South Africa
Part 64
Based on emails from July, 2002.

I was hoping that Kelly Family Shield thing I did for Gary was OK. Finding that font was a bitch unless you downloaded a helluva lot of fonts, trying to find the one you needed in the process. So without a font name - and Gary didn't know what it was - it was next to impossible. Anyway, he wrote back and thanked me, and said it was cool.

I'd also opened a new email account with a South African internet company, and I used it to email Gary this time. Just a temp email to stay in touch. Eudora had been giving me way too much grief.

Winter break was over, and I was back at school for the third quarter. I guessed I needed to knuckle down and work harder. I was repeating my final year of high school, so it was graduate or bust.

Steph and I went out on Friday night to see the new Sandra Bullock movie, Murder by Numbers at Cavendish. After that we went for a bite to eat. I thought she'd enjoyed herself cos it was a no pressure evening. Hey, we didn't even need to hitch a ride home cos she'd organized a friend with a car to take us there and fetch us afterwards.

Steph slept over at a friend's house, and I hitched a ride home from there. It was almost like a first date. Seemed to me that Steph and I had changed hectically since Cody's accident. He was like the glue that kept us all together and happy.

Saturday morning I went down to the beach with Wingnut and had a surf. He and Candy had been to a house party the night before at Sean's. Fuck, I hated that stuffed up little fucker, Sean. He was a pumped up arrogant cunt who hated the friendship that Winger and I had. Anyway, Winger had gotten totally out of his brackets, and he was still shitfaced in the water while we were surfing, as well as fucked up miserable.

When Wingnut was feeling like that, it was useless to try to talk to him cos he would be in a total fucking mood, and those moods had also gotten more out of hand since November. So the question about his sleeping over on Saturday night got the reply: "You'll have to wank instead cos I'm busy." Busy doing what? He and his buds had organized a computer games evening where they linked up a whole lot of PCs and played online games against each other on a small local network in the house.

Yeah, like I needed the comment about having to wank instead. Totally pissed me off.

So Saturday night I went up to the pub and played pool with some friends, and got myself slaughtered as well. Ended up going home with one guy, and we snorted a few lines. "Hey, Gary, I could've told you that we had some Pepsi or whatever. I can't fucking help myself when I'm in those kinda situations. And I was in no mood to stay home alone again. I'm fucking sick of it."

On Sunday I played the good son cos my folks had arrived home from Europe. They were surprised to see that the house hadn't been trashed.

They'd had a blast of a time while they were away, and my dad had bought me a couple of CDs over there in between his business meetings.

Later, I managed to get hold of Wingnut. "I've been grounded cos my folks want me to get my school shit together."

I asked him to think about sleeping over one night that weekend. I also wanted to tackle him about that 'wank' comment of his, but thought better of it. I figured he'd just respond by giving me the finger.

"I'm feeling fucking depressed again about absolutely fuckall, Gary. I didn't know that Luke had ripped off Sue and Lindsay. I read about it on MrB. Maybe I didn't get the email about that or something. What that dude needs is a good fuck!"

Anyway, that's what I'd sent Gary on Monday, using my new email addy. Eudoramail was totally fucking painful right now. I wished they would message people, telling them they were busy maintaining the system or whatever. They probably were cos it was so damn slow last week as well as this week. Up and down like a fucking yo yo.

Bruce had been pretty cool. He was like my best friend right about now. Sometimes I'd think Wingnut was, but I could never be certain about Winger and his moods.

Bruce had hooked up with this girl. I was pretty sure that he'd never had a steady girl in his fucking life before. Anyway, I'd noticed certain differences in his appearance lately. He was dressing differently. He was getting into gelling his hair all spiky hahahahaha! Code used to do that whenever he went out on the town all smart. Bruce was also looking pretty ripped. He'd always had muscular thighs but they were looking better lately, and his gut was getting pretty cut as well. He was one of those lucky dudes who didn't have to do anything about his pecs cos he had a naturally good looking chest. That was an advantage that Code had as well. OK, so Bruce had his moods, but I guessed I was the worse for that.

Damn! I'd just tried Eudoramail and it was still pretty screwed. I tried again on Thursday morning, and guess what? Still fucked out of sight.

On the pos side, Bruce was wearing my fav jeans. They fitted him snugly, but they weren't tight if you know what I mean. They showed off everything that was cool about his bod. His narrow waist, his cool legs, his cute butt, and his ample package. And he was madly in love! Hahahaha! Poor dude. I wasn't even sure if he was still a pussy virgin or not.

"Hey, G! You're a Virgo aren't you? Hahahaha! Oops! Yeah, I forgot. It's an OLD sign. Really old! Anyway, I'll find out if Bruce is still a pussy virgin or not. If he is, I'll tell him to watch me while I fuck his chick. Hey, it's not a hassle. That's what buds are for. Yeah, the sacrifices I make for my friends."

"Been reading about Luke and Troy. Cool... a double header. I've written a short story about Luke. Kinda fucked up story, but maybe you can show it to him when I send it to you for your birthday. Or maybe you won't hahahahaha! Would be cool to see a shirtless pic of him, though, then I could describe him in the story properly. Has this lightie got pecs? Abs? Dick? Hahahahahaha! I reckon he must have a dick... hmmm... yeah, cos he's dipped the thing somewhere already. Or at least that's what he's saying."

