."

"OK, Bob."


"Babes over buds."

"Hahahahaha! Fuck you!"

That's when Wingnut took the joint out of his pocket. "OK," he said as he shoved it under my nose, "so here. If you're my bud, you'll share this with me."

"If I'm your bud, I should throw it away."

"I've got another one."

Wingnut was in a real aggro cocky mood, probably because of what Julie had said. He was taking control of the situation, which made me fucking uncomfortable, and just a little bit fucking angry. I watched as he lit the joint. It looked just so fucking wrong cos he was still just a little guy in spite of his well-developed body. Winger had a build similar to Egor's, except that Winger was a bit shorter. But his pecs were more developed than Egor's.

So I shared the joint with Wingnut as we walked along the road in the darkness of the night.

"Sorry, Codeman."

After having read about the time Cody was raped, I could understand why he became so anti drugs. I guessed that someone needed to go through that [kind of experience] to understand [the evil of drugs].

Once Wingnut was safely home, I started the long walk back to my place. I sensed this wave coming over me, spinning my brain, and suddenly felt so fucking guilty about smoking the joint with the grommet. It felt good, though.

For Father's Day, I gave my dad some Biltong, and he was totally blown away. According to my recollections, it was the first time I'd given him anything since I was about 14. Back then, my mom used to buy something on my behalf for me to give to him.

Winger, in his usual style, made a card for Mr T. "From your other little boy. Thanks for everything you help me with." He'd obviously made something else for his own dad. He was like trying to balance two sets of folks at the same time.

After my surfing session with Wingnut on the Sunday, I rocked over to Mr T's house and wished him happy Father's Day.

"How are you doing?" I asked.

"Today could've been better, Steve, but I'm doing OK. Mark phoned early this morning as well. So I reckon all my boys have now kept in touch. And you? You're looking good, Steve."

"I'm getting there."

Cody's dad and I spoke for a while about surfing conditions and the weather. It was a good relax. Cody's dad was the coolest. My boys? Yeah. We were all his boys. We were all Cody's bros. We were all Mr T's sons. He loved us all. And we loved him.

Next afternoon, I made an excuse with Julie, and took Wingnut to a special preview of Star Wars II. It was a total blast. It was due to open at the regular movies on Friday. We enjoyed it so much, I figured we'd probably go see it again. Cody was a major Star Wars fan, and he would have loved this new one. And he probably would've done the popcorn trick again... opening the bottom of the cup and putting his dick in there. Hahahahahaha! If only.

"Hey, Gary. About Luke. Don't hold your breath. Sounds like he used you. The big trick is if he comes crying to you again don't give him money. If he still hangs around after that, then things might get better. But if he doesn't come again, it'll be cos he knows he's not going to get any cash. Whatever or however it turns out, I hope it turns out OK for you."


Your friend and the Starman's,


A few days later, I wrote Gary again. The exams were almost over. Only one more paper on Monday. I figured I should've be able to cream this crap the second time around [repeating my final year of high school] so why was I fucking battling so much? I did crap in my science paper. I couldn't fucking believe it! I knew that I'd battled with the paper but I really crapped out totally. I hadn't made the high grade, and only just managed a standard grade mark on the paper. That sucked fucking ass. Our science teacher was such a prick, anyway. I'd live. I knew already where I'd fucked out in the science exam, and had thrown 100 marks down the fucking toilet.

Wingnut was at my place after school. Just got my testosterone going totally. He's just so fucking good looking. He was in my room, wearing blue jeans and a dark blue fleece pullover surf top with a hood attached. The day happened to be fucking cold, and the little dude looked so warm and cuddly in his fleecy top. When he was dressed like that, he didn't appear to be all that well built. But under that nice warm clothing....

"You look all warm and cuddly."

"Yeah, of course," he grinned. "Everyone says that I look warm and cuddly."

"I'm cold... so come and keep me warm."

Then he kidded around, and pushed me down on the bed. He laid on top of me and said in a childlike voice, "OK, I'll keep my baby Stevie all warm and cuddly... 'cept my baby Stevie is getting a boner."

I fucking packed up laughing when I heard that, and the way he was being all cute and cheeky. Then he suddenly lifted himself up and sat on the bed. My track pants were totally tented with my hardon screaming for air.

"I can't even touch you without you getting a fucking boner," he commented.

"So? What's wrong with that? You turn me on."


