South Africa
Part 68
Based on emails from August, 2002.

I had to thank Gary for the new Russian Soul Club access. His last one had expired. Maybe Halien thought Gary wouldn't live that long hahahahaha! Anyway, I had a look at the new Egor pics and, oh, my fuck! He was one hot mother. I'd made a graphic from one of the pics for Cody's News page, but I wouldn't be posting it until October or sometime. Meantime, I was just enjoying running my cursor over that Egor bod. Whoa!

One of the things about Egor that I really dug - and Bruce had it as well - was the fine line of hair from his navel to his pubes. That was just so fucking horny! Especially with my tongue running down the line. :) I would've loved to have seen a set of him and Kostik making serious contact. :)

I'd tried Eudoramail again just to see if it was back in biz. Nope. It worked for a few minutes the other day, so I went in to read a long email from Chuck, but then Eudora fucked out again. So I set up a new email addy in case any of the MrB dudes wanted to write me. I didn't intend to get too involved in replying to every email, though, like Cody had. That would be just too fucking intense.

So what had been on my mind the past few days? The Winger.

"Hey, Gary, you have no fucking idea how special the other night was for me. I was so worried that I would freak him or gross him out but it never happened. And it was like he was waiting for it to happen, anyway. It was like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one."

"What was even more tight was when he had to stretch his bod and arch his back slightly to get his mouth to my dick, cos his bod's a little shorter than mine."

"But his dick isn't."

"Shuddup, Gary. Jeez! Anyway, when his stomach and chest stretched, it was totally hard to not to keep the back of my hand from running up and down the groove in his abs."

"Later, after we'd fallen asleep, it also felt so cool to just have him hold me as if it was the most normal thing on the planet."

On the Monday afternoon, there was a storm surf running. Only a few guys were out. Tried to get hold of the Winger, but he was at school rugger practice. In any case, I doubted whether he would've gone out in that wild storm surf. The waves were about five feet, and powerful. It was a helluva fucking paddle - even for a surf hero like me hahahahaha - to get out through those tons of rising rushing water. Even when I duck-dove, and tried to avoid their awesome force, they still nailed me and sent me back a few meters. But what a bitching session!

On the walk back home, my shoulders were pumped and my arms felt like they were falling off. The muscles of my whole back and shoulder blades were totally tight so, instead of taking a shower, I had a hot soaking bath and just relaxed in some of my mom's herbal aromatherapy goodies.

Things with my dad were getting better, too. He'd been asking about school and studies, and had offered to help with my homework if I needed someone to give me a hand with any of it. It had been a total turnaround for him. And it was weird how I'd begun to see him lately. Differently. He didn't seem to be the old guy who was a total stranger to me. Now, he was even looking younger, but maybe that was due to his beating me up. :)

"Hey, he's not getting his own way with me any more [in the gym], Gary. The other day we were sparring, and I forced myself to stop cos the two of us were getting way too fucking aggro. Anyway, his punches were starting to hurt, and everyone knows I'm chickenshit for pain. :) He makes sure that the two of us wear headgear now. I think my punches hurt. Hahahahaha, just a bit. THANKS MARK!!! That's it, Gary. Cheers."

Your friend and the Codeman's,


I wrote Gary again in two days. I'd received both his reply emails at just about the same time, and read them the previous night after I'd logged on to the net. I wasn't sure what to say anymore. I'd been on such a natural high all that week, and it had been Wingnut's birthday on the Thursday.

The grommet had arrived before I'd had a chance to print a card for him on the comp. My mom had a program called American Greeting Cards, and I was gonna use that. You could put a trademark on the back of the card... like a personal stamp. But he'd arrived my house before I could do any of that. He was wearing the wristband I gave him.

"Happy birthday, grommet buddy," I said as I answered the front door. It was just so fucking good and uplifting to see his wonderful face.

He smiled his usual toothy smile. That little dude had awesome teeth. They sparkled, and always added something extra special to his winning grin. "Thanks, man. Can I come in just for a sec and steal some juice?"

Winger bounced through to the kitchen and was already pouring himself a glass of juice before I'd even had a chance to invite him in!

"He's a mature little grommet, Gary. He's got a tight bod that is as hard as a fucking rock, and he's grown a mop of black hair. He's beautiful."

He swallowed a mouthful of juice, then said in his young teen voice, "I just wanted to say thanks for the wristband, Steve. It's really kiff."

"Hey, buddy, it was ace just to make it for you. Now you've got a surf culcha [culture] wristy. So, are you having a good birthday or what?"

"Pretty kiff. Got money from family and friends, and stuff, so I'm gonna buy a CD and save the rest. Got clothes from my folks, and a paira new boardies." He took another sip of juice, then looked kinda serious. "Can I ask you about the other night?"

Fucking hell! My heart immediately sank like a stone. I was dreading the worst. But I somehow managed to stay calm. "Yeah, sure, man."

"Cody and I used to do that, and it was always cool. And it felt good. The other night with you was really kiff, and you were different [to what you are normally]. Almost like him. It was like I couldn't stop what was happening, and I didn't want to."

"Hey! Think I wanted to stop?"

Then the bombshell. "I just don't want you thinking that I'm gay and stuff."

So that's what was really hassling him, I thought to myself. "Do you think I'm gay? Or maybe that Cody was gay?"