"XCUSE me but I shared a joint with a guy on the way home, and I'm fucking winging. Nah, it doesn't mean I'm screwing Wingnut. Not yet, anyway."

"It's getting bad now. I'm starting to pull my foreskin back and have convos with my cockhead. Then I squeeze it to make my pisshole move like a mouth talking back to me. Hello, hello, hello. Do you have any idea how bad it is when your cock starts talking back to you? At least I've got you to talk to, Gary. Huh?"

"Bruce wants to get himself a tattoo, so I'm thinking of going with him and getting a navel ring or something. Bruce reckons I should go for a nipple ring cos you can play with yourself. Yeah, that sounds about right for me. Anyway, I'm thinking about it."

"Oh, I think your buddy Luke is on E. Thought you'd want to hear that. I was checking out that pic of his face. E can give your face a rash, and it looks like you've got acne. He needs to drink stacks of water or else he's gonna fuck himself up 2nd2nun."

"Oh, yeah. Fucking hell, I almost forgot. Your other hero Paul wrote a note in Cody's guestbook. Cya on the lip. No fucking mail [to me] to say that the site is cool or anything. Anyway, it shouldn't upset me. Hahahahaha!"

"Thought of going up to the mountain yesterday to Cody's special place, but I was too fucked when I thought about it."

"And fucking hell, my folks think I'm totally cool. Hey, I've played this little game. I come home from school and do my homework like a good little Steven, then go surfing and get all redeye at the beach. That's what salt water does to you anyway. Isn't it? Then I come home and eat my whole meal cos I've got the fucking munchies so bad. Hey, don't hassle, Gary. Had a couple of Js, that's all."

"Got hold of Winger on the phone. He's enjoying being back at school and playing rugger. Still doing his boxing training at the local gym, and he's been hitting the gym pool as well. He and his buds have got some kinda deal with the gym to get reduced membership costs if they play on a school team."

"So you wanna come over this weekend so I can blow that beautiful cock of yours?"


"Jesus, Gary! WINGNUT!"


"Plus, news is that Steph really enjoyed us going out together the other night, and she wants to do it again. She wants to maybe go out on Friday night, but I'm supposed to connect with some friends."

"Hey, Eudoramail came up, then fucking collapsed again. Probably on something. Hahahahaha!"

"I'm going through the downers hahahaha. I'm going to get some shuteye before I start on my fucking school assignments."

It was Friday when I wrote Gary again, using my new email addy. I managed to get through the first week of school [after the winter break] without getting myself damaged or into shit, which was pretty neat. I was supposed to connect with a bunch of school buds that night, so I needed to check with Steph to see if she'd rather go out on Saturday night.

Bruce didn't want to join me and my school buds on Friday night cos the guys were mostly ex-customers of his and mine. But I thought it was really cool that he wanted to dip his wick. :) The guys and I wanted him to come along as a designated driver cos he didn't need a drink. Weird, huh? He was flogging [selling] all that shit [drugs] to everyone and never used it himself. He drank sometimes if he thought it was cool. It was the same with grass. He might have taken a drag of a joint, but that was it. He just mellowed out.

BUT, all of a sardine [sudden], he'd gotten into this fitness thing, so his brain was tripping on looks. I figured he turned me down cos he was just pissed off with me for connecting with my old customers.

Also had a call from Wingnut. Strange, huh? The little dude had gotten himself into a pickle. There was this group of chicks that had been sending him messages about a friend of theirs who wanted him to fuck her. And all the friends were trying to get him to do the deed. Now, she was asking him to come around to her place supposedly to watch vids. The reason he called me? He wanted me and Steph to go with him.


"Just cos. That's why. It's important."

"Scared she's gonna get you to do the deed, huh?"

"Yes! Fuck it, Steve! I don't know what the fuck to do! And I'm not sure if I wanna do it with her."

"Maybe she just wants to blow you or something. Hahahahahaha!"

"It's not fucking funny! And it's not that. Not just a BJ. She told her friends that she's gonna get me to fuck her cos she thinks I've done it before."

"Cos you've got a big mouth."

"You gonna come with me or not?"

"I can't. I've got a thing on with some buds tonight."

"Cool. I'll see if Jason wants to go with me."

"You gonna be alright?"

"Maybe I'll be sick or something. I dunno. Cheers." Then he slammed down the phone.

"So, Gary, you're thinking that Steph and I should've gone with the grommet to that chick's house? Well, fact is, when I needed Wingnut to be around the other day, he was being his real grommet moody self and wasn't there for me. He wanted to play computer games with his buds, and told me that I'd have to wank. Yeah, well I didn't stay home and wank. I went out and got myself slaughtered instead, and snorted a couple of lines with a dickhead."

"Anyway, I'm sure Winger will be OK. I don't see him porking this chick, anyway. I think his manhood is gonna be seriously tested and he's gonna wuss out totally. Hahahahaha! He sounded like a scared kid on the phone."

"I'm gonna try to send this fucking email again now, and if Eudora is still screwed then I don't fucking know. Nah. Just tried it. Still fucked."

"Saturday 3am. Just set up this email account [with a South African internet company] and I hope the fucking thing works."

Your friend and the Codeman's,


Doesn't sound too good? Don't worry. Steve fell into a hole, but he managed to scramble out again. Stay tooned for the good news. MrB

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