South Africa
Part 72
Based on emails from August/September, 2002.

"Hey, Gary. So howzit hanging?"

"That's my problem. Ain't as horizontal as often as it useta was. But it still works." :)

"Cool birthday? Yeah? Well, I hope so cos you deserve a break. Not sure which leg, though. Hahahahaha! I read all the messages the guys sent you for my page on MrB. Yeah, yeah, I know I was supposed to be studying. Shhhhh!"

"The history paper we did on Friday was pretty fucking hectic, but they'd warned us earlier that the paper was gonna be hard. I breezed through the fucking thing. Just hope I got the answers right." :)

After school the surf was bitching, so I took a few hours break and hit the waves. And what an awesome fucking session! Airs, floaters, green rooms, and a couple of wipeouts. But it was great to get away from the classroom and the pressure of exams for a while. Like Cody used to say, surfing cleared the cobwebs.

When I arrived home, I got a message to phone Steph. Woohoo! She wanted to go to the movies cos she needed a break from her studying as well. But I asked her if she didn't rather want to hire a vid so that we could just relax at her place.

We chose Castaway with Tom Hanks cos she hadn't seen it. It was a kickass movie.

So we just kinda snuggled together and didn't do anything. "Fuck, Gary! Go wash your mind out with soap or something!" Did I get a hardon? Nah. I got a fucking ERECTION! Hahahaha! Her folks were in and out of the den all night, and Steph was fucking laughing at me cos I'd been whispering shit to her about needing her to just pat my boner, and tell it that everything was cool. Anyway, she was enjoying the vibe, and I was enjoying just being with her.

"Want to go out again tomorrow night? Maybe just for a pizza or burger or something?"

"I can't. I promised my mom that I would study. How are your studies going, Steve?"

"They're going well. Thanks."

"Oh? Haven't you been thinking about me and getting Steevie Weevie all horny again?"

"You're fucking naughty. You know that? Hey, thanks for helping me, babes. With the other [counselling] stuff."

"You're helping yourself, Steve. I can only just point you in the direction, but it's you who has to decide whether or not to go there."

"You're sounding like him [Cody]. Thanks for being with me. That's what I mean. Being there for me. So I guess tomorrow I'm gonna have to jack off AGAIN!!!"

"Now you're sounding like him," she laughed. "Do all guys jack off a lot?"

"For sure. A lotta guys are like me. They've got a girl who won't give them certain allowances."

Then she gave me a kiss on the cheek before saying, "It'll happen when both of us are ready. OK? I love you."

"And I love you."

I jacked off something stupid when I got home. I told Gary about it, and asked him to give me a fucking break. After spending an evening with Steph kissing me while I was sitting there with a fucking hardon [that both her folks knew about] what the fuck was I supposed to do? No, I wasn't double jointed, so I had to use my hand. Hahahaha!

"So now it's Saturday morning as I write this, Gary, and you've been a star. I loved the story you wrote for my birthday, and I am so fucking chuffed that you used June cos I think she is one really cool lady."

"I wish she and Jason could get together again cos June sounds so much like Steph. And Jason sounds cool as well. I think they would be really cool folks. Their boys are lucky."

"Then I read all the stuff that the guys sent for my birthday before downloading the song from Clint. I cried my fucking eyes out when I played it. Don't tell the guys that cos it's not the fucked up Steve they're used to."




"You just fucking told them!"

"Told them what? About my Alzheimer's? They already know about that."

"Jeez! What the fuck am I gonna do with you?"

"I'll draw up a list and send it to you."

"Anyway, I thought the song was fucking cool. 'How wonderful life is, while you're in the world.' Is that me, Gary? Nah. Fucking can't be. I couldn't believe that someone would do something like that for me? I figured only one person would do something like that, and he's not around to do that anymore. That is the only fuckup of my birthday. That I'm not gonna get a Cody hug. Cody never had to buy me anything. His hugs were like a million fucking bucks cos they were genuine."

