South Africa
Part 63
Based on emails from July, 2002.

Cody used to often get pissed off at Eudoramail. Now it was my turn. I asked Gary if he'd received the mail I'd sent to him last Wednesday cos I had to press send and enter a fucking million times. "I'm just asking cos you didn't say anything about it. Let me know cos I'll check my mail again in a half hour cos I'm waiting for something from one of my buds."

I also told Gary that I'd work on the Kelly Family Shield he'd mailed me. It was a freebie he'd gotten from, but it was missing the family name cos you had to pay for that. Maybe Gary could've asked Luke for a loan. :)

Anyway, it was the following Wednesday, July 17, when I next wrote. Bruce had gone home. *Sniff*. But he'd stayed an extra day, which was cool. He was a damn good cook. Taught me a few things around the kitchen, like making macaroni cheese and chicken casserole. I'd probably fuck up the whole thing if I tried it, though.

Bruce and I got along really well together. No fucking strings attached, and we had great sex. Whoa! With him it was really raw sex, and he knew a few fucking things. Hahahaha! I remembered the first time I rimmed Cody, and he totally fucking freaked. But then said that it was cool if I wanted to do it. Must've been Daniel's influence. On the other hand, he insisted that there was no fucking way he was gonna stick his tongue up my ass, or even his dick for that matter - and there was no way he was gonna let my cock up his channel.

I figured the reason he'd changed his attitude later during our relationship was cos of that dude Nick he'd met on holiday up the Garden Route. That was some time after Cody had been raped on the school swim tour, which I knew about cos I'd been reading the MrB stories, including the one about Kyle and Nick. I'd tried to find Nick's contact details, but I didn't wanna do too much scratching around in Code's room just yet.

When I read that Nick story, it was almost like Cody had found someone that he'd fallen in love with. And Zulu sounded cool as well. Code had said to me that most black teens were total gods cos of a lifestyle that kept their bods in shape... and the bricks they hung from their cocks hahahahaha! Hmmm. So my bud was a sex fiend!!!!!

On the Monday night I sat on the edge of my bed. Then Bruce eased his butt down on my hard cock. It actually worked out cool cos as he positioned himself to sit, he opened up that mother of a rosebud. :) When I was inside him, we both stood up together and I fucked him that way, while facing the mirror. Another Daniel tip.

I jacked him while I was shifting into top gear, then leaned back and held his hips so that I could get all the way in. While that was happening, I watched our reflections in the mirror, which made me even more fucking horny cos of the way the muscles of his thighs were pumped, and the way his skin stretcher was bouncing up and down as a result of the way I was thrusting.

Then he grabbed my wrists and squeezed them just before he shot a fucking load. It flew everywhere cos of the way his cock was bouncing and waving all over the damn place.

That was something I'd always wanted to do... to get someone to cum without him touching his cock. OK, so it was a fucking mess, but right about then I was too busy releasing my own love juice inside of him. Once I'd shot my final wad, we were both totally fucked.

I had to admit that it was not the greatest way to have a fuck, though, cos he tightened his ass too much, and I had to fucking force my cock up there. On the other hand, what turned me on with him were the noises he made. And one of the nicest things about those long sex sessions was that you slept like a baby afterwards.

Yeah, I was gonna miss not having him cuddle up to me at night, and having him cuddle up next to me as well. Nice warm skin over a hunky tight bod. :)

Anyway, he relented when I said that he must try to stay over one more night before my folks were due home. It was just that with the house empty we could walk around naked without any hassle. Which reminded me; I could never figure out how Cody could walk around naked when his folks were at home. It was no biggie for him to step out of the shower and wander into the kitchen to make a sarmie, then return to his room with his cock dangling in the breeze. He used to embarrass the crap out of his friends when he would exit the pool naked to give his mom a hug when she arrived home from wherever. But the rest of us would squeeze our crotches against the pool wall to hide our cocks hahahahaha!

Nakedness to Cody was never a big deal. Never. There was one time he was laughing, telling me about the time he made Wingnut go home naked cos he wouldn't allow the grommet to get his clothes from the washing machine. Winger had to go out through the garden in full view of anyone who might have walked past, then jump over the wall. I remembered Code holding his stomach cos he was laughing so much as he described Wingnut's two ass cheeks moving like lightning over the wall between the two houses. He got me laughing as well, and each time we would make a comment about the grommet's ass flying over the wall, we collapsed into more hysterics. Oh, my fuck, those were such good times.

Meantime, Winger had arrived home from the rugger tour. He was at my place yesterday, wearing jeans that were hanging halfway down his ass, revealing the waist band of his bright blue/green satin cartoon boxers. He was also wearing a thick fleecy blue hoody. He had his skateboard in his hand, and was beaming from ear to ear as he stood at the front door after I'd opened it.

"So," he asked, "you stick your thing into her yet?"


"No, Steph. I saw her, and she said that you two may go out together."

"So you reckon I should stick my 'thing' into her to do what? Take her temperature maybe? You gonna come inside or are you just gonna stand at the door and be fucked up disgusting?"

"How come you're cussing so loud? Your folks home?"



Had Winger been reading Daniel as well? He placed his board on the floor, then skated through to the kitchen, where he opened the fridge and pulled out a 2 liter bottle of fresh orange juice, then put it to his mouth. Yep, he must've been reading Daniel. So I grabbed the bottle and put it on the table.

"Hey, get a fucking glass."