"I know Cody wasn't, but we did stuff together. And I know that you and he did other kinda stuff together."

"You think the 'other stuff' was too hectic, right?"


"Hey, buddy, can I tell you a Cody secret that you need to keep to yourself?"

"You're gonna tell me he was gay, right?"

"No. He'd come down here and beat the crap outta me if I did that." Well, at least that lightened up the atmos a bit, and made the grommet laugh. "Hey, Cody and Mark did the same stuff that you and I did the other night."

"Mark? Conan? Yeah, right. No fucking way, man. Whoever told you that is seriously chirping crap."

"You don't have to believe it, Winger, but what I'm getting at is the way Cody taught us to be. That being good friends like we are means that getting close is normal. Enjoying each other's bods while we're close is just a thing. It's not something you have to think about cos it should just happen of its own accord. You can sense if your bud doesn't want you to go there. Cody and I used to kiss, even. And I mean kiss."

"I know."

"So don't let it hassle you about the other night. I know you're not gay. Just don't start to pin sticker labels all over. You know I love ya. Right?"


Before I continued the convo, I placed my arm around his shoulder. "The other night was the most special thing for me since Cody died. And because it was you it was very very special. Because I love you. Not like a girlfriend would or whatever, but I love you like true buds. It was like me having Cody with me all over again, cos you're so much like him."

"That's what Steph says, too."

"Cos you're special. Now, can I ask you something without you getting mad at me, maybe?"

"You can try."

"I used to think that you and Jason or Brian or even Sean might've also have done what we did."

"Brian and I did once. But then we both got the guilts about it. Jason and I jack each other sometimes. But then sometimes I think about it and I think it's wrong. With Cody it was different. And with you the other night it was different, too."

"You drove me crazy the other night cos you're such a tough little hunk." He just laughed when I said that cos a lot of the guys didn't realize what a hot bod the grommet had. He had a habit of wearing clothes that were mainly baggy and that didn't show off his build. Whoa! "I mean, feeling your hard bod next to me, and getting close as we did, is just so hard to describe cos it meant so much to me."

"You're the same, Steve. And I liked it. I don't want ya to think I didn't. I'd like to do it again cos I dig you. And Cody dug ya, too."

"Tell ya what. If the time's right, and we feel like it, then it's just gonna happen without us even thinking about it. Can I give you a hug for your birthday?"

Wingnut's body was like iron. It was so damn hard with toned muscle. And he squeezed me so damn hard, but he didn't know his own strength. Then he had to go back home. But as he was leaving, he shouted and grinned, "Thanks for the wristy!"

So I felt pretty fucking good after that, and then I received the emails from Gary.

"I'm not sure what you're gonna do about that little prick [Luke], Gary. I know what I would've done if he'd been here. I would've set Wingnut on to him hahahahaha! And Luke would've gotten a beating that he would remember. Sounds like a good setup for a story. Hmmm."

"I'm also not happy about that cancer on your back, and you need to get it sorted out. There must be lots of stuff they can do for that [kinda thing] now. That's something my mom goes on and on about in summer cos I wear boardies..."

"Where's the pic?"

"Shuddup, Gary. I wear boardies most of the time and I spend a lot of time in the surf or in the pool. See what happens when you only wear a fucking towel?"

"I think it's pretty cool that Richie sent you stuff for your birthday. He's pretty hardcore. Actually, Gary, you're lucky cos most of your friends are pretty damn hardcore."

"I think Dio is sweating and wondering about the graphic I did with him, and it's coming up in the next Cody's News page." :)

"Not sure what I'm up to tonight. Steph asked if I was into going to a club, and wanted to know if I could handle it. She's talking about going to Blink or Taboo. Yeah, probably Blink cos I know that Jason's bro [Craig] hangs out at Taboo. Can you imagine the start of a weekend with me all beaten up and pissed off again? I guess I'm gonna have to try and handle the situation with him one way or another."

"Anyway, Gary, I think you need to join Cody's 'Body Logic' culcha. Get yourself sorted out cos I know that you've got a whole lotta stuff to worry about, and you don't need that kinda shit [with the ops and Luke]. I hope that this whole pedo bullshit thing gets sorted out cos that would be a huge fucking worry."

"Have you spoken to the cops about getting a restraining order on that little shit? He's the one coming to you. It's not like you're going to him and hassling him. And I think you're right about that little dude selling himself for bucks. I'm also not sure that I trust his little gang of friends either. I'm not sure how big Taree is [pop. 18,000] but things could get a bit rough if he starts a whole campaign to nail you. By the sound of it, even if they put him away he could organize a lot of shit."

"I was in FunTB last night for a bit, and it was OK. I guess I wasn't really in the mood, and shouldn't have gone in cos I got a bit bored. I spent most of the time watching Kot sitting at his comp without his shirt on. Hahahahahaha! I think everyone was waiting for him to whip out his boner and give it a bit of stick."


Your friend and the Codeman's


G'day Steve,

Don't worry about Luke's campaign to nail me. I've got a mouth, too, and I've got my own campaign to nail him. BTW, those African Peri-Peris in the stir-fry sauce with fish last night were wicked! Lindsay turned into an instant lawn sprinkler hehehe. But Sue and I were fine. :)

Your friend and the Codeman's,


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