"I read all the stuff that the MrB guys wrote, and I was totally knocked on my ass when I read those words, and saw the fantastic graphics... and all the trouble that everyone went to to do that for me. And also the time you took to put it all together, Gary. I got some emails this morning from the guys as well."

"I don't know what to fucking say here, but I guess you've noticed that already... and you're just sitting there shaking your fucking head and letting me rave on and on."

"I know now what Cody meant when he said that he was the richest kid in the world, cos he had so many friends. And now I understand how he must've felt."

After I'd sent the email to Gary, my dad entered my room and asked me if there was anything special I wanted for my birthday.

"Yeah, dad, there is."

"So? Tell me cos your mother and I are going to the shops now."

"I just want a hug, dad. From both you and mom. And maybe tomorrow night the three of us can go out and have a bite to eat or something, and talk. I don't need you to buy anything for me."

Oh, my fuck! My dad had tears in his eyes. I'd never seen my dad cry except from total rage directed at me. He couldn't talk. He was speechless, and had to leave my room.

After a while, he returned to tell me that the three of us would be going to a restaurant tomorrow night. That was going to be the next best birthday present that I could think of. Hey, I could've fucked up their evening, and asked to go that night. But I knew that they'd been invited to some friend's 40th birthday party.

"I feel on top of the world about what you and all the guys have done for me, Gary. I'll be connecting with Winger later today, and we'll be going for a surf."

"I'm gonna study some more now, and try to make up for the time a bit later on when I won't be able to hit the books."

"On Monday we're writing English lit, and I've read the books. King fucking Lear. I'm gonna try to send this now so that I can carry on. Thanks, Gary. You've no fucking idea."

Your friend and the Codeman's,

Peace, Love, Respect.


I wrote Gary again on the Monday to tell him that the English lit paper went OK. But I figured that sometimes the guys who set the paper questions were more interested in showing off their own fucking knowledge than testing the students! Pissed me off big time. Anyway, enough of that shit.

What I really wanted to tell Gary was that I'd received some really cool emails from the guys. A lot of it was the same stuff that Gary had posted on the page he'd set up on MrB for my birthday. "That was so fucking awesome, Gary. You've no idea."

Apart from that, there wasn't a helluva lot to tell about the weekend. Hahahaha! On Saturday night, August 31st, Bruce collected me from home and took me to his place. The two of us were planning to go to the movies, then maybe have a coupla drinks together afterwards. Just a cool, laidback evening.

It seemed to me at the time that he'd dumped his girlfriend - at least for the night - so that the two of us could connect for a change. Just like old times. Suited me. It had been a while since the two of us had had a convo. I also figured that he was getting antsy about how it was going with Steph and me, and wanted to catch up on the latest goss.

So we arrived at his place, and the joint was in total fucking darkness cos his folks had gone out for the evening. He led me through the blackness to the garden entrance to his room. Hahahahaha! As soon as we'd gotten to the doorway, I grabbed him and put my hand under his shirt.

"Just wanna feel if you're going soft without any 'guy' exercise."

Whoa! He jumped with fright, and told me to be quiet.

Quiet? "I thought you said that your folks were out?"

"They are, but my great fucking aunt is in the house. That's why we're using the garden entrance to my room. She's staying with us for a week. Got ears like a fucking bat's."

So that put paid to any ideas that I might've had about the two of us getting it on. Drat! Anyway, we were still gonna go out and chill at the movies, so that would be pretty cool.

"Hey, Steve! Do me a fav and get my cell phone. It's on the kitchen table."

"I can't fucking see! The whole damn house is in darkness."

"You know where the kitchen is. Just get the phone for me."

"Hey, I thought you said your great aunt was here?" I mumbled as I blindly felt my way towards the kitchen. What the fuck was this all about? Then I almost shat myself as a pair of arms surrounded me, and drifted under my T to my abs and pecs.

"Now, do I look like a great aunt?"

I recognized the voice immediately. "I thought you were supposed to be studying?"

"I am. I'm studying you."