"OK, OK," he grinned, giving me that winning Winger grin, "I was just checkin' to see what you would do."

"You have a good tour?"

"Awesome," he said as he poured a glass of juice.

"Win any games?"

"Two out of five. But it was cool, though. I scored four tries, and beat up a guy who looked for crap with me."

"Tiny little dude?"

"He was a fucking troll, man. Thought he could fuck me around cos I'm little. Showed the fucker good."

"Whoa! You learn to talk like that on the tour?"

"Nope. Learnt that from you. Anyway," he grinned again, "I don't cuss."

"Hey, listen. When's your birthday?"

"August 15. Why?"

"I think maybe I'll give you a blowjob for your 12th birthday."

"15!" He insisted. "I'm gonna be 15!"

"Crap, man. You still look like you're 11."

"Screw you!" He pulled his boxers down with one hand, while he lifted the hem of his hoody with the other. "Check these out! Those are pubes! P-U-B-E-S! You don't get those on an 11 year old grom."

"AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP, GARY! I WAS TRYING TO BE CALM HERE! Wingnut's gut is flat and smooth, and suddenly I'm looking at this neat bush of pubes... but that's all he would let me see."

"Yuck! I suppose your balls are all hairy as well."

"Nope, I've got eggs like yours and Cody's... smooth."

"Guess I'm gonna have to believe you."

Wingnut pulled his boxers back up, and his hoody down. Then he told me about the tour. Sounded like they'd had a really good time. He and a few of his friends sneaked out of their hostel one night, and got assholes [trashed] at a pool bar. Talked some older guys into buying them some Bacardi Breezers and Hunter's Cider.

Meantime, he was convinced that while on tour his friend Jason had lost his virginity, which was pissing the grommet off big time. Apparently, Jason had disappeared with a girl when they were all trashed, and came back later saying that he'd just had his first fuck. The guys all teased him, and said, "Yeah, right." But Wingnut was convinced that the girl had let Jason fuck her, and he was pissed off totally about that.

"So, just tell him that you had your first fuck on last year's tour."

"I did. But he didn't believe me. And then I told him the truth."

At that point in the email, I reminded Gary to let me know if Cody had ever told him about Wingnut going all the way with Steph cos I thought he might have at one stage. But no. Gary wrote back to say that Steph had given the grommet a blow job once, and that it was in the company of Cody. A kind of initiation ceremony cos Wingnut had been driving Cody crazy with questions about BJs.

Later, Wingnut and I went for a late surf and it was pretty bitching. We'd made a plan to go again the next day.

"Hey, Gary, made myself breakfast this morning. How cool is that? Toasted cheese sarmies. Hahahaha! Yeah, this smoking thing with Steph is a fuckup, but maybe she can still just quit. I dunno. So Shaun is all hairy, huh? Pass him to Bruce. Bruce can tie him up and give him a body shave. Every now and then, Bruce gets this thing where he shaves his pubes right off. Then he goes the whole hog and shaves under his arms as well. Winger has got fuckall underarm hair. It's cool though cos when he pulls himself up on the chin bar in the gym, you can see the stringy muscles than run up from his lats to his triceps."

"As for Craig, I reckon that I could maybe have taken him down the other day. Seriously. But, by the same token, I am a chickenshit, and I remember all too fucking well how he can hurt me. So maybe he's not having a delusion about beating the crap out of me."

"Anyway, that's enough for now. I've enjoyed sitting here and writing all this stuff. So the Wizid digs me, huh? Has he got a cute butt?"

"Now I've gotta go shower cos I've got some dried Steve juice in my pubes. :)"

Finally, Gary's reply to an email I'd sent a week ago arrived. Eudora was totally fucking slow and pissing me off totally. Grrrrrr.

Bruce stayed over again on Thursday, then fucked off home early Friday. It was really cool having him over, though. We were naked in the den, where he was sitting on an easy chair and I was kneeling in front of him. I made him lean back and lift his feet onto the leading edge of the chair, giving me full access to all his delicious goodies. :) It was just so fucking hot to be able to drive him crazy. He was playing with his cock using his fingers, while I was also playing with it but using my tongue. Gave his nads a work-over as well. His cock was so fucking tight, I thought he was gonna burst something hahahaha!

His body suddenly jerked, and I knew that he'd reached the point of no return. He was still jacking, so I quickly swallowed his nads while he shot his load. It was a cool feeling to have his balls jumping around on my tongue as he emptied them.

We swapped places, and I did the same thing - with my feet raised. It was actually Bruce's idea to play with our tools using our fingers cos it wasn't like a blowjob. It was more like just tongue caressing. He told me that I've got a nine iron cos there were nine eruptions of Steve juice when I climaxed. How energetic was that??

I was hoping that Winger would sleep over one night during the weekend. He just needed to check with his folks first, and let me know. We'd been surfing all week and having a totally cool time together. My relationship with Winger was totally different to my relationship with Bruce. With Bruce it was pretty much about sex. But with Winger it was more about surfing together and being cool buds.

"Steph and I are going to the movies tonight, and probably for a pizza or something. She's been phoning me every evening, and so has Julie. Julie can't believe that I've dumped her spunky ass. I told her to go and blow Craig, and she said she'd pass on the message. Hahahahaha!"

"Hey, listen, Gary, I've been fucking around the whole morning with this fucked up mail system, and now I've gotta get moving. Cheers."

Your friend and the Codeman's,


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