South Africa
Part 74
Based on emails from September, 2002.

I hadn't written Gary in about a week so I figured I'd better drop him a line or he was gonna think that I'd stepped off the planet. No such luck. :) I was still around to hound him and give him a hard time.

"Hard time?"

"Shuddup, Gary."

Wrote Math II on the Monday morning and it was a pretty fucked up paper. Trig[onometry] was a total bitch and I didn't know where Cody got this idea that I was a math whiz. I was gonna be dreaming about fucking angles and tangents for the next week cos I really busted my fucking butt studying over the weekend.

"Hey, Bruce? It's me. You maybe wanna come over and we can both study math together in my room?"

Yeah, right. Our study ended up with the two of us naked on my bed. It was really cool cos with my lack of sex lately I was beginning to think that I was destined to be a priest or something.

Surprisingly, we weren't as rough with each other as we usually were. I figured Bruce was starting to learn a thing or two from his chick about being gentle. Whoa! He spent ages exploring me all over with his tongue, and had my fucking nipples busting with his licking and sucking!

By the time his tongue had begun to penetrate my ass crack, I just couldn't handle the intensity of the pleasure any fucking longer. Just after he'd started to rim me, I jacked off. My juice splattered all over my bed covers, but that was just too fucking bad. I was in no mood to worry about mess versus no mess while his tongue was probing my rosebud.

After that, I lifted my ass into the air, and he knew what to do. But the only condoms he had with him were those fucking ridged ones. "I'll tellya now, Gary, they're no fucking good for diving into the glory hole. They're as uncomfortable as all fucking hell."

"Yeah, I know."


"I mean, I can imagine." *ahem*

Anyway, Bruce ended up staying over, and it was really ace to have him sleeping with me. I enjoyed laying behind his warm muscular bod, feeling his abs, and playing with his cock.

Other than the very welcome Bruce interlude, most of my time was taken up with school, study and more study. Oh, I also did a couple of hours with my dad in the gym, and he really gave me a fucking hard time. He didn't know the meaning of hitting softly. So I'd been making a point of wearing headgear whenever I sparred with my dad. The other day he connected me a helluva fucking graunch to my gut, and I actually managed to absorb it, so at least I was becoming fitter and getting a bit stronger.

Never saw the Winger or Steph over the weekend, but Winger did tell me about having Jacky sleep over at his house on Saturday. They watched vids of Back to the Future. So, did he screw her? No. But they were listening to CDs in his room and she got him to juice his jeans. Hahahaha! He was so pissed cos he said that he was sounding like he was in pain, and couldn't help it. So she just carried on massaging him until he lost control.

Meantime, Steph was also at home. Said she had a pile of homework and studying to do, so she wanted to stay home and get it all done.

To keep me amused, my dad gave me a copy of Flash to bugger around with, so I decided to experiment with a few graphics on Cody's World. I put a new news logo together, plus a small Tarzan logo as well, and I was pretty fucking stoked with myself. :) At least that was a bit of a diversion from having English I and History II coming up during the week.

"So it's more studying for me, Gary. Check ya l8er."

It was Friday when I read about how G was doing with quitting smoking, and I was hoping that he would stick to it. I'd heard that smoking was even harder than drugs to kick. Steph had been trying to stop. She didn't smoke anymore when she was around me, but sometimes I knew when she'd been smoking cos of the way her breath smelled when she kissed me.

Cody would be pretty stoked about G giving up the weed cos he hated smoking, and would walk out of a room if someone lit a cigarette. But he could handle guys smoking grass. Weird.

I went into FunTB chat during the week and it was OK. Just a few of the guys there; Frazza, Brian, and Dio. Fraz had been sending me a coupla pics of the Belami Boys. :) Some real cuties like Tim Hamilton. But, hey, the dude's blonde, so what could I say? He's HOT!!

I'd also uploaded the new Cody's News page but hadn't linked it yet. OK, so I was jumping the gun cos it was October's news page, but I'd been working on it and now I was impatient to load the damn thing. Hey, I'd already started to work on November's as well! Now that was gonna be a challenge - the first anniversary of Cody's accident.

Anyway, after the stress of the mocks [exams] I was feeling totally fucking relaxed. I hadn't received my grades at the time of writing this, and I wasn't holding my breath. Those papers were fucked up hard, and I was feeling like a total tit cos this was my second time around doing this shit [repeating my final year], and it should have been easier. I'd worked out my math mark in my head, and I was hoping that my calculation was wrong. It looked like my math had gone from around mid 70% to 40%. I knew that sounded fucked up, and I couldn't really understand it. For some reason I was really battling all of a sudden. But that's what happened when Bruce came around. Instead of the two of us studying, we ended up having mad fucking sex instead of mad math hahahahaha! I knew what it was, though. I was too fucking easily distracted.

On the plus side, I spent an hour on the phone to Steph and she sounded like she was about ready for the two of us to step over the threshold. I didn't wanna make it sound crude, so I wasn't prepared to say a lot about it to Gary right then. But it would be fucking tight if I'd read her correctly. It was the way she spoke more than what she actually said. Like she was sending me a subtle message. :)

Anyway, that night we were supposed to be going out with a whole group. I wasn't sure where just yet, but wherever it was gonna be, I was sure it was gonna be a rave.