"Because you're a fucking hunk lightie."

"So tell Candy."

"She knows already."

"Yeah, but now she's getting all uppity cos she saw a program on telly about guys taking advantage of girls to get blowjobs. Then she asked how my hygiene was cos they said that teen guys didn't care much for hygiene. What a load of fucking crap."

I knew that Wingnut was as fanatical about being clean as Cody was. I thought the two of them were responsible for most of the water usage in their neighborhood. And the Winger's hair always smelt of shampoo. Mmmm. His hair had gotten thicker, and it looked totally fucking hot! Ah! But he was getting a few ZITS!!!!! Hahahahahaha!

"Want me to check if you're clean? Then you can check me."

"No, cos you just wanna see my cock."

"It's not a cock. It's a weener."

That dented the little dude's ego. He jumped at me, and started to punch me on the arm. I grabbed his top and pulled it over his head so that he couldn't see. Then I threw my arm around his neck and got him in a headlock. I immediately felt the warmth of his bod from being wrapped in that fleecy top, and I deliberately tickled him so that I could feel his skin. He began to giggle, and started to kick and hit out. Whoa! I had to let go of the energetic little bugger before he connected me with a flying fist.

Then he laid on the bed laughing his tits off, and pulled his top down over his flat, muscular stomach, which was driving me crazy. Not to mention the crotch of his jeans showing off his tasty bulge.

"You wearing briefs?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Just asked cos I couldn't see your boxers. Thought maybe you weren't wearing anything under there."

As I stood, the grommet remained on the bed, and placed his hands behind his head, an action that caused his top to rise, and reveal about two inches of the tantalizing, pure, smooth, silky, tanned skin of his belly.

"You ever eaten pussy?" I asked.



"And what's it like? Hey, I figure if I get to eat Candy, she'll go down on me."

"You may not like it. Eating pussy is not like giving a BJ, bro. Anyway, she's got a problem with you not washing - the hygiene thing - so there's no way she's gonna blow you."

"I do fucking wash!"

"Lemme check."

"Fuck you! Go check yourself out. I heard that uncut guys grow cheese under their foreskins."

"So you dig cheese? Hahahahaha!"

"Hahahaha-fucking-ha! Cheese dick."

"Uncut guys get to go longer. You cut guys just go into pain spasms and fake it."

"Cheese dick! Cheese dick! Hahahahahaha!"

"Got nothing to say cos you've never been there, huh?"

"Fuck off, cheese dick."

"Pussy virgin. How come you've never fucked a girl? I can't figure that cos you're so fucking hot looking and all."

"Cos I'm fussy."

"I think you're scared."

"Yeah, right," he said as he rubbed his crotch. "This is pussy eater right here."

I sat down on the side of the bed, and placed my hand on his warm crotch. "Hey, want a handjob?" I was getting desperate to play with him, and I allowed my hand to cruise over his sexy package.

"No," he shrugged. "It's cool."

My hand found its way under his fleecy top, and caressed the warm skin of his muscular abs, then moved up to his meaty pecs. I used my fingers to twist one of his fleshy brown nipples, which went instantly hard like a small stone. He closed his eyes for a second and had almost forgotten that he'd been busy trying to play hard to get.

"I love watching you enjoying this, Winger."

"Feels cool."

"Cody do this a lot?"

"Massages," he said before his eyes began to fill with tears, and his voice faltered. "Cody used to love giving me a massage."

"You OK?"


"Want a massage?"

"I've gotta get movin'."

I walked him to the door, then to the road. "Hey, Wingnut. I'm not Cody, and I know how you feel about him. But I'm trying real hard to just be your friend. And I wanna say thanks for the last couple of weeks. I dig you a stack. I just wanted you to know that. I know you still miss him, and so do I. Remember Code's dog Sox?"

The little guy's eyes were still teary, so he responded by nodding silently.

"It took Cody a while to get over him going..."

"Sox was a she."

"OK. But everything - life- carried on. You remind me so much of the Codeman. I bet he wished he had your sixpack, though."

Well, at least that got a giggle out of him. Then he began to walk home. I watched those broad shoulders looking even more broad with the bottom of that fleecy top clinging to his butt-hugging jeans, and those fucking legs of his. He really was such a little guy - a lightie - a grommet - 14 - and my heart followed him down the road as I watched him bounce into the distance before he disappeared.

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