I could almost see Steph's face begin to glow in the dark. "So what's up? Are we gonna go and use Bruce's bed?"

At that precise moment, the lights came on. I blinked a few times, then saw a few of the guys from school with their girlfriends. And Winger with Jacky. And Bruce's girl was also there. Hello? What the fuck was this all about?

One of the guys started whistling. The rest of them were shouting stuff like, "Hey! Can we use Bruce's bed after you've finished with it?" and shit like that, while I was standing there looking totally stunned.

Turned out that Steph had asked Bruce if it would be cool if a few buds could get together at his place to celebrate my birthday. But most of all, it was so fucking tight to see Winger there. The little dude was beaming, and laughing at the jokes from the guys about using Bruce's bed.

Bruce had asked his folks if he could invite a few people around for a small party. They said it would be cool so long as we didn't trash the house. Trash the house? Teens? Us?

So, after all the handshaking and howzits and hugs and kisses - no, I didn't kiss Winger - I eventually got to be alone with Steph.

"You knew about this?"

"Of course."

But no sooner had the convo between Steph and me begun, Winger arrived on the scene, beaming from ear to ear, with a Smirnoff Ice in his paws. "This is pretty cool."

"Hey, bud."

"Hey," he responded. "So how oldya gonna be tomorrow? 100 or something?"

"I can still beat you up, lighty."

"Yeah, but you gotta catch me first, old man."

The party was pretty fucking ace. We jived and drank [too fucking much]. At one stage, a couple of the guys from school asked me if I wanted to go to the bathroom with them, but I gave it a miss. They were into hitting a few lines [of coke]. It was tempting, but I couldn't have done that to Steph and Bruce after they'd organized the shindig for me.

The party was still raging when Bruce's folks arrived home. They just shouted their hi's, and disappeared into their room. I figured Bruce was hoping that the guys hadn't stained his folks' bedsheets cos there had been more than a few bed wrestling sessions that night. Hahahahaha!

No. Steph and I didn't do any bed wrestling.

A short while before the party had ended, Bruce called me into his room, then locked the door behind us.

"Here," he said as he handed me a gift-wrapped package.

"What is it?"

"Open it and find out."

Inside the package was a small paira briefs. Pure white Bears bikini briefs with a pouch. Hey, Bruce was the kinda dude who got off giving me stuff like that. And what was wrong with that? He was good for my ego.

Then the two of us kissed, and ended up with fucking erections that we almost had to beat to death before we emerged from his room as though nothing had happened. Yeah, right. Meantime, I'd promised him that I would wear the briefs for him as soon as we could get a chance to be alone again.

Steph checked my jeans as I came back into the main room. I was pretty sure that she knew that Bruce and I had kissed. Maybe her brain even thought that we'd gone beyond that. Anyway, I left the briefs in Bruce's room, and told him that I'd collect them on Sunday. I certainly didn't want the rest of the guys to get an eyeful of those briefs, and give me a hard time.

It was about 2am when we started to clean up the house. Following that, Bruce drove a few of the guys home, then ferried Steph, me, Winger and Jacky home. Jacky had arranged to sleep over at Steph's house.

It had been a really cool evening. Poor Winger was dead on his feet when I'd made sure that he arrived home safely. He'd been dancing all night, and had probably consumed one or two Smirnoff Ices too many. I also suspected that he'd smoked a joint or two with the guys.

"Steve?" It was my mom, waking me up on Sunday morning. She'd brought me a cup of hot, steaming coffee, and wished me for my birthday. Then she gave me a really huge hug. No, I didn't get a hardon cos I already had a piss one on board. And yes, I was naked. And yes, I did have my dangly bits covered... although they weren't all that dangly at that time of the morning.

I wished that I could have jumped out of bed and given her a decent hug, but I wasn't sure if she would have freaked. Cody could hug his mom when he had a piss boner. But I wasn't Cody.