"By the way, G, I found out that Mark's birthday is October 8 for sure. Got hold of Fingers and asked him. Actually wanted to have a rap to Mark but he was out with Candy. They'd gone to dinner or something."

Winger had been around earlier. He was totally pissed off. So he decided to take it out on me in the gym with the gloves on. But I surprised him by letting him have it cos I wasn't gonna take that kinda pissed off aggro from him.

Apparently, his locker at school had been broken into but nothing had been stolen. So he approached the guy he suspected of being the guilty party. Problem was, the guy was a senior, so he sorted out Winger right there in front of his buds.

"You're not fucking invincible, Winger. He's a fucking senior!"

"He fucked with my stuff."

"So where did your aggro get you?"

"Just shut up. OK?"

"No, fuck you. You come here all pissed off and take it out on me, and expect me to just sit back and put up with it."

"Shut up, Steve, or I'm gonna fucking hit you."

At that point, we both put the gloves on. A moment later, he was climbing into me with no control. All he wanted was something or someone to hit. I tried to get him into a clinch in the hope that I could calm him down a little, but I could see that he was so fucking mad that he was close to tears. I also knew that his pain threshold was higher than most. I could have hit him as hard as I fucking liked and he would've just absorbed it. But eventually, I smacked him in his upper abs, and he had to drop his hands to his knees in order to breathe. I'd gotten him right in the breadbox. But by then I was fucking mad while he was beginning to calm down.

"Ouch! Lucky punch."

"Yeah, lucky for you."

"So are you mad now?"

"Shouldn't I be?"

"No one fucked with your locker."

I couldn't help cracking up when I heard that comment, so we both mellowed and it turned out OK.

By Sunday, it seemed that Gary was handling the quit smoking thing pretty well. And there was a bonus! "Thanks for the pics of G. At least he's made my weekend. He's a hunky mother, and I could easily go for him."

I also told Gary that I'd sorted out the index page on Cody's World so that he could check out the latest news page and let me know what he thought. I'd done a bit of tricky Flash with the title pic. :)

My social life was beginning to improve a little. On Friday night, Steph and I went out hoping to enjoy a really cool evening of just some fun and shit, enjoying the end of the mocks [exams].

We went out for pizza and a movie, then ended up at Wipeout for a few beers and maybe some pool, which didn't happen. Craig was there with a group of his buds, and was pretty much out of it by the time Steph and I had arrived. Craig and a few of his idiots started to whistle at Steph cos she looked fucking stunning, so I thought their attention was pretty cool. Steph wasn't so sure, though. She gripped my hand more tightly as we made our way to the back of the club.

We'd only just gotten seated when Craig arrived on the scene, complete with beer in hand. I was OK with him at first cos I thought he would just maybe jive Steph a little and tell her how cool she looked, and ask her why she was with an idiot like me. Yeah, I could've handled that. But the first thing he said to her was, "You look good enough for a fuck. Want to feel what a decent cock feels like inside your pussy?"

Before Steph could stop me, I stood and told him that I would show him some pussy outside.

"You looking for another fucking hiding, acid head?" he growled.

Fuck, my head was nodding 'yes', and my hands were starting to shake cos by then I'd fucking challenged him, and it was the last fucking thing I wanted.

We all walked outside, with Steph making it very plain that she was as mad as hell with me for being an idiot.

We walked up the road where nobody could see us. That wasn't what I'd hoped for cos I wanted someone to call Craig off me if it got outta hand.

Then, while I still had my back to him, he hit me on the back of my head. His favorite fucking style. Instinctively, I spun around and hit him from nowhere. It was one of those things that Mark had shown me to get the guy down to the deck quick smart. But for me it was something I hadn't thought about. It just happened in an instant. That was followed just as quickly by a fist to his stomach. He gasped, then crumbled to the deck.

Two of his idiots dashed to his rescue by helping him to his feet. I was ready for them, too, cos by then I was so fucking mad the smoke was coming outta my head.

Craig stood, then took a swing at me. But I blocked it, and hit him again. He buckled once more, and fell in a heap. I felt like putting my fucking boot in, and I would have if Steph hadn't been there shouting at me to fucking stop and go home.

Pity about Steph's distracting hysterics. Dillon, one of Craig's friends, took a swing at me and sent me fucking flying. That was all that Craig needed to sort me out. He seized the opportunity to kick me in the ribs, and I was sure right there and then that he'd cracked a few.

"I am in so much fucking pain, Gary, but it's only when I breathe. :) I've been good, though, cos my folks don't know about it. That would only cause more fucking aggro. I just need to make a plan in case my dad wants to spar with me. He'd kill me! Hahahaha! One shot to the ribs is all it would take."

"Steph is pissed off cos of my challenging him, but that's cool. Winger is totally stoked that I got a few punches in. He's heard from Jason that Craig is on the fucking warpath, and I must make sure that I've got my back covered."

"Just fuck him up like Cody woulda done!" So the little grommet is all stoked, and now I've gotta watch my back."

"I'm sick of Craig, though. And maybe I just need to put my pride in my pocket and try to make friends with him or something."

"I'm gonna end this now, G, cos I need to lay down on my bed. Yeah, so I never got my end away again, and it was oh so fucking close! I need to phone Steph and apologize for fucking up our evening. Cheers. Enjoying the MM stories." :)

Peace, Love, Respect.

You're friend and the Codeman's


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