I'd already finished showering when my dad came into my room, but I was still dripping wet, with a towel draped around my waist. He handed me a gift from him and my mom. I opened it, and saw that it was a red Ferrari sweat top. Oh, my fuck! It was fantastic! I'd always supported Ferrari in the F1.

But my dad was looking fucking uncomfortable, disoriented, like he didn't know what to do next. So I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a hug. He didn't respond for a moment or two, then I felt his arms tighten around me, and I thought he was gonna squeeze me to death.

So how did it feel? It felt so fucking good. Hey, it was a start. A small step for me and them. A bit of a shaky start, but a start.

Not long afterwards, and with no warning at all, the phantom grommet flew into my room, and dove onto my bed. He bounced a couple of times, then threw a small package at me.

"What's this?"

"Open it."

It was a CD by a group called Safri Duo. I'd been speaking about them to Winger cos they played some of their music at Blink one night. Really tight music.

There was also a card that Winger had made at school in the comp lab. The same lab that Cody just about had shares in cos he'd spent so much time there. It was a really cool pic of a surfer. And inside he'd written: "You're cool. Have a rad day and thanks for being around for me."

Hey, so the grommet had learned to make cards on the computer. I was fucking chuffed! But when I tried to load the CD into the player, he jumped off the bed and pulled the towel off my waist.

"See? I toldya you're getting old," he laughed as he checked out my semi. "You want a crutch for old limpy?"

I fucking hosed myself at the way he'd said that, but my cock had begun to lift cos of the breeze or some fucking thing. It was a way cool vibe, though. My mom thought so too, cos she invited Winger to have breakfast with me. My folks had already eaten, so the grommet and I stuffed ourselves. He had to leave soon after that cos he had to connect with some friends to go cycling. And me? I still had to review some studying anyway, so it was cool.

Got two phone calls on Sunday afternoon. One from Mark to wish me for my birthday, and one from Mr T.

"You must make a plan for one night to have dinner with us, Steve. You can bring some friends if you want."

"I'll definitely take you up on that offer, Mr T. I've been meaning to call around but things kinda... well, you know... school and exams and stuff. I'll give you a call, probably closer to the weekend. Maybe we can get together on Friday night."

Cool! But I wouldn't be inviting any of my school buds. Not to Mr and Mrs T's house. It would be just Steph and Winger, and whoever Winger wanted to invite. Jacky or Candy. Whoever he was comfortable with.

Last night, my folks took me out to the waterfront, and we had a totally fucking great time at a restaurant there. I was learning more and more about my dad all the time. He was also a Ferrari supporter, so we talked about Schumacher and how many more records he could possibly break after the race that afternoon. Hey, he even asked me about my surfing, and how my fitness was. "I'd like to get more regularly involved in sparring with you in the gym, Steve. I need the exercise. You up to it?"

"No problem, dad."

My mom supported the McLaren team in F1, so my dad and I teased her about having a crush on Kimi Raikonen hahahahaha! Made her blush.

Just seeing my folks like that, and seeing how they were interacting with each other, made me think about the pressure I'd put on their marriage. It was also plain to see that they loved each other. It was different to the way Mr and Mrs T loved each other, but the effect on my folks was the same, I thought. Love was love.

"I don't remember a helluva lot about my birthdays, Gary, but that one must definitely rate. I mean, I got all those wishes from all over the fucking world from people who only know me from the stories. Fucking hell, if I'd known that Steve, I wouldn't have given him the fucking time of day."

"I got those pages of wishes from you, I got the top from my folks, I got the CD and special card from Winger, and I got the phone calls from Mark and Cody's folks. And Steph gave me a little surfer alien with a small card. All it said was, 'Be yourself. Happy birthday. Love, Steph.'"

"I don't know when I'm gonna get into FunTB chat again, or get around to replying to everyone's emails cos there was a lot of mail. Please, Gary, just say thanks to everyone for me. It was fucking special. It might be a while before I get a chance to write again. Thanks, thanks, and more thanks."

Peace, Love, Respect.

Your friend and the Codeman's,


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